LGR - Opening Stuff You Sent Me! April 2019

8 kwi 2019
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Vintage computer hardware, oddware, PC games, electronics, and strange old tech. Awesome donations as always, thank you so much!
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  • Hey Clint, did you play the game "The Summoning" from 1992? That's one of the games I played wayback 94'.

    Raven curse2007Raven curse2007Miesiąc temu
  • Podręczna konsola do gier to Atari Lynx.

    Przemysław CyprysPrzemysław Cyprys2 miesięcy temu
  • You'll be covering the Lenovo X1 in 20 years.

    Brian KiwaaBrian Kiwaa2 miesięcy temu
  • 4:14 i didnt even know they still do these promotional inserts! I found these comic book magazines from the 90s and they always have card inserts from Topps or a mini magazine of some sort. Its really cool

    Noah BoatNoah Boat6 miesięcy temu
  • Anybody got a Lynx to that game system?

    Matthew BrennerMatthew Brenner6 miesięcy temu
  • 18:51 LGR's inner gremlin is showing.

    PandaXclone2PandaXclone28 miesięcy temu
  • I have some things I want to send but I can't find an address on any of your pages! :(

    Andy InfinityAndy Infinity9 miesięcy temu
  • Real - ein mal hin, alles drin xD

    TodiTodi10 miesięcy temu
  • 11:50 Ah man I have so many memories with Math Blaster 1 and 2, first computer we had with a sound card these were the first I ever heard from it. GC's voice and the vaguely Dudley DooRight voice of Blasternaut was a fun time. Oddly the first computer (Wanted to say Pc but this was not a Pc and technically it was the second computer but the other was a Outmoded Wang even if I had wanted to fix it no one sold parts for it at the time.) was a Tandy 1000, and while my dad got some functions in DOS I remain DOS Illiterate which sucks cause I got a couple games I want to play got the files but I got to start them with Dos Box so I need a DOSbox for dummies. Does such a book or PDF exist, Clint you'd be the best for me to ask.

    Plokman040Plokman040Rok temu
  • lol that wireless mouse, i had a infrared wireless snes controller.

    Tristen BTristen BRok temu
  • holy shit, that notebook looks awesome!

    Daxter250Daxter250Rok temu
  • Another PLworldr got the same Lenovo box, in fact it was This Does Not Compute.

    Stuff SquadStuff SquadRok temu
  • the fact that LGR got gifted with the X1 is for me already a good advert for the product

    joseph gary sanchezjoseph gary sanchezRok temu
  • Love old batteries as well just something about them

  • Everytime you say "up my alley" i think you'll say "up my ass"

    CrazyMaxerreCrazyMaxerreRok temu
  • wow a free i7 laptop, you lucky devil!!

    lardosianlardosianRok temu
  • Nice of you to pass along the Thinkpad. Good job.

    goodbi99goodbi99Rok temu
  • i had a radion ATI 9700 back in the mid 2000s it was the first graphics card i installed my self when i was 14-15 years old. i played doom 3 and half life 2 on it.

    chris carterchris carterRok temu
  • I'm Jealous AF that you got a new Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop! - I wish I had one.

    Eggplant Co.Eggplant Co.Rok temu
  • Ahh, Xenophobe for the Lynx is actually pretty cool! I was born in 2001, so I def have not experienced the true nostalgia of big boxed PC games, but you've definitely inspired me for all of it. Right now I only own a few that I was positive would play with my computer or with a secondhand application: Dungeon Siege, Diablo II, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Baldurs Gate 2, Titan Quest, and Myst - but such a wide variety of gifts is awesome. You definitely deserve such recognition, as I'm sure you've introduced a lot of people to more "vintage" electronics.

    liddle creacherliddle creacherRok temu
  • We use the ThinkPad X1 carbon at work. Amazing machine.

    Vijay VisweswaranVijay VisweswaranRok temu
  • Killer Thinkpad for modern stuff. You might be able to use that for producing your videos if you ever travel.

    Zachary DrummondZachary DrummondRok temu
  • Wow! Nice Thinkpad, that was pretty neat of Lenovo to send it.

    Miss Time BunnyMiss Time BunnyRok temu
  • omg wolf3d 1-3 precision software release with green disk... this is not shareware, actually very rare mail order version

    ps1337ps1337Rok temu
  • Have you visit 3DRealms pack they released. One was pulled but I was lucky to get the one that included Duke 3D

    William DWilliam DRok temu
  • LGR mad respect with your unboxing's.

    Syhris RexSyhris RexRok temu
  • Nice gesture by Lenovo

    Romess1Romess1Rok temu
  • I have an IR wireless mouse. Works fine, you just need your desk set up correctly so the transceiver on the mouse has a clear line of sight to the transceiver connected to the PC. Of course not as convenient as a 2.4g signal, but all this stuff was before wifi etc.

    CheepchipsableCheepchipsableRok temu
  • I have an IR wireless mouse. Works fine, you just need your desk set up correctly so the transceiver on the mouse has a clear line of sight to the transceiver connected to the PC. Of course not as convenient as a 2.4g signal, but all this stuff was before wifi etc.

    CheepchipsableCheepchipsableRok temu
  • Okay I cannot be the only one who thought the note said "g'day cunt at 3:37. The guy is Australian too. How perfect.

    λEpic SwagλλEpic SwagλRok temu
  • That "G'day Clint" looks like something a whole lot different.

    Ferval LankmanFerval LankmanRok temu
  • that's called a laptop dude....

    E psilonE psilonRok temu
  • Did anyone else read the Aussie dude's letter as 'G'day Cun%'? It's actually a very common Australian greeting.

    ImoldGregImoldGregRok temu
  • Do you have, or would you like, all the old TSR/SSI games? I think I have Pools of Radiance and Pools of Darkness somewhere. Also, I believe you do have this, but maybe not. Those last few Infocom games reminded me. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure?

    Marc KennerMarc KennerRok temu
  • Wait is his name clint, if so that pretty cool It been 10 years since ive seen someone with my name

    Clint HuffClint HuffRok temu
  • Shroud of the Avatar had so much potential but it just flopped so.... softly. Absolute trash game, NOTHING alike to the glory days of Ultima Online.

    DrQuinMagnaDrQuinMagnaRok temu
  • They sent him a free high-end laptop.... holy crap...

    Goreface69Goreface69Rok temu
  • I want that intel keychain please!!!!

    Cesar FerrariCesar FerrariRok temu
  • I'm normally not a fan of unboxing or mailbag videos but you receive some of the strangest and nicest things. It's a joy to watch you open this stuff.

    The MagisterThe MagisterRok temu
  • Are we really not talk about that ATI&Nvidia card?

    m4ktubm4ktubRok temu
  • That think pad reminds me of work 😭😭😭

    Jonathan InglisJonathan InglisRok temu
  • review that Lenovo x1 please

    mi mundo de dibujosmi mundo de dibujosRok temu
  • I work in IT, and the hospital I work for uses these x1's and they are amazing

    browbass17browbass17Rok temu
  • the x1 keyboard gave me nightmares

    ForessTube YTForessTube YTRok temu
  • Oh man, VRML, that is a trip to nostalgiaville. I used to be on a site called cybertown.com for years. It made heavy use of Blaxxun Contact and there were tons of user-created things you could buy in the virtual mall with your virtual credits. I think I stayed around 7-8 years starting in 1999. It was booming until they went to a pay model, with promises of super futuristic replacement 3D tech that never really happened. Eventually Integrated Virtual Networks (the company that bought out CT and turned it to a pay model, with the unkept promises and whatnot) shut down entirely.

    SnarkAdminSnarkAdminRok temu
  • i swear i thought the aussie one said "g'day c*nt" lmao

    Alex DosciousAlex DosciousRok temu
  • That wallet is cool.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonRok temu
  • Did you get my anthrax?

    Space MooseSpace MooseRok temu
  • that MetalJesus guys visited Ex-SIERRA Game Developer on his channel

    michaeltechroommichaeltechroomRok temu
  • LGR i have an idea for next edutainment month, can you do a run on the Jumpstart games? I used to play them as a kid and now i can't really find them anywhere. It would be awesome ot be able to show my 7 year old how daddy learned when he was a kid. Keep up the great work on the videos, love it.

    Jericho PelousJericho PelousRok temu
  • I love LGR. I think, however, the sniffing everything is strange lol.

    Alphacannes 21Alphacannes 21Rok temu
  • Hey - Hope you enjoy the books!! yes, it's best to code on the 128k Spectrum :)

    Gazzapper GamesGazzapper GamesRok temu
  • I can't believe someone just sent you a Lynx. Those things are not cheap. I was looking at getting one myself...but that much for an older handheld with a rather crappy screen. If you Google BennVenn he has a drop in screen replacement with a modern LCD for like $40.

    AOClausAOClausRok temu
  • Church of Clint!

    Roger SkagerströmRoger SkagerströmRok temu
  • Oh sweet sweet laptop! Good Guy Lenovo!

    Roger SkagerströmRoger SkagerströmRok temu
  • Holy crap, your friend is going to piss their pants when you give them that X1.

    TigerofGermanyTigerofGermanyRok temu
  • Too many ads now.

    Captain ZantorCaptain ZantorRok temu
  • Well God damn a whole ThinkPad X1??? Impressive.

    itsGazaIanitsGazaIanRok temu
  • Please Clint do a video on the Atari Lynx please. Keep the laptop, that is actually a very nice laptop to have.

    GugaGugaRok temu
  • That ATARI Lynx is true love......

    原野原野Rok temu
  • Would you ever do a episode on Mplayer ? I feel like that was the peek of 90's and early 2000's pc online gaming

    Ronnie RaygunRonnie RaygunRok temu
  • Clint, you're a total computer bad@$$, just like Duke Nukem's a bad@$$! Keep saving computer history! #LongtimeFan

    Melissa HashMelissa HashRok temu
  • Holy Lenovo

    Neil MacNeilNeil MacNeilRok temu
  • LGR receives Thinkpad X1 laptop -- Totally unimpressed, puts on shelf where it stays for 40 years until its interesting.

    TheOtherSteelTheOtherSteelRok temu
  • 5:46 That looks like the same thing on your profile picture, LGR!

    Sawyer IqueSawyer IqueRok temu
  • I hope you cover Mortalus. I've never played ir nor even heard of it, but that box is pulling me in immediately. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's triggering Knightmare nostalgia (if you're not aware of that British kids show from the 90s, look up some footage of it. It was amazing) It looks like a game I'd definitely have looked at longingly in the game store, fully aware we never really had a PC good enough for games.

    DragonNexusDragonNexusRok temu
  • man your channel is so wholesome and relaxing. thanks for making videos dude

    sprflyenyasprflyenyaRok temu
  • Arrgh! I bet you're using you tube's automatic ad placement for the ad in the middle of the video. It was right in the middle of you speaking this time. Seriously jarring. I know they say they'll choose an optimal point to insert the ad, they lie!

    Kevin LoughinKevin LoughinRok temu
  • My Hp lapptop just died and my backup is an IBM thinkpad circa 2003-04 EXCHANGE ??

    mavmavRok temu
  • :D

    plan7aplan7aRok temu
  • That Lynx tho!!! Please do a review!

    Luke LunnLuke LunnRok temu
  • Like your channel very much. Could you try to install a Netscape Browser and see how it works, if it still does....

    Peter CorneliusPeter CorneliusRok temu
  • >opens up modern thinkpad laptop ''that's really neat, i don't even know what it is'' You crack me up clint XD

    X Razorsz XX Razorsz XRok temu
  • clint bazinga

    AlanMixAlanMixRok temu
  • For those outside of Australia, Stack is the official promo magazine / catalogue of JB Hi Fi, one of our leading AV stores. I didn't even know about their Fallout 76 vinyl soundtracks!

    QJ89QJ89Rok temu
  • I-I'm on an Inspiron 1545 LGR....uh, I could use that lap...top, uh...d'oh.

    SSFhighcommandJOHNSSFhighcommandJOHNRok temu
  • How do we send you stuff? I would like to send you something! :)

    Rachel CopelandRachel CopelandRok temu
  • You deserve it man. You can really tell you love it.

    Preston MoneyPreston MoneyRok temu
  • X1 carbon : hey there buddy! Clint : yeah I know who could make a good use of you, but I'll keep the socks and the shirt.

    Caferock GaritoCaferock GaritoRok temu
  • Love your unboxing videos more than any others. Not sure why!

    Adrian DenningAdrian DenningRok temu
  • I am a big Lenovo fan, love my X1 Carbon, but I would have probably still been more excited about the Atari Lynx than the X1 laptop :-P

    KamakazihampsterKamakazihampsterRok temu
  • Awesome! Great episode of OSYSM. I'd like to see videos on: the wireless infrared mouse, Mortalus and whatever the heck VRML is, maybe listen to a bit of that weird Baltika Years record? Or just a record themed episode

    JustAtmosphericNoiseJustAtmosphericNoiseRok temu
  • 6:54 i have 2 of those in excellent condition and they both still work

    flipflipRok temu
  • 6:55 I had that same card back in 2006! A friend of my stepdad gave it to me. I used it to play Oblivion.

    Nicholas MarkovichNicholas MarkovichRok temu
  • You are really blessed, Lenovo sending you an X1. That's one of the best ultrabook out there, even when compared with the vaunted Macbooks.

    VulcanSpockVulcanSpockRok temu
  • I shrieked in delight when Wishbringer came up. This was one of the first games I remember playing on our Atari ST as a tiny child. To this day, when I pick up an umbrella I think "TAKE UMBREKKA" which was an example of a typo in the manual.

    Chris McLeodChris McLeodRok temu
  • Omg new ThinkPad! I've been saving up for one. I still have a super long way to go, but that's the laptop I'm getting. I have a few of the old fashioned IBM ones, but Lenovo has really kept it going.

    DaarkDaarkRok temu
  • Somebody is gonna be really happy. My boss bought me an X1 Carbon a few months ago and it's literally the best laptop I've ever owned. It's killer even by ThinkPad standards.

    Andrew CollingsAndrew CollingsRok temu
  • Oooh goodies😍😍

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 88Rok temu
  • Lenovo is so cool

    Sine NomineSine NomineRok temu
  • I love the opening stuff people send series, but I hope it doesn't turn more into companies send gifts to promote themselves kind of thing. They can just invest into ads on the video if they are that interested.

    NightpireNightpireRok temu
  • All hail the church of LGR!

    nekomarulupinnekomarulupinRok temu
  • Can you reviewe the “Earth 2100” series (Earth; 2140, 2150, and 2160)?

    A NonA NonRok temu
  • There is nothing better than watching Clint unboxing stuff on friday morning.

    NoobGyverNoobGyverRok temu
  • Lenovo's big fan of LGR but they don't follow him on Twitter. There's something amiss there.

    José Ignacio SilvaJosé Ignacio SilvaRok temu
  • Just WOW! Thanks for sharing, Clint!

    It's a Pixel THINGIt's a Pixel THINGRok temu
  • ATI 9800Pro was such a beast, I couldn't afford one in high school, had to go with a 9200SE.

    TinribTinribRok temu
  • Brixtyfour build video when?

    trekchutrekchuRok temu
  • I laughed when I (mis)read "G'DAY CLINT".

    JerlJerlRok temu
    • Jerl I know right, it was hilarious 😂

      Yevgeny StromecYevgeny StromecRok temu
  • @LGR hey dude I just wanted to tell you that a Fujitsu stylistic 2300 in perfect condition with travel case and original pen for 100 dollars on eBay I saw you’ve made videos on computer tablets in the past so I thought it would be cool if you did one on that it doesn’t have a charger tho

    galaxygalaxyRok temu