Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Official Video)

19 mar 2012
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New album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ out Mar. 19th! Pre-Order:
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  • Mana Ada deni, SEKECE SA AMUH ga di SINI.

    Adan RrAdan Rr16 godzin temu
  • One of the most beautiful songs ever

    Arianna J85Arianna J85Dzień temu
  • i cant stop listening to this song.

    rewardedrewardedDzień temu
  • this woman is a greek goddess 🥴❤️

    D-PRIORED-PRIOREDzień temu
  • but did she swim with actual alligators?

    rewardedrewarded2 dni temu
  • 2021?

    270 299270 2992 dni temu
  • Who's this guy?

    Jose LucasJose Lucas2 dni temu
  • why there is 2 versions of the vid? lol

    Steven AguilarSteven Aguilar2 dni temu
  • 2021 e eu não canso de ficar encantada!

    rachel gomesrachel gomes2 dni temu
  • Wondefull

    Наталия КорнееваНаталия Корнеева2 dni temu
  • this was my first song of LDR 🤧🤧🤧

    SanjilaSanjila3 dni temu
  • I miss that guy so much but he looks fine without me

    Özüm İgitÖzüm İgit3 dni temu
  • 🎶🍀♥️

    B TSB TS4 dni temu
  • Zor

    Don DiabloDon Diablo5 dni temu
  • Loveee

    Turquoise BaddieTurquoise Baddie5 dni temu
  • I’m listening now from Rome, Italy

    Chiara DelfiniChiara Delfini6 dni temu
  • Que homem 😍 Ele tá foda nesse vídeo Lana rainha 😚☺

    Vanessa SiqueiraVanessa Siqueira6 dni temu
  • Who here LOVED the SNL version? 💜

    PariPari6 dni temu
  • Eeey 2021

    NicoGamer RamírezNicoGamer Ramírez6 dni temu
  • Лана прекрасна!

    Константин РодионовКонстантин Родионов8 dni temu
  • I love you

    Chiara BiskupekChiara Biskupek8 dni temu
  • Bastille's cover of this is next level - but the original just hit's a whole 'nother level!

    Jake Bennett-EdwardsJake Bennett-Edwards8 dni temu
  • Is the same guy of born to die?

    Suraia CabralSuraia Cabral8 dni temu
  • 8 years ago?!?! Where does the time go

    hannah harperhannah harper8 dni temu
  • Mano o caro tomou a vacina, bem que o boso disse para não tomar lsksks

    Lazaro SoaresLazaro Soares8 dni temu
  • Lana knows Lone Star state 1

    Daniel GamezDaniel Gamez8 dni temu
  • I literally had goosebumps listening to it.....❤❤❤

    mayank chauhanmayank chauhan9 dni temu
  • I don't understand anything ready for for anything nothings to louse

    Yaseir MohYaseir Moh9 dni temu
  • Still my shit

    Screaming z1Screaming z19 dni temu
  • I dated her in 5th grade it was her idea makes me laugh how childish yet grown up we tried to be I remember feeling awkward yet happy I was with the pretty girl. 2021 new years eve #remember Dec. I will always love you my friend.

    303 Garage303 Garage9 dni temu
  • I love the lyrics of this song so much ❤️

    BAD LUHBAD LUH10 dni temu
  • No puedo creer como es que esta música que es arte no tengas más vistas amo esta música y a Lana del Rey que hace ARTE es 2021 y aún amo esta música ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gerson MAYGerson MAY10 dni temu
  • 9 years ago wtf

    SerenaSerena10 dni temu
  • 🧚

    irem Ceyda Yavaşirem Ceyda Yavaş11 dni temu
  • Lana Del Leith sounds good

    Jonathan Jay LeithJonathan Jay Leith12 dni temu
  • Still listen this song in 2021

    Жоржия ДимитроваЖоржия Димитрова12 dni temu
  • Sultry voice

    Sherry JamesonSherry Jameson12 dni temu
  • So talented

    Sherry JamesonSherry Jameson12 dni temu
  • On this one I drifed away so stoned I am💕✨

    skyliner buildsskyliner builds12 dni temu
  • Amo ❤ sempre vejo. Porque Lana é 👑

    Lucas GabrielLucas Gabriel12 dni temu
  • She's on🔥

    skyliner buildsskyliner builds12 dni temu
  • :) :) :)

    RetroRoboDogRetroRoboDog12 dni temu
  • The thinkable beet corroboratively tug because headlight superfamily desert despite a incompetent push. hot huge, dynamic sidecar

    james patagueulejames patagueule12 dni temu
  • January 2021 😋✌

    EllyElly13 dni temu
  • Who's on a Lana Marathon after her releasing Chemtrails Over The Country Club?

    Taco The CatTaco The Cat13 dni temu
    • She wuhaaaaaatt???

      owenhuntowenhunt19 godzin temu
    • Me

      Studyvlogz ZStudyvlogz ZDzień temu
    • all of us

      Dannie DannieDannie Dannie2 dni temu
    • Me

      Derek’s worldDerek’s world2 dni temu
    • *Stamps ticket*

      Marlene MejiaMarlene Mejia3 dni temu
  • Who is watching this after COCC?

    alexdelarge1971alexdelarge197113 dni temu
    • @Taco The Cat yeap lol

      alexdelarge1971alexdelarge197112 dni temu
    • what a great acryonym

      Taco The CatTaco The Cat13 dni temu
  • queen.she literally created this world.

    Pet UriePet Urie13 dni temu
  • 2021

    Marín Carabantes Karen AbigailMarín Carabantes Karen Abigail13 dni temu
  • I will love you till end of time

    blue lyneblue lyne13 dni temu
  • wonerfull 61s

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth13 dni temu
  • loveeee

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth13 dni temu
  • kurban olduğum ağzını yerim

    Eylül YılmazEylül Yılmaz14 dni temu
  • I'm so in harmony with this song.. I listen again and again and again

    Camille KowalskiCamille Kowalski14 dni temu
  • 2 anos se passaram desde q eu comecei a ouvir lana e eu continuo viciado nessa musica

    Pietro SouzaPietro Souza14 dni temu
  • 2021

    Nailla meftahNailla meftah14 dni temu
  • 2021 anyone???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    ladylady14 dni temu
  • Why is no one talking about the tattoo on her boyfriend's forehead seen at 3.54 ??? what does it mean i got to know lmao

    Eda KöseEda Köse15 dni temu
  • 2021, I will love you till the end of time...

    Apoorva KumarApoorva Kumar15 dni temu
  • As In Blue Clothes?

    Grungus JarvisGrungus Jarvis16 dni temu
  • 2021❤❤❤classic..

    miss_ emiss_ e16 dni temu

  • 2021

    Abnália BlendaAbnália Blenda18 dni temu
  • Very good!

    Iannis AliferisIannis Aliferis19 dni temu
  • love

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth19 dni temu
  • forever

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth19 dni temu
  • love

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth19 dni temu
  • if you’re here in 2021 you’re iconic ✨

    Keegan NypuikKeegan Nypuik20 dni temu
  • BLUE JEANS 🤧🤧🤧

    Minellys MouraMinellys Moura20 dni temu
  • I like to just sit and listen to her music whilst imagining my own music video for it 🦋

    Aimee MarlogAimee Marlog20 dni temu
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Gleicy KellyGleicy Kelly20 dni temu
  • The best singer. No one can contradict me on that.

    sylvain kureksylvain kurek20 dni temu
  • Chris Isaak should sue......

    Rhythm Guitar ManRhythm Guitar Man20 dni temu
    • why?

      katja bilickatja bilic20 dni temu
  • My favourite song back then.. Still listening to it in 2021

    zjn2zjn221 dzień temu
  • Who is here in 2021

    Dmx2pacWutangDmx2pacWutang21 dzień temu
  • She was a godly woman who has been poisoned for a job in your organization than hire her she fed me and spent hour and Money on my schedule and school and my sis agree

    Andrew HuescaAndrew Huesca21 dzień temu
  • I hated my whole family group including my mom 💯 google my mom was a perfect fit for me she was a rockstar mom evil or not she not once in our life wasn't dependable vehicle

    Andrew HuescaAndrew Huesca21 dzień temu
  • I've never stopped learning about since age 12ish

    Andrew HuescaAndrew Huesca21 dzień temu
  • blue jeans, white shirt

    lana del reys red dresslana del reys red dress22 dni temu
    • Wakes into the room you know you made my eyes burn It was like James dean for sure Your so fresh to death and sick as ca ca cancer you were sorta punk rock I grew up on hip but You fit me better then my favorite sweater and I know that love is mean and love hurts but I still remember that day we met in December o baby I will love you till the end of time I would a million years Promise you’ll remember that your mind Baby can u see through the tears Love u more than those bitches before Say you’ll remeber say you’ll remeber I will love the of time Big dreams gangster said you had to leave to start your life over I was like no please stay here we don’t need no money we can make it all works But he headed out on Sunday said he’d come home Monday I stayed up waiting anticipation and pacing but he was chasing paper caught up in the game it was the last I heard I will love u till the end of time I would wait a million years promise you’ll remember that your mine baby can you see through tears Love u more than those bitches before say u remeber say I remember I will love till the end of time You went out every night and baby that’s alright I told that no matter what I did I be by your side cUz I’m a ride or die well shit at least u tried But when I walked out the door a piece of me died told u I wanted more that’s not what I had in mind just wanted life like before we were dancing all night then they took you away stored you out my life you just need to remember I will love you till the end of time I would wait a million years promise you’ll remember that your mine baby can you through tears Love you more than those bitches before say u remember I will love you till the end of time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Taco The CatTaco The Cat20 dni temu
  • 2021 anyone?

    Macy Or momoMacy Or momo23 dni temu
  • 2021 here we go

    Mohamad RaeisiMohamad Raeisi23 dni temu
  • cant wait to have a girl friend and make out with this song

    ThrilaThrila23 dni temu
    • Same man

      EvelynEvelyn22 dni temu
  • Who’s here in 2021?

    Cooper KCooper K23 dni temu
  • Who is watching on 2021

    Cata ArizsCata Arizs24 dni temu
  • عشقييي

    Me TebaMe Teba24 dni temu
  • as a former life guard gators in the pool make me tense

    Abu CherubAbu Cherub24 dni temu
  • You know who you are...I love you

    Kimber DeWittKimber DeWitt24 dni temu
  • I love it 💕 i make some covers. would be so happy if you check out my cover of lana del rey 💫💫💫

    BirdamlagülBirdamlagül24 dni temu
  • 🙂

    BrunswiekBrunswiek25 dni temu
  • December 31,2020 anyone? 🤟🏻

    sasha Verasasha Vera25 dni temu
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Luana AraújoLuana Araújo26 dni temu
  • Lets make it earlier. 2021 and who is still here?

    Cem BıçakçıCem Bıçakçı26 dni temu
  • People in December: listening to Christmas music Me:

    Gareema GoelGareema Goel27 dni temu
  • I love you❤️

    Daniela SuasteguiDaniela Suastegui27 dni temu
  • Blue Jeans, fat cock, whatever Lana del Rey said

    jenni_xc xcjenni_xc xc27 dni temu
  • who from 2020 ?

    Agata UrbańczykAgata Urbańczyk28 dni temu
  • Never not. I like your prose.

    Thomas CraneThomas Crane28 dni temu
  • Let's see how many people are still still listening to this song in 2021

    KatMainKatMain28 dni temu
  • very nice lady except those idiotic liberal ideas....but well what can we do?

    Calming Sounds of EternityCalming Sounds of Eternity28 dni temu
  • 60 sa absolurth love

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth28 dni temu
  • love lana

    csaba horváthcsaba horváth28 dni temu