FULL MATCH - AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton: WrestleMania 35

13 paź 2020
349 376 wyświetleń

AJ Styles clashes with Randy Orton on The Grandest Stage of Them All in an awesome back-and-forth match at WrestleMania 35: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • My favorite wwe superstars 1 aj styles 2 undertaker 3 jhon cena 4 jhon Morrison There the best I've ever seen😀

    aj stylesfan 435aj stylesfan 43520 godzin temu
  • i love AJ but i love Randy i dont know who i want to win😅

    Nathan JohnsonNathan Johnson2 dni temu
  • Aj is so damn good. And he is not Young any more. Still better than 90% of the wwe roster.

    Jens RahmJens Rahm3 dni temu
  • 666 coms

    franck darylfranck daryl3 dni temu
  • داوةشيت راندى ئورتن!

  • I totally forgot this match happened lol

    Cyberdemon MikeCyberdemon Mike4 dni temu
  • But these guys should add entrances otherwise am hating it

    T.A MpozaT.A Mpoza5 dni temu
  • I miss live crowds... 😭

    Hameedo KhalidHameedo Khalid5 dni temu
  • 8:44 Was The Last Time Aj Styles ever Hit His Signature Springboard 450 Splash

    The Phenomenal OneThe Phenomenal One5 dni temu
    • @NateLikeCookies He couldn’t quite make the rotation as smoothly as before

      The Phenomenal OneThe Phenomenal One4 dni temu
    • really? y?

      NateLikeCookiesNateLikeCookies4 dni temu
  • I hate this match

    Ali TalatAli Talat5 dni temu
  • Like: Styles Comment: Orton

    subbing to everyone who subs to mesubbing to everyone who subs to me5 dni temu
  • 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹

    الجنوب العربيالجنوب العربي5 dni temu
  • Good

    md babulmd babul5 dni temu
  • I was hoping Randy Orton would of won

    Nour SalehNour Saleh6 dni temu
  • Match could've been better imo

    Five • Star • Universe • ModeFive • Star • Universe • Mode6 dni temu
  • Fun fact: AJ Styles was the main event winner on Hulk Hogan's TNA debut. Head to head against Raw where Orton was the main event winner.

    Steven SalvadorSteven Salvador6 dni temu
  • They cheered because the lights finally went off🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

    Mason WallsMason Walls6 dni temu
  • I can't believe aj kicked out of a rko

    Wilston LynchWilston Lynch6 dni temu
  • They said “Ohhhhhhh, we’re blinded by the lights”

    Bolaji OgunlajaBolaji Ogunlaja6 dni temu
  • Randy should have won this match. AJ Styles didn't need momentum for his match at MITB against Seth Rollins since the hype was more than enough

    Hamse FarahHamse Farah6 dni temu
  • Wowoeeee💪

    tite dawittite dawit6 dni temu
  • I think the crowd was dead because of the lights, no one could see what was happening

    liam longenliam longen6 dni temu
  • Aj styles is way better than randy Orton

    Legitbossfan 12Legitbossfan 126 dni temu
  • This is one aj styels' biggest wins

    Abdelrahman ElrefaeyAbdelrahman Elrefaey6 dni temu
  • Aj styles did all amazing wins instead of winning a royal rumble or money in the bank or elimination chamber like randy orton John Cena ,roman reigns, Seth rollins ,undertaker and other legends do

    Abdelrahman ElrefaeyAbdelrahman Elrefaey6 dni temu
  • The undertaker should’ve competed at wrestlemania 35

    Andeo NovelliAndeo Novelli6 dni temu
  • Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Zeke The procrastinatorZeke The procrastinator6 dni temu
  • what is thas its magic no magic is good

    dody salfiandody salfian6 dni temu
  • Great match guys

    Nayan SinghNayan Singh6 dni temu
  • Hell in a Cell is on October 25th but still not a single Hell in a Cell match has been uploaded somehow

    Law VIPLaw VIP6 dni temu
  • Lagu ipank cinta hilang

    Rahmat EffendiRahmat Effendi7 dni temu
  • سلام

    ghadi xxghadi xx7 dni temu
    • يا رياد

      ghadi xxghadi xx7 dni temu
  • I was one of those fans chanting "we can't see!" lol. Didn't really enjoyed their match coz of those damn lights, but still, we're glad we got to experience wrestlemania

    Renz-kun gwapoRenz-kun gwapo7 dni temu
  • i have randy orton to star 2

    Junior Trochez EscalanteJunior Trochez Escalante7 dni temu
  • ay gaf randy orton end the wwe mayhem 2 star randy en level 211

    Junior Trochez EscalanteJunior Trochez Escalante7 dni temu
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Danielle MunozDanielle Munoz7 dni temu
  • مين عربي

    محمود إدلبيمحمود إدلبي7 dni temu
  • this very event doesn’t feel like wrestlemania

    أبو فهدأبو فهد7 dni temu
  • Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Kira concepcionKira concepcion7 dni temu
  • That guy ringside never stops wearing that green shirt and hat

    Jemuel Falanga Jr.Jemuel Falanga Jr.7 dni temu

  • Orton in this match disappointed me

    Muaad FaridMuaad Farid7 dni temu
  • Hard for me to believe that Seth Freakin Rollins Didn't comment on this vdeo

    Miss SidraMiss Sidra7 dni temu
  • *UNPOPULAR OPINION : Randy Orton should’ve won this match*

    Forgotten SonForgotten Son7 dni temu
    • that's actually very popular,therer was a randt about how Orton has lost too much WM's and WWE is not mkaing Survivor Series his like they did with the Undertaker's streak At WM or Tripl h's elimination chamber wins,

      RaZor27jGXRaZor27jGX7 dni temu
  • i cant belive it aj win randy omg he is real phenomenal

    dawit mulugetadawit mulugeta7 dni temu
  • Humm still Randy Orton. I think next time will be champion again.

    Joe Louis Miller JrJoe Louis Miller Jr7 dni temu
  • i think the match was great. But to end with the garbage forearm. For shame WWE.

    Kyle BerryKyle Berry7 dni temu
  • The ending was just perfect!

    DNP GamesDNP Games7 dni temu
  • WWE... what happened to it? Its just bearded women who yell now and chest pounders... This has happened before

    Dr. BanterDr. Banter7 dni temu
  • Holy smokes

    Javier EscalonJavier Escalon7 dni temu
  • Ngu bt ngay😂

    trinh hotrinh ho7 dni temu
  • Rd

    El Capo 23El Capo 237 dni temu
  • Buenas noches

    El Capo 23El Capo 237 dni temu
  • This match was trash

    SunsatSunsat7 dni temu
  • WWE,if you are looking,can you please do a full match for Keith Lee vs braun strowman

    Mubarra AliMubarra Ali7 dni temu
  • Randy to slow for A.J.

    Ceemfaj tswmCeemfaj tswm7 dni temu
  • R.K.O

    Halimah SusanHalimah Susan7 dni temu
  • I don't think AJ Styles has ever done a Superman (Springboard 450) since this match.

    DPrime215DPrime2157 dni temu
  • TURN THE LIGHTS OFF! *clap clap clap clap clap*

    Cristian MolinaCristian Molina7 dni temu
  • Great match! I love them both! 💚💚💯💚💚💯💚💚

    Carrie BowlenCarrie Bowlen7 dni temu
  • you can do it randy orton

    Jayden SahagonJayden Sahagon7 dni temu
  • One!

    Ayad AliAyad Ali7 dni temu
  • I remember watching this, and I did not know who to cheer for.

    Noel Legendary 31Noel Legendary 317 dni temu
  • I was there

    Brian PrattsBrian Pratts7 dni temu
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Kira concepcionKira concepcion7 dni temu
  • WWE, please, re ulpload the match between Lesnar and Angle at WM X9

    StevOR9StevOR97 dni temu
  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    Zeke The procrastinatorZeke The procrastinator7 dni temu
  • Wait so who was the good guy and bad guy in this rivalry

    Aquiles CalderonAquiles Calderon7 dni temu
  • The Man who hacked Friday night smackdown was mustafa Ali

    Daniel DangerDaniel Danger7 dni temu
    • I agree I read in article about the story of Mustafa Ali and he had it all planned out and others will be Dominic Djokovic, Mojo Riley, And many more joining Retribution.

      Luke FowlerLuke Fowler6 dni temu
    • Ok?

      200920097 dni temu
  • AJ was superb in this match. He read almost all Orton's moves, except one RTO. When Orton thought he had gotten him, he(AJ) gave him the coup de grace that took him out. Great match!

    Anyanele MdAnyanele Md7 dni temu
  • So AJ is a HOFer right now: Beat Cena at Summerslam Beat Orton at Wrestlemania US Title IC Title WWE Title I'd like to see a tag title and/ or a Rumble win (or MITB), but he's done enough.

    rabbijoe316rabbijoe3167 dni temu
    • Hes definitely a wrestling HOF. Probrably WWE one too

      Tyrone Johnson JrTyrone Johnson Jr4 dni temu
    • Throwback botch

      Chang ChandraChang Chandra5 dni temu
    • And retires The Undertaker

      Kenneth NovoaKenneth Novoa6 dni temu
  • Randy shouldve Won

    Mಠ_ಠMಠ_ಠ7 dni temu
  • 8:37. 8:46. 10:40. SPLAT!

    Rodney WhiteRodney White7 dni temu
  • This match is the best

    Dave K MarteyDave K Martey7 dni temu
  • Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Farrah ElbazFarrah Elbaz7 dni temu
  • AJ styles deserves his victories.

    Wesley CWesley C7 dni temu
  • Aj Styles Vs Adam Cole - Wrestlemania 37

    Joshua Mhishi 1Joshua Mhishi 17 dni temu
  • This kofi vs d b batista vs triple h or shane vs miz were main event material

    toxic goattoxic goat7 dni temu
  • He really said slop kick

    Ashley SeymourAshley Seymour7 dni temu
  • Do only me get so much adds on this video? Its like wwe go crazy greedy for money )

    Bi_ _tWBi_ _tW7 dni temu
  • AJ بطل

    egypt staregypt star7 dni temu
  • This match was amazing i like soo much this is Wrestlemania 35 match for the Wwe Championship between the two amazing athletes The Viper Randy Orton and The Phenomenal One Aj Styles ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni7 dni temu
  • Cool match. Randy's gear looked great.

    JazJaz7 dni temu
  • i remember being there at wm35 and seeing the match. the lights were horrible. i was 3 rows behind ringside

    Hreg geffleyHreg geffley7 dni temu
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    elisa gomezelisa gomez7 dni temu

    K. Amir RaynorK. Amir Raynor7 dni temu
  • comment your favorite AJ styles gear since he has been in wwe

    K. Amir RaynorK. Amir Raynor7 dni temu
  • Couldnt enjoy this match because of the lights

    NogardoNogardo7 dni temu
  • Great match best I have ever seen of AJ stayl. Top class.

    Mohammed AfzalMohammed Afzal7 dni temu
  • Listen to Aj @ 9:40 he sound like Michael Jackson 😂

    Jonathan IslerJonathan Isler7 dni temu
  • 8:34 styles is a genius

    Tise OduwoleTise Oduwole7 dni temu
    • @Kezeezy and the crowd was dead for it what the f---

      Michael Dennis TooleyMichael Dennis TooleyDzień temu
    • @RexLaRocca Wasn't a botch lol.

      Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare3 dni temu
    • @RexLaRocca Wasnt botch he did that in their first match in 2017

      True Til DeathTrue Til Death4 dni temu
    • Merely a botch

      RexLaRoccaRexLaRocca7 dni temu
    • throwback to 2017 when they had their first match

      KezeezyKezeezy7 dni temu
  • I saw this live!! Amazing match for my first WM live.

    kyle northankyle northan7 dni temu
  • RKOOO!!

    سعود عبدالله.سعود عبدالله.7 dni temu
  • Good job AJ

    Clara EssessienClara Essessien7 dni temu
  • Aj Styles heel is boring

    Yan JeYan Je7 dni temu
  • Aj Styles gavno

    Jafar DavidovJafar Davidov7 dni temu
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    danielleclements13danielleclements137 dni temu
    • Your still single or no?

      Luke FowlerLuke Fowler7 dni temu
  • I love WWE is awesome nice

    Bro BhBro Bh7 dni temu
  • I gotta agree this was an impressive match

    Hussein AliHussein Ali7 dni temu
  • Randy Orton RKO #4 LIFE # 1 Promixo Championship Hell in A Cell🙏🤙🇲🇽

    Kire GarciaKire Garcia7 dni temu