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  • Idol shout please pinned I never pinned

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    • I actually clicked on the wrong comment sorry for that mix up

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    • @Ash The Gacha Cookie no you’re evil 🦹‍♀️

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    • Ewwwwwww bad trash

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  • the nurse looks like a certain someone..

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  • :(

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  • Nurse: “One of your kids are blind, but we don’t know which one.” Me: THEN HOW DO YOU KNOW ONES BLIND-

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  • This is going to make me think all night

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  • Should have made them both half blind and half not. I'm not saying this to you I'm saying this to the mother

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  • When they entered the hospital I was like : Oh, god no...

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  • Memes are supposed to be funny. This is sad.

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  • plworld.info/post/D7nwWaq9Omili97AoYUr6A.htmlvideos

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  • Which one No (not hate just found it kinda funny)

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  • Sad 😓

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  • I tough that marrinete was the blind one

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  • ?????????????????

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  • At the end I think I woke up my neighborhood up

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  • audry be lookin like monokuma

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  • Part 2 pls :) this is very interesting

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  • Soooooo this is what really happened if im correct hehe Chloe's Mom gave birth to Marinette and Chloe and then the nurse said one of them is blind so the nurse said she should take care of them both but when she saw Marinette's eyes Chloe's Mom thought Marinette was the one who is blind and at the present Chloe's Mom is spoiling Marinette because she thought she's the one who's blind and then she decided to go to the hospital for her daughters switch there eyes so Mari can see but what happened is the opposite because Chloe was the blind one not Marinette (The End)

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  • Mainly what is wrong in this story no one talks about: If you have one child blind and one isn’t you can leave it and give them special glasses which costs a lot of money, but when they grow older you think to yeet one of your child’s eyes into the other basically your favourite child now has eyes but your other one doesn’t If you don’t understand: You still have a blind child :\

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  • How does that docter not know who is blind or not Docter dumb

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  • Lesson learned: *Mari is a kind person.*

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  • Gurl- take a break your over working yourself

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  • What's the name of the Song?

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  • Not me looking at the thumbnail and thinking the mom said she could see 😳

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  • Yooo the scream sound was emmas scream😍

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  • Wtf-

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  • If people have white eye's doesn't mean that they're blind ;-;

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    • AND WEEK

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  • Why??!??!!!!!!?

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  • Não entendi

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  • Basically.. The mother treated Marinette with more love because it just seemed like she was the blind one.. After years of thinking Mari was the blind one, she forced Chloe into “giving mari her eyes”. After the surgery, Mari couldn’t see anymore.. But Chloe could. So when the mother found out.. well- I guess she felt horrible. Please never treat anyone differently, don’t assume when you can never know for sure.

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  • Your vids are almost Mari Being hurt 👁💧n💧👁✌🏻 I guess you fav is Chloe ✨ right? NO HATE JUST WANNA KNOW 👁👄👁🖐🏻

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  • It looks like chloe and mari and chloe mom hmm

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  • part 2

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  • Mikan is big dumb The nurse looks like mikan

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  • U must of worked hard on this

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  • 💖☺️🥺

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  • I feel bad:

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  • She could’ve just asked who couldnt see when they were 6 xD

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  • It’s not just the eye it is the pupil of their eye

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  • The mom goes to jail=Me BRUHHH

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  • I don't get it

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  • I didn't know Marinette is actually Emma

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  • I feel bad for chole and why would mari said her mom that she is not blind what a brat mari😠😠

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  • Chloe and Marinette are not blind, Adrien is

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  • hii

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  • ok

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  • Woah.

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  • *None of this makes sense. None of this makes sense. None of this makes sense.* *big sigh.* Alright. Let’s get into this. Let’s pick this apart. Brace yourselves. *proceeds to take a deep breath* *- How would the doctor know one of them was blind but not who was blind? If she didn’t know, why wouldn’t the children have physical tests performed to see which one was blind? Why didn’t the doctor suggest this? *- Because the doctor never told the mother who was blind, and just that one of her children was blind, it could’ve easily been a lie or a mixup. So why wasn’t the mother suspicious? Why did she automatically believe the doctor without any proof? *- Why didn’t Chloe tell the mother that she couldn’t see? Whenever her mother told her she was clumsy, why didn’t she just respond with “Well I can’t see”. Why didn’t Marinette tell the mother that she could see? She should’ve seen that she was getting special treatment, and that her mother was mistreating Chloe, so why did she not speak up. Why didn’t she clear up that Chloe was the blind one. *- Chloe and Marinette are seen running around and speaking, so they should be around the age of 4-6. 5 years and the Mother hadn’t gotten any results from the hospital of who was blind? What? Did she never go to a pediatrician to confirm who was blind? If she was planning to do an eye surgery, then shouldn’t she have to take the child who was blind to the doctor so they could make sure the surgery is right for them, and to take the eye donor so they could have legal consent from the child and so the child knows that they’re getting into? But this brings up multiple issues. *- A child cannot consent. Legally, mentally, sexually, however you put it. A child cannot mentally understand the process of taking out your eyes, and putting in the eye of someone else. Remember we’re estimating them to be 4-6. More proof of their age: any older and they would be in school, which would give definitive proof that Marinette can see and Chloe cannot. Can a 6 year old understand the process of surgery, or consent to it? Not to mention that again, they are 6. How would their bodies react to surgeries? They haven’t gotten any blood tests done. What if their bodies react really badly to one of the chemicals? And we aren’t even talking about how switching someone’s eyes with another persons can cause serious nerve damage in the back of the sockets. How would it affect a child’s body? A child’s body, a body that hasn’t fully developed. *- Another problem with the surgery. This might be the final one. Why in the fucking world. Did the mother not tell them about the surgery, or at least wait until they were mentally old enough to understand the consequences and process of eye doning, and at least consent of their own accord. This is the problem a lot of people had in the comments. Why did the mother have them switch eyes without their consent. This is just a horrible horrible mistake on the mother’s part. I don’t really have much to say, other then, wow. Wow wow wow. Gacha trends these days. Logic just goes the window. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say, stop doing trends that make no sense. Continue doing original content. Quality > Quantity. Even if it takes longer, even if these trends get more views. Just stop with these.

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  • The worst part that The mother after only about The "blind" one

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  • Chloe was the 1 who couldn't see and now merry next He's the 1 who couldn't see I don't understand it take away eye ballxs

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  • What did they do to her and chloe I'm confused

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  • But Marinette doesn’t see anymore always

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  • Part 2 please😭🥵😏😑✋💦 Pwetty pwease👌😬👁️👄👁️💓😘

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  • if anyone is like this, i hope a car hits you

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  • Im not blind watching this video

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  • The real question is that how marinette and chloe became sisters💀😩

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  • If anyone doesn't get it is that Mari eyes were white so she thought she was the blind won and spoiled her then they switched her eyes so Mari could see but Chloe was the won blind so Mari couldn't see and Chloe could since they switched eyes

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  • Hey Gacha Potato in the starting without the other music cutting in with the music what is the sign called?

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  • The promised neverland Emma scream in episode 1 at the last part¿?

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  • pArT 2

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  • Wait wa- I though The blue girl was blind-Please somebody explains this to me-

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  • This video is confusing why suddenly the blue hair girl blind?

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  • I WANNA CRY Gacha Potato Gacha Potato Gacha Potato Gacha Potato DID IT WORK OR NOT I WANNA KNOW-

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  • i did this concept first (no hate)

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  • I have finally found someone has an original concept of the trend.. 🤧✨

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  • She's they can have half 🙄

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  • this is rlly good! but like cant she just donate like 1 of her eyes then they would both be able to see? just curious

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  • If I was marinette I will kill chloe then her mom and the doctor and then my self 😤😤

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  • :0

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  • I swear i saw a diff one like 5 days ago why is this named original conscept oh nvm the ending diff

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  • 𝙸𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗𝚝 𝚜𝚎𝚎 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚜𝚠𝚊𝚙 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚎𝚢𝚎-

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  • You are a sick human being for posting this video it is sick get yourself some help

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  • I don't understand wdym isn't the blue hair girl already blind..??? can you please explain...

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  • If I switched eyes with my blind sis I will be lived like give me my eyes back >:(

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  • I don’t get it?-

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  • Mari: Fells in the bed Also Mari: Cries Okay beds are soft-

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    • Lol fr but it depends what it made out of

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  • Ok it's good but can't the doctor just say who is blind and who is not

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  • Ugly mari

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  • The doctor looks like mikan Tsumiki 🐎

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  • Part two !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Nice i like it

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  • This is why you should always ask your child if they can see.

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  • Só eu que sou br e entendi nada algum br pode me explica

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  • Did u put this Mari is her daughter?

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  • Emma's scream shows pain This Emma's scream shows trend.

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  • idea from tiktok.

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  • "Which one?" *No*

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  • Marinette actually doesn't have blue hair she not really related to chloe's mom why the clothes ? That now really what France people wear but okay pervert 😕

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  • Can you make part 2

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  • honestly i don’t feel bad for mari because the mom thought mari was blind and made chloe give up her eyes when in reality it was chloe that was blind and she CRIED when she figured out marinette was the one who gave up her eyes for chloe 🔪🔪

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    • But Mari cant see anymore , Its not the best situation :'(

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  • I don't understand...

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    • No, I'm understand now

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  • Why did they make mari blind then why

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  • Ummmm … What the heck is this

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  • Wait i didnt understand who was blinde at the first place

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  • You should do the if you want me to listen to you then get on your knees and beg... When marinette gets on her knees and maybe adrien yelling that at her then apologizing? Or however you want to make it. This is just a suggestion ❤

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  • the scream scared me a lot-

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  • Eh?-

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