Full recap for Night Two of the 2020 WWE Draft: WWE Now

12 paź 2020
129 078 wyświetleń

A look back at the surprise picks and wild moments from Night Two of the WWE Draft with WWE Now, presented by Skittles. Wear the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.
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  • Seth Rollins is my shocking draft

    Akash AnnaAkash Anna4 dni temu
  • Did she say 42 time 24/7 champion? I really hadnt paid attention to it. That thing really is a joke.

    RundownOysterRundownOyster4 dni temu
  • Shocking is your face 😂😂😂

    aniket agarwadekaraniket agarwadekar4 dni temu
  • The best are The Fiend and Alexa

    WWE Fan BkWWE Fan Bk4 dni temu
  • Seth rollins and fiend are my favorite draft

    The Skynet GamerThe Skynet Gamer4 dni temu
  • Oh great, RAW has the freakshow Wyatt now. Another segment I’ll be skipping.

    Ranger Danger OrangerRanger Danger Oranger5 dni temu
  • Bianca Belair, Seth Rollins, and Street Profits is my fav. Draft

    Andrei John BartolomeAndrei John Bartolome5 dni temu
  • I like the queen and Daniel Bryan return

    Hanna AragawHanna Aragaw5 dni temu
  • Porfabor quiero entrar alas wwe🖒😎

    Alondra DiazAlondra Diaz5 dni temu
  • East or West Braun strowman is the best {RAW}

    Pratik Star GamesPratik Star Games5 dni temu
  • 2:44 im sorry what?

    field frostfield frost5 dni temu
  • LoL they didn't even mention naomi drafted to raw.

    Jez SanchJez Sanch5 dni temu
  • excited to see lars vs braun in wwe smack vs raw

    Zach ParkerZach Parker5 dni temu
  • OTIS and Mandy are now separated 😔😔

    Cage ElliottCage Elliott5 dni temu
  • They gave raw every entertainment superstar

    Gangin 4LifeGangin 4Life5 dni temu
  • why iam watching this i dont know. i already quitted this when become matured. i can recognise randy orton , dolph ziggler, daniel brayan and who the hell are others

    Blackstone CreationBlackstone Creation5 dni temu
  • Alexa bliss is simping for bray Wyatt

    n1njura1n1njura16 dni temu
  • I know this was a days ago but why won't they draft john cena to raw and brock Lester to raw? Wee u gotta get better wwe u getting worst

    Aaron KenadyAaron Kenady6 dni temu
  • Most shocking and ground breaking pick has to be Seth Rollins to Smackdown

    Shauna GearsShauna Gears6 dni temu
  • Lgdotxogsotd

    rakhee nayarrakhee nayar6 dni temu
  • I want john cena

  • 🤩💖❤️💗💘😍

    Sofiq BiserovaSofiq Biserova6 dni temu
  • Such an unfair draft as smack down gets nothing🤦🤦🤦

    Chinmay KharatChinmay Kharat6 dni temu
  • Why SmackDown gets 2 players and raw 3 players in every round?🙄

    PG SaiyanPG Saiyan6 dni temu
  • Wait so literlly Jimmy/jon uso doesn't wrestle anymore

    Mikeayla WadeMikeayla Wade6 dni temu
  • This draft sucked

    MiNƏR TkFWMMiNƏR TkFWM6 dni temu
  • So bray wyatt kisses his opponents? Lmao

    MiNƏR TkFWMMiNƏR TkFWM6 dni temu
  • Nothing matter where is R- Truth Draft He can be pinned on both brands 😁

    Om Prakash KesarwaniOm Prakash Kesarwani6 dni temu
  • Matt riddle should stay in smackdown. Smh..

    Hilmi FirdausHilmi Firdaus6 dni temu
  • 42 times 24/7 champion

  • Smackdown has almost no women -Sasha -Bayley -Bianca -Natalya -Riott Squad -Carmella Just 7

    Super Wahoo StudiosSuper Wahoo Studios6 dni temu
    • Yes she was on raw talk

      tameca jacksontameca jackson4 dni temu
    • @tameca jackson Tamina wasn't drafted

      Super Wahoo StudiosSuper Wahoo Studios5 dni temu
    • Tamina is smackdown and that would make 10 women on smackdown

      tameca jacksontameca jackson5 dni temu
    • @EFDECT Raw got 11... Damn

      Super Wahoo StudiosSuper Wahoo Studios5 dni temu
    • @Super Wahoo Studios how bout raw ?

      EFDECTEFDECT5 dni temu
  • So where is Billie K going?

    Vashell CollinsVashell Collins6 dni temu
  • The Viper to the old Legend Killer.

    SaltyPlaysSaltyPlays6 dni temu
  • Dabyu Dabyu Yeee

    mickey jerichomickey jericho6 dni temu
  • this draft is a joke.

    Taufique AnamTaufique Anam6 dni temu
  • Where is edge

    Kishan KumarKishan Kumar6 dni temu

    eVə OŇ N ØNeVə OŇ N ØN6 dni temu
  • The question is who the hell is the biggest baby face in Smackdown who has the charisma to face ROMAN REIGNS and take him to the limits 🤔

    Prateek RaoPrateek Rao6 dni temu
  • I was 😲 by Bray and Miss Bliss both being taken by Raw and Rollins and the Mysterio's going to Smackdown!!!!!!!!! The tag team belts being switched was something new and cool!!!!!!!!! I would love to see Rollins and Reigns get back together and take on some new talent!!!!!!!

    Dusty GrantDusty Grant6 dni temu
  • Wow Aleister Black has been selected so late...

    Adersh SidhoeAdersh Sidhoe6 dni temu
  • Why you not add to in draft roman reigns

  • New day schocker

    Derric JonesDerric Jones6 dni temu
  • Where is roman reigns

  • Why RAW has more Picks every Round?

    ShohaoShohao6 dni temu
  • They stacking Raw if I was Fox I would be upset they getting B and C list wrestlers for Fridays

    Blackrain7920Blackrain79206 dni temu
  • Shocking....Thee Fieeend

    Rajni BhumblaRajni Bhumbla6 dni temu
  • Draft part 2 Braun strowman Daniel byran Matt riddlev Kevin owens Jeff hardy

    jp kjp k6 dni temu
  • The fiend Bayley Randy ortan Street profits Charlotte flair this is the draft

    jp kjp k6 dni temu
  • The fiend Bayley

    jp kjp k6 dni temu
  • The Fiend And Bliss going to raw is my fav draft.

    Reality TMReality TM6 dni temu
  • Who likes the team of Alexa Bliss and the fiend.....like it

    5K subscriber No Video5K subscriber No Video6 dni temu
  • Draft is the show where Raw gets all the starpower of smackdown to increase their ratings and viewers.. too biased draft...

    Karan DaradeKaran Darade6 dni temu
  • Where's Fin balor, Brock Lesnar , somoa joe

  • Appreciate The Updates Today WWE!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage6 dni temu
  • Most stupid thing on show was exchanging the tag titles

    Cold GamingCold Gaming6 dni temu
  • I wish they would've seperate Alexa and The Fiend!

    Marki VsziMarki Vszi6 dni temu
  • Where is Brock Lesnar. 😔😔

    Aryan GuptaAryan Gupta6 dni temu
  • New day yes it is

    Mackenzie WhiteMackenzie White6 dni temu
  • Roman reigns, Seth Rollins and lars Sullivan on same brand

    Screen ShotzScreen Shotz6 dni temu
  • So wwe is telling me R-Truth was picked before Aleister Black... Makes Sense! He is a 47 time champion after all!

    Kaleb SaltsmanKaleb Saltsman7 dni temu
  • The most of the big guys are on raw

    evanderevander7 dni temu
  • Kevin Owens

    The WWE squad SimmonsThe WWE squad Simmons7 dni temu
  • Braun get alexa back and destroy them all

    Stacrafter HDStacrafter HD7 dni temu
  • When you realize that raw got more picks than smackdown on both nights

    Avila LeoAvila Leo7 dni temu
  • They should have nxt in the draft just like how ecw was in the draft

    Adam CalleAdam Calle7 dni temu
  • I'm pissed about round 2

    Micah HolmesMicah Holmes7 dni temu
  • I honestly in my opinion this is the worst WWE Draft, they separated some of the most talented Tag Teams

    Aziza MakhmutovaAziza Makhmutova7 dni temu
  • What happened to john cena some plz tell me

    fifa pro 89fifa pro 897 dni temu
  • I want Brock back in WWE

    Ashutosh Kumar GautamAshutosh Kumar Gautam7 dni temu
  • Another pointless draft. Raw and Smackdown should be combined - titles as well. Then, the internal competition could be Raw and Smackdown against NXT, 205, and NXT UK. Red and blue vs black and yellow!

    Garden of MidnightGarden of Midnight7 dni temu
  • WWE is so garbage now I stopped watching every show about 10 years ago and it’s getting worse each year

    Efrain FragosoEfrain Fragoso7 dni temu
  • SmackDown picked some serious talent:Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins,Daniel Bryan,Rey Mysterio,Sami Zayn,Cesaro,Shinsuke Nakamura and Alister Black

    Akash GaurAkash Gaur7 dni temu
    • You forgot kevin owens, buddy murphy,Big E,Apollo crews,lars sullivan

      Karan DaradeKaran Darade6 dni temu
  • I say the shocking pick Alexa Bliss getting to drafted to raw with the stupid fiend Bray wyatt😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 I wanted the fiend Bray wyatt drafted to raw and keep Alexa Bliss on smackdown

    Israel VinsonIsrael Vinson7 dni temu
  • What did you do to smackdown

    The goat of wrestlingThe goat of wrestling7 dni temu
  • What is smack down doing

    King KirbzKing Kirbz7 dni temu
  • Rollins to SmackDown

    Matthew FrucianoMatthew Fruciano7 dni temu
  • So raw got 3 picks every round for smack downs 2, how is that determined?

    Jordan DiamondJordan Diamond7 dni temu
    • Because RAW is a 3 hour show, therefore it gets 3 picks. SmackDown is a 2 hour show, so it only gets 2 picks. Simple. The number of picks each round equals each hour the show is.

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
  • What about Murphy?????

    Sai charan PSai charan P7 dni temu
    • @Sai charan P you too

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
    • By the way nice to meet you amber..

      Sai charan PSai charan P7 dni temu
    • @Amber Marie Trivette yeah u r right.

      Sai charan PSai charan P7 dni temu
    • @Sai charan P it IS official! The 5th round picks came in during Talking Smack, and they're OFFICIAL

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
    • @Amber Marie Trivette but it is not official know.

      Sai charan PSai charan P7 dni temu
  • Who came from community post

    M BarnesM Barnes7 dni temu
  • I wish undisputed era was drafted by balor retaining against o reilly it was set up perfectly

    h2ah2a7 dni temu
  • Randy orton Matt riddle keith lee and king Corbin

    Mona McBrideMona McBride7 dni temu
  • Is WWE planning to shutdown SMACKDOWN with this draft?

    Rahul karthikeyanRahul karthikeyan7 dni temu
  • I think SmackDown got a litte bit better superstars

  • Smakedown is no more interesting as their is no competitor for Roman.....and raw is booring without Roman

    Mohit SengarMohit Sengar7 dni temu
    • They could push Daniel Bryan again, they could push Mysterio again, they could push away Nakamura as a singles competitor and theres still Seth rollins in there and i bet Big E is gonna have a pretty good singles run. Its not that much but its honest work.

      SnackuSnackuDzień temu
  • Smackdown needs more female competitors raw got most of them

    Jennifer TeeJennifer Tee7 dni temu
  • Hey

    pumba vidspumba vids7 dni temu

    Urban GurukulUrban Gurukul7 dni temu
    • Fired most likely

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
  • Raw had three pick while SmackDown had only 2 in each round

    Rathod SiddharajRathod Siddharaj7 dni temu
    • Because RAW is 3 hours. SmackDown is 2 hours. 1 pick represents how many hours each show is. Each round RAW gets 3, SmackDown gets 2

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
  • I feel so bad for , SmackDown let see

    Dawa Tshering BhutiaDawa Tshering Bhutia7 dni temu
  • Why does sami zayn look like Andy when he's playing with the woody doll

    JKR_DragonJKR_Dragon7 dni temu
  • who think edge kane big show re entry to smack down give strength to smack down raw vs smack down match

    funny worldfunny world7 dni temu
  • Roman reigns Raw ki ravali

    SAI KUMARSAI KUMAR7 dni temu
  • The most shocking decision was to divide the new day

    Soubir TirthoSoubir Tirtho7 dni temu
    • Divide

      Xandri Matthew PosesanoXandri Matthew Posesano7 dni temu
  • 1 year is past already why the hell king Corbin is still the king?.....do new tournament already

    the insulting channelthe insulting channel7 dni temu
  • Jeff Hardy must be in Smack Down

    Iftikar WasbirIftikar Wasbir7 dni temu
  • raw had more good drafts than SmackDawn

    Luis Felipe FelipeLuis Felipe Felipe7 dni temu
  • what about Andrade Where he is ?????

    King FreakKing Freak7 dni temu
    • Raw

      Amber Marie TrivetteAmber Marie Trivette7 dni temu
  • We want the eco friendly Daniel Bryan back!! His promos were awesome!! Make everyone wanna be eco friendly

    Shah AlamShah Alam7 dni temu
  • This draft actually mattered yo

    Faizan AhmedFaizan Ahmed7 dni temu
  • i can't be the only one who thought Street profits and New days swapping titles was satifying yet uncomftoble

    I’m AnsleyI’m Ansley7 dni temu