VLOG: midterms, my birthday, kpop dance practice

29 mar 2021
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Would You Stay - Mindme (ES)
Get Over You Again - Christine Smit (ES)
Dance it Off - Elin Sandberg (ES)
Wait for Me on the Other Side - CLNGR (ES)
Music by Fiji Blue - It Takes Two - thmatc.co/?l=4A4504FD

  • Are you okay? You haven't been posting... Imissyou😔 but I hope you are well and healthy❤❤❤

    brit subrit su3 minut temu
  • How r u ? Can u please suggest me some Korean high school maths books which are in both English and Korean please

    kalpana sainikalpana saini10 godzin temu
  • Hey how r u ? Well can u please help me find a Korean high school maths book which is in both languages English and Korea as well as. I mean just suggest me some books please

    kalpana sainikalpana saini10 godzin temu

    BlvckpinkCoreBlvckpinkCore10 godzin temu
  • Happy birthday dear I wanted to tell you that your friends are so nice

    DjihaneDjihane13 godzin temu
  • 10:53 I felt like that question was for me

    first divisionfirst division18 godzin temu
  • yoora i am waiting for your new video 😫

    Sujaa moktanSujaa moktan19 godzin temu
  • Wait where is she living right now...the streets gives so European vibes while on the other hand she buys Shin ramen from the mart...let me know where she's living??

    Shahnaz FatimaShahnaz Fatima22 godzin temu
    • America

      Soo studyySoo studyy12 godzin temu
  • I miss you 🥺

    AnamikaAnamika23 godzin temu
  • انا اتابعك من العراق شكراً لك على الترجمة 💕

    قمر الزمانقمر الزمانDzień temu
  • Hey queen, I have a request can you please invite us and study together at discord app..... please 🥺

    vxrnx.vxrnx.Dzień temu
  • 보고싶다 유라,,

    난슬플때힙합을춰난슬플때힙합을춰Dzień temu
  • I have a question: You live alone as a college student? How do you get money to buy groceries? Sorry if I sound dumb HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ARE AWESOME

    Rabbit rocksRabbit rocksDzień temu
    • her family

      zz13 godzin temu
    • @Tudunggie jjang but PLworld money is not enough to live an everyday life tho

      Rabbit rocksRabbit rocksDzień temu
    • PLworld money?

      Tudunggie jjangTudunggie jjangDzień temu
  • Where is my queen? I miss her..😢

    LoveuBTS 3LoveuBTS 3Dzień temu
  • im waiting for a new video 🙁

    hcbh aliunghcbh aliung2 dni temu
  • Eu só queria agradecer do fundo do meu coração quem legenda os videos da Yoora. Vc é foda!

    Vick StarkeVick Starke2 dni temu
  • It's the 19th of April and we get no Yoora content still... :(

    AzraAzra2 dni temu
  • since this pandemic, i watch her videos and think about when i can go back to my apart.. living alone make me more productive.. 🥲

    Vella TanniaVella Tannia2 dni temu
  • yoora miss youu

    Gülnaz yılmazGülnaz yılmaz2 dni temu
  • can you please share your template on notion🥺💓

    Infires jenInfires jen2 dni temu
  • We share the same birthday 🥳

    blueming 19blueming 192 dni temu
  • türkler var mı? 🇹🇷

    ee2 dni temu
  • بحبك ❤️

    Sidrs AmjadSidrs Amjad2 dni temu
  • Where are you yoora why you didn't post a new video 😭 i'm in final exam i need your motivation😭😭

    Rwbar MuhammadRwbar Muhammad2 dni temu
  • I miss your video, pls upload soon

    Mega Arum BarokahMega Arum Barokah2 dni temu
  • Any update on next video??

    Pramod Kumar NiralaPramod Kumar Nirala2 dni temu
  • We need a videoo sooo baaddd🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

    Rithi SureshRithi Suresh3 dni temu
  • Blackpink lovesinck Girls

    NAZLI PurpleNAZLI Purple3 dni temu
  • Where are you I miss you 🥺❣️

    HelloHello3 dni temu
  • Obrigada por colocar tradução em português. Beijo do Brasil 🥰🇧🇷

    Tainara MonteiroooTainara Monteirooo3 dni temu
  • hey yoora ım your Turkish🇹🇷 fan and your videos,edits (everything) soooo good ,you are very succesful and I love you🦋

    ee3 dni temu
  • Yoora, I miss you! When's your next vid coming?

    Jungkook's earringJungkook's earring3 dni temu
  • you're a bloody legend, yoora ♥️

    Luv from, NewtLuv from, Newt3 dni temu
  • Post more frequently yoora we like to see you..... Please it's a humble request 🙏🙏🙏.....

    ARSHIIIARSHIII4 dni temu
  • Waiting for your new video 🙂

  • I really like your videos🥺🥺🤍

    finegirlfinegirl4 dni temu
  • plss where did u get ur glasses from? the black and the clear one ?

    ghaidaghaida4 dni temu
  • I just realise we r birthday twins!! 😳🤩

    Du XinyinDu Xinyin4 dni temu
  • Happy birthday sweetie ✨ Be in happiness and peace 🥺🤍

    Leen OsamaLeen Osama4 dni temu
  • She is so pretty >-

    Sara EpiphanySara Epiphany4 dni temu
  • why anyone talking about how pretty she is and she look likes wendy 🤭

    şevvalşevval4 dni temu

    Jupneet AroraJupneet Arora4 dni temu
  • this is my first time seeing ur video, I haven't watch other vids yet, what are you majoring in college? 🤗

    Kriexhya Rhaein RemorinKriexhya Rhaein Remorin5 dni temu
  • girl you are a great inspiration to me, soon I will start uploading videos and I hope to make some great studio content ✨

    studybee _studybee _5 dni temu
  • كيتت💜😭

    المستخدم مهوس بكوكيالمستخدم مهوس بكوكي5 dni temu
  • How did you learn English fluently?

    Imene ImeneImene Imene5 dni temu
    • dalga geçtiğini falan sanıyor sanırım

      zz13 godzin temu
    • @ezra selam şlspwpksield

      Melike ErMelike Er3 dni temu
    • @Melike Er dmsmfjs selam knk

      ezraezra3 dni temu
    • @ezra aa Türk selaaam slsiwpidleid

      Melike ErMelike Er3 dni temu
    • @Imene Imene what? Arabic? I'm not Arab

      ezraezra3 dni temu

    notnot5 dni temu
  • Your editing skills are amazing ☺️ Hope you had a great birthday Yoora 🥰

    Wendy VasquezWendy Vasquez5 dni temu
  • love from turkey 💞💞 i love your vlogs so much 💏

    fnur bfnur b5 dni temu
  • Yeay thanks yoora for Indonesian translation

    __루루__루루5 dni temu
  • I'm checking everyday if she has posted any video 😩🥺

    Tudunggie jjangTudunggie jjang5 dni temu
    • Just turn on the notification bell

      Shaila ShamsShaila Shams4 dni temu
  • Yoora where are you? Its been two weeks since u posted I miss ya🥺

    Garima Kashyap 14Garima Kashyap 145 dni temu
  • On what days do you upload the videos, I just can't wait so please tell

    It's Vartika !It's Vartika !5 dni temu
  • Yoora I miss ur vlogs

    gops 34gops 345 dni temu
  • waiting for yoora's next video 🤩

    Camilla PeiCamilla Pei6 dni temu
  • omg love the intro!!! Love your editing (the way u edit) and will sub :) have an amazing day/night whatever time it is at your place 🙃🙂😃😃😃😄😊😁😁😁😁😆😄😂🤣🤣🤣😅😀😃😃😃😄

    Lily LiLily Li6 dni temu
  • I know you won't see it, but I still wanted to thank you. Because whenever I watch your videos, I get motivated and willing to work, you remind me of my strength, you ask myself questions ... and there are so many examples I can list. Good thing I met your youtube channel !! I love you so much 🤍stay healthy!!! (By the way I'm sorry for my lousy english🥲🥲🥲)

    Su isteSu iste6 dni temu
  • Loves from Turkey💜

    Atiye AkcanAtiye Akcan6 dni temu
  • Yooraaaaaa where are u i miss u :((((

    AzraAzra6 dni temu
  • We are waiting

    Şeyma TÜREŞeyma TÜRE6 dni temu
  • where's the new video?

    Şeyma TÜREŞeyma TÜRE6 dni temu
  • I love hpw productive you are

    Daphne AlimentoDaphne Alimento6 dni temu
  • which edit program did you use

    mervisile_mervisile_6 dni temu
  • I'm waiting for yoora to post more study vlogs! My exams are near and I'm thinking to pull an all nighter, cause I'll however have to wake up at 3:30 (for Ramadan sehri) Wish me luck guys! Is there any 12th class science student here?!

    AestheteAesthete6 dni temu
    • @Aesthete thanks.

      Mukta RahmanMukta Rahman5 dni temu
    • @Mukta Rahman Thank you so much 🥺 Insha Allah I'll do my best! And if you have exams, all the best to you too ❤

      AestheteAesthete5 dni temu
    • @Aesthete welcome do your best in exam you can do it. Allah is with you.

      Mukta RahmanMukta Rahman5 dni temu
    • Ramadan mubarak! Thank you ✨

      AestheteAesthete5 dni temu
    • All the best

      Mukta RahmanMukta Rahman6 dni temu
  • Hi i hope you notice me im a new subscriber where did you get your glasses it's so pretty ♥️

    Miss Cutie Marie TVMiss Cutie Marie TV7 dni temu
  • i just discovered you but i watched all your videos.. now you have to post a new video! only you make my week beautiful

    elizaeliza7 dni temu
  • Hi From TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷👉👈🎗👑

    BTS⟭⟬#weloveyouBTSBTS⟭⟬#weloveyouBTS7 dni temu
  • Yoora you should start listening to stray kids. I hope you see this. If you already listen to them then alright lol idk what to say

    Natalia TrejosamadorNatalia Trejosamador7 dni temu
  • açaí 🤍🇧🇷

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  • Yoora!!!its been 2 weeks since you uploaded a video. Please upload a new video. I'm binge watching all of our videos. Big fan of you ❤

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  • What’s her major? Is it medicine?

    Botaina JBotaina J7 dni temu

    Yurian NovaYurian Nova7 dni temu
  • Upload pls

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  • Your video is relaxing, perfect for watching during lunch

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  • I am from Brazil 🇧🇷💜 I love you 😔

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  • You born in 19 march????? me too 🎂💗

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  • wait no way, is your birthday 19th march? mine too

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  • 유라님 생일축하드려요!! 좀 많이 늦지만 ㅋㅋ 브이로그 즐겨 보고있어요!! 남은 대학 생활도 홧팅!!!

    jiho shinjiho shin8 dni temu
  • Post soon pleasee🥺 I miss youu

    Eronë MustafaEronë Mustafa8 dni temu
  • New vid😭

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  • Hi yoora please make a video 📸 in how we spend our lockdown because I following you in your every thing and now in India and here's is lockdown and I don't know what's thing's to do and I don't want to waste it because in lockdown I just t.v all the time and now I don't want this so please tell us how we are able to use our lockdown make some videos on this please ❤️❤️ lots of love from india ❤️❤️❤️😘😘

    Kesher MundaKesher Munda8 dni temu
  • The edit tho

    RiriRiri8 dni temu
  • happy birthday yooraaa 💞✌🏻

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  • How are you so beautiful? 💖💖

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  • Тут есть те кто понимает что тут написано

    Алёна КозловаАлёна Козлова8 dni temu
  • I'm watching from Turkey I love you and thank you for put subtitles

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  • Yoora next time you should also try matcha latte with 2 shots of espresso, trust me it’s really good!!

    Kelly LeKelly Le9 dni temu
  • I’m waiting for new video 😢

    saooda zainsaooda zain9 dni temu
  • Can you please please please make hairstyle video 🙏🙏💜

  • Glad that she enjoyed her birthday well with her friends, thinking back to when she spent her bday alone with a cupcake....

    PinkyPinky9 dni temu
  • Yoora please upload your vedios little bit early, I am so addicted to your vedios, I usually count days for your new vedios but sometimes it's late and this disappoints me

    Fabia KhanFabia Khan9 dni temu
  • love you from China

    hanhan seyohanhan seyo10 dni temu
  • waiting new video........

    Anujin BdAnujin Bd10 dni temu
  • Watch this video made me very nostalgic because it reminded me how much I miss my friends, it has been more than 1 year since I haven't seen them because of the confinement, but at the same time I can say that it is a beautiful vlog.

    Samantha RosalesSamantha Rosales10 dni temu
  • happy birthday sweety i love u so much

    su desu de10 dni temu
  • 💜Thank you a lot for the Arabic translation, I love you so much 🇸🇦💕💜

    X_fatima _ 2021X_fatima _ 202110 dni temu
  • Hey guys! If you wanted to have a study playlist like Yoora's I'm compiling her music on a public playlist. Just open my profile, it's also labeled YOORA JUNG PLAYLIST. I'll add more on the list once I have time :))) Happy studying.

    Dianne Lois SenegocioDianne Lois Senegocio10 dni temu
    • @Cheryl no problem! I'm updating it every now and then.

      Dianne Lois SenegocioDianne Lois Senegocio7 dni temu
    • Thank youuuu

      CherylCheryl7 dni temu
  • Wait so you not a doctah yet?

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  • A week late but, happy birthday Yoora!! 🥳🧡

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  • Спасибо тебе большое за твою огромную работу над субтитрами🙈❤️😍😍😍

    HW ВедьмаHW Ведьма10 dni temu