LGR - Thrifts [Ep.22] After Dark

18 gru 2015
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Join me as I go out thrifting, in search of games and interesting goods at various discount shops! Christmas junk and nighttime weirdness.
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  • 0:50 Holy shit, they used these projectors when I was in grade school! They had these weird slideshow/audio book things, usually old ass nature documentaries or 60's live action Disney films. 3:00 I also had this board game as a kid, it had these different puzzles printed on cards you would slide into the board and these plasticized cardboard things you wrote your answer on in crayon.

    AdolphisMalomarAdolphisMalomarMiesiąc temu
  • a person would have to be a complete masochist to get that 3d puzzle from a Goodwill. There's about a 110% chance that not all the pieces are there so it's guaranteed anger and frustration in a box

    SharklopsSharklops5 miesięcy temu
  • what sony item is being shown at 1:14

    The Logical ChoiceThe Logical Choice6 miesięcy temu
  • 3:52 But do they ever have "Do They Know It's the Fourth of July" on VHS?

    Aya ReikoAya Reiko6 miesięcy temu
  • Glowing thingy? Um, a bulb perhaps?

    Eric SillsEric Sills7 miesięcy temu
  • Is there anything you didn't have as a kid?

    Ivan JovanovićIvan Jovanović7 miesięcy temu
  • 2:31 then maybe try dumpster diving

    The Nightime GamerThe Nightime Gamer8 miesięcy temu
  • Christmas ! or Halloween?

    SwoopySwoopy8 miesięcy temu
  • Only one episode to go and then we can see clint step on the lucky rock for the first time! 🥰

    Maxim NicolaMaxim Nicola8 miesięcy temu
  • I worked at construction, masonery, bricklayer, etc. We used to go trough a lot of cheap boomboxes, like maybe one each 2 weeks. Those Bosh boomboxes can and will survive the Apocalypse and beyond

    Héctor CoronaHéctor Corona9 miesięcy temu
    • yep, they will. The one in my attic survived a fire and a flood. Still works great.

      jamie1707jamie17079 miesięcy temu
  • We need more pinecones!

    Juan David Escobar AriasJuan David Escobar Arias9 miesięcy temu
  • I sense some TDS in this video

    Ass_Burgers_SyndromeAss_Burgers_Syndrome10 miesięcy temu
  • I know I am late to the party here, but these are so relaxing. And that is a lot of pine cones.

    Joel BerlakovichJoel Berlakovich10 miesięcy temu
  • Man we are REALLY enjoying these vids!

    DemmicDemmic10 miesięcy temu
  • That projector at the start was for showing "film strips." I remember them back in my earliest days of schooling in the 70s. When the accompanying audio cassette beeped, you advanced to the next frame. Yes, they were built like tanks to stand-up to school use.

    Douglas JohnsonDouglas Johnson10 miesięcy temu
  • Damn, ur goodwill stores are awesome. Ours here r garbage and no games and no older stuff .

    DOTcommDOTcomm11 miesięcy temu
  • Your offer of pine cones is sufficient. Thank you.

    Mike BelcourtMike Belcourt11 miesięcy temu
  • I thought the pine cones were teddy bears

    Julian MarkauJulian MarkauRok temu
  • I had that wooden disk case in the 80's. It was awesome. Still will be if I can find it in the garage archive.

    mikebell2112mikebell2112Rok temu
  • Couldn't find any Jerry Maguire tapes this episode either

    ExpressionExpressionRok temu
  • I had that Wheel of Fortune board game when I was a kid we used to play it all the time it's awesome

    BuddhaAtheist29BuddhaAtheist29Rok temu
  • Ahhh!! There was a copy of “The Movies”! I’ve been looking for that for a while

    Kat & JoeKat & JoeRok temu
  • I have a THING for card games Using this.

    Mari CampariMari CampariRok temu
  • All those crts are gonna get burn in by having movie menus constantly displayed on them

    thecrazyracoonthecrazyracoonRok temu
  • legend has it that if a goodwill employee throws away floppies after dark, clint will appear them looking forlornly at the now-empty case in their hands.

    SnowwikaSnowwikaRok temu
  • You passed up FEAR that was a great game.

    Dustin LaxtonDustin LaxtonRok temu
  • The Bosch radio at 9:52 is intended for use by contractors on construction sites.

    Lord PubliusLord PubliusRok temu
  • Ya know your pretty fortunate to find the stuff ya find, the goodwills I'm around usually never have stuff like what you find. Good thrifting man!

    war32mecwar32mecRok temu
  • The change in the soundtrack got me incommoded almost half of the video, but i ended loving it.

    Facundo EcheverríaFacundo EcheverríaRok temu
  • The pinecones are firelighters, you put them in your fireplace for kindling

    Rick KilimunRick KilimunRok temu
  • Going thrifting tomorrow, hope i find sum good shit

    TheSandwichSlayerTheSandwichSlayerRok temu
  • Has anyone ever said you sound like Duke Nukem..."It's time to kick ass and chew gum and i'm all out of gum"...Great channel LGR and fellow thrifter.

    simon connollysimon connollyRok temu
  • I think that projector at the beginning is a film strip projector. I remember my teacher using those in elementary school to teach lessons. There would usually be an audio cassette that accompany that, and you actually have to manually advance each frame when the cassette beeped.

    Jeff JJeff JRok temu
  • all the audio junk , i love watching thrifts reminds me of my thrifting adventures , i would fix all the audio stuff that's my specialty

    Rob DelpinoRob DelpinoRok temu

    Janus ZealJanus ZealRok temu
  • THE FROG PRINCE! I had that like 30 years ago. lol

    Scott LaursenScott LaursenRok temu
  • How do i semd.pictures of my thrifts?

    Stefano LugliStefano LugliRok temu
  • World in conflict is wonderful

    Stefano LugliStefano LugliRok temu

    FeiFeiRok temu
  • Yeah World in Conflict!

    Jannik SohnJannik SohnRok temu
  • Never too many pinecones....

    Texas ToastTexas ToastRok temu
  • The HP 10B is a business calculator that looks like the scientific models. The algebraic input instead of reverse polish will always be shunned by the hard-core HP collectors.

    CratecruncherCratecruncherRok temu
  • The elevated threat of getting jumped atnight whilst bringing one´s haul to the car makes this interesting. Do more.

  • Throwing away floppy disks is stupid, it's as if they don't understand how to delete data off of one.

    Sam RosenthalSam RosenthalRok temu
  • That Red Storm Rising find was awesome, such great memories from the C64 version.

    chuck woolrychuck woolryRok temu
  • "This is not book"

    Mike HostetlerMike HostetlerRok temu
  • That's a great retro W of F game. Nice!!

    J FeastJ FeastRok temu
  • MAHHHHVEEEEHHHHKAAAAA for $10. Crying here now.

    Николай НовицкийНиколай НовицкийRok temu
  • I KNEW IT!!! Someone has been seeding your Goodwills! Thought it was strange how much awesome stuff you find when ever Goodwill I go to just has clothes and broken junk.

    hk4124hk4124Rok temu
  • Its official, LGR is a vampire

    Sebastien MonetteSebastien MonetteRok temu
  • I am here to say happy birthday to this video. Happy birthday 🎂!

    Jam fetishJam fetishRok temu
  • I got to 6 inches and gave up... Story of my life..

    Yipp DoggYipp Dogg2 lat temu
  • That joystick chair is some "Elite Dangerous" shit

    Matthew ButlerMatthew Butler2 lat temu
  • Seriously, none of the thrift shops where I am have anything good lol. I wish ours looked like the ones in NC

    Sedated By lifeSedated By life2 lat temu
  • The "After Dark" flying toasters screen-saver were a really cool little touch

    Георги СтавревГеорги Ставрев2 lat temu
  • I once saw a in box Mavica

    Fans, computers plus moreFans, computers plus more2 lat temu
  • I just like to feel it up. At night.

    Mike BuckMike Buck2 lat temu
  • Somebody actually found an complete Amstrad PC, wow would love that.

    Niels RoetertNiels Roetert2 lat temu
  • Ah the bosch construction site radio

    Stephanie SalazarStephanie Salazar2 lat temu
  • I like going thrifting at my local goodwill and junk store, but every pc they get in they trash the tower and printers and sell the monitors, keyboards and mouses

    Shawn RodgersShawn Rodgers2 lat temu
  • I never really understood why it's "After Dark". Wouldn't that be morning? SHouldn't it be "During Dark"?

    That Guy AndrewThat Guy Andrew2 lat temu
    • After Dark, i think it means just after its become dark.

      Lapinn HDLapinn HD2 lat temu
  • Clint is super high in this one

    GenoCLGenoCL2 lat temu
  • I wish I had a Goodwill in my country :(

    ꧁҉༒Kez༒҉꧂꧁҉༒Kez༒҉꧂2 lat temu
  • What is a chachkee ? Chatchkey, chotchky idk lol

    Daniel MarsonDaniel Marson2 lat temu
  • Saw that same mavica at a Salvation army here in Toronto but I didn't buy it because they wasntex 50$ for it

    Dragon Dude CollectingDragon Dude Collecting2 lat temu
  • 11:20 You really do "rule", though!

    Xane MyersXane Myers2 lat temu
  • Damn I have been searching for old HealthKit, Eico or the like kits for use as synth diy enclosures. Unfortunately SF Bay Area has not had anything like that I could find for awhile

    Dylan WheelerDylan Wheeler2 lat temu
  • i bought, complete in box, a Mavica FD88 for $5

    samuel youngsamuel young2 lat temu
  • didnt the sticker on the HP calculator say $22.00 .. but you said it only cost $2.00 ??

    gary rendanogary rendano2 lat temu
  • dumpster diving for floopy discs when?

    Mazda CosmoMazda Cosmo2 lat temu
  • If you're ever out and find any copies of Steel Panthers, I need to know.

    Capt CharCapt Char2 lat temu
  • I thought he found screen savers on a floppy

    Sum1WhoExistsSum1WhoExists2 lat temu
  • I have that exact GE Alarm clock with the moving dials on my night table! I still use it to this day.

    Mastergeko4Mastergeko42 lat temu
  • All that floor space, all the stuff that they DO keep on the shelves... and they throw out the discs that arrive *in disc boxes* and so wouldn't take up any more space? I mean, sure, toss the hand-labelled ones that contain people's personal documents and such, but... surely hold on to the commercial ones? Maybe you could get in contact with the company and offer to take all the donated commerical floppies off their hands, no questions asked. Might end up throwing away 99% of all those they pass along, but the 1% you keep would be more than worth it.

    mspenricemspenrice2 lat temu
  • I just want to point out that every simulator game with "simulator" in the title uses the same font. Why?

    Camaro ZL1Camaro ZL12 lat temu
  • Man i dont know where you live but there is *never* any good anything at any of the thrift stores in my area, and if there ever is, they look up the prices on eBay and sell them for $200

    Sam PajannaSam Pajanna2 lat temu
  • and I thought you found the After Dark screen savers.. boy i wish they still had those.... BAD DOG!!.. haha

    William ScheeleWilliam Scheele2 lat temu
  • enjoy your thrift vids, typically quite informative and fun to watch!

    Boidink TwistieBoidink Twistie2 lat temu
  • you silly little man, of course goodwills don't exist at night. you just faked the night.

    Darkcode ninjaDarkcode ninja2 lat temu
  • These videos are hilarious. I love your style of comedy it's just golden.

    Media GuyMedia Guy2 lat temu
  • I work at goodwill and during the Christmas time we just kept getting Christmas trees.

    OlicityFan1OlicityFan12 lat temu
  • It makes sense because Christmas is a night holiday

    Chedarmentos BrownChedarmentos Brown3 lat temu
  • i feel bad that i only just realized that HP is hewlett packard

    breadbread3 lat temu
  • Hey Clint, pretty new subscriber to your channel :) Been watching all your thrifts vids from the start and up to this episode and I must say, I'm so jealous of what your thrift store have in them over there in the US. I'm from Australia and we don't have a third of what you guys have, especially with electrical items, most of it gets thrown out due to the laws here! :( Saying that you have inspired me to go out looking again and though I have found a little, its nothing like what I see in your vids. Have not come across 1 big box game yet, the only place I see them here is on over priced EBAY! Keep up the great vids man, I'm really enjoying everything I've watched so far...

    PinMan DanPinMan Dan3 lat temu

    Kerzo MusicKerzo Music3 lat temu
  • good there's no cdi

    Dragonborn 0243Dragonborn 02433 lat temu
  • my grandparents played the hell out of hoyle card games!

    ErikaErika3 lat temu
  • But I do have some footage of pine cones

    Robert HewittRobert Hewitt3 lat temu
  • The office and LGR two things I can't live without

    Daniel ShimodaDaniel Shimoda3 lat temu

    Brandon KloppBrandon Klopp3 lat temu
  • I have that same alarm clock, I hate the ringer.

    FloopyFloopy3 lat temu
  • Uuuugh I'm so mad at the new PLworld update. For one, everything looks off centered and weird, but they removed the ability to open up an entire playlist to see what videos you've already watched. I've been on a thrift watching binge and had to go scouring to find where I left off.

    Steamed Aurora BorealisSteamed Aurora Borealis3 lat temu
  • Actually that joystick wheelchair is really fucking depressing to be there. It's either one of two things: The person that had the muscular disorder that required the use of a joystick wheelchair either upgraded... Or didn't need a wheelchair anymore.

    The 64th ShadowThe 64th Shadow3 lat temu
  • quick, someone play that clip where spongebob is happy about working at night!

    supernova gamersupernova gamer3 lat temu
  • 0:49 is that bing crosby!!!

    BeetowBeetow3 lat temu
  • I liked the music over this one awesome

    MiniMadLadMiniMadLad3 lat temu
  • It's a shame the charity shops in the uk are nowhere near as good as this. They meticulously research the value of everything and if an item is of any slight desirability they sell it online. So the shops are just left crammed with old paperbacks and clothes.

    ThatSuaveRaptorThatSuaveRaptor3 lat temu
  • hhahahhaa i got that After Dark reference

    MoonlightWhiteMoonlightWhite3 lat temu
  • sadly here in germany we only have the maximum of a second hand shop or used/new game shops. but at least there still is some stuff!

    Janni9009Janni90093 lat temu
  • That Mavica you were holding, i have the exact same one although i only have the camera, a bag and the battery but no charger so i had to ask dad (i was 5) to charge it with some special equipment and i was allowed to use a computer which had 2 40 or 80 GB hard disks where of one was empty and i was allowed to put all my pictures on it. I put it full. Also it was my first camera and i still have it... dreaming my dad wants to charge it again and if i can find some floppies. Also LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!

    Maxim CoppietersMaxim Coppieters3 lat temu