Long Haired German Shepherd Makeover | Beautiful Dog

2 maj 2021
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Maya is a gorgeous 7 year old German Shepherd. She is very well behaved for grooming, but she thinks the brush should be executed.
Maya does not receive cologne as requested by her owners.
Mellow Bear CBD treats: www.mellowbear.ca/
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  • Disliked for trying to sell a product

    TrapTrapMinuta temu
  • Look at them satellite dishes in the baby pic!

    Zzzetsu LiveZzzetsu Live6 minut temu
  • Beautiful animal. You do fantastic work

    Brian PawlakBrian Pawlak3 godzin temu
  • Question: I understand that CBD calms dogs and reduces anxiety. If that's the case, then why wait until after the grooming session to give Maya the CBD treat? It seems to me she could have used the treat before the grooming.

    SugarDemon1035SugarDemon10354 godzin temu
    • Definitely should have given it to her before, I wasn't thinking

      Girl With The DogsGirl With The Dogs4 godzin temu
  • beautiful work, maya so cute

    nirwana saktiawannirwana saktiawan7 godzin temu
  • Nice Job !!!!!!!!

    Hill ShepherdHill Shepherd7 godzin temu
  • cbd high doggie

    pigster2018pigster20188 godzin temu
  • I just love hearing you ma'am ..ding ding

    AMIT DASAMIT DAS10 godzin temu
  • Very well presented..

    Milind AbhyankarMilind Abhyankar11 godzin temu
  • Now that's a Dog. Well done.

    g hg h11 godzin temu
  • Why were you wearing that hat during the drying process?

    D BD B11 godzin temu
  • How long does this whole process take, with all that hair? 2 hours??

    Ana IsabelAna Isabel15 godzin temu
  • With any large dog, give up on fancy furniture, especially white furniture. That fur will be visible to everyone

    fried pancakesfried pancakes15 godzin temu
  • Who else is stuck watching these? ...even tho you don't have a dog

    StelleramaStellerama16 godzin temu
  • It looks like a werewolf.

    Gabe MarkarianGabe Markarian17 godzin temu
  • Maya : the Jungle of Hair

    Akash SinghAkash Singh18 godzin temu
  • "The owners like her natural..." Lol, it's not like we created them and not nature 🤣

    Moist CactusMoist Cactus19 godzin temu
  • I have a test in four days in four days i dont know why i spent all my day watching grooming videos

    fruitloopsfruitloopsDzień temu
  • why the FUCK would someone give cbd to a dog? Humans just have to derange everything they possibly can as much as they possibly can

    cryvsspycryvsspyDzień temu
  • ??😐so... why CBD dog treats? Why not reg ones? Actually curious.

    LeeLee HenryLeeLee HenryDzień temu
  • Addicting ❤️

    respected mastermindrespected mastermindDzień temu
  • u should give her the treats befor u start ^^

    November1337November1337Dzień temu
  • Beautiful girl, I love watching your videos

    laura denieffelaura denieffeDzień temu
  • Cbd, you just leveled up in my book.

    Samual JohnsonSamual JohnsonDzień temu
  • Awesome

    L eeL eeDzień temu
  • All the Boys in town. Who is that sexy girl?

    Bhalchandra AnsurkarBhalchandra AnsurkarDzień temu
    • @Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan12 incase if you don't get it. I cleared it for you

      Bhalchandra AnsurkarBhalchandra Ansurkar12 godzin temu
    • @Bhalchandra Ansurkar ?

      Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan12Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan1212 godzin temu
    • @Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan12 I am talking about Dogs 😂

      Bhalchandra AnsurkarBhalchandra Ansurkar13 godzin temu
    • Bro chill it's a dog 😳

      Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan12Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan1213 godzin temu
  • My female was so scared of being groomed because she was a Serbian street dog and had never been groomed. She used to run and hide whenever she saw a brush or towel in my hand when ld be grooming my short haired male. But she's used to it now and will come over happily. I have to brush her everyday because she's long haired and if l don't keep on top of it she gets the dreaded dread locks...

    Sameera ZenibSameera ZenibDzień temu
  • I would protect her at all costs.

    Master ChiefMaster ChiefDzień temu
  • Just a quick note. German Shepherds (especially males) are not the best breed for first time inexperienced owners. Yes they are extremely smart. But require a lot of attention and training to be as well behaved as you see on the Internet and TV. They need a lot of well managed socialisation in order to have safe play tine with other breeds. As, you see, they were bred to be loyal to a human owner and can be a little bit antisocial when it comes to other dogs. Please as much as you love them. Don't get a GS when you're not prepared to give them the proper care. I've seen too many agressive GS that just weren't raised properly.

    Биляна Г.Биляна Г.Dzień temu
  • beautiful dog

    Mary T.Mary T.Dzień temu
  • Excuse my ignorance, why not shave all the hair off once a year ?

    Al KingAl KingDzień temu
  • Those names of the dog products sound all suspicious to me. If you want to know more call me at 555-NOT-A-SCAM-AT-All (50ct/sec).

    Freethinking Влади́мирFreethinking Влади́мирDzień temu
  • isn’t that a boy? I don’t see dimples on its face.

    DreamonizeDreamonizeDzień temu
  • She looked better before coming to you

    Jagvir SodhiJagvir SodhiDzień temu
  • Wow the transformation

    Chrissy KelleyChrissy KelleyDzień temu
  • Now all I need to see is you grooming a chow chow or a tibetan mastiff

    Marko LigayaMarko LigayaDzień temu
  • amazing

    NeryNightNeryNightDzień temu
  • They're still used as war dogs today.

    Mars KXNGMars KXNGDzień temu
  • Maya while drying her feet:💃💃💃💃

    Bakugou PomeranianBakugou PomeranianDzień temu
  • I literally whistled after her grooming. You go sassy girl 😍

    Shubham VermaShubham VermaDzień temu
  • good post

    ThothThothDzień temu
  • Please do some long videos as well. Love your style

    de Havillandde HavillandDzień temu
  • She is absalutuly gorgeous what a lovely dog.

    Bob BobbinBob BobbinDzień temu
  • Does all long coat GSDs' get the Lion like mane ?

    The NotoriousThe NotoriousDzień temu
  • so cute

    Lucia SeacreatureLucia SeacreatureDzień temu
  • Such a beauty 😍

    HelvegenHelvegenDzień temu
  • They like her to look natural ? It's a breed. This animal would not exist if it were not for humans. There is no Natural appearance

    Flyte IndustriesFlyte Industries2 dni temu
  • CBD dog treats? Seriously?! So it’s not enough half of the US is regularly drugging themselves? They have to do it to their pets too?! That takes things to another level entirely. Greetings from a cardiologist (Germany).

    Howard LalyHoward Laly2 dni temu
  • That ain't no "German shepherd" - it's a MOTT

    John De La RosaJohn De La Rosa2 dni temu
  • such a transformation!!

    Logan CarlsbadLogan Carlsbad2 dni temu
  • Love the soap gun

    Kelly DubeKelly Dube2 dni temu
  • Beautiful dog

    Kelly DubeKelly Dube2 dni temu
  • :)

    Carlos SCarlos S2 dni temu
  • What a gorgeous dog

    Kiran KhareKiran Khare2 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Kiran KhareKiran Khare2 dni temu
  • Maya is gorgouse german shepard .Wat a transformation after she was groomed .There beautiful intelligent dogs .I had german shepard before sheeba was her name she was beautiful .Sadly she passed away .Miss her all the time .R.I.P. MY ANGEL .Love the video .Thank u for sharing xx .

    Seductivelady55 Seductivelady55Seductivelady55 Seductivelady552 dni temu
  • why did you wear that weird hat??

    Ari WengerAri Wenger2 dni temu
    • She uses it so that dog hair doesn't fly on her face

      AnneAnneDzień temu
  • So, what you're saying is that Maya's owner can brag: "Heck, even my dog does weed!"

    Anand SharmaAnand Sharma2 dni temu
  • She is gorgeous and has a great name 🤣

    MayaMaya2 dni temu
  • Maya is such a pretty and well behaved girl! Love , love german sheperd !

    Coffee LoverCoffee Lover2 dni temu
  • Gorgeous dog. 🐶😍

    Neil LoboNeil Lobo2 dni temu
  • That fur was a lot more HD than I was expecting.

    Tuna WasteTuna Waste2 dni temu
    • plworld.info/show/f2Nqq92rZF_LX7Q/wideo.html

      hamza hanifhamza hanif18 godzin temu
  • I'd enjoy a longer clip of the deshedding in the bath :-)

    Nicole HNicole H2 dni temu
  • Ooooo

    Zoe McCaulZoe McCaul2 dni temu
  • Than dont brush i guess ?

    Timmi die Taube TaubeTimmi die Taube Taube2 dni temu
  • So nice, Brasil here

    Gabriel MattosGabriel Mattos2 dni temu
  • I wish my German shepherds came trained. I’d say the opposite but it was the breeder’s fault, honestly.

    The Polish CowThe Polish Cow2 dni temu
  • What a beauty

    Mark ScanlanMark Scanlan2 dni temu
  • Dogs like weed???

    Yao BlackYao Black2 dni temu
  • So eine Schönheit und so tapfer❤❤👍

    ladymaus123ladymaus1232 dni temu
  • What a beauty 😍

    Richard ErmstrangRichard Ermstrang2 dni temu

    Sister ChristianSister Christian2 dni temu
  • You can tell that the owners have a lot of money because dog grooming is not what you would call cheap. We commoners make other arrangements such as we shampoo our dogs with Dawn dish soap and if that doesn't work, we do it again. Next, we buy our own perhaps used sheers, making sure to get new blades for it. Since it's mid June, officially summer where we live, we will cut his hair 2 centimeters from the skin, giving him a decent even butch. You want to talk about a happy dog? That dog goes from a panting oppressed personality to an high octane puppy in a mornings time. And that is why we butch our Shepard before trimming his nails and snipping out as much toe hair as we can. Then we hose him off to take care of the cut hair. We even cut off the tail hair so that it doesn't stand out like a broom sticking out his butt. Again, you should see how happy he is. I don't understand people, they have animals that are "not" indigenous to the region yet they force them to suffer just for their selfish needs. Now that's animal cruelty. I once had a very short term girl friend who thought sleeping with her ex husband once in a great while wasn't considered cheating. Anyway, she had two adult huskies and we went to he beach on a lake in 32°C 90°F heat. The dogs were not happy and she could not see this at all. Just as soon as I put up the small sun shade, both dogs got out of the sun light and flop to their sides panting like crazy. So I told her your dogs shouldn't be here. She said, "where should they be then"? I said, "try one of the poles" and ended with my dogs species vs climates, adding that her dogs were not indigenous to this hot and humid Georgia interior region. And then she showed her complete indifference to my argument and told me to go for a walk or something. It was obvious that it wasn't in her interest to hear facts, which was probably why she was religious as well. So I said, "sure", and I unhooked both her dogs to her obvious discontent and both ran into the water until they were swimming. Then they frolicked at the water's edge to where I had to leash them and chose to stay with them until their mom was done tanning. They did not want to leave the lake at all. Victoria was un happy because now she will have to wash the dogs and clean out her car when she got home. And I said, "no you don't because I let them go at it". I'll gladly do it. And of course she let me. The following weekend, she didn't want to go to the lake. She just wanted us to stay at her apartment under the swamp cooler and have some fun and veg out. When it came time to take her dogs for a walk, she just took them to the front gate where the grassy city easement was just so they could do #1 or #2. At least she would pick up after them. But that was it. No long walks at all either Sat or Sun. So I told her that she was a horrible pet owner, which led to our break up.

    Robert BRobert B2 dni temu
  • Is there a use for pet hair, other than throwing it in the trash? I heard something about using it as a deer deterrent.

    Sonoma NaturalSonoma Natural2 dni temu
  • She is a beautiful beautiful girl and what a great video and service you preform for her 😃👍

    Alison SmithAlison Smith2 dni temu
  • Dry Maya: majestic wolf Wet Maya: el chupacabra

    Dissociative CrowDissociative Crow2 dni temu
  • Mmmmmmmmm. Dog tastes good.

    Neil WatkinsNeil Watkins2 dni temu
  • What a BEAUTIFULand good DOGO 🐕😁👍

  • If someone broke into this dogs house, she'd growl and the robbers would think she's a Lion.

    shaunthesheep24shaunthesheep242 dni temu
  • Had one love her pearl 13years

    Robert MarionRobert Marion2 dni temu
  • Dogs just see brushing as you stealing the fluff

    Null BubbleNull Bubble2 dni temu
  • dog got the brand new fade

    Darrel DarrenmanDarrel Darrenman2 dni temu
  • I must agree that german sherpherd sure are loyal and very intelligent, but some puppies like mine are so crackhead, he is really goofy too! I'm pretty sad that i dont live in EUA, iam a Brazilian fan that doesn't know very much of english hopping to some day live in Eua!!

    Ana Victória Lustosa FernandesAna Victória Lustosa Fernandes2 dni temu
  • Beautiful work

    Journeys EndJourneys End2 dni temu
  • Years ago a friend of mine when I still lived at home had a German Shepherd named Pi. There was a stone wall that ran the length of the park across the street that I would lift her up onto and then we would run back and forth I miss Pi to this day.

    Michael S.Michael S.2 dni temu
  • She sounds like a female version of chills.

    deadratdeadrat2 dni temu
  • 2:34 Someone please make a Loreal comercial out of this. Because you´re worth it

    Max VookyMax Vooky2 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️

    Simmi RawatSimmi Rawat2 dni temu
  • She’s a beauty!

    FordFFordF2 dni temu
  • I would like to see you hugging each dog at the end of their grooming.

    Nikhil HatwarNikhil Hatwar2 dni temu
  • Why are you talking like a robot? Just speak in your normal talking voice lol.

    J TJ T2 dni temu
  • Hey isnt it neccesary to wash a bit of her head too?

    Kijura -Kijura -2 dni temu
  • May I ask what is the shower attachment brand ?

    stuwystuwy2 dni temu
  • I don’t know what it is about the term “grinch feet” but it makes me giggle every time.

    Sid LindaasSid Lindaas2 dni temu
    • plworld.info/show/f2Nqq92rZF_LX7Q/wideo.html

      hamza hanifhamza hanif18 godzin temu
  • for the rithm

    Ross DeVoreRoss DeVore2 dni temu
  • Cameron Diaz, what in the fuck?

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone2 dni temu
  • "Tap dancers across the world hates this dog"

    StrangepeteStrangepete2 dni temu
  • Most monotone voice ever

    MohkwinMohkwin3 dni temu
  • I don't even have a dog lol

    Tracy LynnTracy Lynn3 dni temu
  • Amazing 👏

    darryl dysondarryl dyson3 dni temu