10 Mini Gadgets That Actually Work!

24 lip 2020
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Mini is better and don't let anyone tell you different. We've got 10 products to help us prove that point. You're welcome, world.
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0:00 - Give Pat A New Nickname!
1:11 - Mini Gadgets That Actually Work!
1:34 - Who Has The Strongest Flick?
4:20 - Tanner Tries The Smallest Espresso!
6:42 - High Powered Water Gun?!
7:50 - Worlds Smallest Computer?!
10:01 - Introducing Henry, The Vacuum!
12:19 - Tiny Car Accident!
14:27 - Henry Meets His True Love!
16:17 - Tiny Skeeball Competition!
18:02 - We Create Our Own Superheroes!
19:10 - Magic Mini Fridge?!
21:18 - Tiny Strong Man!
23:25 - Don't Let Size Fool You!

  • Pats new name is patrina

    p lifep life5 godzin temu
  • Patpat

    Chuck ManvilleChuck Manville12 godzin temu
  • Dumdum

    Snow And SpoonSnow And Spoon18 godzin temu
  • Big Joe

    April KellerApril KellerDzień temu
  • Patching

    Dave TaylorDave TaylorDzień temu
  • dumm

    emily reideremily reiderDzień temu
  • Don't call him Pat. Call him Spank

    6 G6 G2 dni temu
  • No one else gonna mention that one of tanners scores on the finger punch game was 863?

    Mason LloydMason Lloyd2 dni temu
  • daddy p

    Levi PaulLevi Paul3 dni temu
  • Pats nick name should be "Patty the great!"

    Michael BohonMichael Bohon3 dni temu
  • That conker's bad fur day background music tho

    GitSnowedm80GitSnowedm804 dni temu
  • Emperor pat😂😂 -Star Wars

    Bryan PrestonBryan Preston4 dni temu
  • This thing better blow well -Tanner 2021

    Hobo JoeHobo Joe4 dni temu
  • Henry sucks well -Tanner 2021

    Hobo JoeHobo Joe4 dni temu
  • Patrick

    Derrick NguyenDerrick Nguyen5 dni temu
    • Putt-it-yo!

      Derrick NguyenDerrick Nguyen5 dni temu
  • Baldi

  • PS4 Pact

    firebatfirebat6 dni temu
  • Patricia

    EbonesEbones6 dni temu
  • We trust Sebastian

    Hope ThomasHope Thomas6 dni temu
  • 1:43 that stare.. and I have the ditoo even the blue one before watching it I don’t have it it’s just my sister shipped it to me and still didn’t come, I also have another one of their products the timebox!

    Luffy and Goku ShortsLuffy and Goku Shorts7 dni temu
  • 8:31 Did anyone hear the music and think Thats The Object Madness Intro

    YTIvanTheGamerYTIvanTheGamer7 dni temu
  • dooppa

    Kennedy MiarkaKennedy Miarka7 dni temu
  • 13:48 pretty satisfying =u=

    ZaneLeeERZaneLeeER8 dni temu
  • Shannon ? or Kelly ?

    SomeOneSomeOne8 dni temu
  • Pat fusty

    Zacky 127Zacky 1278 dni temu

    Julia beauregardJulia beauregard8 dni temu
  • Patrick

    Sofija NadjkanasSofija Nadjkanas8 dni temu
  • Psalm 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.💖✝️📿🙏

    ToesToes9 dni temu
  • patato

    the best banana yoyothe best banana yoyo9 dni temu
  • Anyone notice that Tanner’s first try on the punching thing was 863?

    RavenclawDTW55RavenclawDTW5510 dni temu
  • i trust me

    Sebastian EdmundsSebastian Edmunds11 dni temu
  • Patiago

    Anas NasseurAnas Nasseur11 dni temu
  • Mathew Patric I think I heard it somewhere Ohh wait that’s the game theory narrator name

    Kim TurryKim Turry11 dni temu
  • Patcake

    Rebecca KincadeRebecca Kincade12 dni temu
  • Good nickname for pat,patty

    Corey TimmonsCorey Timmons12 dni temu
  • I think his nickname should be patshin

    Caro the PotatoCaro the Potato12 dni temu
  • You should call him Panamacool

    Selena HowellSelena Howell13 dni temu
  • Catchy catchy should be his nickname

    Cristian ZuasnavaCristian Zuasnava13 dni temu
  • Latest h~mmmmmmmmmmm

    Kids PhoneKids Phone13 dni temu
  • HAM Peat

    Ron McWilliamsRon McWilliams13 dni temu
  • "We trust Sebastian!"

    BellsBells13 dni temu
  • Patty melt

    Bailee HayesBailee Hayes13 dni temu
  • This is soo funny 🤣😂😂

    Milky_CookieMilky_Cookie13 dni temu
  • ''Don't let the size fool you'' so then.. how big is it? Jk- don't tell me boys 😬

    _.0fficial._izzy.__.0fficial._izzy._13 dni temu
  • My superhero name would be dragoon and I have a fire sword and I can send out ToothMissiles

    Pacita CasPacita Cas14 dni temu
  • 15:19 I thought this was my computer making that noise.

    RetroRetro14 dni temu
  • My hero name is thhe blue doom

    Snow GuevarraSnow Guevarra14 dni temu
  • Patty mao😂😂

    Gavin PeakGavin Peak14 dni temu
  • Mat Pat

    Nathaniel CaponponNathaniel Caponpon14 dni temu
  • Pat -> Spongebob

    JKXJKX14 dni temu
  • Me:pahtfre is pats new name

    Travis NguyenTravis Nguyen16 dni temu
  • We trust sebastain

    Kaito KamodoKaito Kamodo16 dni temu
  • St.paty From pat

    Faze UpFaze Up16 dni temu
  • Fatty Patty

    Experience FunExperience Fun16 dni temu
  • Patchrisha

    FNAF GIRLFNAF GIRL16 dni temu
  • Krabby patty more like crappy patty

    crystal gamescrystal games16 dni temu
  • Matt the punch king thing one time tanner gets 863 and if you watch Mathiases personal channel you will see that he is being stalked

    Nate the meme GodNate the meme God17 dni temu
  • Blade

    elton collierelton collier17 dni temu
  • On the punch king tanner got 863

    BurgerBurger17 dni temu
  • What is 863?

    Bannanakiller5Bannanakiller518 dni temu
    • @Cozmo Martin yes

      Bannanakiller5Bannanakiller517 dni temu
    • Do you live under a rock

      Cozmo MartinCozmo Martin17 dni temu
  • we trst sbstn

    Levi SpillmanLevi Spillman18 dni temu
  • Pantene

    Cristen ClaytonCristen Clayton19 dni temu
  • Patricio

    Kendall ZittrauerKendall Zittrauer19 dni temu
  • pattycake

    Malachi HudsonMalachi Hudson19 dni temu
  • Patcoocha

    Angelina RamirezAngelina Ramirez19 dni temu
  • Or maybe patmen

    Memphis RainMemphis Rain19 dni temu
  • Patman 🦇?

    Dana AthtonDana Athton20 dni temu
  • Imagine being the garbage man a or a homeless looking in to their trash out side full with nope products

    Zack DyZack Dy20 dni temu
  • Part hole lol

    Zack DyZack Dy20 dni temu
  • New name ur mom

    HEEKHEEK20 dni temu
  • Pls bring Mike back🥺

    Banana LlamaBanana Llama20 dni temu
  • Patrick Star from sponge bob

    Bulbasur ProductionsBulbasur Productions20 dni temu
  • Patty milk

    TTV ZmbieTTV Zmbie21 dzień temu
  • Jams

    Nathan GramlingNathan Gramling21 dzień temu
  • 0:26 pat

    Alison GladdenAlison Gladden21 dzień temu
  • Cat

    Purple Guy blakePurple Guy blake21 dzień temu
  • Call him pactric

    Travel with ETravel with E22 dni temu
  • espresso is more concentrated coffee so its more caffeine in it

    Charlie BurehagCharlie Burehag22 dni temu
  • Pats nickname is pat

    Aiden RisleyAiden Risley22 dni temu
  • Patrick

    malysa whitneymalysa whitney22 dni temu
  • Anyone notice that he got 863 and you won’t understand if you don’t watch Matt vlogs

    Ryan OrthRyan Orth24 dni temu
  • Pats real name is tyler

    Syifhus 590Syifhus 59024 dni temu
  • How about patrick

    FaridaFarida24 dni temu
  • 0:19

    黃豐潭黃豐潭25 dni temu
  • patty cake

    Joshy PantsJoshy Pants25 dni temu
  • Tap

    Eith3rmanEith3rman25 dni temu
  • pattycake

  • This Era of dope or nope was actually nice..... The new version is bomb but i liked this as well

    AmïñàAmïñà26 dni temu
  • Mint patty or or Krabby patty because hes always krabby or salty lol

    Alyvia MirelesAlyvia Mireles26 dni temu
  • pat sack

    SmokeSnipersSmokeSnipers27 dni temu
  • I never knew that pats first name is Tyler. Interesting!

    BTS ArmyBTS Army28 dni temu
  • name anuragtiwari

    Dr Anurag Kumar TiwariDr Anurag Kumar Tiwari28 dni temu
  • Patty Mayo

    Jassiel DuarteJassiel Duarte29 dni temu
  • My superhero name will be Spider-Man

    Amazing Spider-Man AAmazing Spider-Man A29 dni temu
  • Patty mayo

    JordynJordynMiesiąc temu
  • Mr. P

    tara rumseytara rumseyMiesiąc temu
  • Pat's new nickname is Mr. pee

    tara rumseytara rumseyMiesiąc temu
  • Patty cake

    Jaime WootenJaime WootenMiesiąc temu
  • Patamie

    Roman SanchezRoman SanchezMiesiąc temu
  • 3:07 863????

    Jack D.Jack D.Miesiąc temu