Otis opens up about Heavy Machinery split: WWE’s The Bump, Oct. 14, 2020

15 paź 2020
66 465 wyświetleń

Mr. Money in the Bank unpacks being separated from his “peach” Mandy Rose and his Heavy Machinery partner Tucker in the 2020 WWE Draft.
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  • Maybe he rides a Harley Davidson from the past this wrestler...........

  • Vince really tryna loose fans these days with separating teams

    DARKZ -_-DARKZ -_-4 dni temu
  • It's good to see Otis is going places.

    Monster BatMonster Bat4 dni temu
  • It all began when the Iiconics divided, think about it...

    Zombie 7Zombie 74 dni temu
  • Otis cashing in the mitb for the universal title. Tucker wins the heavyweight title. Both of them fighting in survival series. Let's go !!!

    Muın MunırMuın Munır4 dni temu
  • I love the way otis and Mandy faked their relationship 😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

    Nishant PardhanNishant Pardhan4 dni temu
  • now its time for heavy push for otis..

    Nik LuqmanNik Luqman5 dni temu
  • What exactly was the point of splitting tag teams, when there are hardly any really good tag teams out there currently? Unless the goal is to continue to make singles competitors just mix and match tag teams and pray that it works out.

    Kyle SechristKyle Sechrist5 dni temu
  • Oh Nooooooooo....

    Hong Fei BaiHong Fei Bai5 dni temu
  • Otis and Liv??

    NM'S ArcadeNM'S Arcade5 dni temu
  • Wwe these days destroying talented superstars and tag teams😒😒😒

    Unish RajbanshiUnish Rajbanshi5 dni temu
  • Money in the bank no1 champion

    Jason SmithJason Smith5 dni temu
  • No need for HM to be split up

    Im ViKiNgZIm ViKiNgZ5 dni temu
  • I feel bad for Otis and I knew that this year’s WWE draft picks was going to be the worst

    Andy GarciaAndy Garcia5 dni temu
  • Oo oiia

    RaPiD xxKinGRaPiD xxKinG5 dni temu
  • this is all Vince McMahon daft old codger he wanted Tucky and Mandy away from Otis

    Antonio McDonnellAntonio McDonnell5 dni temu
  • Dont worry otis Tucker is still on your heart dont be sad

    Joven Angel OcampoJoven Angel Ocampo5 dni temu
  • Otis should inherit WWE/WWF Legend Earthquake finishing move. It better than the Caterpillar

    Juan Hitter QuitterJuan Hitter Quitter5 dni temu
  • Amazing how Nikola Bogojevic immediately became Otis the moment they mentioned Mandy. Dedication to the character!

    Shreyansh AmritShreyansh Amrit6 dni temu
  • Otis next Mick Foley

    Giani LeeGiani Lee6 dni temu

    koyeta_face UWUkoyeta_face UWU6 dni temu
  • So what was the point of the split?

    ShockedPikachuShockedPikachu6 dni temu
  • Ayeeee Ocala Florida that’s my hometownnnn that’s wild

    Manny DoerrManny Doerr6 dni temu
  • These two guys barely got time on the main roster to prove themselves. New Day had 6 years. It was time for New Day to let Big E move on and do “big” things as his name states.

    gman2015gman20156 dni temu
  • We love you Otis

    Robert DepersioRobert Depersio6 dni temu
  • I think you're pretty damn good professional wrestler and I hope heavy machinery gets back together hope the best for you

    Cal SCal S6 dni temu
  • I have a feeling that tucker is going to start messing with Mandy rose

    Ace GlxyAce Glxy6 dni temu
  • After stupid decisions after another, I'm done with WWE. Mandy separated from Otis, now Tucker. CM Punk and Dean Ambrose were so right when they talked about awful management decisions in WWE

    iGiggsiGiggs6 dni temu

    Juan GomezJuan Gomez6 dni temu
  • Poor Otis 😭😭😭

    ZH spexzZH spexz6 dni temu
  • It's a shame that The Heavy Machinery are forced to be separated. Not gonna lie because it's lame enough that Otis and Mandy no longer on the same brand. Cause honestly, I was really hoping they'll become Tag Team Champs but hopefully when the 2 of them reunited with each other then I hope they'll finally become Tag Team Champs. I mean it's seems like he know how The New Day feel. However, since he still got his contract, perhaps he should focus on becoming the Universal Champ. So, we'll cheer for him and he got my some of my support. So I wish Otis the best of luck.😞😔😏☺️✊👊😊

    Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia6 dni temu
  • Y’all doing to much why y’all ruined the old superstar back in 2012 Like why

    Sonic the hedgehog huge fanSonic the hedgehog huge fan6 dni temu
  • I will never understand splitting Heavy Machinery up. Otis will be Otis, obviously, but Tucker will just job on RAW. They don’t even have many tag teams in general, so why split them?

    JayTh3FoxJayTh3Fox6 dni temu
  • What happens to the cross county championships

    Luke smithLuke smith6 dni temu
  • Wwe splitting tag teams without any reason and forming same tag team again Bars are getting united in triple tag team match And usos and heavy machinery and lucha House party are the sad examples New day split was needed but not all others

    548 Nilesh Tiwari548 Nilesh Tiwari6 dni temu
  • Big E and Otis at smackdown? Hmmm interesting, they both been separated from their tag team partners. 😳😳😳😳

    GnomeGnome6 dni temu
    • Hmmmhmm 🤔

  • You can hear how otis really is out of character talking about mandy and tucker

    XVirtual BeastX2XVirtual BeastX26 dni temu
  • So sad to not be with his peach and his brother but I feel like he will protect his money in the bank

    Su TartSu Tart6 dni temu
  • Wwe is messing up there shows bc they split the new day then them who the hells next

    Ryan LaChapelleRyan LaChapelle6 dni temu
  • Are they actually dating?

    goosey boy386goosey boy3866 dni temu
  • His voice omg

    rosalyn kuilanrosalyn kuilan6 dni temu
  • First the new day now heavy machinery

    Turkey PasteTurkey Paste6 dni temu
  • 👍😍👌🔥

    mahir Mahirmahir Mahir6 dni temu
  • 1.6k liker by the way

    Evan GmEvan Gm6 dni temu
  • You knew they would be separated when Tucker said Otis was on his own from the lawsuit😮

    diego shawndiego shawn6 dni temu
  • This is another example of the WWE not knowing how to use their roster.

    Chris BChris B6 dni temu
  • Why separate Smackdown tag teams and not Raw???!!!!

    Irresistible NayIrresistible Nay6 dni temu
  • Oh nooo

    J1qqly Dix WilliamsJ1qqly Dix Williams6 dni temu
  • U lowkey couldve just split hurt buisness they are the worst tag team ever im done wit wwe like yall mad lame especially for splitting the new day smfh

    Reality TMReality TM6 dni temu
  • Now wwe tag team champion division will be suck now. They don't have option for wwe tag team champion anymore. Its suck.

    Razak Riddle24Razak Riddle246 dni temu
  • I like otis but I don't like how wwe booking him. It's suck. They should won first wwe tag team champion first. After that wwe can single push for otis.

    Razak Riddle24Razak Riddle246 dni temu
  • Come on Otis you can do it without tracker you can win the WWE Championship room Drew McIntyre now you're on Monday Night Raw

    Iggy Star 2000Iggy Star 20006 dni temu
  • Trucky going to turn heel on otis

    Anwar RazaliAnwar Razali6 dni temu
  • Hell in a Cell Otis will cash in on the WWE Champion and win.

    GreenPsyco 12GreenPsyco 126 dni temu
  • Mi personaje favorito en WWE, lastima que le quitaron a Mandy y a Tuker, yo quería verlos como campeones en pareja.

    Absalón Madrigal ArroyoAbsalón Madrigal Arroyo6 dni temu
  • Poor Otis he got the money in the bank contract maybe besides miz is going to win the lawsuit maybe he needs a tidal to work

    illuminati headilluminati head6 dni temu

    Jonathan FunnellJonathan Funnell6 dni temu

    Jonathan FunnellJonathan Funnell6 dni temu
  • Is he from Wisconsin?

    the lifeofRomethe lifeofRome6 dni temu
  • O

    Tescocrew 3Tescocrew 36 dni temu
  • They were great as a tag team they are definitely gonna suck solo

    Darkboy5109Darkboy51096 dni temu
  • I feel bad for Otis because I think WWE is working towards pushing Tucker out of the WWE

    The RestThe Rest8 dni temu
  • If the old teams reunite during the next draft or the next time the draft doesn't matter, at least they didn't split up. They just got separated.

    Danny DangGangDanny DangGang8 dni temu
  • And now I know for a fact I will never watch WWE again

    Scott StaceyScott Stacey8 dni temu
  • I am SO SAD that Heavy Machinery split up. They were my favorite tag team above all the others.

    Big Money's LifeBig Money's Life8 dni temu
  • I don't think it was wise to split them tbh. Tucker will likely go on to job, sadly, whereas Otis will continue to be used (and overused) as a comedy act until that act gets tiresome. I don't understand why WWE thinks so little of their tag team division. You gotta to understand that there are some men and women that are MADE for tag, others can do both, and some are best for single competition. Use each to their natural strengths, don't butcher their potential.

    kayskreedkayskreed8 dni temu
  • Otis is the King. Oh Yeah. Lol. Otis rules.

    Frederick BlackwellFrederick Blackwell8 dni temu
  • Otis rules. Heavy Machinery are the awesome tag team of WWE. Otis and Tucker rocks.

    Frederick BlackwellFrederick Blackwell8 dni temu
  • Gee.. I wonder where this storyline is gonna go.. Otis on Smackdown.. Mandy and Tucker are on Raw.

    abeardwithtattoosabeardwithtattoos8 dni temu
  • It was unnecessary to split up Heavy Machinery. Completely unneeded.

    celebrityqueen713celebrityqueen7138 dni temu
  • First is The New Day and now Heavy Machinery because I'm heartbroken and shocked, but it is what it is. I just want to wish Otis nothing but the best on Smackdown and wish Tucker and Mandy Rose the best of luck on Raw. I like him and Mandy together as a couple on TV instead of in real life because she will always be his peach and him and Tucker are like brothers and I like them as tag team partners. For now, Mandy Rose is partnering with Dana Brooke and Otis and Tucker are now singles competitors. Tucker and Mandy will always have Otis' back and full of support. Again, good luck you guys in different WWE brands and keep on kicking butt.

    Kenneth CraytonKenneth Crayton8 dni temu
  • Heavy Machinery all time Great Time 💞🙌🙌🙌👊👊👊

    Johnston RanaJohnston Rana8 dni temu
  • Hey let’s break up fire and desire. Ok what do we do with Mandy now? Idk let’s put her in another tag team. Lol

    jeff wolfjeff wolf8 dni temu
  • There was no need to split them up. Didn’t even win the tag titles are have any sort of run.

    jeff wolfjeff wolf8 dni temu
    • that s because VINCE never give them the TITLES

  • Hopefully Otis and Tucker can do their own thing for a while, like the Dudley Boyz and APA did when they got drafted separately. Then get back together later.

    Anthony PAnthony P8 dni temu
  • Oh yes

    Pallavi RPallavi R9 dni temu
  • One!

    Ayad AliAyad Ali9 dni temu
  • Vince McMahon does not care about Tag Teams AT ALL. He probably saw Heavy Machinery and asked the two, "Whos the Shawn Michaels and who's the Marty Jennety?"

    Kayama KoomoriKayama Koomori9 dni temu
  • Big E And Otis should be A Tag Team

    carlton matlockcarlton matlock9 dni temu
    • Well, maybe... I guess.🤔🙄

      Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia6 dni temu
  • Otis could have gone to Raw and unite with Mandy

    FZ EssexFZ Essex9 dni temu
  • It was never worth splitting heavy machinery

    Mohamed HusseinMohamed Hussein9 dni temu
  • WWE: split up a bunch of tag teams Also WWE: lets swap raw and smackdown tag titles instead of combining them

    David TortillaTheGamecatDavid TortillaTheGamecat9 dni temu
    • yeah... the heck are they thinking

      Santana ToringSantana Toring8 dni temu
  • i like this voice better.

    DeanoDeano9 dni temu
    • Same

      Sonic the hedgehog huge fanSonic the hedgehog huge fan6 dni temu
    • I could definitely get behind this version of Otis. Which is him just being REAL.

      KeroZ25ZKeroZ25Z6 dni temu
  • online court sounds so cool

    Mahesh GharmaMahesh Gharma9 dni temu
  • I love WWE is awesome nice

    Bro BhBro Bh9 dni temu
  • Guy's i would be shock if Otis Mandy got married in WWE what if it happened at Hell in a cell macho man Randy savage married he's wife in a WWE ring but you well be okay Otis hang in there big guy at least you are still with big e now you still got him by your side on Firday nitgh so you are okay big guy and a good Hart that's why i love this man. Love you Big bro😎😎😎😎👊👊

    Oscar MachadoOscar Machado9 dni temu
    • RANDY MARRIED HIS WIFE AT SUMMERSLAM 1991 I REMEMBER THAT WELL I WAS 17 AT THE time . I don't know if ya know this or not ya more than likely do and that is that RANDY and his wife were all ready married in real life . OTIS and MANDY are not married in real life .

  • Be reminds me of clash of clans...

    AndreAndre9 dni temu
  • wwe

  • Stupid. So not only take away the feel good Mandy/Otis moment but they take away yet another legit Tag Title for what? Otis aint winning any world title and Tucker wont get any love on his own.

    Game OverGame Over9 dni temu
  • It's so nice that they are friends. The WWE drafted Retribution as a team, the Hurt Business as a team, and split Heavy Machinery. If that makes sense, I don't see it.

    Lt Reese96Lt Reese969 dni temu
    • Wwe also split the new day

      Jaychlamarie HernandezJaychlamarie Hernandez6 dni temu
    • It makes dollars

      Alex ChenAlex Chen6 dni temu
  • Heavy Machinery should stay together not separate them.

    JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico9 dni temu
    • @Ryan Porchia agreed with you bro.

      JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico6 dni temu
    • I agree with you. It's lame enough that Otis and Mandy are no longer at the same brand.

      Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia6 dni temu
  • Tucker should go back to NXT

    assembled 18assembled 189 dni temu
  • Dear WWe, Wtf. why don't you just unify the tag titles. Just do it.

    Sajib B.Sajib B.9 dni temu
  • I Hope that Heavy Machinery will be united soon.

    Vaughn BaskinVaughn Baskin9 dni temu
  • Otis is more valuable than people think. I say have him keep the 💼 briefcase and have him cash in on any title he wants, that's how he's gonna be branched out as a major singles star, I don't care if he invades NXT and cash in on Finn, but it'll make him relevant in WWE. Otis needs to be used to his potential.

    Michael L. RaynerMichael L. Rayner9 dni temu
    • ITS up too VINCE who OTIS cashs in on

  • Why is WWE splitting all the tag teams?? New Day, Lucha House Party, Bayley & Sasha, Alexa & Nikki, The Iconics, Andrade & Angel Garza, Seth and Murphy, Lana & Natalya, etc....

    Jaydeep SenJaydeep Sen9 dni temu
    • Because Vince doesn't like tag teams.

      ErizedErized6 dni temu
  • Dang WWE split iiconics new day now heavy machinery good tag teams I wish them all good luck

    morgan paulmorgan paul9 dni temu
  • Give Otis a title run. Have him caterpillar Lashley for the US title at the least. Hurt the hurt business, without cashing in the MITB.

    Stone SStone S9 dni temu
    • Otus sucks

      Manish JakhManish Jakh8 dni temu
  • Poor Tucker....hope he gets back with NXT or signs with a better company. He won’t do ANYTHING on Raw or Smackdown and House shows don’t really exist anymore, so the best for him. Otis is the Chris Farley of wrestling and obviously Vinny Mac loves physical humor, so he’s got nothing to worry about. Best of luck to you Tucker!

    Ben WesleyBen Wesley9 dni temu
  • rip Tucker's career lol

    Master Of MagikarpMaster Of Magikarp9 dni temu