But I am not blind...she is..

30 kwi 2021
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    • didn’t work on me, already seen it since 2019 😐🤚

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    • bruh-

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    • Sorry to be the aety pooper but the read more is darker lol

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    • I got confused, lol gg

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    • Fuck sake!

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  • ARE THEY THAT DUMB TO NOT REALIZE WHO WAS BLIND AND WHO WASN’T!? Oh wait this is gacha it’s the power of imagination that makes this possible not the low logic

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  • These kids don’t know that you only have white eyes if your blind

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  • emma screammmmm

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  • Can we just appreciate the fact that the blind girl's sis is not a brat

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  • I think the parrents are "blind", how couldn't they relize it by theirselves?

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  • Doctor: One of your children is blind but I'm not gonna tell you which one, I'll let your figure that one out on your own

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  • *The doctor could've just tell the mother which baby is blind, ngl-*

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  • The dad looks like deku/izuku from mha/bhna

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  • Okay but aren't they the parents? Why didn't they know that?

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  • U deserve more

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  • dude the scream brings back when connie died in tpn

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  • Bruh gacha logic is dumb

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  • why do they look like siblings

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  • I sometimes wonder how the child's eyes is white ...read more

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  • I hear Emma from TPN screaming in the back round

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  • That doctor is dumb

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  • I swear the start where she said: sissy where are you? Made me CRY

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  • I swear I thought this was a bnha thing for a sec

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  • omg for a second i thought that was inko and deku's dad from mha and i was confused why deku wasn't there, I can't look at anyone with green hair the same ever again after getting into the mha fandom-

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    • *even every time i look at broccoli......I see him*

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  • look I'm not trying to hate on anything but, that really doesn't make sense... people are truly blind usually have white eyes are foggy grey eyes with no color and they usually get their walking stick at a young age not when they are teens..

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  • Hi

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  • The dad looks like deku

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  • One thing I never get about this meme, don’t get me wrong I have made one just not posted it, but wouldn’t the parents notice the child would walk into things and ask where sombody is if their in the same room?

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  • What is the name of the cry at the end i need it

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  • Nurse be like: *One of them is blind,guess it*

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  • Why was there a scream at the end-

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  • Why do I feel like this was my hero acadimea?

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  • i just know the mom would have a gigantic forehead if she styled her bangs differently

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  • **puts Emma’s scream in cutely**

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  • If you ask me, the parents are the blind ones for not realizing which child is blind after all those years.

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  • The parents litterally look like siblings🤣

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  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU UPLOAD ANY GACHA RELATED THINGS. There are bots going around targeting Gacha tubers they have inappropriate profile picture and the comment says something similar to: “Wow SO GOOD

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  • Dekutsu Ok

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  • This is literally true I had a friend who had another friend who had colorful eyes but she was blind and Her parents didn’t even notice until I told them it’s really sad how people just expect blind people to have White eyes with Black pupils

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  • im sorry, it says 'one of your children' and it says 'are' again huh?

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  • Omg the dad looks like deku

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  • Damn it has been years and her parents did not notice that

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  • Is anyone going to talk about the dad looking like deku?

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  • PART 2 PLS :((((

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  • They were just born that way

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  • No one gonna talk about parents not knowing which one is blind? Like if they payed attention they would know-

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  • None of them is blind the mom is

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  • Amazing

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  • *Everyone, We learned A Lesson...* *Just because someone has white eyes, Doesn't mean they're blind. *Just because someone has colorful eyes, Doesn't mean they're not blind*

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  • A 1M !?!??!?!?! AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUU

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  • Emma’s scream tho-😩✋

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  • ✋😭😭I cannot look at a green gacha oc without thinking about Izuku Gon Yamaguchi or Tsu

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  • Why is there *_brocoli_* ?

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  • Hi how are you doing😇 Cuz I’m doing good☺️

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  • FINALLY! I found one of these where the blind person’s eyes aren’t white. Just a little something: People who are blind do not have white eyes. They have a normal eye color that sometimes might be faded.

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  • *hi*

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  • Was it me that heard emma's scream at the end?-

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  • I have a theory about this trend now.... since one of the daughters has a different eye color from both of the parents, I’m thinking the mom cheated on the dad with someone with white eyes making the daughter with white eyes 👀 I don’t think this made sense-

    「WitchOphelia」「WitchOphelia」6 dni temu
  • Ah yes because there parents never realised which child is blind even though they’ve been living with them for years

    Devil AshDevil Ash6 dni temu
  • Rantara’s parents?

    Birdy_ WeirdoBirdy_ Weirdo6 dni temu
  • This didn’t make much sense but love the editing and the style for the characters.

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya6 dni temu
  • Ah yes, what wonderful logic this goes by. "hmmmmm..... one kid is constantly bumping into things, whenever we show her something she says she cannot see it, and they also have obviously been to the doctor before, each doctor, kid, nurse, adult, has said she is blind, and she says she is blind..... and the other one has white eyes........ hmmmm..... ah yes, the white eyed one must be the blind one, even though she has never displayed any blind traits and she says she can see. such good parents we are. we most defiantly have more than the IQ of a pinecone, and defiantly are not so stupid it is shocking child protective services haven't been called."

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  • I finally understand this meme xD

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  • Im Sorry i thought that was deku and tsu😭

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  • How the heck do you not realize that your daughter is blind when you literally live in the same house

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  • No there blind the parents

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  • I'm confused of this

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  • you guys these "im not blind, she is" has a very great lesson..... not all blind people have white eyes

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  • 999K views omg -

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  • Why dad look like deku

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  • the parents really need to be paying attention to the doctors when they say which ones blind!!!

    It's KekiIt's Keki6 dni temu
  • I have a blind brother and I think this trend is really stupid. The parents would clearly notice if one of the children is blind so it doesn't make sense for them to just magically grow up without the parents noticing which one is blind. Please do some research if you're making a video about poeple with disabilities

    No uNo u6 dni temu
  • Wow love it😌☺️

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  • Moral of this video: Never give the wrong person the treatment always make sure it’s the right person

    •Kara_Gacha ••Kara_Gacha •6 dni temu
  • This is basically a story about, how if you have white eyes doesn’t mean your blind

    Knight Of GamesKnight Of Games6 dni temu
  • I got one thing to say BROCCOLI FAMILY

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  • So sad

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  • The parents is actually the blind one How come they have spend several years and didn't notice who can't see and who can?

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  • *sigh*hunny that’s not how that works.

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  • Never judge a book by it cover by a book

  • Can we just acknowledge the fact that they used Emma’s scream from Tpn? Like wooahh that made it Also very good 😌

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  • UwU

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  • She just has small eyes like levi

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  • Apparently I’m blind cuz I keep running into wAlls and tripping and stubbing my toe on the stairs everyday

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  • When ur eyes r that light and ur parents think ur blind:

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  • Why does the dad look like deku-

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  • Wow love it

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  • Why does the dad look like deku

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  • Remember your eyes don't have to be white to be blind👍👍👍

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  • like if i fooled you ...read more

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  • The meme hurts right? WHY DID U HAVE TO USE EMMA'S SCREAM?

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  • Thither are blind the parents are

    MrswercatMrswercat7 dni temu
  • Blind people don’t know where they’re supposed to be exactly looking and their eyes are a little different

    fanlou18 _fanlou18 _7 dni temu
  • Tsu deku is dat you tsu you need to go with uraraka and deku you need to go back with bakugou and todoroki

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