BMW E30 Heater/Air Con Unit Restoration

13 kwi 2020
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In this episode, I restore the heater/air con unit from the E30 325i Sport. This is something I've been putting off because of how little I knew about it. I didn't know if it was going to easily dismantle, or if it was even possible. Some things aren't meant to be taken apart once they're made, but it turned out this was not one of those things. I managed to completely dismantle every single part and see to it that they went back in looking brand new.
This unit worked as it should when it was in the car. No leaks, no blower issues, and good heat. The only thing is, over the time it's been out I've lost a few pieces, including the correct resistor that sits just under the motor. I have that on order along with a large list of parts that either went missing during this restoration or before. Obviously, due to the lockdown, parts are taking a very long time to arrive, I wanted to get an episode out so I'll deal with those small parts later and update you on my Instagram. Links the bottom of this description.
Most of the tank was in great condition and didn't need touching. But as I was already painting the edges I thought a few more coats of paint wouldn't hurt.
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Tools & equipment used:
Rohr 250Mi-11 Welder USE CODE 'RESTOREIT' for 5% off -
Quartz Lacquer -
Base Coat Paint -
Rust Remover -
Rohr 250 Welder -
U-Pol Weld Through Primer #2 -
Fast Mover 1kW Infrared Paint Dryer, Stand, Timer -
Workbenches -
Moldex Full Face Mask -
FGL 5 Spray gun -
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun -
Colad Washable Overalls -
Colad Mixing Cups -
Colad TurboMix Sticks -
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers -
Steel wire bits -
Blasting Cabinet -
Blasting pot -
Cordless Ratchet -
Parts Wahser -
Rotary Tool -
Concentrate Degreaser -
Mannesmann Socket Set -
Time Stamps:
00:00 - Opening shots
00:30 - How the unit works
01:00 - Dismantling
03:50 - SurfSharkVPN
04:53 - Dismantelling continued
15:29 - All of the parts laid out
16:08 - Washing 30 years of dirt off
16:23 - Removing the old vent foam
17:18 - Cleaning the bottom tray
17:36 - Cleaning the heater core
17:50 - Dismantelling the motor cover section
18:32 - Cleaning the motor
18:43 - Painting the plastic parts
19:02 - Restoring two damaged ABS plastic parts with a 3d pen
21:43 - Plastic parts before and after painting
22:02 - Restoring the radiator
22:28 - Restoring the heater core
23:05 - Adding new foam to the vents
24:43 - Restoring the wiring loom
25:08 - Restoring the pipes and cables
25:47 - Drilling out the rivets
26:24 - Shot blasting the small metal parts
26:51 - Polishing the small metal parts
27:04 - Zinc plating the small metal parts
27:30 - Removing two vents I had forgotten about
27:46 - Adding the last of the new foam
27:59 - Painting the small red connector
28:20 - Replacing the gaskets with new genuine BMW ones
28:42 - Adding new foam to the radiators
29:54 - All of the restored parts laid out
30:37 - Reassembly
39:48 - Comparrasion shot and final shots
40:16 - Thanks for watching
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  • Hey guys, thanks for watching and thanks for all of the advice. I've decided I'm going to change both heat exchangers (the heater core and evaporator) for brand new ones and also buy a new blower motor to go with the new motor clip that's on the way. I could have waited for all of those parts to arrive, but in the current climate, it would have delayed the video for weeks. I'll make a little video for Instagram when all of the new parts arrive. Follow @restoreitytchannel to see that when it happens. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Stay safe everyone.

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      Luis CarmeLuis Carme3 miesięcy temu
    • That looks like a retrofit Air Conditioning system, ,possibly Diavia, that is what we used to fit at the dealer thirty years ago, some of them had their own resistor that fitted in replacement of the original. Great restoration attention to detail is phenomenal.

      FixedwheelnutFixedwheelnut5 miesięcy temu
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  • The fan and heater in my BMW E30 stopped working about a year ago. They quoted me $1,000 to repair it, and now I can see why. You did an amazing job! I would never be able to get all those parts back together correctly.

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  • @14:45 i guess one must drill out those rivets to be able to remove the whole HVAC harness? Someone gutted the harness in my E30, i need to remove it and follow the electrical plan(s) to re-do the connections correctly. That small harness, that goes up to the resistor plug and the blower is "stuck", was wondering how to remove it. So even if the HVAC is removed from the car (big job) do i need to seperate the housing?

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