The New Day on manifesting goals: Raw Talk, Oct. 12, 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)

12 paź 2020
96 416 wyświetleń

Raw Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods talk about their goals after being drafted to Raw.
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  • Charley Currusso is the hottest WWE reporter I would love to give her the business lol

    Andrew AtuaheneAndrew Atuahene5 dni temu
  • If I was a wrestler I would come after the 24/7 Championship

    Zack MorrisonZack Morrison6 dni temu
  • When somebody wins king of the ring, how long are they the king for?

    William NilsenWilliam Nilsen6 dni temu
  • I wanna see Truth as WWE Champion

    JczRenJczRen6 dni temu
  • When is king of the ring?

    Future_wwe WrestlerFuture_wwe Wrestler7 dni temu
  • So charli wants to be a champion? Will she lace up a pair of boots?

    MrgotvocalsMrgotvocals7 dni temu
  • I love the way Xavier holds the mic

    Papi ChuloPapi Chulo7 dni temu
  • Remember When they were tag team champions

    Kén kanek¡Kén kanek¡7 dni temu
  • OK I see how it is lets just leave MICKIE JAMES UN DRAFTED How rude

    Eli RiveraEli Rivera7 dni temu

    kyle TeMarokyle TeMaro7 dni temu
  • Hmmm King of the Ring is coming back? Hmmm

    Da ReasonDa Reason7 dni temu
  • Xavier Woods never wins any singles title but he is 10 time tag team champion

    M DM D7 dni temu
  • Who else agree if R-Truth join The New Day? I'm in! 😂❤️

    Zul Shahmi RuslanZul Shahmi Ruslan7 dni temu
  • So R-Truth is the new member of New Day I'm down with that

    Master MoJoMaster MoJo7 dni temu
  • Xavier woods debut and pin current champion drew mcintyre

    antuproxyantuproxy7 dni temu
  • This is exactly why I figured Big E. Langston was staying on Smackdown and drafting Kofi Kingston to RAW. Mustafa Ali's got a VERY big bone to pick with him.

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman8 dni temu
  • R truth 41 time 24/7 champion 👍he could become a 50 time champion ?

    Terryn AbrahamTerryn Abraham8 dni temu
  • look how Xavier holds a mic

    Aayush KishoreAayush Kishore8 dni temu
  • Lana?? Never

    Bryson SabunBryson Sabun8 dni temu
  • The New Day are amazing tag team and i like soo much they but they returns on Smackdown and win this is Titles but they draft to Mondey Night Raw this is not sanse but i can't wait to see The New Day on Raw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️New Day Rocks

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni8 dni temu
  • What the hell is going on with the comment section

    meme8 dni temu
  • kayla `confident asff, get it girllllll, "I will be one day''

    xRealPhantom UwUxRealPhantom UwU8 dni temu
  • King of the ring need create a title put that king of the ring title on Xavier Woods 👑

    Lamont KingLamont King8 dni temu
  • “Last goal in wrestling” Low but somewhat realistic goal for him. He won’t be WWE champion.

    Keanu PittKeanu Pitt8 dni temu
  • R truth, big e, kofi Kingston, xavier Woods, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford should be a stable

  • What about Andrade??? Where is he drafted too

    Oscar CabreraOscar Cabrera8 dni temu
  • Charly is beautiful woman...I like this talk show...❤🖤👍👍🤘🤘

    Marc OrtegaMarc Ortega8 dni temu
  • R-Truth is the man, The New Day is da bomb!

    Nick RomeroNick Romero8 dni temu
  • Charlie ain’t slick we know what you meant

    Tanaka ManeneTanaka Manene8 dni temu
  • 57kjj

    Marcelo BuenoMarcelo Bueno8 dni temu
  • R - Truth owns raw talk

    Gerardo Reyes2Gerardo Reyes28 dni temu
  • Xavier Woods really made me smile. There's nothing wrong with having goals. For a long time he said his goal was to make sure that Kofi got the big one. His goal was his best friends goal. Think about that. That speaks volumes of the guy! I want to see Xavier Woods win the King of the Ring. He truly deserves it

    Luis RiosLuis Rios8 dni temu
    • But don't forget that in WWE, to get the goal, one must grab the imaginary brass ring.

      Saúl Saavedra Jr.Saúl Saavedra Jr.8 dni temu
  • 9 time tag team champions

    Shawn D. DawkinsShawn D. Dawkins8 dni temu
  • So new day basicly vacated and then regained tag team titles, this makes them 10 time tag team champs.

    Doğukan TEKDoğukan TEK8 dni temu
  • Blessing and Success to those who are reading this and taking me to the journey of 1k before the end of this month Amen#

    elijoo Android Gameselijoo Android Games8 dni temu
  • 😻Charly is so beautiful 🔥

    Warren LondonWarren London8 dni temu
  • I wish Charlie would win the title even if it’s just for the night and Truth gets it back. Like Teri did the hardcore title

    The Evil QueenThe Evil Queen8 dni temu
  • E:You are about to receive retribution!Avaricious garbage excrement (Ronnie Aaron Killings)。😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    周嶝錦周嶝錦8 dni temu
  • Lol

    Kimberley GrayKimberley Gray8 dni temu
  • New Day rocks!

    Mike H.Mike H.8 dni temu
  • Xavier as King of the Ring..🤔... I'd be for it. And what of Kofi? What's his end goal? I mean, some might say wanting the WWE Championship would be the endgame, but, that has already happened. Poorly, I might add.

    Michael WalkerMichael Walker8 dni temu
  • Alex should have pinned him 😂

    Jaden WilsonJaden Wilson8 dni temu
  • Idk buuuutt Truth to replace Big E wouldnt make me upset. Id give it a try.

    Jaylen MillerJaylen Miller8 dni temu

    • The Golden Truth

      jonkbabyjonkbaby5 dni temu
    • Kofi kingston

      Kejuan McNeilKejuan McNeil8 dni temu
    • Goldust was his best tag team no doubt

      Luis RiosLuis Rios8 dni temu
    • Kofi

      Ant da BeastAnt da Beast8 dni temu
    • @Jacob Alley fr

      Tyrus GrantTyrus Grant8 dni temu
  • Do anyone remember woods and Kingston were r truth’s tag team partners

    • Yeah

      David FrancoDavid Franco8 dni temu
    • And Kofi and Truth won the tag team titles

      AvéLukasAvéLukas8 dni temu
  • Kofi and Truth 2012 reunion with new day

    Shyquez ThomasShyquez Thomas8 dni temu
  • Petition to put R-Truth as Big E’s Replacement in the New Day

    Dillon DeeganDillon Deegan8 dni temu
  • i cant believe r-truth is almost 50 he is 48

    Kyle Lowry's SonKyle Lowry's Son8 dni temu
  • I feel Lana does great in championship matches against Naomi was grate and the money in the bank match was grate Lana’s going to do grate

    0fficial Dev0fficial Dev8 dni temu
  • 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Elena DeWeeseElena DeWeese8 dni temu
  • We Need Da Kaaaang As KOTR ASAP 😤😤

    Tye RichmondTye Richmond8 dni temu
  • New embarrasing 😒😒

    uılǝɐpuılǝɐp8 dni temu
  • Can't lie, Woods vs Corbin in a 2020 king of the ring tournament finals sounds awesome. Especially if Woods goes over

    Key ParkerKey Parker8 dni temu
  • I swear Charly Beauty Never Fails she always looking attractive & beautiful every single week but yeah I wanna see her become the 24/7 champion one day but I rather see her become the Raw Woman Champion the longest reigning raw woman’s champion beat Bayleys championship record

    Kyle RegisterKyle Register8 dni temu
    • On the 24/7 championship the Raw Women’s championship or Both ?

      Kyle RegisterKyle Register8 dni temu
    • Agreed

      Lamont KingLamont King8 dni temu
    • AwesoME goal mayne! Good luck 👍🙂

      Luis RiosLuis Rios8 dni temu
  • It should be Xavier Woods vs Kofi for the final king of the ring match

    Devon TerryDevon Terry8 dni temu
  • R truth kofi and xavier the new new day 😂😂😂

    Rizza ShawRizza Shaw8 dni temu
  • If Woods wins King of the Ring one day, I bet his new name will be Da Kaaang Xavier (those who watch UUDD will get it)

    Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise8 dni temu
  • New members for the new day r truth

    Jackson WongJackson Wong8 dni temu
  • R-Truth needs to be fourth member of new day

    Shyquez ThomasShyquez Thomas8 dni temu
    • If BIG E wasn't on Smackdown

      Eddy PearsonEddy Pearson8 dni temu
  • Kofi for world champion in 2021. Xavier for world champion in 2021. Big E for world champion in 2021.

    The Toilet SoupThe Toilet Soup8 dni temu
  • Glad to see Xavier woods in a good mood after the split up..

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre8 dni temu
    • F

      Ant da BeastAnt da Beast8 dni temu
  • Xavier Woods wants to become King of the Ring so he can call himself Da Kaaaaaaaaaaang! If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about, watch the Uno series on UpUpDownDown.

    Dean GulstonDean Gulston8 dni temu

      Kain R HeinleinKain R Heinlein7 dni temu
    • Bro imagine the merch sales Daaaa Kaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnng would get

      Nyle RockersNyle Rockers7 dni temu
  • The new day could be as a big as bullet club on woods and Kofi can form team with r truth and street profits could form team with big e

    Fayaz AbdulFayaz Abdul8 dni temu
  • R truth new member??

    Adis NukicAdis Nukic8 dni temu
  • Koffi mania

    Adi MoAdi Mo8 dni temu
  • This awsome tree titles on table 24/7 champion rtruth and 7 time tag team champion new day wait the sexy reporter should pin rtruth for champion that we be new shocking champion

    Russ TemurRuss Temur8 dni temu
  • Subscribe me I Will subscribe you 🙏 plz if you subscribe me DM me @doni_aprinal or coment video I first back👍

    Doni Aprinaldi And friendDoni Aprinaldi And friend8 dni temu
  • Kargo kargo kargo

    Osman Dursun AkbuluOsman Dursun Akbulu8 dni temu
  • The fact that R-Truth forgot that he put in a good word that have Austin Creed and his sidekick I don't know if he acting or that's real life lol

    Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson8 dni temu
  • Street puffins could change the new day place and R-Truth can change Big E place

    JAETHYN BrannonJAETHYN Brannon8 dni temu
  • r truth should be in the new day or Titus should as well

    behzinga-TMbehzinga-TM8 dni temu
  • Ron should be the new member of the new day that would be awesome

    J CJ C8 dni temu
  • she believes lana is gonna beat asuka? what drugs she be taking?

    David TortillaTheGamecatDavid TortillaTheGamecat8 dni temu
  • گاهی وقتا نوب داگ زیاده

  • New Day raw Tag Team Champions

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns8 dni temu
  • Da kang for king of the ring

    Jalyn ClarkJalyn Clark8 dni temu
  • Lol they brought up the introduction lol

    Stephen GardnerStephen Gardner8 dni temu
  • Manifesting stuff is crazy. You waen stuff and work hard. Speaking stuff in to existence is crazy and for those who can't earn lol but Woods has obviously been working hard and earned being the king of the ring so it should happen

    Zeitgeistmusic997Zeitgeistmusic9978 dni temu
    • @Deathgrip Danny Jones it's wrong cause it's promoting 'not understanding'. To just be a passenger and not know 'why' specifically cause and effect happens. Many losers use that as an entry level to rewards they don't deserve and then they destroy any profession their end with mediocrity and mistakes because they're not blessed or they'll have the ability to level up understanding without getting overwhelmed and falling back to magic and fuzzy math

      Zeitgeistmusic997Zeitgeistmusic9978 dni temu
    • @Deathgrip Danny Jones yeah, that's a perspective from a broken life that can't cut the muster. Us real people earn and don't fall in to fantasy land. Case closed

      Zeitgeistmusic997Zeitgeistmusic9978 dni temu
    • You’d be surprised what you can manifest with your mouth. His blessing is coming.

      Deathgrip Danny JonesDeathgrip Danny Jones8 dni temu
  • I want to see King Woods be a reality

    King MarsKing Mars8 dni temu
    • He could do his *UpUpDownDown* voice lol

      XtraUnormalXtraUnormal8 dni temu
    • If he's the king he will play a kazoo.

      Al AlaAl Ala8 dni temu
    • would a king play his own trombone?

      Silent ObserverSilent Observer8 dni temu
    • Excuse you! It's Da Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!

      Dean GulstonDean Gulston8 dni temu
    • More medieval sounding.

      Al AlaAl Ala8 dni temu
  • Woods: host before, guest now.

    Jemar TalabanJemar Talaban8 dni temu

    6lockly _236lockly _238 dni temu

      6lockly _236lockly _238 dni temu
  • I love WWE is awesome nice

    Bro BhBro Bh8 dni temu
  • Fun Facts: R Truth and his former Tag-Team partners (R Truth and Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston and R Truth) has been reunited in this video

    Alif NajmiAlif Najmi8 dni temu
    • I remember

      DoseOfMauriceDoseOfMaurice8 dni temu
    • I remember when they were Rusev's first ppv opponents.

      Marcelo SaundersMarcelo Saunders8 dni temu
  • I wonder who's going to be the next permanent host of Talking Smack along with Kayla Braxton

    Alif NajmiAlif Najmi8 dni temu
    • Might be Sami Zayn

      Jesse VuJesse Vu8 dni temu
    • I hope it’s someone she actually wants to work with. It might be a work, but it seemed like she only enjoyed working with Woods.

      HS32153HS321538 dni temu
  • R-Truth forgot he brought xavier to the main roster 😂

    Christian VegaChristian Vega8 dni temu
    • dude r truth doesn't remember because his running away from chengers for his title that's why

      adam newmanadam newman7 dni temu
    • Either he has amnesia or his brain has become too young to remember.

      Saúl Saavedra Jr.Saúl Saavedra Jr.8 dni temu
  • The draft SUCKED

    Andrew ShoreAndrew Shore8 dni temu
  • Now Charlie has to attack Truth outta nowhere next week on RAW and pin him for the 24/7 championship lol

    Larry RichardsonLarry Richardson8 dni temu
  • Fun Facts for people that are saying that AEW will get 50 billion views in like a year 😅😅😅😅. According to SocialBlade Future Projections by October of 2025 AEW will have 23 million Subscribers and 8 billion views good for them👍 and WWE will have 421 million Subscribers and about 315 billion views. So AEW Fans I have two words for you......... SUCK IT😎

    Luis ValenzuelaLuis Valenzuela8 dni temu
  • I miss E

    Jamari JohnsonJamari Johnson8 dni temu
  • 🔥new day roccks

    Jamari JohnsonJamari Johnson8 dni temu
  • R truth joining to the new day confirmed

    sew$biidzosew$biidzo8 dni temu
  • So now that the new day are Raw tag team champion are they 8 time's tag champion now

    shadow Scorpioshadow Scorpio8 dni temu
    • @•Human Ya•Ohhhh so Michael Cole probably botched it because on Smackdown he said THE NEW DAY ARE 7 TIME CHAMPIONS

      shadow Scorpioshadow Scorpio8 dni temu
    • 10, 3 Raw, 7 Smackdown

      AvéLukasAvéLukas8 dni temu
    • 10*

      •Human Ya••Human Ya•8 dni temu
  • i want to see the new day vs keith lee ad matt riddle for the wwe raw tag team champion

    Johan FundoraJohan Fundora8 dni temu
  • It's the R-Day yes it is.

    팩트팩트8 dni temu
    • Truth day

      KenzoKenzo8 dni temu
  • Awesome WWE Raw Talk Tonight WWE!!🙌🙌😎🐐🙏🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage8 dni temu
  • RAW wwe

  • wait they upload around 1:00am

    tricker yeettricker yeet8 dni temu
    • Well Raw ends at 11

      CyrihCyrih8 dni temu
  • 590 th viewer

    willard ogambawillard ogamba8 dni temu
  • Bro I can watch this all night .. I swear !!

    Butler BrandButler Brand8 dni temu
  • R truth the new 3rd man

    Kirisaki HanaiKirisaki Hanai8 dni temu