The Story of Blue LEDs: Inventing the Future

29 wrz 2017
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The blue LED. Ubiquitous as they are now, they’re a relatively recent invention! Yet without them so much of our modern tech wouldn’t be possible, from cell phone displays, to energy-efficient light bulbs. Join me in LGR Tech Tales, looking at stories of technological inspiration, failure, and everything in-between!
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  • You can't succeed, unless you first fail... 114 people stil use CRT monitors, apparently. (don't know why people dislike educational videos like this.)

    Sheila olfieWaySheila olfieWay11 dni temu
  • RIP Isamu Akasaki

    nondjmasternondjmasterMiesiąc temu
  • Nice! Many thanks for this condensed and informative episode!

    Hagen PHagen P2 miesięcy temu
  • White LEDs also led to colour LCD displays on other things, of course, notably the Gameboy Advance was one of the early ones. Prior to that, the Game Gear and Lynx had to use a fluorescent tube as a backlight. Hence why they were so heavy and thick, and drank batteries. Nintendo chose right with the monochrome Gameboy, colour LCDs weren't practical until white LED backlights. An exception is laptops, where the backlight was a comparable power draw to the hard disk and many chips. They had much larger batteries. The reason only the top-end laptops were colour rather than mono is more to do with a colour LCD panel needing 3x the pixel elements, and past a certain size an LCD panel had too many flaws (bad pixels). Some early laptops had monochrome, usually orange, plasma panels. Remember plasma? Like thousands of little neon lights.

    greenaumgreenaum2 miesięcy temu
  • Ty for this

    William GreenWilliam Green3 miesięcy temu
  • It's Losev reads like lossev (s-sound)

    saint_vitsaint_vit3 miesięcy temu
  • I’ve been wanting to know how leds in general came about. Thank you!

    Nick BNick B4 miesięcy temu
  • I swapped out the power LED on my old school NES for a blue one. Looks so much better than the drab factory red one.

    shadymaint1shadymaint14 miesięcy temu
  • Well I had no idea blue LEDs were so difficult to develop, or so recent. As someone who loves my home smart lighting setup, this is fascinating. Thank you!

    David Jackmanson in Melbourne, AustraliaDavid Jackmanson in Melbourne, Australia6 miesięcy temu
  • When I was in college I wanted to buy one for a project. And the guy said are you sure? It’s kind or pricey at $56...Oh and it has a 7V forward voltage... Say what?! Make it a green one :)

    Raymond DoetjesRaymond Doetjes7 miesięcy temu
  • My PC case has two vertical stripes of blue LEDs... it was incredibly annoying at night, so finally I've covered it all up with electrical tape. And also blue light seems to really hurt your eyes on the long run... so it might not be such a great invention afterall. But interesting story nevertheless.

    MetalTrabantMetalTrabant7 miesięcy temu
  • Nichia is still number one. I won’t buy a flashlight unless the main diode is from them. Cree comes close but Nichia are the closest we can currently get to natural looking light.

    Vincent PellegriniVincent Pellegrini8 miesięcy temu
  • Great science is done on the shoulders of giants.

    techmouse1101techmouse11018 miesięcy temu
  • How about a similar story on the blue laser? they had a lot of challenges to come up with it. On another note, I'd like to see pink LED and pink lasers! 😁

    Veronique487Veronique4879 miesięcy temu
  • They used to be an impossibility. Now I can buy a big bag of 'em for cheap. Crazy stuff.

    sandakurevasandakureva10 miesięcy temu
  • I remember buying my first blue LED. It cost me close to AUD$7 for ONE! Nowadays you'd get 100 for that price (& probably including shipping!).

    sumatoborukiSarusumatoborukiSaru10 miesięcy temu
  • No one knows what it's like to be the red one and the green one behind blue LEDs 🎶

    Fab FuntyFab Funty11 miesięcy temu
  • I give you my thumbs up just because of the way you said “Our story begins...”. It felt like I was getting ready to listen to a much loved family storybook and that made me happy.

    Jacques Machado-SteinmanJacques Machado-Steinman11 miesięcy temu
  • My gaming setup fills the whole room with blue. Don't tell me blue LEDs aren't bright. My fans are blue. My keyboard is blue. My mouse is blue. My mouse pad is blue. I'm thinking of putting LED strips on the back of my monitor to sort of complete the setup.

    Aidan ChappelleAidan ChappelleRok temu
  • Franlab had a wonderful similar video

    Timmy73Timmy73Rok temu
  • I never realized that blue LED’s are recent, now that I think of it, it makes sense that there’s no blue LED on an NES and other old things

    SummboddiSummboddiRok temu
  • Thank you very much for bringing up a more physics Tech Tale, which is very well and accurately explained! I am doing research on printed organic LEDs and we're facing quite similar challenges those days. Although companies such as Samsung and BOE are doing consumer Products including blue OLEDs, their lifetime, efficiency and colour purity is still the major issue to be solved. The shorter the wavelength, the higher is the energy per photon. But those high-bandgap materials tend to be very unstable in active state.

    himbeertoni08himbeertoni08Rok temu
  • That pretty light from my ps2 on first fire up.

    DonkoNoirDonkoNoirRok temu
  • Blue commercial Leds were used since the 1980s in the VW Cars for indicating that the high beam light was on.

    Il ItalianoIl ItalianoRok temu
  • Everyone in the 1990’s went “holy shit blue and white LEDs?? The future is now!”

    Travis RustonTravis RustonRok temu
  • As someone who has played with a blue LED on a breadboard with a 555 timer, my retinas now regret everything. And 220Ω resistors don’t do crap!

    MCB18MCB18Rok temu
  • Man your videos are awesome!!!

    RedID SoftwareRedID SoftwareRok temu
  • 1 9 *o* 7

    A 1A 1Rok temu
  • I collect LEDs, and now I want one of these old ones from Monsanto or GE. Not very hard to find on ebay, but I cannot justify spending $50 on a single LED

    EierEierRok temu
  • u blew my fuckin mind like with every new sentence of this video, yr videos are so fucking dope and informative

    AydenAydenRok temu
  • Consumer LEDs are what give me hope for the future. We did the impossible - made a commercially viable light source that produces essentially no waste heat, and will (essentially) never burn out Imagine telling that to Edison a hundred years ago? Makes you wonder what we consider "impossible" today that will become commonplace tomorrow

    Joshua EvansJoshua EvansRok temu
  • It's funny how things work. When blue LED's became affordable, I modded every PC I had back then to use blue LED's for the power and HDD activity ect. Now, however I can't stand the things and anything that comes with one as standard now gets modded back to the old colours of red, green or yellow lol. I modded my modern Corsair case to have a green/red power LED and a yellow HDD LED.

    FrontSideBusFrontSideBusRok temu
  • I hit a blue "like" icon then a blue airplane to send this.

    babalon 777babalon 777Rok temu
  • The blue led is NOT used in smartphone screens unless you are talking about OLED screens.

    Mads PetersenMads PetersenRok temu
    • chris toey liquid crystals in red green and blue but they need to be backlit. That basicly how every screen that isn’t an OLED screen works - a LCD screen. And it doesn’t matter if you call it LED, ULED or quantum dot; its all LCD screen.

      Mads PetersenMads PetersenRok temu
    • Mads Petersen What is used as the light source in a non OLED screen then?

      chris toeychris toeyRok temu
  • What’s a phosper?

    KorradeKorradeRok temu
  • 8:49 *Their **_longer_** wavelength.* Lower makes no sense talking about wavelengths, only amplitude and frequency can be described as higher or lower. - A pedant

    AgeingBoyPsychicAgeingBoyPsychicRok temu
  • All of our power indicator lights are blue led lights.

    Tom’s Video CollectionTom’s Video CollectionRok temu

    nikolai Vasilevnikolai VasilevRok temu
  • The smartphone has cemented its place in society and now its viewed as a common everyday item but not even 10 years ago it was seen as a luxury. Fascinating to see such effects technology has had on us.

    Felipe JaquezFelipe JaquezRok temu
  • Herbert Merusca also pioneered the fashion of like 60 percent of the dudes in Portland OR

    • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •Rok temu
  • Watching this I thought about the first LED I ever truly looked at, on my C64 Then I just realized I'm watching this in a room lit with LED lights

    Karl SmallphonesKarl SmallphonesRok temu
  • there are currently 5 blue LEDS on. laptop cooling fan,computer cooling fan,battery pack,another battery pack and my computer power light

    DARTriderDARTriderRok temu
  • Interesting and informative, as always.

    Rimothy LogboneRimothy LogboneRok temu
  • no wonder blue led or laser cost more... or does it really cost more to make

    Wayne EvansWayne EvansRok temu
  • One of my cousins on my dad’s side helped develop Blu-Ray technology and told me about it a couple years before it went public. I was actually sworn to secrecy, even having to sign a non-disclosure agreement, preventing me from mentioning the new technology until it was released to the public. I couldn’t even say the word Blu-Ray without worries of being sued.

    Simply DivineSimply DivineRok temu
  • Who did the SAT reading of this?

    NuLLNuLLRok temu
  • Awesome engineering & development. Now everyone who needs blue LEDs can have them. Cheers!

    LectronCircuitsLectronCircuitsRok temu
  • Blue's clues

    G SG SRok temu
  • I guess you could say these blue lights were pretty special.

    Grill SkillzGrill SkillzRok temu
  • Worth mentioning the contribution of Polish scientists into what blue laser is today to complete the story

    Ka WoKa WoRok temu
  • wait, green is a primary colour?

    Weak VeryWeak VeryRok temu
  • Banzai for Hardcore science!

    MariuszMariuszRok temu
  • Now, blue light is the reason why I can't sleep in the evening while binge watching LGR from my phone.

    kirby march barcenakirby march barcenaRok temu
  • At my place of work (US Army & Airforce Exchange...the PX, or BX) here in the UK, a few of us still refer to equipment for sale; TV's, Bluetooth speakers, Laptops, etc, as having "SBL" technology if they do incorporate the Blue LEDs, to our customers....most don't question it, but for the occasional one that does, then we do enjoy telling them that "SBL" technology is merely "Sexy Blue Light" always gives us, and the customer, a bit of a laugh..!!

    Steve's StuffSteve's StuffRok temu
  • Anyone else remember when the first waterclear LEDs came out? I bought like 20 for a project in green, yellow and red...and man it cost a bomb!

    Jamie KulhanekJamie KulhanekRok temu
  • This is a great example of how inventions work. We forget how innovation works to advance our society. Recently I have seen pushback from people who say we should halt space exploration, but doing so could prevent scientists the funding they need to create new revolutionary technologies. Thanks for the interesting video!

    Zachary DrummondZachary DrummondRok temu
  • Quality content. Thanks LGR

    Roberto IturrietaRoberto IturrietaRok temu
  • (stares blankly, blinks) This is why I'm not a scientist.

    Jess RaganJess RaganRok temu
  • Fascinating. I worked in a hi-fi shop in 1994 and we got in a couple of Marantz power amplifiers for demo. These had blue LED power indicators and my colleague mentioned in passing that they were incredibly hard to produce - a remark that stayed with me for all these years. Now I know why!

    AndyAndyRok temu
  • I literally gasped and dropped my phone on the ground all because my birthday came up on the day the blue LED was invented... o.o all because the video made it sound so complicated to make made me too excited.

    orgomemberxvorgomemberxvRok temu
  • I love capitalism.

    PursuitOfFitnessPursuitOfFitnessRok temu
  • shit, didnt knew that Blu-ray did use blue lazers, good to learn stuff

    MrDjBigZMrDjBigZRok temu
  • My toaster doesn't have LEDs

    ThreetreeThreetreeRok temu
  • I once swapped all the green LEDs on an AST Ascentia laptop to bloo and painted it gloss black. I almost got all the girls.

    WillWill2 lat temu
  • Apparently Bloomberg like your idea so much they decided to make essentially the same video with some of the same images. LGR's was way better.

    docsavdocsav2 lat temu
  • Very interesting didn't know it took that much effort

    Brandon PetermanBrandon Peterman2 lat temu
  • The invention of the century!

    Justin HillJustin Hill2 lat temu
  • Great video detailing the people who struggled with this technical challenge and the details that came together to make it reality. Grateful that there are people who ask questions like "what if"!

    Jim SuttonJim Sutton2 lat temu
  • I fucking hate these things. When it's 12 AM and you're eyes have gotten used to the dark, they practically illuminate your entire room.

    CALLER IDCALLER ID2 lat temu
  • Ah yes, I remember. When they eventually did become available to anyone, they were pretty expensive. I still have the first ones I ever saw and tried somewhere, part of a small project that was never finished. Certainly, it's nice to have the full spectrum available, but that blue LED light has always felt kind of unnatural to me, and ironically, too bright.

    VermiliciousVermilicious2 lat temu
  • I had no idea blue LEDs were invented shortly after I turned 5. xD

    Kent HambrockKent Hambrock2 lat temu
  • I actually hate the blue led. It's overused and is almost always too bright.

    ImagineMediaImagineMedia2 lat temu
  • I had no clue it goes back that long ago. I thought it’d only been around 15 years or so. You’ve answered all my questions I’ve asked for years in one video. Thanks

    Andrew SlatckiAndrew Slatcki2 lat temu
  • amazing

    U4GU4G2 lat temu
  • I love LED's, they're just so simple and pure in their design and intent.

    danner253danner2532 lat temu
  • Sure blue LED's are nice but why did they have to replace the red and green for status indicators in my Hi-Fi?

    Kim ArvidssonKim Arvidsson2 lat temu
  • And this is how Zeos' bane came to be.

    Metal NeonMetal Neon2 lat temu
  • Oleg/Oled come on carnt be by chance!

    Nathan CNathan C2 lat temu
  • Blue laser also from Nichia.

    TinLethaxTinLethax2 lat temu
  • smh just put some blue marker on regular led

    Ahmes SyahdaAhmes Syahda2 lat temu
  • It's interesting that there is still ongoing progress in making blue/white LEDs brighter, cheaper and more power efficient. For example, the most recent (early 2019) LED bulbs by Osram and Phillips provide 800 lumens at just 7 watts. The previous generation required 8,5 watts and was notably larger. I think it's not long till cars will have pure LED headlights. By the way, OLED screens do not use classical LEDs. Only LCDs use LEDs, namely as background light. OLED is a different technology.

    TrurlTrurl2 lat temu
  • Very fascinating history, quite ironic that nowadays. Blue light are considered as "dangerous and eye-damaging" and many people try to avoid it.

    pojcharapol tosukowongpojcharapol tosukowong2 lat temu
  • This video is the most under watched video on this whole channel. It is also probably the most interesting episode.

    Chris GroffChris Groff2 lat temu
  • "A few" years ago (I'm thinking circa 2012) I was paying upwards of $15 each for 450 lumen LEDs that ran at 8-12 watts. Now I can go to the dollar store and get 8w, 800 lumen bulbs for about 7% of the cost of the (dimmer) bulbs that are still running years later. On top of that, my solar panels gather enough power to run them even on the cloudiest of days. And I still think back to the uproar we saw when efforts were made to phase out the old 100w incandescent heaters in favor of the CFLs that are now *also* inefficient by comparison to LEDs. #LEDFanBoy

    Baron von QuiplyBaron von Quiply2 lat temu
  • Blue LED's as headlights needs to be banned though, I mean sure you see the road better, but you blind literally everyone even with low beams which kinda defeats the purpose of having brighter lights in the first place

    SnOpeK DomoweiSnOpeK Domowei2 lat temu
    • Yeah but think about this: You can see into the multiverse with headlights that bright

      Storms and SaugeyeStorms and Saugeye2 lat temu
  • damn, rca was ahead of their times and its sale and liquidation set back the tech

    esgarramanteresgarramanter2 lat temu
  • i remember not being allowed to use blue leds in electronics projects as they were "too expensive" now theyre everwhere

    rich1351rich13512 lat temu
  • I just watched a video about lighbulbs that taught me more than every unit of light i learned in school

    Hana MizunoHana Mizuno2 lat temu
  • This was a very well put together video.

    CraigthepopeCraigthepope2 lat temu
    • Thank you!

      LGRLGR2 lat temu
  • Connor got a blue LED as well!

    VladVlad2 lat temu
  • 9:25 I'm watching this video on that phone!

    Avery GustafsonAvery Gustafson2 lat temu
  • I think this is the only tech tale I watched so far that no one died. I'm not watching them in order though so maybe I missed one.

    Egg WhitesEgg Whites2 lat temu
  • Funny how nowadays flashlight makers, collectors and enthusiasts want to make their high power LEDs _less_ blue. Nichia, for example, focuses a lot, and I mean a LOT, in high fidelity colour rendering for their emitters.

    Dinner-fork tongueDinner-fork tongue2 lat temu
  • I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin2 lat temu
  • I dunno if you liked doing these sorts of videos Clint - but let me put in my vote - I think your attitude, voice, approach - all would pull in an audience like 'Technology Connections' - would pull views in. expand yer empire man - you have the power! :-)

    TheFlyingScotsmanTheFlyingScotsman2 lat temu
  • Are Blue LEDs the easiest type of LED to hate?, you see, blue was a part of the RGB color model, RGB consisting of red, green and blue,.......... Hmm!

    Abdulaziz AlserhaniAbdulaziz Alserhani2 lat temu
  • lol, i asked my electronics teacher in like 2001 "why dont we use LED's instead of incandescent bulbs in torches or as house lights - i was immediately kicked out of the class xD bastard probably did it so he could take the patent xp

    holidayfishholidayfish2 lat temu
  • Cool!

    Jaakko PöntinenJaakko Pöntinen2 lat temu
  • 3:33 Funny how old this idea is. Now it's reality.

    Twentytwo22Twentytwo222 lat temu
  • What's hilarious about me watching this episode is that I'm currently looking at the blue leds I ordered to replace all the interior lighting or my 2nd Gen Ford Explorer. Everything from the instrument cluster to the window controls will be changed from green incandescent to blue led.

    Impetuously InsaneImpetuously Insane2 lat temu