How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours

16 lut 2020
4 719 910 wyświetleń

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For years, you have been asking us how we make our videos. So let’s finally talk about it! From research, writing the script, illustrating, to animating, narrating and composing music, a Kurzgesagt video takes roughly 1.200 hours to produce!
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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a NutshellMiesiąc temu
    • Did you spend 1200 hours on this

      Bin HuangBin Huang12 dni temu
    • Hey this may be a bit inappropriate but how much per video do you get payed for your narration

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    • I love your videos. Thanks for making them and the effort that went into it.

      Tomato TomTomato TomMiesiąc temu
  • I subscribed because of the birds! So cute :3

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  • Are you an astrophysisist

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  • Not gonna lie, sounds weird when the narrator addresses himself. Makes me wonder what he sounds like casually.

    Cameron CoppedgeCameron Coppedge23 godzin temu
  • Hwy yo narrator did u do a thing for avideo on why schools suck or wat?

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    MRA The Imperfec10MRA The Imperfec10Dzień temu
  • If you put adds in you videos would help. If you researched 3D n fastest ways to animate.2D 3D n animation apps are always improving a lot every year.C4D is killer Blenders growing really fast . Love your videos good luck.

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  • You make a ton of money by youtube views dude. For free is just not true...

    Hammond NordlandHammond Nordland3 dni temu
  • 1200 hours equals 50 days in reality, but as long as a year in our imaginations when we are waiting for Kurzgesagt to release videos

    Elijah HubinskyElijah Hubinsky3 dni temu
    • its about 6-7 months 8h work in 5 days week.

      Dawid KaliszewskiDawid Kaliszewski2 dni temu
  • It would take around 1/60000 of the Earth's population to make 1 Kurzgesagt video per second

    KittenSaysRARKittenSaysRAR3 dni temu
  • 1200 hours is crazy :O

    Jonas WaliczekJonas Waliczek3 dni temu
  • This is how you know Kurzgesagt is More Quality over Quantity

    LouisLouis3 dni temu
  • 4:56 Jajajaja I'm mexican, I loved the "¿Qué onda güey?"

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  • Don’t worry I’m a eggist

    Quartz golem 2Quartz golem 24 dni temu
  • Thanks now I know how to *Kurzgesagt*

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  • 0:36 The next video should be about the plumbus. It is not stupid, "Everyone has a plumbus in their home"

    SteveSteve4 dni temu
  • And this is why I subscribed. You guys put more effort into one of your videos than the Hollywood studios that make blockbusters.

    Brody SpilakBrody Spilak5 dni temu
  • 2:33 face reveal

    Warnet MaimoWarnet Maimo5 dni temu
  • Ok but the real question is how much time did it take to animate/make this video? Lol I’m guessing way less than 1200 hours since there’s not really any research needed.

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  • “1200 hours” that’s also but I didn’t ask for this so byee

    Club penguin rewritten player With four accountsClub penguin rewritten player With four accounts7 dni temu
  • My mexican heart melted with the "Que onda, güey" phrase.

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  • Why can't you just add ads on your channel on PLworld to earn money

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  • These are not videos, these are films!

    Schrödingers KatzeSchrödingers Katze7 dni temu
  • So just to make a SINGULAR video (not counting the script) they have to work 50 DAYS FOR A SINGULAR VIDEO.

    Pump_daspookypumpkinPump_daspookypumpkin7 dni temu
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  • Brought me to tears. So inspiring! I love you birds so much!

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  • I wondet which expert checked the script lol

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    • 50 days for one video! 4:27

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  • Kurzgesagt: "We just work on something fascinating" Also Kurzgesagt: NUKE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST, THE MOON AND THE MARIANA TRENCH

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  • Kurzgesagt: do you trust me? Me: with every cell of my body

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  • Good job. You've acomplished the impossible. These videos are professional and personal. Keep on going

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    • why?

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  • Thank you guys so much

    Jasper SongJasper Song10 dni temu
  • I must say that kurzgesagt makes some beautiful videos, and they're videos never seem as there made by normal everyday artists but professionals, also they make so good videos that some schools all over the world started using them in classes, for example, my biology teacher used the "immune system" videos to teach us about the immune system! and kurzgesagt if your reading this thank you for your top quality videos and for informing us about the world in a fun fact-based way

    Máté AbonyiMáté Abonyi10 dni temu
  • You are amazing!

    Desmond ZhangDesmond Zhang10 dni temu
  • wait so is the narrator the creator of kurzgesagt? Because he said it was a solo project at the start and he was the narrator in the first vid

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  • Kurz gesagt Geil

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  • For your information: based on the title it takes a bout a calendar week in 7 hour work days to make a video

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  • Keep up the good work birdos ;)

    Dumb Destroyer2Dumb Destroyer214 dni temu
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      Zoroa24Zoroa2415 dni temu
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    • Time. 1200+ of time.

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  • Algorithm

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