GAME RECAP: Raptors 121, Lakers 114

2 maj 2021
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Pascal Siakam (39 points, 13 rebounds) and Kyle Lowry (37 points, 11 assists, 8-13 3pt FGM) each tallied a season-high in points for the Raptors as they defeated the Lakers, 121-114. Kyle Lowry’s 8 3pt FGM matches a career-high. LeBron James tallied 19 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Raptors improve to 27-38 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 36-28.

  • This commentator sounds a lot like the DJ Khaled guy, but without the 8,000 weird, out-of-place hip-hop references. More of this, please.

    MMA30001MMA300014 dni temu
  • Siakam is DIFFERENT🔥

    Brian CloughBrian Clough5 dni temu
  • I've randomly placed a bet that Raptors will be the winners of NBA.

    Mi YaMi Ya5 dni temu
  • Ontem eu bebi muito é claro que o totonto ia ganhar

    Gui BarGui Bar6 dni temu
  • Suss Defence

    Miles BernadineMiles Bernadine6 dni temu
  • lakers a shit my Golden state Warriors and much better this NBA is already in the chat

    TER STEGEN 1TER STEGEN 16 dni temu
  • Its like the return of AD and LeBron actually hurt the lakers

    Cam AlexCam Alex6 dni temu
  • Lakers suck at the moment.

    phcaviphcavi6 dni temu
  • Those highlights are bullshit, who is editing these?

    Zeince XxXZeince XxX6 dni temu
  • 121

    hanletherman martinez peñahanletherman martinez peña6 dni temu
  • Lame.

    Haassan1Haassan16 dni temu
  • Oh! What is happening to the Lakers? More defeats than victories in these games.

    m xzm xz6 dni temu
  • Couch is experimenting..who Are the first line.up, 2nd unit 3 unit.. man...

    roseben Dazaroseben Daza6 dni temu
  • Montrezl Harrell with the block and the long STOP for flexin'. Be more like Kawhi please.

    wally1979wally19796 dni temu
  • Lakers are dog shit right now

    TiM2808TiM28086 dni temu
  • Why lal lose again because stupid morris stupid pope

    toprak dursuntoprak dursun6 dni temu

    butter dogbutter dog6 dni temu
  • @motionstation, can you please fix the timing of the narration? In many parts of the video, I'm watching plays that are happening and the narration is of the prior play - smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    davelabossdavelaboss6 dni temu
  • An alert for Lakers...they can be out of play off if keeping like this

    Yudho PeYudho Pe6 dni temu
  • Huge mistake not trading for Lowry. Also AD is not working with Drummond, Lakers are 1 and 5 since ADs' return. Lakers #7 seed ....

    Bill KaneBill Kane6 dni temu
  • If bron just played like a rabid bulldog instead of being a cool cat and throws tantrums everytime opposing teams score coz that lowers your teams morale. Just encourage them to play better and contest every shot.

    88MilesperHour88MilesperHour6 dni temu
  • Sun's, Blazers, Clippers, Nuggets and Knicks are next and trust me they are gonna win we'll fall to 11th and I want the media to stop hyping the Lakers because we are trash and that boy AD he is a shell of himself it's a joke

  • You are next

    Al HaAl Ha6 dni temu
  • Atleast LeBron is Back!

    Geg_helloGeg_hello6 dni temu
  • AD still playing like trash.. what is wrong with him?

    AzBeastAzBeast6 dni temu
  • Start losing Lakers

    Goat神Goat神6 dni temu
  • Lowry moving quick af!

    Youtube ChannelYoutube Channel6 dni temu
  • Although bron lakers still losr its so sad man

    Asımcan ÇalışkanAsımcan Çalışkan6 dni temu
  • Lebrun woke up and chose 🤡

    NBA EditsNBA Edits6 dni temu
  • I think they have a plan they try to get 6th spot to get Denver nuggets on the first round easy round no murray lol

    Toto MatabuenaToto Matabuena6 dni temu
    • Lol 😆

      Wole PetersWole Peters6 dni temu
  • What the fuck is going on with the Lakers shocking loss after loss

    Daniel KingDaniel King6 dni temu
  • Lakers should just join the G league at this point because Playoffs are not on the menu this year

    Andrew KovalskiAndrew Kovalski6 dni temu
    • What does that say about the other 8 teams below them in the conference?

      Conrad PirimonaConrad Pirimona6 dni temu
  • Wala na uti uti ng luma laglag ang lakers hndi na mkaka pasok sa play offs

    Adrianne AbiogAdrianne Abiog6 dni temu
  • Go Lakers Never Give Up

    Maksymilian DługoszMaksymilian Długosz6 dni temu
    • You can't give up if you didn't start to provide a decent effort

      Blender WikiBlender Wiki6 dni temu
  • The Lakers are so trash they can't defend their own shadow , and Vogel is a stupid coach who doesn't learn from mistakes .

    Yasser ItalyYasser Italy6 dni temu
  • 3 losses in a row now... Siakam and Lowry did very well though. Lakers need something to boost them again or things are gonna get real bad...

    Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer6 dni temu
  • lebron goat shouts una he's shiz

    7josephii77josephii76 dni temu
  • Dat jersey #4 on Lakers is my favourite..who else loves this hardworker🤧🥱

    Kopano MosweunyaneKopano Mosweunyane6 dni temu
  • I forgot for a moment these teams were the last two champions, haha.

    The Basketball HistorianThe Basketball Historian6 dni temu
  • No Gasol, no win

    perexime pereperexime pere6 dni temu
    • No Dudley no win

      Redzone BaguionRedzone Baguion6 dni temu
  • Lakers - Clippers - Nets lost 2 games in a row

    Asyam RaihanAsyam Raihan6 dni temu
    • @Wole Peters hahaha 6ers 1# seed Embiid MVP

      faliloufalilou6 dni temu
    • And gonna lose their next 5games with NUGGETS--CLIPPERS--PORTLAND--SUNS--KNICKS

      Wole PetersWole Peters6 dni temu
  • Today was a good day. I hope the lakers don’t even make the playoffs

    A AA A6 dni temu
    • @bruh white I just don’t like the fakers and bucks

      A AA A6 dni temu
    • @hakdog 😂

      A AA A6 dni temu
    • They wouldn't be making it***probably play playoffs conference cos they gonna lose their next 5games with NUGGETS--CLIPPERS--PORTLAND--SUNS--KNICKS

      Wole PetersWole Peters6 dni temu
    • Your a hater when any team lose like give it up

      bruh whitebruh white6 dni temu
    • I'm a lakers hater But damn lol

      hakdoghakdog6 dni temu
  • Lakers #7 seed .... at least is far behind can’t go down in the standings!

    Мартин БранковМартин Бранков6 dni temu
  • drown to the borderline of playoff...

    dedeededee6 dni temu
  • Offfff (again fail from Lakers)

  • Lebron puts his hands up every time raptors score like a little kid having a tantrum

    Jared CoulstonJared Coulston6 dni temu
    • 8is is not

      dorothy wanjirudorothy wanjiru6 dni temu
  • Lakers are so overrated

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith6 dni temu
    • @N you better hope so, otherwise it's a first round exit

      Lutz IsmailLutz Ismail6 dni temu
    • @roseben Daza yeah shit line up

      A AA A6 dni temu
    • Lebron pointguard Gasol shotinguard Davis small forward Montris power forward Dremund center Ewwwww..... Hahaha

      roseben Dazaroseben Daza6 dni temu
    • @Roman Reigns 💯

      A AA A6 dni temu
    • @N that ring doesn’t count

      A AA A6 dni temu
  • Seems the key player for the Lakers is Schroeder 🤔. Lowry had a field day 😳. And Davis is clearly disappointing 😢. How can you let Siakam score almost 40 on you 😱.

    Steve BlessonSteve Blesson6 dni temu
    • @Kopano Mosweunyane yeah I think so 😉

      Lutz IsmailLutz Ismail6 dni temu
    • @Lutz Ismail i guess😳😆

      Kopano MosweunyaneKopano Mosweunyane6 dni temu
    • @Kopano Mosweunyane ah you were talking about siakam who was MIP

      Lutz IsmailLutz Ismail6 dni temu
    • @Lutz Ismail no wait dats false😂💔

      Kopano MosweunyaneKopano Mosweunyane6 dni temu
    • @Kopano Mosweunyane who?

      Lutz IsmailLutz Ismail6 dni temu
  • It feels like 2017 all over again at the moment just loses

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams6 dni temu
    • @Conrad Pirimona no i meant because we are so inconsistent

      Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams6 dni temu
    • It’s a couple losses dawg, not the end of the season

      Conrad PirimonaConrad Pirimona6 dni temu
  • Sige talo pa more .malapit na kayo sa 7 seed hahhaha mga gao

    Artemio LopezArtemio Lopez6 dni temu
  • Raptors finally decide to wake up.

    Arnaud CariArnaud Cari6 dni temu
    • @butter dog I’m glad Toronto beat them

      A AA A6 dni temu
    • Lets go TORANTO

      butter dogbutter dog6 dni temu
    • It's only one game so don't start getting too excited

      Fack U MeanFack U Mean6 dni temu
    • 😂😂😂

      A AA A6 dni temu
  • Nice second quarter

    gabriele trivisanogabriele trivisano6 dni temu
  • WD40 for Lakers.

    DowntownЧворакDowntownЧворак6 dni temu
  • Bogok n laker lng set play mahina

    Benhur CabayaoBenhur Cabayao6 dni temu
  • I’m just disappointed in my team

    IBKIBK6 dni temu
    • @Omar Bradley the problem are not the stars but the effort that the supporting cast provide, they have very soft mindset no good for PO

      Blender WikiBlender Wiki6 dni temu
    • Hopefully we can turn it around. LA's 2 foremost guys are pretty much reintegrating themselves after their injuries. I pray we can turn it around.

      Omar BradleyOmar Bradley6 dni temu
    • You'll get over it

      Fack U MeanFack U Mean6 dni temu