Exploring a MASSIVE Retro Computer Warehouse!

12 lip 2019
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No joke, this place is truly mind-blowing! Taking a tour of Computer Reset in Dallas, Texas. It's a closed down vintage computer shop that's been largely abandoned and has stayed relatively untouched for years. Enjoy the mountains of computer hardware and software.
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  • Here's the group for Computer Reset updates and volunteer work: facebook.com/groups/627459117730981/ And here's an update video on the status of the place as of July 2020! plworld.info/show/fqBujNOcqpyseZM/wideo.html

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    • @Multiple Object Selector the place is semiabandoned and the people who clear it out are doing a service to the family who is incapable of managing it anymore. They should be able to make a profit for their effort. If you just relied on nonprofit driven nerds willing to personally fly over and add to their collections it would take forever to get rid of. Of course it would be better if they charge a more reasonable price for it or better yet if someone could organize and catalog everything and put it on sale formally for everyone.

      Archie AmesArchie AmesMiesiąc temu
    • Great work Clint. Thanks for documenting this place!

      Gaming NewsGaming NewsMiesiąc temu
    • Being a computer geek going back to the early 80's, I would've loved to have picked up another Tandy 1000 EX or SX, maybe a 486 or Pentium to put my BBS on, but really... all of that old hardware is nostalgic, but impractical for a guy who lives in an apartment. Speaking of which, I have a couple Tandy Color Computers and a couple Radio Shack cassette recorders (the white ones used for data), an old vintage Tandy book I think. I'm looking to get rid of them. I was going to e-mail 8-BIT guy, but he's busy with his new studio expansion, didn't want to bother him with it. Any of your group interested in them?

      Al NeumanAl NeumanMiesiąc temu
    • @tippythop Idk if they're still even open, dude.

      Gage JacksonGage Jackson5 miesięcy temu
    • Curious to know what "newer" stuff they have. Looking for old IBM Thinkpads hopefully up to at least 2004 or so. Probably a crap shoot but I want to go here and see what I can find.

      tippythoptippythop5 miesięcy temu
  • reminds me of when I first found out about the dup glitch in Oblivion

    Follow the White WabbitFollow the White Wabbit2 godzin temu
  • Haha, those "cat machines" @ 20:10 - I remember a small animation house in LA, way back in the early 2000s, that had a metal rack with shelves of those as their render farm. There was a "cat" in the studio name.

    gfixlergfixler20 godzin temu
  • I went to their website just now, and it took me to a page in Japanese about feeding senior cats?

    Donald NealDonald NealDzień temu
  • This video made my day!!

    Sticks & StringsSticks & StringsDzień temu
  • This warehouse is a cool playground. But all this hardware is full of toxic and flamable materials. Unthinkable to find such a "treasure" in Europe.

    BjörnBjörnDzień temu
  • Ah God In the corner on 19:45 thats model F !

    Rafi Atha GRafi Atha GDzień temu
  • You're missing the expanded rom on that jr

    zachariah adamszachariah adams2 dni temu
  • Hey! Don't knock goodwill computer works. I've gotten a ton of great stuff from them.

    zachariah adamszachariah adams2 dni temu
  • the winner can take as many CRT's as he can carry.

    TevLeXTevLeX2 dni temu
  • all them crts, i wish we had places like this in the uk

    Matthew MontanaMatthew Montana2 dni temu
  • Very interesting video, i have been working on computers since i built a big-board CPM computer before MS DOS. I had for a long time a Data General One model 2 laptop, it was a $2800 unit, I have the original case, manual, printer and more, have pictures. I am willing to donate it to anybody that can pick it up or pay for shipping, it is very heavy and I am in Pacifica, CA. Let me know if interested.

    Edward VincesEdward Vinces3 dni temu
  • When the place was closed and he pulled out the alcohol I expected him to be like, "So this is where things start to get illegal.."

    Mattie ThompsonMattie Thompson3 dni temu
  • Did you steal thing?

    Giulio SancinGiulio Sancin3 dni temu
  • Apr 23, 2014 release date of HP colour laser printer CP1515n there are two stacked in there 24:44

    Giulio SancinGiulio Sancin4 dni temu

    Natan SkorputNatan Skorput4 dni temu
  • friki important

    El Buen Ñam Ñar !!!!El Buen Ñam Ñar !!!!4 dni temu
  • that is amazing and yeah I'd love to go through all that and take some home, but there's also something a little sad about the place too, like a giant tech-graveyard

    MalikonMalikon4 dni temu
  • dont watch if your alexa is set to use computer as wake word...especially if the volume is up on alexa

    Oatmeal ManOatmeal Man4 dni temu
  • It's true. Doom is everywhere.

    Richard HRichard H5 dni temu
  • I just checked and their back in business on open Monday to Friday closed on Sundays and Saturdays. Just search computer reset Dallas and it will come up, I’ve also heard that there is now a group of people attempting to repair and restore the place to an expectable condition.

    Matthew BarkerMatthew Barker6 dni temu
  • You will find TAB soda if you look long enough?

    James DavisJames Davis6 dni temu
  • junkman's paradise

    MrGunzollerMrGunzoller7 dni temu
  • id love to go in and help sort everything out.

    Jody AlbergerJody Alberger7 dni temu
  • i hope it is saved and preserved. i know there is not much use for old stuff and theres a lot out there. but it need to be out into an organized sorted place so noone comes and says it all needs to be scrapped. i hate people who scrap computers unless theyre acctualy destroyed and unsavable.

    Jody AlbergerJody Alberger7 dni temu
  • Its october 15 2020 is it still there or did they tear down the place ?/

    Juan HerreraJuan Herrera9 dni temu
  • I can confirm that north Carolina is a very boring area.

    GP33GP339 dni temu
  • LGR in year 2050: "Oh look! a pile of 3090s there..remember that Hype" ?

    Ivan RomeroIvan Romero9 dni temu
  • Somebody could`ve made a killing on Ebay with all that retro computing hard and software

    Ian HayIan Hay10 dni temu
  • actually my first pc came with windows 3.11 working with groups its with ms dos 6.22 and packard bell navigator and nice books for ms dos and windows pretty cool i had that book i think still at my mums place lol wow yeah

    Gary PerreaultGary Perreault11 dni temu

    Gary PerreaultGary Perreault11 dni temu
  • This dude is really complaining about an ankle injury?.. I understand we all have different pain tolerances but I've seen and experienced running with broken and injured tarsals/metatarsals. Like suck it up.. that place is a SUPER rare find.

    Ragnar MalcolmRagnar Malcolm11 dni temu
  • i be looking for old mac, sun microsystem and any old server workstation stuff, since it was in texas i look for old vms type machine or unix of bsd dec machines yeah this is my childhood wet dream lol so much goodies of my generation type computers :)

    Gary PerreaultGary Perreault11 dni temu
  • ...like... how? this guy had to have been independently wealthy. my pop ran a small business PC shop and he went tits up on carrying... 1%? Of that inventory... this guy had to have had some mad cash to keep that kind of inventory and pay the rent bill on a place that size! You didnt come across the 1800s fireproof safe that kept all of the cpus? Shame =D

    tiamat_023tiamat_02311 dni temu
  • Retro heaven

    Ferenc SzaboFerenc Szabo11 dni temu
  • if i only had known :( i would have probably bought the place out

    Silas LSilas L11 dni temu
  • John Tittor I found where you can buy an IBM 5150 , your friend in time!

    Nicole CarlsonNicole Carlson11 dni temu
  • this will be a literal gold mine in the future lol

    LiamLiam11 dni temu
  • this video did two things for me, it convinced me to subscribe to you and also gave me extreme anxiety.

    Allen IvyAllen Ivy12 dni temu
  • This is what Horders "computer equipment" series would look like. Man the family that had to deal with this after the Owner or whoever it was became ill / passed away. I bet he was worth millions and who knows how much he hoarded in this warehouse / store, it seems he kept going years after he could no longer operate the store / sell stuff. Its sad, but yeah its cool for us nerds. Who love old computer tech.

    Chad BednarczykChad Bednarczyk12 dni temu
  • You are luck. man.. In India We won't able to see such old 1990's computer devices. I am very interested for watching such old PC's. I love to watch you PLworld computer informative show.

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  • Nerdgasm

    tubeutubeufultubeutubeuful12 dni temu
  • heaven

    Mehboob ur RehmanMehboob ur Rehman13 dni temu
  • hmmmmm how to talk about a load of shit, say nothing but wow kinda thing lots of things . stuff" for nearly an hour...bollox

    John WeedonJohn Weedon13 dni temu
  • Buy the Building!! New LGR headquarters!! lol

    scottyfixitscottyfixit13 dni temu
  • I love this guy

    JimbobJimbob13 dni temu
  • I wonder if he's single hahaha

    Jennifer IsraelJennifer Israel13 dni temu
  • Looks like heaven.

    is everybody in *is everybody in *13 dni temu
  • You passed up the hot wheels pc!

    Alex MontourAlex Montour14 dni temu
  • IMO there is/was over a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff there. Terminals and sealed vintage software can go for a bit. The cheapest CRT monitor on ebay at the time of this comment (1 yr after video) is $36. Most of them are $50 - $200. A computer person, could have turned this in to a lot of money, perhaps over the course of 3-6 months, maybe less, and kept some of that history alive. Edit: That was just the shop - I hadn't seen the warehouse yet...

    xvitxvit14 dni temu
  • Really positive that it is not just going to the dump. In 1976 about two dozen of us got together and formed the North Texas Computer Hobbyist Group. Some (like me) built S-100, some 6502 based machines, etc. It was an interesting time in computer history when it was possible to know all of the microprocessors, their support chips, memory, etc. I sold a S-100 4K static RAM board. There was a fellow that would buy the scrap chips by the barrel from Mostek, re-test them and sell really cheap. I had 32K of RAM and ran BASIC. That was a lot of memory. ;-) I still have my Apple PB-100. Always like that little guy. Thanks for a great video. Hope your ankle is better.

    Jim GarrettJim Garrett14 dni temu
  • At 24:50 I worked for Teledyne Geotech. We monitored Earthquakes and nuclear detonations for the US Air Force. Lived in Garland too.

    Jim GarrettJim Garrett14 dni temu
  • No paperclips allowed 😤

    SpintechfilmsSpintechfilms15 dni temu
  • That Aspire at 20:02 I had one of those... I loved that thing...

    Jeff ShewmonJeff Shewmon15 dni temu
  • 2:18 *Clint’s face when there’s another sub-par Sims 4 pack*

    G. U.G. U.15 dni temu
  • Loved these computer part / electronic outlet type places when I was a kid. They were so cool to me. Got my first 1x CD-ROM at one in a box full of them.

    Cander5142Cander514215 dni temu
  • @12:55 the soldier and Bear Soldier from Blade Runner!! Sebastian's toys! The two that greet him when he comes home..

    96Eclipsed96Eclipsed15 dni temu
  • no Amiga :(

    gravballemandendkgravballemandendk15 dni temu
  • I bet you are going to wish that you had bought more! All that them Commodore computers was the ones I was interested in. I still have one Commodore 64 with the missing data cassette cable. And 3 Amiga 1200. I would love to buy a boxed game with all the manuals of America 1200 game Amberstar. Do you think I can find it? No.

    Paul WoodPaul Wood15 dni temu
  • Was there SGI stuff tho

    PrussianKamikazePrussianKamikaze16 dni temu
  • I miss read this and thought it said "giant computer Whorehouse"

    TheallknowingsauseTheallknowingsause16 dni temu
  • It all started with one stack of stuff and grew from there.

    RapscallionRapscallion16 dni temu
  • Dude. did they just demolish all of the stock? There must be a fuck ton worth of stuff there considering all the IBM stuff. Even one boxed model M keyboard is like $500+

    RobbieRobbie17 dni temu
  • Fun fact: Windows NT 3.5 is version 1.0. It's named 3.5 because it was meant to be the successor to Windows 3.1. And because of that Windows 2000 is NT 5, XP is 5.1, and after that MS just went nuts and rapidly incremented the version numbers despite making no real improvements

    SteelRodentSteelRodent17 dni temu
  • If only I could grab an original 1984 IBM keyboard... I'be feel the king of the world...

    Davide AccorsiDavide Accorsi17 dni temu
  • Wait- is that a marantz cassette player in the stack of retro stereo equip at the intro? (just like mine? :)

    Phil KousoubrisPhil Kousoubris17 dni temu
  • I don't know who is going to clean up that mess but I'm glad it isn't me... 😀

    Xerox 80Xerox 8017 dni temu
  • Million dollar operations here

    Sir VegaSir Vega18 dni temu
  • Is the owner's name Trebus?

    Jules RobertsJules Roberts18 dni temu
  • If you can get your hands on a time machine and get back to 1996, you would be the god of IT helpdesks

    Guillaume BesnerGuillaume Besner18 dni temu
  • This brings back memories from my childhood where I would go to the local computer store with my cousin and we would dig through the scrap computers and parts in the outside recycling area before the company who did the recycling for them came to pick it up. We would grab all the cool parts we could find and then compete to build computers and show off the cool things we found:)

    69uremum69uremum18 dni temu
  • And all that equipment will be destroyed? For real? I am pretty sure the owners will be willing to sell it for a symbolical sum. Moving it out would cost a fortune anyway.

    Andrei Paul AnastasiuAndrei Paul Anastasiu18 dni temu
  • At 15:53 there's a Dell GX100 that has a cash register on top of it. I still have that PC. (There's another one moments later with two monitors on top. I'm so glad to see this. It's like I own a treasure.)

    Laurentiu BadeaLaurentiu Badea18 dni temu
  • That's some hoarding. Surprised they didn't just list everything for $5 or $10 each and people just get random packages they purchase

    Road RunnerRoad Runner20 dni temu
  • I made it to 16:45 This is the first vid i had to turn off .....CAUSE I WANTED TO BE THEIR ...

    Forger Forty SevenForger Forty Seven20 dni temu
  • sad feel like they were waiting for it to burn down

    Forger Forty SevenForger Forty Seven20 dni temu
  • Can I please live here.

    EvanEvan20 dni temu
  • Hmphgch lucky bastard :D

    valentinbeholdervalentinbeholder21 dzień temu
    • nobody safe this in Europe

      valentinbeholdervalentinbeholder21 dzień temu
  • Did...Did anyone else see that guys phone number on the whiteboard under the 'sales' portion?

    Kevin RayKevin Ray21 dzień temu
  • nice

    ElijahHeyokaNobody ?ElijahHeyokaNobody ?22 dni temu
  • 18:28 That’s a Cisco switch rather than a server (24 port Catalyst 2950, maybe?) BUT the link lights were flashing on two of the ports, so somewhere in that room a couple of workstations were still chugging away lol.

    Nerys KNerys K22 dni temu
  • Goodwill with relatively recent mainstream usable older tech: junk nobody wants! Crumbling rat-infested warehouse with forty year old junk: there's treasure everywhere. I could still use some of that Goodwill stuff. The crap in the warehouse is just useless to everyone but the retro-trash pat racks.

    Jack RabbitJack Rabbit22 dni temu
  • Oh man... This makes me really cry, what an amazing place! It's a shame this heaven is on an other continent, soo far away.. I'd spend days there, masterpieces to explore and find!

    teglafalteglafal23 dni temu
  • Now this is a waste management nightmare. It says something about what we've done with our civilization, doesn't it - think of how much money changed hands to buy all this stuff in the first place, then some economic value was extracted out of it and it fell into disuse. Now it's a waste management problem and the cost of that waste management has to be debited from whatever economic value was extracted...how much of the time does it wind up upside down in that process. How many thousand CRTs are in this place? How many pounds of lead?

    hubbsllchubbsllc23 dni temu
  • is that my old pioneer amplifier ? i bought it in 1980 from burlington catelogue for £90

    lookoutleolookoutleo23 dni temu
  • If you hook these all together it would proabably create a sentinent AI. :D

    ThePeacemakerGerThePeacemakerGer23 dni temu
  • I love old Computers 😊

    Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺25 dni temu
  • Just imagine if someone found a warehouse similar to this but instead of computer parts are filled with old video-games from 8-bit and 16-bit era (or popular toys from 80's like Transformers)...with lotsa unopened copies, completely untouched after all these years!

    Fredrik JanssonFredrik Jansson26 dni temu
  • Imagine having so little to worry about that you can just decide on the fly to get into a plane and fly through the sky to some other place in your country just on a whim.

    UngovernedReasonUngovernedReason26 dni temu
  • I could eBay that place in 10 years and make a nice chunk of money.

    Stephen GillStephen Gill27 dni temu
  • to bad it dissapeared

    Donkey CongaDonkey Conga27 dni temu
  • Wow! This video was such a roller coaster from front to back. Thank you for this. I love getting to find hole in the walls places like that that occasionally have old hardware, but never anything like this. Also, not only was Texas the home of Compaq, but also Dell, Tandy and (obviously) Texas Instruments and many other hardware and software startups so if a place like this existed then it would've definitely been in Texas.

    Joshua SteeleJoshua Steele27 dni temu
  • I wonder if anyone managed to pull any old Silicon Graphics hardware out of there?

    DD27 dni temu
  • This calls for a Hazmat Team, a Machete and a Pith Helmet!! "Hoarding Be Thy Name"!!

    END TIMEs Video LibraryEND TIMEs Video Library27 dni temu
  • 0:53 "Front loading, super hard permalloy head" Hey I've got one of those as well, except it's made out of flesh and not permalloy.

    Blasphemous sim racer on a controllerBlasphemous sim racer on a controller28 dni temu
  • You're an obsessive story teller with a great narrators voice. You should be doing audiobooks and maybe then I'll finally make a subscription to Audible. Anyway I so want to visit this place, could it ever reopen?

    Tyler SheetsTyler Sheets28 dni temu
  • I’m fairly sure that private arcade was on an episode of Texas Bucket List!

    JennaJenna28 dni temu
  • Did you see the 8 bit guys video where he just fucked up a machine from here? Can you do us all a fav and go back yourself before he ruins more stuff.

    dssemblerdssembler28 dni temu
  • It's like the Indiana Jones warehouse!

    tr1p1eatr1p1ea28 dni temu
  • This looks like my dad's garage.

    XWolvenXWolven28 dni temu