10 Kids Products That'll Make Their Parents Jealous!

29 lis 2019
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Are you a kid and your parents aren't giving you enough attention? Or, are you a parent and your kid is way cooler than you? Well if you want some advice on how to equalize the playing field and be just as cool as your kid, or get all the love and affection you could ever want from your parent, then this is the video for you. We've picked out 10 products that are awesome enough to make your parents jealous, and that will make you the cool one in the family. Don't believe me? Check out the products and find out for yourself!

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  • mokha in filipino is face

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  • Luna is is cute

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  • 2020? Anyone?

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  • Oh no don't crash boom

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  • 259 dollars expensive economy car omg this is so cheap

    Landon BeeryLandon Beery7 dni temu
  • Luna is so cute, Matthias is a great dad!

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  • LOL

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  • You guys are super weird

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  • Mat: is it a dope or a nope Luna: it’s a doper So cute

    AlekzanderAlekzander8 dni temu
  • I miss Matthiases hair now he has no

    Kyla KingKyla King8 dni temu
  • A doper that’s what my son said

    Juliana VelezJuliana Velez8 dni temu
  • luna has the giraffe tail when she was riding the lamborghini

    Jenni CortesJenni Cortes8 dni temu
  • She thinks it’s doper nope since the way the logo is so she means dope when she said doper lmaoo so cute

    Otto WoodOtto Wood8 dni temu
  • Brand new lamborghini F*** a cop car

    Denis RagsdaleDenis Ragsdale10 dni temu
  • mat: dope or nope luna luna: doper *me in awe

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  • Luna looks so cute when driving her car I love it she is so adorable 💛❤

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  • the reason she says doper is because he says dope OR nope so she says dopeor

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  • This is how many times Luna said “Doper” l l l V

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  • I had that rolecoster

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  • Who still watching 2020

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    • I had that rolecoster

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  • Luna’s little giraffe tail is so precious🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • doper

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  • Me:Robert idk is cool luna:he's a doper

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  • Its like a rc duckboat

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  • 12:03 it doesnt go underwater

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  • Cheeseburger

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  • There is a house in my neighborhood that has the roller coaster

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  • Er

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  • Luna is a boss man she has no fear 😂

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  • So cute ''thats a doper"

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  • Did you know? Question:I like blue my brother like red and my sister like yellow XD:it’s Reilly real life of colors it’s funny that we called my funny stuff called funny way Real life:if I can own this house I can get everything in the house gaming room kitchen bedroom every room Why I talk to much? Good question I really like talking and I just like to talk to everyone yep I do like talking a lot to you guys and everyone Like and sub to:ZHC and SlushyGamer FireGamer Jesse Mr.Beast and everyone who do a lot of channels I mean like everyone so I like you guys because you are good artist that why I like you guys if you want to like and sub everyone you can and you will get shout outs so I was talking to you guys (think you) 👇🏻

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  • Let’s be honest like if you skipped to the parts with Luna in them

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  • Luna is lucky she probably gets so many gifts from Matthias

    Gray’s Hunting reviewGray’s Hunting reviewMiesiąc temu
  • babies have more bones then adults

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  • Luna would be messed up when you take way the toys you give her

    Narender ReddyNarender ReddyMiesiąc temu
  • Mat : and of course I drove it in to a lake Me : thats sad

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  • Yo, Luna is riding in stile!

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  • lunas so cut OMG

  • I love how sweet and grateful luna is. She's so little but still already obviously appreciates what her dad gives her

    Maddie CrispMaddie CrispMiesiąc temu
  • My sister got her daughter a motorized car like that for her 4th bday; it’s really cool, and also has a parental remote EDIT; if you haven’t figured it out already, driving the kids car in the grass really eats up the battery, which is kinda the only downside, cuz my niece’s also has a working Bluetooth speaker on the dash

    Romantic1869Romantic1869Miesiąc temu
  • I think Luna is getting confused She does not know what to say doper or dope

    Gramps Taken a selfieGramps Taken a selfieMiesiąc temu
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  • this was an old like to buy

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  • God, when I was a kid, my neighbor (one year younger) had one of those red pushcars with the yellow top, nothing with a motor. Any kid nowadays would probably be like, why? XD It was cute and fun to ride in, though.

    Beth Di BartolomeoBeth Di BartolomeoMiesiąc temu
  • 11:45 I had one that I bought from an American store and when I can back to Australia there was a broken part and I couldn’t return it

    Games FilmGames FilmMiesiąc temu
  • I'm a kid and now I'm beacuse I get nothing😭

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  • Luna is such a good girl! You & Amanda have done a wonderful job raising her!

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  • Luna is so adorable! Her "thanks daddy" was so cute!

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  • Please do a video of 10 products that Luna would like & have her rate them dope or nope

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    Jack PlaysJack Plays2 miesięcy temu

    Jack PlaysJack Plays2 miesięcy temu

    Jack PlaysJack Plays2 miesięcy temu

    Jack PlaysJack Plays2 miesięcy temu
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