Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated.

29 wrz 2020
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A special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
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This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.

Climate Change is just too much. There is never any good news. Only graphs that get more and more red and angry. Almost every year breaks some horrible record, from the harshest heat waves to the most rapid Glacier melt. It’s endless and relentless.
We have known for decades that rapid Climate Change is being caused by the release of Greenhouse Gases. But instead of reducing them, in 2019 the world was emitting 50% more CO2 than in the year 2000. And emissions are still rising. Why is that? Why is it so hard to just stop emitting these gases?
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    • but the governments simply not care, i hate it!

      Aditya jainAditya jain15 dni temu
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      Super BroSuper Bro18 dni temu
    • @riduan mansen manik what is this your chinese?

      aung ooaung oo18 dni temu
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      Eryca SilvaEryca Silva19 dni temu
    • will you help in a recent comment posted just a day ago saying climate change is a hoax and correct it?

      aung ooaung oo28 dni temu
  • Yay, Bill Gates!!! LOL

    GoPanamaGoPanama5 godzin temu
  • I kind of had an idea while you were talking about this with the carbon capture technology, would it be possible to create a variety of different sized filters to just slap on things like car exhausts, or factory smokestacks and stuff? (I apologize for my wording I'm not very big brain rn). But if we could make something that filtered out carbon and attached it to something that had a direct carbon output, could that work if the technology is even possible?

    Tatum EmmickTatum Emmick7 godzin temu
  • i don't think we're going to change before the disaster, we will fix the issue when the issue reach us, or at least we'll try, just like always and everyone

    Julieth EspinosaJulieth Espinosa9 godzin temu
  • I liked the part when the 3 ducks said more and I sang it.

    Desmond ZhangDesmond Zhang15 godzin temu
  • Sad to Think about it. but it is our future generation that Will suffer for our folly I can only imagine that theyll curse us for our own stupidity when do we still have a chance but choose to do little

    Volberg IcebergVolberg Iceberg19 godzin temu
  • What would be really cool would be if we could somehow take the CO2 from the air and turn that into energy so that we keep energy and also reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air

    Liam HLiam HDzień temu
  • Remember when everyone thought the earth was flat. One day, climate doomsday sayer will be equivalent to the flat-earthers of the past.

    Victor LVictor LDzień temu
  • words but not facts

    MatteMatte2 dni temu
  • how much co2 was used filming this video???

    Arjun the gamerArjun the gamer2 dni temu
  • Should we make electric planes? Nah let's just get everyone on trains again. Geniuses over here.

    Gizzo DadonGizzo Dadon2 dni temu
  • Lower birth rate is a bad idea because the population will disappear earlier with lower birth rate

  • so all we have to do is pull a china and restrict population as well as kill of some of the population just make geniticly modified animals that hun thumans and then get some of the population to areas where they areant and get the rest to the areas where they are (sorta like attack on titan but we cause it)

    Gunslung MiloGunslung Milo2 dni temu
    • @Yateen Raj exactly in china what they did was restrict the number of children you can have it was 3 boys, 1 girl if you had a girl you couldn't have any more children if you did they would be killed the max amount of children you could have was I think 4

      Gunslung MiloGunslung MiloDzień temu
    • They meant lowering birth rates

      Yateen RajYateen Raj2 dni temu
  • Climate Change is the Source of the Extinction of many animals and us so this needs to end Now!

    Alexander 2304Alexander 23042 dni temu
  • Imagine being dumb enough to think you can stop the climate changing

    Chris WChris W3 dni temu
  • It's amazing to me that so many people yell about climate change, but dont look at the root causes. Everyone yells at America to fix our problem. We are not the cause China, India and Russia togather pollute more than 20 America's combined. America has bent over backwards to combat climate change. Meanwhile China was accepting the world's trash to "recycle" it for payment from other countrys. Problem was they werent recycling anything. They were dumping it into the ocean. So how about we tackle the root issue and stop destroying America's econemy for no reason.

    Topsie CurretsTopsie Currets3 dni temu
    • America just has less emissions because we have less people they have another video which explains it better than me

      Yateen RajYateen Raj2 dni temu
    • Anyway, im in a conversation your in an arguement. @Topsie Currets "yah and our earth is 75% water. " thats not a response the anything that I said. AGAIN: Your claim that the USA is not a major emitter of CO2 is false. nOthing you said changes that. "Your looking at a slice of the pie. Im talking about the whole damn pie." No you dont. YOU ignore the second biggest piece of the pie. "Agian you think im defending America, no im not." No? I see no other reason why you would lie about this again and again. "Anyway, im in a conversation your in an arguement. " No you are in fantasy land

      DundorilDundoril3 dni temu
    • @Dundoril yah and our earth is 75% water. Dont you think Ocean acidification will contribute to that problem CO2 problem. Meanwhile the Chinese government is chopping down South America's rain forrest at an alarming rate. Dont you think that will effect the CO2 level? Your looking at a slice of the pie. Im talking about the whole damn pie. Agian you think im defending America, no im not. I care about the whole world. Anyway, im in a conversation your in an arguement. So theres no point chatting with you. Put your blindfold on and walk into the fire nieve stranger. Have a wonderful life.

      Topsie CurretsTopsie Currets3 dni temu
    • @Topsie Currets You said "about climate change, but dont look at the root causes. " The root cause of climate change are our CO2 emissions.

      DundorilDundoril3 dni temu
    • @Dundoril you can look up the deffinition of pollution if you like.

      Topsie CurretsTopsie Currets3 dni temu
  • 이걸 왜해야하농 ㅋㅋ

    이종목이종목3 dni temu
  • Yes because the rich are so greedy they will ruin us and then thats it

    Lisa SimpsonLisa Simpson4 dni temu
  • Just stop airlines and eating 🐄

    Lisa SimpsonLisa Simpson4 dni temu
  • Its brrrrr weather in may

    Lisa SimpsonLisa Simpson4 dni temu
  • Ohhh I Knnooooowww... MUST take Action NOW!!! It's always a "CRISIS!" Chicken little said... The Sky is Falling", repeat and Repeat! Like the "Hunger Crisis" this "Climate Crisis" will NEVER end. Wake up. Then why are people STILL Buying Ocean Front Property & Value is Skyrocketing?

    Adam WestAdam West4 dni temu
  • Top 10 N words, ok nvm I got tired just thinking about writing the comment

    Raymund P JablaRaymund P Jabla4 dni temu
  • Elon should invent some kind of giant filter to get rid of the emissions trapped in the atmosphere.

    Flesh VesselFlesh Vessel4 dni temu
    • He has started a prise of 200 million for whoever invents just what you said

      Malhar Acharya scienceMalhar Acharya science4 dni temu
    • Carbon capture tech?

      Malhar Acharya scienceMalhar Acharya science4 dni temu
  • 0:33 yay! we can finally grow more plants! hopefully we might get out of this ice age eventually.

    micah hugomicah hugo4 dni temu
  • we still have time but its ticking fast !

    HOURS GameplayHOURS Gameplay5 dni temu
  • Welp, time to build a spacestation and move all our production out into space.

    InfireusInfireus5 dni temu
  • You do not know the potential and the wonderful legacy that you are leaving to future generations, my 7 year old nephew, has learned more with you, watching your videos, than, in any number of days at school, thank you very much

    Osmar OjedaOsmar Ojeda5 dni temu
  • Bruh im scared :(

    Arcoon GhostArcoon Ghost5 dni temu
  • Say it with me now: *We've discovered the great filter.*

    Charles HampsonCharles Hampson5 dni temu
    • We've discovered the great filter.

      Malhar Acharya scienceMalhar Acharya science4 dni temu
  • I mean the climate has been constantly changing for millions of years, CO2 is bad for us but it’s fine for the planet

    kye tilleykye tilley5 dni temu
    • bad for life

      Yateen RajYateen Raj2 dni temu
    • @Hugo Neale ok but that still isn’t bad for the planet it’s just bad for us

      kye tilleykye tilley2 dni temu
    • CO2 is just the kickstarter at causing a total ecological collapse.

      Hugo NealeHugo Neale2 dni temu
  • Qui est de la 5ème5 ?

    CalroCalro5 dni temu
  • It's because of developing countrys. They dont have the tech or infrastructure too lessen ghg andChina, because they dont care we litterly send them our recycling and they just through it into the ocean Europe and the us is Scully one of the cleanest countrys ,

    SeagullSeagull5 dni temu
    • Watch the video where they disscus whose responsible

      Yateen RajYateen Raj2 dni temu
    • What? The developed world has MUCH higher CO2 emissions per capita than anyone else in the world so i am not really sure what you are talking about.

      Bluesbr0therBluesbr0ther5 dni temu
  • Basically the world is the average teen, always procrastinates

    EDaBeastEDaBeast5 dni temu
  • Reject modernity Embrace monke

    DeleuzeDeleuze5 dni temu
  • Being doubtful over fortune tellers that predict the end of the world is a completly same thing to do. No one has the credentials to claim to 'know the future' scientist, meteorologists, cant even predict tomorrow's weather reliably. BuT thE EarTh iS GeTtiNg HotTeR! When is the beach going to come to me? In third grade, 30+ years ago they said this balogna to me. The beach hasn't budged, the oceans never rose. We were all going to die from the ozone holes too. And we were going to run out of fossil fuels by 2010. All those things make me think that today's scientist are still just guessing and really dont know what tomorrow will bring.

    John RymszewiczJohn Rymszewicz6 dni temu
    • John I think you fail to tell the difference between Science and Fiction/ doomsday predictions. Climate change isn't exactly a doomsday but would make the global environment much more hostile to us as well as many other species. While yes the Earth's Climate has changed in the past what's occuring now it a direct correlation to CO2 emissions. The issue is that if enough CO2/ Greenhouse gases were able to raise the Earth' Temperature enough it could throw the Global Water cycle out of wack, that's what Scientists are worried of. Lastly ozone holes aren't realted to climate change, they were weaker region of C3 caused by aerosols, thanks to the government actually taking it seriously they were able to regulate and reduce the amount of Aerosols in Spray cans whcih helped allow natrual processes tor replace the lost C3. If the ozone layer were to weaken too much UV radiation hitting the surface would infact increase, which is a concern. Hence why many governments and companies took it very seriously. And another think I havn't seen any and I mean any Scientific paper saying that we would run out of Fossil fules in 2010, maybe some stupid blogs might have posted some stupid catchy headlines but as of me writting this scientists predict we might run out of known reserves in 2060s.

      Hugo NealeHugo Neale2 dni temu
  • Thank you so much for an incredible source, in fact so incredible that it was mandatory to include this in my climate change project.

    KingPa AravindanKingPa Aravindan6 dni temu
  • Solution? Maybe nuclear war?

    Beefy BeingsBeefy Beings6 dni temu
  • USA, china should stop carbon emissions

    HacksHacks6 dni temu
  • 1:32 Part Korean subtitle modification request It's not a billion people, it's 11 billion people. (10억 명) = ( 1 billion people ) (110억 명) = ( 11 billion people )

    Hansel 90Hansel 906 dni temu
  • Leonardo Di craprio: “STOP CLIMATE CHANGE” Also Leonardo DiCaprio: (owns 8 yachts and 5 ferraris and lambos)

    aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K6 dni temu
    • @Chloé Chesneau That’s facts !

      aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K5 dni temu
    • And all these emit less than the planes travel he does

      Chloé ChesneauChloé Chesneau5 dni temu
  • Obama invested in two beach front properties literally feet from the shoreline. Money talks and I think WE GOOD BRUH

    aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K6 dni temu
    • @aimASSIST2K I tried what? There was a political argument and I stayed neutral, trying to see who was being an arse. The reason I stayed neutral to your argument, you doddering codger is because I'm foreign. I'm not American like you.

      Patrick BrinkworthPatrick Brinkworth5 dni temu
    • @Patrick Brinkworth Nah, you tried. Thank you come again 😂...

      aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K5 dni temu
    • @aimASSIST2K I never pointed out what side I was arguing for. A deliberate grammatical error to see who is polite and impolite would we known by many as a master stroke. You alienated someone who was neutral, being both aggressive and rude. Your response was neither witty or intelligent, more like a pigeon strutting around on a chessboard.

      Patrick BrinkworthPatrick Brinkworth5 dni temu
    • @Patrick Brinkworth Talking? 😂 Educated people would know that what you just did is called “commenting” REAL EDUCATED dumb dumb

      aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K6 dni temu
    • @Kloko Loko 🐑

      aimASSIST2KaimASSIST2K6 dni temu
  • and stop eating meat and fish!

    ArthurRoelofsArthurRoelofs7 dni temu
  • The intro: 🌟🙂🐒😁 The actual content: 😞😢😧😩

    TheYoshiMasterTheYoshiMaster7 dni temu
  • At 8:11 the cat in the rug is showing the middle fingers.

    sophia joulanisophia joulani7 dni temu
  • Literally just use nuclear power already. Its a technology that can produce all the energy we need anywhere anytime with next to no carbon emissions. Convert as many machines to electric to run off the grid as possible. Thats about 80% of emissions cut right there. At the very least that ought to buy us another century. Its really that simple.

    Connor O'BrienConnor O'Brien7 dni temu
    • @Connor O'Brien Yes they have managed to extract 5 grams of Uranium from a sea water experiment. But there is a long way from 5 gram to a commercial production , a nuclear reactor uses around 27 tons per year. That is 27.000.000 grams per year per nuclear reactor. . And i did actually say ''in deposits large enough to extract'' in my previous post. I am well aware that our oceans have massive quantities and it is possible that we eventually find a way to extract it for commercial use but we don't have that technology yet.

      Bluesbr0therBluesbr0ther5 dni temu
    • @Bluesbr0ther i don't know where you pulled those numbers out of because you can literally extract nuclear fuel from seawater and if its the core of our energy economy every gram will count. Theres enough nuclear fuel on earth to meet our current total energy demand for 1000 years. Ought to crack fusion by then.

      Connor O'BrienConnor O'Brien5 dni temu
    • That depends on what kind of improvements we get for nuclear power. It is estimated that we have around 200-250 years worth of Uranium in deposits large enough to extract. But that number is based on our current consumption rate where 10% of our current energy is from nuclear. So if we wanted 80% of our energy to come from nuclear then we would run out of Uranium in about 30 years.

      Bluesbr0therBluesbr0ther7 dni temu
  • Yes, I heard from the climate scientists that it isn't too late. That if we can achieve Carbon Neutral in the next 6 years and start reducing CO2 emission from there, we may save the Earth from turning into a "red planet" like Mars. So there is still hope. But we must act NOW! If we still have not obtained Carbon neutral state within that 6 years period, then we would have passed the point of no return, and the Earth will get hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and there is no way to reverse it. That's the science. So we've got act NOW!!! .... the only problem is.... it was the year 1994 when I heard this. 27 years ago! lol

    Viper ZeroViper Zero7 dni temu
  • It's never too late to do the right thing

    Thanh NguyenThanh Nguyen7 dni temu
    • @AMAZINGkaboom one point, there are multiple "points of no return". They each mean different things, like, small temp increases to earth inhospilitality.

      Patrick BrinkworthPatrick Brinkworth6 dni temu
    • No? We could've already passed the point of no return...

      AMAZINGkaboomAMAZINGkaboom7 dni temu
  • We are truly fucked

    Bladerunner91Bladerunner918 dni temu
  • I'd like a Japanese translation.

    上上下下左右左右早漏上上下下左右左右早漏8 dni temu

    a2ba2b8 dni temu
  • Why can't we just plant more trees so that moderate growth can be there n after some time when we will find the best alternatives n our earth will also be in a good condition

    BhriguRaj Sharma 1856BhriguRaj Sharma 18568 dni temu
    • @BhriguRaj Sharma 1856 I still don't think you can get all 7 billion people to plant 2 trees every day. For example, me I'm a lazy person, I honestly don't think you can convince people like me to plant trees. And even if everyone in this hypothetical setting agrees to you, how will you get your message across? The majority of the world doesn't even have access to the Internet, we're just extremely priveleged.

      AMAZINGkaboomAMAZINGkaboom6 dni temu
    • @AMAZINGkaboom I'm not saying that full time job for trees planting, if a person can plant only 2 trees on b-day then instead of partying then ... There can be a change in years, it is us that can bring the change

      BhriguRaj Sharma 1856BhriguRaj Sharma 18566 dni temu
    • You think it's that easy to just plant trees? Team trees did virtually nothing compared to the 3 trillion trees existent on our planet. Let's see if you can find people who actually want to plant trees as a full time job.

      AMAZINGkaboomAMAZINGkaboom7 dni temu
  • There you have it! It’s not too late! 9:03

    Mr BrownMr Brown8 dni temu
  • Hi from the UK 🇬🇧 😊 Absolutely loving the videos guys 👏 May I suggest an explanation of what the world would look like without the dependence on fossil fuels for energy? For example, if the world was forced to switch to renewable energy sources by the political powers of the world in response to climate change, or if we have depleted our fossil fuel reserves? After all, this future is inevitable. Although a potentially morbid subject, I personally believe such an explanation will dramatically help convince the world to take action in regards to global warming. I for one will be sharing it far and wide, as I have done with so many of your fantastically structured videos. Love y'all 💓 💕

    James MarshallJames Marshall9 dni temu
  • That's why i can say biking for life🙂

    hype firehype fire9 dni temu
  • Good luck finding the break in marke for green products, no one is going to pay 10x more for a product or service just to save on c02, maybe Billy block out the sun Gates could burn through his stock pile of cash for the greater good to flatten the curve. Hes always pushing sacrifices on the little guy, maybe he can lead the way for once.

    Hate Speaker Sargon Of akkadHate Speaker Sargon Of akkad9 dni temu
  • The answer to this is yes. It is to late, no matter what we do now the pendulum has swung and we will either keep rising in temperature or rise to the point where it swings us back down into an ice age. It is just a matter of time at this point.

    Curtis OsbornCurtis Osborn9 dni temu
  • 7:20 Duolingo

    LaTortuLaTortu9 dni temu
  • I presented this is my school lol

    DespacitoDespacito10 dni temu
  • Love these videos but any conversation about climate change that doesn't address capitalism is doing so blindfolded. The profit incentive is the dominant reason for "growth," especially in developed countries. We need a new paradigm for progress if we don't want society to de-stabilize.

    Anthony ScomaAnthony Scoma10 dni temu
    • No joke, the initial reason I questioned our economic system was that I couldn't reconcile climate change with our global inaction. I agree with you, I think that there is no way out of this global consumerist prisonner's dilemna without radical change. But I think that our societies will collapse into autocracy long before we abandon or reform (ha) capitalism. As climate, economic and social challenges keep rising during the next decades, we will further deprioritize climate action, as we are swamped in ressource wars, refugee crisis, bolstered fascist movements and so on.

      DédaleDédale9 dni temu
  • solution: kill all of humanity

    pimpslap13pimpslap1310 dni temu
  • so the answer is yesn't

    DookuDooku10 dni temu
  • maybe covid was an experiment to reduce emissions?

    Alex AlfonsAlex Alfons10 dni temu
  • Ngl fossil fuel companies have their fingers up congressmen’s buttholes. Are we doomed as a species? Probably. People are too busy blaming each other on who makes more emissions. We ain’t getting shit done and we’re all doomed 👍

    VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
  • We just have to ddo the same thing as China did. ,,Only one child."

    Eliz GraystarEliz Graystar10 dni temu
  • We have to do something thouhg. This is about much more than just money. Generation Z has to make it work.

    Eliz GraystarEliz Graystar10 dni temu
    • @Vegetable yes but remember your parents are old too so you should treat them like people.

      ima Jeniusima Jenius8 dni temu
    • While population is certainly a lever in the climate change machinery, focusing on it exclusively (while ignoring the systemic problems with the way we produce, consume and more generally focus on growth) is a dangerous path (ever heard of eco-fascism?).

      DédaleDédale9 dni temu
    • @ima Jenius define racist.

      VegetableVegetable9 dni temu
    • @Vegetable thats still not a good reason to be racist to them.

      ima Jeniusima Jenius9 dni temu
    • @ima Jenius racist isn’t the right word. It’s just that young people are generally more accepting towards change, and much more supportive of stopping climate change.

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
  • most scientists on earth know the world will end less than 2 years from now and Greta proved it when she told the world leaders. But they will not listen to her so the world deserves to be destroyed when they cannot obey the science.

    ima Jeniusima Jenius10 dni temu
    • @ima Jenius You're being an absolute moron. Instead of repeating the same rubbish could you send me a link to the scientific peer reviews paper claiming that in two years the Earth is over. Also there is a huge difference between Universe and Earth, pick one!!

      Hugo NealeHugo NealeDzień temu
    • @Hugo Neale just because you hate it does not mean it wont happen!!!! open your eyes and do the science like Greta and all the scientist have done!!!! the fact is the old people destroyed the universe and we have 2 years at most to go moving forward!!!! its that simple !!!!!

      ima Jeniusima JeniusDzień temu
    • @ima Jenius I hate how people simplify complex topics such as THe world will end to one person saying one speech. The World won't ned in one dramatic event. Scientists already know and have known that the affects of global warming and climate change take time and happen over a long period of time. I'm not saying it won't be hard and that many people will die as a result, but what I am saying is that it won't happen in the space of 2 years. It's literally impossible. Events such as Cyclones will grow as a result of more sea evaporation but they won't wipe out all of humanity in 2 years. Global warming affects take time!!!! no 2 years.

      Hugo NealeHugo NealeDzień temu
    • @Hugo Neale every one knows the world wil end!!!!!!! Greta showed all the scientists and they basically agree with her!

      ima Jeniusima JeniusDzień temu
    • @ima Jenius that's quite the stereotyping. While there is science to suggest memory and cognitive loss as someone ages they are still able to rewrite and form new thought patterns. Dont just give up on old people just because the ones you've spoken to or seen were anti global warming.

      Hugo NealeHugo NealeDzień temu
  • Good!!!!

    아기백호아기백호10 dni temu
  • The crators of the video understand that most people are ignorant of science hence this garbage of logic. So sad...

    Nenad CicmilNenad Cicmil10 dni temu
  • The average commenter will complain about what governments and companies are (or aren't) doing, then hop on Amazon and order some crap made in countries with the worst environmental controls.

    Contents DifferContents Differ10 dni temu
    • There's a saying, "no ethical consumption under capitalism." That means, as long as big corps like Amazon outsource to poor countries for cheap ass labor, there will never be a convenient and affordable way to buy things that you need without exploitation. Its POSSIBLE to avoid in lots of places, but that means buying $20 chocolate bars every time you want a snack to avoid funding slavery and giving up most of the produce you eat to avoid participating in the exploitation of people and land in poor countries. I'm sure you don't want to give up bananas or computer parts or foreign cars or spend $20 on a single bar every time you want chocolate, so its the responsibility of the people to start holding these big corporations accountable for what they do if we want to continue to have the luxuries we have without the awful guilt of supporting the horrors they commit

      Starz ToonsStarz Toons4 dni temu
  • So... yes, basically.

    miletechmiletech11 dni temu
  • Good news! The Earth's Axis has shifted from the past 30 years by climate change!

    Johann OrozcoJohann Orozco11 dni temu
    • ???????????????????????

      Hugo NealeHugo Neale2 dni temu
  • So you guys think like Bill Gates, population control. Well, you are pro vaccines .... Sell outs

    Dodo MDodo M11 dni temu
    • @Dodo M no one is controlling the population directly. As countries develop, they experience a growth in population that stagnates once they fully develop. Hell, some developed countries are losing their population due to low birth rates. With proper management of our resources we won’t descend into chaos, making direct population control redundant. It’s a phenomenon called the demographic shift I’m pretty sure. It’s fascinating and it puts fear of overpopulation to rest.

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Vegetable That alone, no.

      Dodo MDodo M10 dni temu
    • @Dodo M is offering contraceptives to developing countries bad?

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Molasses The principle is good, todays products are something else

      Dodo MDodo M11 dni temu
    • What's wrong with vaccines?

      MolassesMolasses11 dni temu
  • You can’t change Nature it’s existed long before humanity and will continue to cause Chaos.

    William BetfordWilliam Betford12 dni temu
    • @William Betford the climate has changed long before humans, sure. However, that change was incredibly gradual. The change we are imposing in a 100 years would take like 1000 or more naturally. Organisms have time to adapt to gradual climate change. Whenever a rapid shift in the climate would happen in the past, it was always some awful natural disaster, like a series of volcanic eruptions causing a volcanic winter. That kind of event would kill off droves of species. We are causing rapid heating of the planet, and it’s effects are already showing.

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Vegetable It’s been here long before Humans and it’s worse on Mars.

      William BetfordWilliam Betford10 dni temu
    • @William Betford if we reduce co2 emissions to net zero (which is very difficult but not impossible) the climate will gradually repair itself. Humans are responsible for rapid climate change, no doubt about it.

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @bikuch Then go ahead and get rid of Climate Change go ahead and change the weather since you think it’s so easy.

      William BetfordWilliam Betford10 dni temu
    • @William Betford - deforestation - agriculture - ocean pollution - animal hunting -etc.

      bikuchbikuch10 dni temu
  • A better way to fix climate change is to nuke everything on earth

    Lily the cat Chickenzilla50Lily the cat Chickenzilla5012 dni temu
  • I’m a programmer in the U.S. 😅

    Elder Dragon ArchonElder Dragon Archon12 dni temu
  • Once technology (robots+AI) and huge monopoly companies replace a big part of actual workforce and universal income apply, it can be based on emissions. The value of money might be related to how much we contaminate. Just one more stupid idea in a PLworld video comment section :)

    Nicolas MangoNicolas Mango12 dni temu
  • 7:21 sup pirhana plant

    Shubh MathurShubh Mathur12 dni temu
  • I knew humans would cause there own extinction along whit the planet

    Sarah the thanatorSarah the thanator12 dni temu
  • Just do irl hunger games. put 1 million people in an arena and fight them to death and winner wins 10 billion dollars you know.

    lightningamer38lightningamer3812 dni temu
  • 2013 was supposed to be the tipping point according to many experts. it's too late now. so, i don't care.

    kevin dicksonkevin dickson12 dni temu
  • I really love this video and the information but there are consequences to some of the solutions proposed if we enforce use of solar panels on housing and demand high energy efficiency the cost of housing will go up dramatically which is partly the reason why housing is so unbearably expensive in california. Also the thing is the cost of these policies will have to be taken up by middle or lower middle income households. As someone with a fair amount of privilege I feel like I cant in good conscience take away most peoples cars and houses the biggest problem in climate change is technological and economical it's easy for a well off Individual to demand better and blame companies while middle class get screwed over

    muhammad waqasmuhammad waqas14 dni temu
    • Government subsidies towards green technology would help lift that burden. Unfortunately, those subsidies are going towards fossil fuels

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
  • im sure they did, but did they account the co2 emissions just from breathing?

    thepizzacar pizzathepizzacar pizza14 dni temu
    • No because those are CO2 neutral. The CO2 emited from breathing has been absorbed by plants just a few weeks or months earlier

      DundorilDundoril12 dni temu
    • This is very negligible

      benderRendeerbenderRendeer13 dni temu
  • This is very powerful

    Decent SasquatchDecent Sasquatch14 dni temu
  • i love all your birds

    RoyalLuttuce285RoyalLuttuce28514 dni temu
  • 1 - economic growth is only possible because of the growing quantity of machines at work 2- most machines can't work without oil or coal right now 3- all states and especially democracies are relatively stable because of their promise of economic growth 4- regarding History, most states facing massive food, water, or/and energy shortage falled into chaos, civil war.. 5- real peak oil was in 2008.. 6- there will be food shortage everywhere "just" with 3 d celsius more 7 - 5 d celsius represents the difference of temperature and climate between the siberian like climate in europe (with a sheet of 3 km of ice above scandinavia and no channel with the actual uk) 20 000 years ago and todays europe.. 8 - most politicians and news medias talking about "green growth" are talking nonsense ; there can't be such thing like "green growth" (see1 to3..) solar and wind energy can't replace all the energy we need for all our machines and anyway there would be not enough metal on earth to make the turbines panels or batteries needed for all the industrial demand; they are doable at a reasonable price because of the coal run chinese industry..

    drawing labdrawing lab14 dni temu
  • ... Nevertheless Our propensity to not give a damn about this stuff remain the same😓

    Aditya JaiswalAditya Jaiswal14 dni temu
  • Population yes, but only in developed nations. Those others emit very little CO2. This also means actually reducing population, not adopting kids from 3rd world to create as much CO2 as we each do. Harsh Realm now will be lullabies for kids of the future as it's going to get very nasty indeed.

    Sandra In The SkySandra In The Sky14 dni temu
  • I say keep this up. I like it being warmer

    Hunter WarnerHunter Warner15 dni temu
    • Its more than just the planet being warmer. It means mass extinctions of your favorite animals, the reduction or eradication of your favorite island vacation spots, the destruction of your home and the deaths of your loved ones in the more frequent and devastating natural disasters, the horrific cold in the winter due more intense seasonal weather, et cetera

      Starz ToonsStarz Toons4 dni temu
    • @TheGrizzlyClub those would be razed to clear land for the people shoved inland.

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Vegetable and the North covered with miles and miles of forests

      TheGrizzlyClubTheGrizzlyClub10 dni temu
    • @TheGrizzlyClub exactly. Then food and land struggles would erupt. Absolute hell

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Vegetable and the central part of the state is mostly farmland.

      TheGrizzlyClubTheGrizzlyClub10 dni temu
  • Something tells me we better make a plan B: escape from Earth before it becomes unlivable. No one is willingly going to sacrifice their modern way of life except through force, and such force would probably produce more destruction than climate change.

    BACHOMPBACHOMP15 dni temu
    • @Lake McBride I appreciate your optimism. If anything a reduction in emissions is due to decreased activity during the pandemic, most likely temporary and will reverse as global activity regains momentum. From what I've observed, most people are too ignorant or naive to even think about changing their behaviors, let alone do so to a significant degree, and most governments seem either ineffective and/or corrupt, or in best case scenarios bureaucratic enough to stifle progress. Either the problem is imminent and life threatening and we need to change NOW!!! Or it is not and we won't disrupt our way of life. On a long enough timescale, The Earth will almost certainly become inhospitable, although granted that is a much longer timeline that poses any immediate Human risk I agree solar systems are not expanding. What I meant was that our expansion into them will continue to grow. There are plenty of industrialization opportunities to explore on Mars, or the moons of Jupiter/Saturn, as well as the asteroid belt, all of which we can exploit without directly altering Earth's climate.

      BACHOMPBACHOMP10 dni temu
    • @BACHOMP It's not too little too late, we're cutting down on emissions already, and we're innovating on clean tech right now. The Earth will not become inhospitable because of climate change, and in the end, we're just speeding up the recession from an ice age, and the Earth will recover from it soon, especially if we regulate and innovate. The real danger is not human extinction, but human suffering and the loss of other species. Also, solar systems are not expanding.

      Lake McBrideLake McBride10 dni temu
    • @Lake McBride Like I said, it's plan B, because people will not change enough required to fix global climate change. Run away greenhouse gas is an extinction level event, the people left behind are not likely to survive. As for the survivability in space, as well as procreation, well that's why we have to work on it. I'm all for Plan A: regulation and technological progress, but something tells me it's too little too late, so we should probably also consider alternative options. Personally, I'd rather Human+ technologies advance to the point where we are cybernetically modified enough that we can survive in almost any environment, including space, making the whole issue a moot point. At any rate, expansion into our solar system, and eventually the galaxy, is inevitable, assuming we can survive that long. It's definitely a ways off, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be working on it.

      BACHOMPBACHOMP10 dni temu
    • That literally doesn't fix anything. If you're just leaving a bunch of people on earth to continue furthering climate change, what good is a bunch of people in a spaceship going to do. This of course is brushing over the fact that only a few hundred people have ever flown in space, with 4-8 people in the same vessel at the same time. It's really just not possible, and not a good option when it would just be so much easier to just regulate and enforce climate laws, and innovating on things like clean concrete than it would be to have to come up with the tech to send a bunch of people into orbit. This is also brushing over the fact that it might not even be possible to procreate in 0g, and even if you can, the babies would come out horribly deformed and not at all suited to live on Earth again.

      Lake McBrideLake McBride10 dni temu
    • @Lake McBride There wouldn't be nearly all people on a spaceship. Only a tiny fraction of the most essential Humans, and enough genetic material to maintain a diverse breeding regimen. Everyone else would be left to try and survive in whatever dystopian wasteland the "not being able to regulate their citizens and industry" caused. More of a last ditch effort to save Humanity because our collective actions temporarily rendered our own home world unlivable.

      BACHOMPBACHOMP11 dni temu
  • Fact - Humans will destroy the world before the God comes to end it

    Random guy with a red hatRandom guy with a red hat15 dni temu
  • "is it too late to stop climate change ?" well, idk, is fire hot ? Why is Kurzgesagt always optimistic ? cant they accept that we, has a species, are the worst creature that ever existed on this planet and that the sooner we disappear, the better ? Why do they keep bringing up this illusion that we'll tech our way out of all of this ? They are constantly saying "we can make this, we can make that", but have we done a single thing they said ? and the answer is a crystal clear : no. We're doomed and will see the collapse during our lifetime.

    Ger- BokGer- Bok15 dni temu
    • @BrimStone even if we didn’t move on to fusion reactors there is still research into thorium fission reactors which are way better than uranium

      VegetableVegetable10 dni temu
    • @Ger- Bok no fusion reactors would make A LOT more energy than the most efficient power plant that exists right now. More energy means more money. I dont see why they wouldn't jump at the opportunity for more money. After all big companies only want more profit

      BrimStoneBrimStone13 dni temu
    • @BrimStone even if we did so, big corpos would do anything in their powers to keep the fossil fuels as powerful as possible. and again, thinking that anything will be achieved with some techs is being way too optimistic.

      Ger- BokGer- Bok13 dni temu
    • @Ger- Bok first testing have already begun. There are already fusion reactors. Search up ITER. Currently it requires more energy to fuse 2 hydrogen atoms than it releases when it makes a helium atom

      BrimStoneBrimStone13 dni temu
    • @Ger- Bok no one can predict the future. Someone can make a break through in the next couple of years or months and we can have our first fusion reactors by then

      BrimStoneBrimStone13 dni temu
  • Kurzgesagat:Stop Climate Change Tier Zoo: Octopus and Jellyfish buffs :)

    Love - Kijsaran BoonmanantLove - Kijsaran Boonmanant15 dni temu
  • It started snowing in April (as of today)

    SidSid15 dni temu
  • I wana know about the black dwarf

    Fadi TopiFadi Topi15 dni temu
  • As someone under the age of 18 this is pretty scary because kids my age including myself will have to live in a world with tons of plastic and carbon pollution and we are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of the ill-minded actions and unintelligent industrialization of the previous generations. I wish I could do more than my family eating less meat or us using or buying less plastic but in my opinion if the more powerful people in our society don't step up then we have a doomed future.

    MrGodzillaMrGodzilla15 dni temu
  • This is what happens when you submit close to 11:59...

    Daniel J. D'ArbyDaniel J. D'Arby16 dni temu
  • Ya got lies,damn lies,and statistics.

    Gary BobstGary Bobst16 dni temu
    • ???????????

      Hugo NealeHugo Neale2 dni temu
    • Can you prove it or else it’s a hoax?

      Seikh SawanSeikh Sawan15 dni temu
  • We got global freezing over here lol

    Curious BeeCurious Bee16 dni temu
  • Bassiclly we are too late

    Daniël OppedijkDaniël Oppedijk16 dni temu
    • Nope

      Kloko LokoKloko Loko15 dni temu
  • we cant just sit here and see the graphs we need to do something

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