10 Products That Will Get Kids Ready For The Real World!

26 cze 2020
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Do you have kids? Are YOU a kid? same. Well this video will help you get prepared for the harsh realities of the real world. We could all use some help
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  • 1946

    Family ArmisteadFamily Armistead2 dni temu
  • The meaning of money is rank high mid and low

    Jesus GomezJesus Gomez2 dni temu
  • The nut bat is the safest

    Jesus GomezJesus Gomez2 dni temu
  • 23

  • 23 Tan man

    TTV ALTRATTV ALTRA3 dni temu
  • 34

    fyrefytrvk40fyrefytrvk403 dni temu
  • We need money to live

    Oceanna RockwoodOceanna Rockwood3 dni temu
  • Saw bat please

    Oceanna RockwoodOceanna Rockwood3 dni temu
  • Yes

    Claire BClaire B3 dni temu
  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥ow my luv

    Claire BClaire B3 dni temu
    • It's great for your children 😋😜😝😛

      Claire BClaire B3 dni temu
    • Ooooo

      Claire BClaire B3 dni temu
  • 18 in. Fatty and nut bat

    Rian EubankRian Eubank3 dni temu
  • 29

    Vicky CochranVicky Cochran4 dni temu
  • I think ur maybe 26???

    Jonathan DewittJonathan Dewitt5 dni temu
  • Tanner. If you see this. 5 months Later. I believe you're 38

    Mr. SimpMr. Simp6 dni temu
  • I miss when Luna said doper

    bigbarnny manbigbarnny man6 dni temu
  • Are you 24

    EXL_ BR33ZYEXL_ BR33ZY6 dni temu
  • 33

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  • Hello

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  • nut bat lol

    daxboxgamerdaxboxgamer8 dni temu
  • Tanner is 25

    Kaynan NixKaynan Nix8 dni temu
  • *Since Tanner asked how old I think he is.. I'd say 24 or 25?*

    Info the Fishy IcewingInfo the Fishy Icewing8 dni temu
  • I remember when Luna said doper

    Hudson’s AdventuresHudson’s Adventures8 dni temu
  • 36

    Hudson’s AdventuresHudson’s Adventures8 dni temu
  • 38

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  • 1978

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  • 24

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  • I think Tanner is 24

    Zahyra HernandezZahyra Hernandez9 dni temu
  • Remember shark boy and lava girl mor like shark boy and Luna girl

    Stop motion Potion 22Stop motion Potion 229 dni temu
  • nut bat

    randy lewisrandy lewis10 dni temu
  • 22

    Stephanie McCaigStephanie McCaig10 dni temu
  • tanner wants that 90inch nut bat

    Carlo PinoCarlo Pino10 dni temu
  • I think Tanner is 35 just guessing

    Nova WorldNova World10 dni temu
  • Age :69420 basicly Jesús

    Óðinn Logi StefánssonÓðinn Logi Stefánsson10 dni temu
  • You you rat 🐭🐭🐭🐭🐹🧀

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  • 22

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  • 80

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  • Tanner is 28

    Erin AndersonErin Anderson10 dni temu
  • i like the ontero

    Amber BondAmber Bond11 dni temu
  • Tanner your ages 55 lol

    little lightninglittle lightning11 dni temu
  • 26

    Jimmy AllenJimmy Allen11 dni temu
  • Nut bat

    Scotty To hottyScotty To hotty11 dni temu
  • 45 yrs old?

    Yasmina YYasmina Y12 dni temu
  • 4

    Gabrielle BellGabrielle Bell12 dni temu
  • 32?

    Quint BensonQuint Benson12 dni temu
  • probably will buy these for my future children

    MikeTheAnimatorMikeTheAnimator13 dni temu
  • taneer is 48

    sharan in wonder landsharan in wonder land13 dni temu
  • 24

    RoWeNiSsHoRtRoWeNiSsHoRt13 dni temu
  • They make washer and dryer combos already

    Keiff liKeiff li13 dni temu
  • "Get ready for the real world" has a robot vaccum

    Keiff liKeiff li13 dni temu
  • OMG HI, I'm so happy that your daughter is named luna (idk if u spell it like me) because I'm called luna and can u do more?

    luna guietluna guiet13 dni temu

    Kendal PerazzolaKendal Perazzola14 dni temu
  • I think tanners 25 or 24

    mags zqxmags zqx14 dni temu
  • Tan man is 25

    Devin ErlewineDevin Erlewine14 dni temu
  • your 31 I think

    Tara SilveaTara Silvea15 dni temu
  • WHO in the comments actually tried to guess tanners age

    Kaden OkanekoKaden Okaneko15 dni temu
  • 32

    Rowan McGaviganRowan McGavigan16 dni temu
  • 28 years old?

    It’s AidanIt’s Aidan16 dni temu
  • “Tanner, I want that 18 inch fatty!”

    FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on TwitterFSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter16 dni temu
  • 21

    Mindy DombrovskiMindy Dombrovski17 dni temu
  • 24

    mt_wolf_352 post352mt_wolf_352 post35217 dni temu
  • Your 97

    lil masterlil master18 dni temu
  • Tanman you are the bestttttttttttfrtttt I love you

    Sisters _forever233 ElishaSisters _forever233 Elisha18 dni temu
  • 29

    Sloth SavageSloth Savage18 dni temu
  • 🏆🏅🥇🎖🥈🥉

    Mehwish MoheetMehwish Moheet18 dni temu
  • tanner is 2 years old haha

    pro1leo unspeakable's no.1 fanpro1leo unspeakable's no.1 fan18 dni temu
  • He is 32

    Dexify RoyalDexify Royal19 dni temu
  • 30

    mark knottsmark knotts19 dni temu
  • Is tanner gay?

    Jayden SellmanJayden Sellman19 dni temu
  • 30

    Isabella GattieIsabella Gattie19 dni temu
  • Saw bat

    Parick Of HECKParick Of HECK19 dni temu
  • 29

    Not JaeNot Jae19 dni temu
  • Tanner :27

    Alpha TheDinoAlpha TheDino20 dni temu

    2 Kitchens2 Kitchens20 dni temu
  • tanner is 38

    buck nelsonbuck nelson20 dni temu
  • Awww Luna's grown so much! I remember when she was just a lil baby

    Ruby Sly RoseRuby Sly Rose20 dni temu
  • 27

    Nicu good 2011 ConNicu good 2011 Con20 dni temu
  • I think your 36 tanner

    Happy GirlsHappy Girls20 dni temu
  • 4:50 he has hair, but before that he's bald. someone pls explain

    MK KauanMK Kauan21 dzień temu
  • Tanner was born in 1366

    Minecraft_lover XdMinecraft_lover Xd21 dzień temu
  • 23

    Kalbe syedKalbe syed21 dzień temu
  • Tanner your age is 23

    Gacha DreamsGacha Dreams21 dzień temu
  • 32 .

    Jerry RopkeJerry Ropke22 dni temu
  • 25

    Rijul ShuklaRijul Shukla22 dni temu
  • age 36

    H masterH master23 dni temu
  • 21

    Johnny SleimanJohnny Sleiman23 dni temu
  • 26 tanner

    christian heraldchristian herald23 dni temu
  • do you guys agree with me that luna is so cute when she says dope(r)

    SAM MerzkeSAM Merzke24 dni temu
    • Pdophil

      RorejinRorejin22 dni temu
  • 23

    Ashton MatthewsAshton Matthews24 dni temu
  • I want that 18in FATTY

    KaidepoodoKaidepoodo24 dni temu
  • They do make a washer and stir in one but they are not as easy to find as a washer and driyer

    Kris SpindlerKris Spindler24 dni temu
  • 47’

    Zakaria AmiraZakaria Amira24 dni temu
  • I have been born with a triangle on my chest

    kyan YTkyan YT24 dni temu
  • 25

    Gabriel AgravanteGabriel Agravante25 dni temu
  • are you 63 years old?

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