How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines

22 gru 2019
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Nothing in the Universe is static. In the milky way, billions of stars orbit the galactic center.
Some, like our sun, are pretty consistent, keeping a distance of around 30,000 light years from the galactic center, completing an orbit every 230 million years.
This dance is not an orderly ballet - more like a skating rink filled with drunk toddlers. This chaos makes the galaxy dangerous. Our solar neighbourhood is constantly changing, with stars moving hundreds of kilometers every second.
Only the vast distances between objects protect us from the dangers out there. But we might get unlucky in the future. At some point we could encounter a star going supernova. Or a massive object passing by and showering earth with asteroids.
If something like this were to happen we would likely know thousands, if not millions of years in advance. But we still couldn’t do much about it.
Unless… we move our whole solar system out of the way.

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    • Wait if you focus all the energy onto only one spot on the surface of the sun, wouldn't it get less dense as it superheats, Destroying the machine as it expands? Also, what happens if a solar storm breaks the dyson sphere and/or stellar engine?

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    • Currently saving up to buy something in your shop, this channel is very interesting indeed

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