Otis talks separation from Mandy Rose and Tucker: WWE’s The Bump, Oct. 14, 2020

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Mr. Money in the Bank joins the crew of WWE’s The Bump to discuss his recent split from Mandy Rose and Tucker due to the WWE Draft. Also stopping by to chat are WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley, actor/comedian/TV host Joel McHale, NASCAR driver Daniel Suárez and more!
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  • Naw that's sad to hear Tucker teared up when Heavy Machinery found out they were separating as a team.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
  • Big E and Otis would be an awesome tag team.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
  • I like that The Bump brings on celebs and athletes that like pro wrestling.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
  • Mansoor is very talented. I hope he gets more opportunities and gets more fans because of this.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
  • Hhhhhh hello

  • I hope Vince saw this Mansoor promo. It was great.

    David RattyDavid Ratty3 dni temu
  • Awesome WWE The Bump Episode Today WWE,This Was Truly Amazing!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage3 dni temu
  • Otis was lagging

    i_ _taki_ _tak4 dni temu
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    Issam AlshaqraIssam Alshaqra4 dni temu
  • This comment section just makes me feel depressed

    Mr deadeyeMr deadeye4 dni temu

  • oh otis is so cute!!!

    Raj KumarRaj Kumar4 dni temu
  • 12:54 wwe’s version of the joker and Harley Quinn the fiend and Alexa bliss

    jayzen delarosajayzen delarosa4 dni temu
  • He literally can just go to there brand cash in and become camp and would stay there it ain’t that hard wwe gosh

    What u Looking atWhat u Looking at5 dni temu
  • like1Share

    kk kkkk kk5 dni temu
  • E:Best of luck!Otis。

    周嶝錦周嶝錦5 dni temu
  • Otis is not a good Mr money in bank

    P PoojaryP Poojary5 dni temu

  • Otis 1:11:52

    PowerOfFemPowerOfFem5 dni temu
  • otis be happy have ham

    GiGi PugGiGi Pug5 dni temu
  • Corona pandemic ruined Otis's push. Hang in there Otis, we'll find another way...

    Steward NeloSteward Nelo5 dni temu
  • See bubba ray hitting the button right on the point big e why shouldn’t the same thing happen for him it should

    Roemello WilliamsRoemello Williams5 dni temu
  • I Love You _Roman_Reigns..💖💖 I want to gf roman..😊😊

    Sex Vedio LiveSex Vedio Live5 dni temu
  • I hope otis is ok. I feel bad that he got separated from tucker and Mandy but hey you never know the future

    Aj SimardAj Simard5 dni temu
    • @Rayme Summers yes sorry I said it wrong

      Aj SimardAj Simard5 dni temu
    • Do you mean separated from Mandy Rose and Tucker?

      Rayme SummersRayme Summers5 dni temu

    KingMayukeKingMayuke5 dni temu
  • mickie james remains on raw

    George JohnsonGeorge Johnson5 dni temu
  • im sorry otis

    Kaulana Kahauolopua-NakamuraKaulana Kahauolopua-Nakamura5 dni temu
  • Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni5 dni temu
  • 𝗪𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗴𝘂𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗿𝗲𝘀, 𝗜 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗰𝗿𝘆 😭😭😭😭

    Anjali 143Anjali 1435 dni temu
  • mansoor you are awesome with those promos

    Jones GeorgeJones George5 dni temu
  • Plz WhatsApp me

    T. MotsaT. Motsa5 dni temu
  • can't believe Heavy Machinery and The New Day are no more damn why vince why

    Quwen ChristieQuwen Christie5 dni temu
  • Otis is gonna win gold soon!

    星の王子さまサイヤ人じん星の王子さまサイヤ人じん5 dni temu
  • its fake

    Sasindu ChinthanaSasindu Chinthana5 dni temu
  • Mansoor definitely does a spot on "Macho Man" Randy Savage! Ohhh Yeeaahh!!!

    Norm BarrettNorm Barrett5 dni temu
    • ا

      Hamouda WaywayHamouda Wayway5 dni temu
  • i am sad

    Parker TemboParker Tembo5 dni temu
  • NAESSSS😗😗😗😗

    مؤيد مؤيد وساممؤيد مؤيد وسام5 dni temu
  • Aww Otis is fun to watch

    SinfulSumomoChannelSinfulSumomoChannel5 dni temu
  • I have a feeling Otis will end up beating Edge and Carmella's record as the longest MITB holder in history. They seemingly don't know what to do with him yet.

    Seth Freakin RollinsSeth Freakin Rollins5 dni temu
    • There's still a lot of time.

      Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
    • @Millennial Smark wwe

      Keegan VautourKeegan Vautour4 dni temu
    • You are a bad person seth!

      m nm n5 dni temu
    • Just merely asking, if not, completely understand. I've personally have amassed enough work full of opinions about the state of wrestling from a non bias standpoint. I'm not asking you to break your break, but a simple tour of my work, won't even ask you to follow me if you don't like it.

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark5 dni temu
    • Then cash it in on the 24/7 title

      HellfireHellfire5 dni temu
  • WOW

    т м ៚ G O K Uт м ៚ G O K U5 dni temu
  • From a booking point of view, WWE has great chance of booking a match just from scrap. For WretleMania 37 Otis vs Tucker Bear with me for a moment. -Otis and Tucker are on separate brands. -Miz and Morrison are always in ear of Mandy Rose. -Dolph Ziggler is on SD, the ghost from the past. -The most important one, Mandy and Tucker are on same brand. Girlfriend and a friend. What could possibly go wrong. -Potential for Sonya to return preferably on SD just to add fuel to the fire or on RAW to be Mandy's partner again just to betray her before WrestleMania -The final straw: Tucker turns heel on Otis by failing the cash-in of MITB contract. _Reason: Jealousy_ This is a booking paradise. Could make a star out of Tucker and could brought babyface sympathy towards Otis.

    Muhammad AsadMuhammad Asad5 dni temu
  • wow mansoor great talker.. too bad i don't watch 205, can't wait to see him cut promo's on the 2 main shows

    The Elite GamerThe Elite Gamer5 dni temu
  • I love WWE is awesome nice

    Bro BhBro Bh5 dni temu
  • The Draft was Stupid. Smackdown (and everyone else) got Screwed!

    dekaranjadekaranja5 dni temu
  • Those promos were amazing, I’m shocked that it was someone that’s only about 2 years older than I am.

    Dean LangleyDean Langley5 dni temu
  • That’s crazy how it’s mansoor

    Geoffrey WillemsenGeoffrey Willemsen5 dni temu
  • Its child's play has dressing up as chuckie

    Shannon MurrayShannon Murray5 dni temu
  • Two horrible mistakes WWE did this year: 1. Give Otis the MITB contract 2. Separate Heavy Machinery

    Jairo JimenezJairo Jimenez5 dni temu
    • Also: Mandy and Otis together because they never are together outside the shows (apart from one episode of Ride Along), Lana/Lashley respected the kayfabe unlike Otis/Mandy, always loved Lana/Lashley storyline as it was very entertaining but I'm not a fan at all of Otis and the storyline that happened with him and Mandy.

      Abel BAVDAZAbel BAVDAZ5 dni temu
    • @MasterPuller456 7nag you wrong

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • He really shouldn’t have gotten the MITB contract no cap. It doesn’t suit him at all

      MasterPuller456 7MasterPuller456 75 dni temu
    • @Sita Ram But he didn't cash it and win. And Tucker is damaged.

      Daniel MDaniel M5 dni temu
    • Agreed

      Kiko MillsKiko Mills5 dni temu
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    Dan KalomboDan Kalombo6 dni temu
  • Yessir

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  • Cool to see Bubba back. Didn’t he appeared in AEW for Jericho’s celebration?

    Elijah HillElijah Hill6 dni temu
  • So they killed the only storyline ppl care about 🙄

    RealTakersladyRealTakerslady6 dni temu
    • @KHESI FX doesnt sound like it

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
    • @garry w no I support Otis, I want Vince to put world title on him

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • @KHESI FX you seem you hate ottis right

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
    • @garry w what's wrong with otis

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • just remember who holds the briefcase

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
  • When he says he is 24 years old,I was like😲.When Mansoor reveal himself, I thought it is like Mustafa Ali revealing himself as the leader of Retribution.

    Zannatul FerdousZannatul Ferdous6 dni temu
  • Mansoor did an amazing job and should be put on the mic more on NXT man he has shown he has all the potential in the world

    Sherwin JohnSherwin John6 dni temu
  • Yes yes!

    CJ CalancheCJ Calanche6 dni temu
  • WWE network is awesome!!

    CJ CalancheCJ Calanche6 dni temu
  • rey mysterio the eye of truth is lost

    Lelucy EliasLelucy Elias6 dni temu
  • Honesty WWE push tucker he's a good big men and a better worker than otis and he is just as big, strong, and athletic as brock lesnar.

    Nuala EllwoodNuala Ellwood6 dni temu
  • Otis need to separate himself from their briefcase already

    Stephen StephenStephen Stephen6 dni temu
    • @Rayme Summers work on getting a life instead of being grammar cop son

      Stephen StephenStephen Stephen5 dni temu
    • @Rayme Summers off by 1 letter smell likr grammer nazi kay fab

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
    • @garry w you mean cash in.

      Rayme SummersRayme Summers5 dni temu
    • You mean that not their right? Plus please work on your grammar.

      Rayme SummersRayme Summers5 dni temu
    • he will show up on raw cah in

      garry wgarry w6 dni temu
  • Otis is mad like Big E.😂

    Fahmid ZamanFahmid Zaman6 dni temu
  • اول مره يسكرون البث بهيج وقت متاخر

    عبد العزيز الاسلمي الشمريعبد العزيز الاسلمي الشمري6 dni temu

    suri shankarsuri shankar6 dni temu
    • na wont happen

      garry wgarry w6 dni temu
  • Only watching this video because of Daniel Suarez

    Anthony MontejanoAnthony Montejano6 dni temu
  • 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

    • 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

      Nahom WorkuNahom Worku6 dni temu
  • This draft still suck

    RD DeeRD Dee6 dni temu
    • Ya

      i_ _taki_ _tak4 dni temu
  • Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    jimmy nguyenjimmy nguyen6 dni temu
  • Weird at first hearing Otis’ real voice and a lot more cheerful too. 🙂

    TrenchcoatWallflowerTrenchcoatWallflower6 dni temu
  • The Draft Insane The Follow Up Insane Y'all Are Insanely Awesome, God Bless Guys

    Eri RodriguezEri Rodriguez6 dni temu

    Miraç UmutMiraç Umut6 dni temu
  • Lets hope the seperation of heavy machinery means that otis gets a slightly push just to fade away quickly. Honestly idk why people like him. Hes horrible and im probably one of the few who never liked him

    KevKev6 dni temu
    • @garry w either way as long as Otis wins a world title (WWE title or universal heavyweight championship title) I'm good with that

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • @KHESI FX see they set it for otis go to raw gotta think likeva producer side

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
    • @garry w Otis tweeted saying he's coming for the universal title ...last month...and WWE posted pic with Roman and reigns in it and that Otis tweet in same pic... Don't you check WWE instagram?

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • @garry w doesn't matter who wants universal title.. If wwe book him to win or fight for it. That gonna happen..

      KHESI FXKHESI FX5 dni temu
    • @KHESI FX na way many guy lar alister seth wanting him!na many would go afteerr drew title

      garry wgarry w5 dni temu
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  • Imagine being a wwe fan after the age of 12 Could never be me

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    • So why are you here

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  • 6th comment

    Meer exeMeer exe6 dni temu
  • This means Tucker is gonna steal Mandy Rose from Otis since Otis is on Smackdown and Otis might fail to cash in on Roman & Jey at Hell In A Cell 2020 in the Hell In A Cell match for the universal title. Poor Otis.

    justin flemingjustin fleming6 dni temu
    • @Lucha Intercontinental traducir?

      justin flemingjustin fleming5 dni temu
    • i was just finna type this😂

      ReekyReeky6 dni temu
    • otis hold the briefcase he has easier to shine on raw

      garry wgarry w6 dni temu
    • No creo tiene hasta wrestlemania para canjear Ademas para que separar Heavy Machinery si no le vas a dar a Otis un push individual

      Lucha IntercontinentalLucha Intercontinental6 dni temu
  • otis time to shoine on raw because he will cash in

    garry wgarry w6 dni temu
  • Subscribe to me thank you ❤️

    dubthirstydubthirsty6 dni temu
  • Apoyenme soy nuevo en el programa y q Dios lo Bendiga y lo cuide del Covid ATI y A tu familia amén.........

    Urbano TV OficialUrbano TV Oficial6 dni temu