Zara Larsson - WOW (Remix - Official Music Video) ft. Sabrina Carpenter

7 paź 2020
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Video Director: Emil Nava
Video Producer: Kirsten Arongino
Production Company: Ammolite
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baby I’m not even in a gown
I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
the way u want me makes me want u now
and the only thing u have to say is wow
and i feel this way
with no chemicals
In my system babe its incredible
when ur touching me
ya that says it all
you said it all yeah
baby I’m not even in a gown
I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
the way u want me makes me want u now
and the only thing u have to say is wow
make your jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop
make u say oh my god my drop drop
make your jaw drop make u say oh my god
and you never felt this type of emotion
In a crowded place
Can you just imagine
its unparalleled
The way it all just happened
if u can’t have me
u don’t want no one
u don’t want no one
I got all my friends
asking what its like
to be loved like this
to be recognized
behind the scenes
made me vulnerable
You make me so vulnerable
baby I’m not even in a gown
I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
the way u want me makes me want u now
and the only thing u have to say is wow
make your jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop
make u say oh my god my drop drop
make your jaw drop make u say oh my god
and you never felt this type of emotion
(C) 2020 Record Company TEN, under exclusive rights to Epic Records US/Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB
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