10 Mini Gadgets That Actually Work!

24 lip 2020
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Mini is better and don't let anyone tell you different. We've got 10 products to help us prove that point. You're welcome, world.
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0:00 - Give Pat A New Nickname!
1:11 - Mini Gadgets That Actually Work!
1:34 - Who Has The Strongest Flick?
4:20 - Tanner Tries The Smallest Espresso!
6:42 - High Powered Water Gun?!
7:50 - Worlds Smallest Computer?!
10:01 - Introducing Henry, The Vacuum!
12:19 - Tiny Car Accident!
14:27 - Henry Meets His True Love!
16:17 - Tiny Skeeball Competition!
18:02 - We Create Our Own Superheroes!
19:10 - Magic Mini Fridge?!
21:18 - Tiny Strong Man!
23:25 - Don't Let Size Fool You!

  • Patty why BECAUSE

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  • Calum

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  • I love dope or nope

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  • Patrick Star

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  • Plat.

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  • We trust

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  • Patrick

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  • We like Sebastian

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  • Crat

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  • what about pashcisha pronounced puh-sh-ki-shu

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  • Die pat

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  • My name is mathew Patrick

    Brandi BlackwoodBrandi Blackwood11 godzin temu

      Brandi BlackwoodBrandi Blackwood11 godzin temu
  • patrįck

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  • Pat deez nuts

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  • Pat deez nets

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  • patmac

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  • Someone in the comment said Pat's nickname should be "lucky" but I think "crabypaty" is a creative nickname hopefully it's not offensive

    Kezhia GabeKezhia Gabe19 godzin temu
  • Greg. His nickname should be Greg.

    Aubree CulpAubree Culp20 godzin temu
  • we don't trust Sebastian !!!! :D

    Artistic AbubakarArtistic Abubakar20 godzin temu
  • Nickel head

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  • Pattron

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  • What about butt face

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  • Pats real name prrrrrrr

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  • I haven’t watched this in forever, where’s michael?

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  • Nick nack patty wack

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  • Here’s a joke for his name

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  • PP

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  • “We trust Sebastian” lol

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  • Papy

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  • How about star cuz Patrick star

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  • damn it

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  • Not as hard as me 😂

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  • Chuckles

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  • Uhh mini man

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  • Pat the poopy head

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  • Paterson. Boom *mic drop*

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  • PatrickStar uuuuuuuuuuuh

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  • Hay pat

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  • Patrick to Miceal

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  • Nock

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  • Patty cake or mom Idk either

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  • 4:43 Matt’s face XD

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  • Pattias

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  • Pats nickname :Pat With A Hat

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  • That is the name he deserves

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  • Name pat "pat"

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  • Mr. Pa

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  • Chicken

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  • Pats nickname should be Pat has a hat

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  • Borger party

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  • When Tanner was playing with that punch thing it said 863 that’s creepy

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    • Yeah just realised

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  • Patcake

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  • Patty Crabby

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  • Ummmmmmm pat

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  • His nickname should be pattttttttttttttriky

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  • kage

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  • pattrick star

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  • Patrick

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  • We trust sabation

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  • Patina=Pat

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  • Youarestupid that's his

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  • patirug

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  • 2:14

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  • Soft blows to the nose

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  • Or pac man

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  • Pat man

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  • The 4:00,one reminded me pf BTS playing it in Run BTS

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  • patdle pug

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  • Crabs PATty

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    • *craby

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  • If I was a superhero I will probably have super speed and be called speedster

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  • We Trust Sebastian

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  • Pat is d.n for dope or nope

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  • Mathyas

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  • Ok wait why did I say Palatina like what lmao 😂😂😅

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  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet pat

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  • i Saw doing pat so he is a pat head

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  • Go pro is his new name

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  • Patrick's new name spongebob

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  • Popo

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  • Patila

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  • patrick the star

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  • i wish i had the mini vacume :)

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  • I don't trust Sebastion

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  • Bob please do Bob

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  • pathu LMAO

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  • Patman

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  • Pat should be called Egg. I don't know why but ok.

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