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31 mar 2021
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-번역 / subs
영어 / English : Sarah Lee
스페인어 / Spanish : amigo coreano
러시아어 / Russian : Surgey Urazov
중국어(Chinese), 인도네시아어(Indonesian) : Monica Christina
일본어 / Japanese : Yuri
태국어 / Thai : Nart Piengpaj
터키어 / Turkish : Wildcard.13
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묘종 : 노르웨이 숲 고양이
이름 : 광복이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.08.15
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견종 : 사모예드
이름 : 밀키
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.12.03
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묘종 : 길고양이(유기동물 보호소 구조묘, 코리안 숏헤어)
이름 : 탄이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2020년 4월 말 추정
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Name : Gwang Bok
Type : Norwegian Forest
Sex : male
Birth : 15.08.2018
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Name : Milky
Type : Samoyed
Sex : male
Birth : 03.12.2018
▶ Profile
Name : Tan
Type : Ginger Domestic Shorthair/Tabby
Sex : male
Birth : Late April, 2020(estimate)

  • Thank you for thai sub❤️

    babble' ababble' a12 godzin temu
  • 멋진 집으로 이주하심을 축하합니다~~

    박엠버박엠버Dzień temu
  • A los gatos no les gusta las mudanzas.😻😸

    mily Rodmily RodDzień temu
  • Es sind die wunderbaren und schönsten Tiere, und sie haben den besten Budler der Welt

    Charlotte KaddonCharlotte Kaddon2 dni temu
  • Why are they moving?

    Fenris proFenris pro2 dni temu
  • the place is so nicee

    Karen BailonKaren Bailon3 dni temu
  • Congratulations on the new house, it's very beautiful and the children look happy 🐱🐺🐈❤️❤️❤️🏡🤩😍

    Lorena LazcanoLorena Lazcano3 dni temu
  • Nice place 👍

    Angela UrlwinAngela Urlwin3 dni temu
  • Que susto!pensei que voces iam nos abandonar!

    Júlia LopesJúlia Lopes4 dni temu
  • Honestly, because of that one cat tower, I can’t even tell that you moved.

    Susan VSusan V4 dni temu
  • House tour video. Please? 🤗

    Kirara And FamilyKirara And Family5 dni temu
  • Congratulations! 🤗

    Kirara And FamilyKirara And Family5 dni temu

    Zeinab GhZeinab Gh6 dni temu
  • They changed the title because april fool is over.

    Irene vIrene v6 dni temu
  • Love the Tan Carrier. Can you please put a link on where i can grab one for my cat. These guys are so lucky to have you.

    Ceilo PCeilo P7 dni temu
  • Bye bye old house and welcome new house, wish you all the best.

    Phua PhuaPhua Phua7 dni temu
    • Thanks you, Milky GB, Tan and family's. Be happy in your new home. Bye 👋

      Phua PhuaPhua Phua7 dni temu
  • hi, i'm glad everything went well ! i was curious about you mat ! may i ask which brand it is ? so i can look for it, hope i can find similar here in canada ! please take care !

    kathy hernandezkathy hernandez8 dni temu
  • La nueva casa parece realmente espaciosa 💕💕 Van a tener mucho lugar para jugar

    Florencia MosqueraFlorencia Mosquera8 dni temu
  • 여보 저 밥하고 빨래 잘해효. 저도 좀 키워주세효@,@두마리 더 댈꼬 들어 가겠습니다. 농담입니다.ㅋㅋㅋ아가들 너무 귀욤귀욤 잘 보았습니다^^

    달링Darling달링Darling9 dni temu
  • 요즘 공부 때문에 바빠서 영상을 못 봤는데 이사를 갔네요 ^^

    박성호박성호10 dni temu
  • 搬家辛苦囉!

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  • Congratulations for the new house Is super amazing

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  • Ребята вы молодцы!!поднимаете люди настроение!!!

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  • 😊😻🙀🐕🐾🐾🐾😊 enjoy new home, everyone!! Beautiful.

    Suzanne L TaylorSuzanne L Taylor10 dni temu
  • My own cats and dogs are all around me as I watch this😀🇮🇪💚

    Eleanor Ryan RyanEleanor Ryan Ryan11 dni temu
  • Why did you move away sirs?

    Elijah - Gamings & MoreElijah - Gamings & More11 dni temu
  • ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️✊🇺🇸😎

    Bernadette AlmeidaBernadette Almeida11 dni temu
  • Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I watch your videos. Thanks.

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  • Time sure flies so fast when you are 😊 thanks a lot for Thai subtitle. Loveee

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  • Вы большие молодцы!!!! Очень рада за вас!!!!!

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  • ❤️

    My HopeMy Hope11 dni temu
  • 90% of the stuff is dog/cat stuff.

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  • Que linda la casa con los tres peluditos se ven tan hermosos los amo❤️❤️❤️

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  • bye

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  • it looks like that they very much enjoyed it

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  • Now they changed the title from leaving to moving lol...aigoo

    TeNeT TeNeTTeNeT TeNeT12 dni temu
  • milky and booboo are used to moving, exciting for them...not so much Tan, but it won't be long before he is acting the fool again...lol...congratulations on new home...

    Peace LovePeace Love12 dni temu
  • I wonder where some people got the conclusion that "moving away" means leaving YT or something 😂😂

    Athena SakamakiAthena Sakamaki12 dni temu

    BakunawaBakunawa12 dni temu
  • 왜?자주이사가

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  • So very nice

    RobinRobin13 dni temu
  • *Jacqueline scratches GB behind the ears* Ha ha, good boy. :)

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  • Such a huge place.

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  • I have never knew there are two of you.

    lagadema16lagadema1613 dni temu
  • Какие милые детишки-зверюшки!!! Я их очень люблю!!😁😍😍😻😻

    Natalia BoldtNatalia Boldt13 dni temu
  • You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were going to quit this channel.

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Ahhhh its Huge Thank You GB, Milky,Tan Likes it, Yeeeee

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    dimitra karavidopouloudimitra karavidopoulou13 dni temu
  • In this first house, milky gb and tan have many fond memories tan has a childhood. 😭

    Amit KumarAmit Kumar13 dni temu
  • You both did confused, I don't think so you changed the house because of tan no one can change the house because of their pet 😂😂

    Amit KumarAmit Kumar13 dni temu
  • 이사하면 고양이는 스트레스 받는다던데 얘들은 뭐지~ 아이들의 밝은 모습, 서로 잘 지내고 적응력도 짱인걸 보니 집사님들이 보이네요 7:8 탄이 ㅋㅋ너무 웃겨서 자꾸보게 되네요ㅋㅋㅋ

    다솜이다송이다솜이다송이13 dni temu
  • 바닥에 까신것좀 알수 있을까요? 저희집도 미끄러워서여

    레이쥬레이쥬13 dni temu
    • 파크론 전문 시공매트입니다. 저매트는 층간소음에 최적화된 매트라서 미끄럼방지는 잘되진 않습니다. 미끄럼방지를 원하시면 펫노리터 매트를 쓰시는걸 추천드립니다 :)

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan13 dni temu
  • Feliz nova casa para esta linda família! Desejo que vocês vivam muitos momentos felizes nesta casa 😍. E grave e mostre para nós 😁

    Regina VieiraRegina Vieira13 dni temu
  • 멕시코에서 온 세 가지 인사 모두 사랑합니다 🇲🇽🤗

  • Bello departamento y todo lo que hacen para que los niños puedan jugar sin molestar a los vesinos 💕🐾🐾💕🐾🐾💕🐾🐾💕😍😍 Ustedes son unos hermanos grandes llenos de amor y cuidados por sus niños pequeños , y ellos lo saven son un amor ❤ Saludos de Chile 🇨🇱👵😷😷❤👏👏👏

    Jessica CuevasJessica Cuevas13 dni temu
  • Nice new home again 🙏👍💪🐱🐺🐱Woo! It's big enough for kids! 💓😍🥰

    Geok Yan TanGeok Yan Tan14 dni temu
  • 7:55 🎵Everybody do the Small Bro! It's the latest dance craze sweeping the scene. And when it's time to bounce, do it literally! 😉

    annikaannika14 dni temu
  • Aww I been so very busy that I forgot to watch your videos. Hope all is well tho

    E KE K14 dni temu
  • 형 못본사이에 엄청커졌네요??? 1년만인데 170만명 넘은거 ㅁㅇㅁㅇ~~ 축하해요

    씨원지에씨원지에14 dni temu
    • 감사합니다 :)

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan14 dni temu
  • You changed the title of this video you must have enjoyed giving everyone a heart attack.

    Amit KumarAmit Kumar14 dni temu
    • 😅

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan14 dni temu
  • Great

    D RoyD Roy14 dni temu
  • What a beautiful new home! I’m curious about Milky’s carrier, though. They can lift that with ONE ARM? Doesn’t seem possible. Maybe it’s on wheels? Anyway, i’m so happy to see this happy family again, all safe and sound and snug as bugs in their new rugs. 🥰🥰❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️❤️

    Molly WollyMolly Wolly14 dni temu
  • 하얀 기둥 캣타워 어디껀지 알려주실수 잇나요ㅠㅠ 아무리 찾아도 제품정보를 알수없어서요ㅠㅠㅠ 제발 알려주세요

    주현주현14 dni temu
    • m.smartstore.naver.com/catnest/products/4527124957?NaPm= 링크 남겨드립니다 :)

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan14 dni temu
  • Good luck in your new home 🍀🍀🍀

    D BelleD Belle14 dni temu
  • Mazel tov on mew (new) house!

    Ellen MuseumEllen Museum14 dni temu
  • 😍🥰😊

    anjali prasshandanjali prasshand14 dni temu
  • Pets are way better than humans

    anjali prasshandanjali prasshand14 dni temu
  • At first I thought you were leaving us altogether and I was worried... 😢

    sunnyo8080sunnyo808014 dni temu
  • 혹시 하얀 기둥처럼 생긴거 양이들 숨숨집 인가요 완전 예뻐요 집도 좋내요 밀키복이탄이 집사들이랑 행복하게 새 집에서 아프지 말고 건강하게 지내

    sy재이sy재이14 dni temu
    • 넵 숨숨집 캣타워입니다 ㅍㅎ

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan14 dni temu
  • House tour please

    Muhammad RafliMuhammad Rafli14 dni temu
    • 👌

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan14 dni temu
  • You changed the title 😂🤣

    Aeris LimAeris Lim14 dni temu
  • かわいい、🐶😻

    Rudy YamanotaRudy Yamanota14 dni temu
  • Ooohhh now you changed the title 🤔 after giving us a heart attack last week 😂😂

    heyitsmeheyitsme14 dni temu
  • 아니 여러분 이거 악의적으로 그런게 아니고 만우절날 특집으로 조금 장난스럽게 이렇게 하신거같은데 다들 너무 예민하신거같아요ㅠㅠㅠ 다른 유튜브는 더 심한디...

    융융융융14 dni temu
  • I seriously forgot the kids are animals and been thinking why have you change your clothes so often? Then i thought: Well, cats and dogs don't change their fur colours everyday right... 😭😭

    siti fatimah mustapha kamalsiti fatimah mustapha kamal15 dni temu
  • OMG I was so afraid to watch this video. I thought MilkyBokiTan was leaving PLworld. I put off watching this until now. Phew! They were just moving to a new place. 💜💜💜

    Killy KatKilly Kat15 dni temu
  • Moving is quite traumatic for animals, but they'll adjust.. You have a beautiful place and beautiful furry children..

    Christina JohnstonChristina Johnston15 dni temu
  • 🤔😽🦮🚚❓

    Christina JohnstonChristina Johnston15 dni temu
  • What is the product information on those mats please. thank you!

    haynbowla dianephaynbowla dianep15 dni temu
    • @밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan awww shucks! Thanks for answering!

      haynbowla dianephaynbowla dianep14 dni temu
    • It's only sold in Korea tho 😭

      밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan밀키복이탄이MilkyBokiTan15 dni temu
  • Milky is the white one.

    dragoon84bdgdragoon84bdg15 dni temu
  • 😍😍🧡💛💚💙❤💜😃

    Catherine CousinCatherine Cousin15 dni temu
  • Ma quante case avete cambiato?

    Ana PalinoAna Palino15 dni temu
  • Awww. This is good. New chapter with the kids. ❤

    Eva AndresEva Andres15 dni temu
  • Admiro o respeito pelos vizinhos! Quem dera.....

    Ivani LozanoIvani Lozano15 dni temu
  • 🥳🥳😍😍

    kk hkk h15 dni temu
  • Aku tidak pandai berbahasa inggris, aku berharap kau bisa mengerti apa yang aku katakan. Aku berlangganan channelmu dengan berbagai akun, karena aku sering lupa password emailku. Tapi aku selalu kembali demi melihat perkembangan Boki, Milky dan Tan. Aku bahagia melihat mereka mendapatkan kasih sayang yang begitu besar darimu dan saudaramu. Kelak, cinta dan kesungguhan yang kamu berikan pada mereka akan kembali kepadamu dalam berbagai bentuk. Sukses selalu. Dari Fans Mu di Indonesia.

    Ni Made NoviantiNi Made Novianti15 dni temu
  • What is the reason behind shifting to the new home?

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • 7:08 Tan:-"I challenge you to chase me" Milky:-"Nope, I am not in mood"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • Cats became normal after seeing their towers, toys, scratchers 👍

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • New Home 1st day GB:-😐🤐 Tan:-😳😶 Milky:-😃😁

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • I think cats don't like to visit new places unlike dogs

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • Approaching new home Tan:-"Are we here for a tour?"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • 3:33 Milky:-"Yay! New place for sniffing 😁"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • 2:24 Tan:-"Today I am seeing that scene which my big bros already have seen once before"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • Milky:-"My attention seeking plans are failing day by day 😶"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • 1:51 Milky:-"If you don't take me to park, I am starting Chaos, see this"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu
  • 1:35 Milky:-"I thought 'moving' means go out for a walk 😐"

    Arunabha PaulArunabha Paul15 dni temu