The Street Profits on their triple crown: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
126 296 wyświetleń

Newly-crowned SmackDown Tag Team Champions Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford are hyped about being “triple crown Profits” and heading to the blue brand.
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  • Sarah the whole time be like - *WTF*

    Ashwin MudaliarAshwin Mudaliar2 dni temu
  • stupid

    Media EvolutionMedia Evolution2 dni temu

    Peyton LaddPeyton Ladd3 dni temu
  • I love how WWE is giving black athletes the chance to do something. Thanks to triple h and Stephanie bc vince didn't want anyone black to succeed

    Lando WilliamsLando Williams3 dni temu
  • This team has grown on me


    D. AD. A3 dni temu
  • If they brand “3 of them thangs” Chef Trez gonna be mad as hell lol

    Raynard MiddletonRaynard Middleton3 dni temu
  • The Street Profits WWE > Private Party AEW

    Official Tru-DruOfficial Tru-Dru4 dni temu
  • Not to ruin the profits celebrations but last time i checked having an equivalent championship in the same company makes you a multi time champion (in the men's division). They are not different championships

    Bala MohammedBala Mohammed4 dni temu
  • The Revival also a triple crown tag team champship

    Justin Kyle AlonzoJustin Kyle Alonzo4 dni temu
  • A baby can cut a better promo than these Street Jobbers. They are the super annoying.

    random guyrandom guy4 dni temu

    K On PointK On Point5 dni temu
  • They trying to erase the revival's triple crown lol But good for the street profits 👏👏👌

    manny smithmanny smith5 dni temu
  • Angelo Dawkins really tries hard to be funny like Montez Ford

    F:A:K:E ProdF:A:K:E Prod5 dni temu
  • Street profits 2nd ever triple crown champions they won the next draw and smackdown

    Hodan CabdiHodan Cabdi5 dni temu
  • Favorite tag team!!!

    patriots rock5patriots rock55 dni temu

    Ty WinterTy Winter5 dni temu
  • This why both main roster tag divisions, smackdown and raw.... should have distinctly different looking titles man ... but that’s just a thought . I won’t complain no more lol

    Tre MillerTre Miller5 dni temu
  • Best tag team in wrestling

    SneakerFetish420SneakerFetish4206 dni temu
  • Angelo & Montez' Grand Slam Profits check list: ✔ NXT Tag Team Championship ✔ Raw Tag Team Championship ✔ Smackdown Tag Team Championship ❔ co-holders of the *24/7 Championship* :P

    Ian New YashaIan New Yasha6 dni temu
  • The title swap was lame. Instead, they could have been first in line for a title match against some other top tier tag team.

    shankhoneelshankhoneel6 dni temu
  • The Street Profits 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D6 dni temu
  • Triple Crown Profits

    Lone Wolf Jet Jet V2Lone Wolf Jet Jet V26 dni temu
  • They make it so long who cares wow they’re triple crown champions greeaaat!

    Dan ShahrezaeyDan Shahrezaey6 dni temu
  • I was wondering why the subtitle says "Triple-Crown", now that I think about it they did win the Nxt tag team titles, so yeah this makes it triple crown alright...

    Primal RegaliaPrimal Regalia6 dni temu
  • The Fact that they became Triple Crown Champions without Dropoing a sweat lol 😂

    The WEIRD GamerThe WEIRD Gamer6 dni temu
  • The Hurt Business Are Rather The G-Forces

    Aliullah HayatAliullah Hayat7 dni temu
  • So Street Profits get awarded the Smackdown tag-team titles without earning it. They are celebrating like they actually fought for the titles. The tag-team division in WWE is an absolute joke.

    VintageWrestlingVintageWrestling7 dni temu

    Imma KiddImma Kidd7 dni temu
  • Dawk father, dawk Vader 😂

    uncle_drizzayuncle_drizzay7 dni temu
  • Are they give these dudes hot mics with no script love it they gone strike gold at some point

    KING PREZKING PREZ7 dni temu
  • Montez Ford look like Marlon Waynes !

    Sumaya LuddSumaya Ludd7 dni temu
  • Dawkins is my spirit animal 😂😂💯💯

    David WallaceDavid Wallace7 dni temu
  • Cant wait until survivor series so we can se the debut of the blue cup!!

    Marlan BenningMarlan Benning7 dni temu
  • When it rains it pours when we go to smackdown it sores ❤

    Edwin MaldonadoEdwin Maldonado7 dni temu
  • Street Profits vs The Usos 2/3 Falls match

    Bazaar Wala KhanaBazaar Wala Khana7 dni temu
  • Street profit is really good team

    Bazaar Wala KhanaBazaar Wala Khana7 dni temu
  • This is an illegitimate triple crown.

    Lucan StoneLucan Stone7 dni temu
  • I love the Street Profits!! When my 10 month old hears their song come on he stops everything and starts rocking back and forth on his knees!! True story!! Lol

    Shaneika KirklandShaneika Kirkland7 dni temu

    Wrestling KingdomWrestling Kingdom7 dni temu
  • I swea they like a mix of new day and the usos 😂🔥

    Ÿrn ĆapáłøtŸrn Ćapáłøt7 dni temu
  • Don't forget Nxt Uk tag team champions and became Grand Slam tag team champion

    Squid WreckerSquid Wrecker7 dni temu
  • bruh they are cringe all day like bruh !!

    prayinghandprayinghand7 dni temu
  • But you didn't win them

    JaeWade WadeJaeWade Wade7 dni temu
  • Damn.. The street profits are really reminding me of the The prime time players

    Johnny GraysonJohnny Grayson7 dni temu
  • Usos gonna beat you down. No one in smack down does vince wants push

    RN GamingRN Gaming7 dni temu
  • The Street Profits and the Hurt Business are doing big in WWE please Vince don't ruin them.

    Graven WolfGraven Wolf7 dni temu
  • I freaking love the Street Profits or TCP these guys are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    Joseph TempletonJoseph Templeton7 dni temu
  • So revival are the first triple crown tag champs then

    God Amomg MenGod Amomg Men7 dni temu
  • The Street Profits 💯

    Shawn D. DawkinsShawn D. Dawkins7 dni temu
  • Oh how I want them to go up against the USO’s so badly! They gave them those SD belts, but I want them to beat the USO’s to earn those belts!

    ABCDG13ABCDG138 dni temu
  • Did anyone notices that Angelo Dawkins just called ''The God Father'' and Darth Vader as ''The Dog Father'' and '' The Dog Vader?''

    Alif NajmiAlif Najmi8 dni temu
  • 0:16 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Gwen LabbGwen Labb8 dni temu
  • My favorite tag team TCP

    Chayse JordanChayse Jordan8 dni temu
  • *Was hoping Keith Lee woulda' went over. Think about the Samoan Dynasty on Smackdown, Reigns and Usos with Naomi, Nia Jax and Tamina ALL champions. Street Profits come over with Bianca Belair and forge a partnership with Keith Lee. Keith Lee Universal Champion Street Profits Smackdown Tag-Team Champions Bianca Belair Smackdown Women's Champion Ricochet United States Champion* *That's after winning it off of Bobby Lashley and then drafted immediately. Keith Lee turns to Ricochet for assistance.*

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman8 dni temu
  • The Revival also accomplished the same thing too. Now all the Street Profits have to do is go to NXT UK and Challenge Gallus for their titles and win and then they would be the first team to hold Tag team titles from all four brands. Then they can called themselves CCP (Cuatro Crown Profits).

    Raekwon CovingtonRaekwon Covington8 dni temu
  • Evolve Tag Team Championship:"ARE WE A JOKE 2 U" ?

    triple v 101triple v 1018 dni temu
  • Ok street profits Your crazy

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns8 dni temu
  • The street profits Are the Longest Reigning Tag Team Champions

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns8 dni temu
  • You know what, in the past I’ve kinda written off Angelo Dawkins’ promo ability, but this segment totally converted me. I mean Montez has boundless charisma but Dawkins is still an amazing promo. Happy to be wrong!

    Jack William TaylorJack William Taylor8 dni temu
  • Smack down wants da smoke 🍻

    Leory SLeory S8 dni temu

      PES LEGEND 7PES LEGEND 78 dni temu
  • The Street Profits are amazing tag team the are the Smackdown Tag Team Championship this is no sense The New Day are The Smackdown Tag Team Championships why WWE 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni8 dni temu

    Steward NeloSteward Nelo8 dni temu
  • So does this mean New day are now 10x tag champs after swapping tag titles ?????

    Lamont KingLamont King8 dni temu
  • What a waste of 3 mins

    Brandon FillinghamBrandon Fillingham8 dni temu
  • Usos vs street profits book it vince👀

    JAVON CHONG 999JAVON CHONG 9998 dni temu
  • Welcome to SmackDown Profits.

    Osama SatariOsama Satari8 dni temu
  • First team to hold all tag champs

    Tips WarehouseTips Warehouse8 dni temu
  • Triple crown 👑 profits LMFAO 😂

    Vincent DiMurroVincent DiMurro8 dni temu
  • insted of red solo cups they should have blue solo cups

    frost randomfrost random8 dni temu
  • Kids be using these catchphrases in school and thinking they can take a frogsplash in war. Hahaha

    BhaskarBhaskar8 dni temu
  • It was ironic that new day met them

    BhaskarBhaskar8 dni temu
  • Jimmy needs to come back so the usos can face them!

    Real1 youngboyReal1 youngboy8 dni temu
  • Triple Crown Profits Lol

    Ace8272Ace82728 dni temu
  • Wher is Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy8 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy8 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy8 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy8 dni temu
  • The street profits they funny bad

    T&D& CT&D& C8 dni temu
  • So funny 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

    Angel loveAngel love8 dni temu
    • Yeah it is funny.

      Luke FowlerLuke Fowler7 dni temu
  • Surely going to miss the Smoke in Monday Night RAW.🍻🍻🍻💪💪💪💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🇮🇳

    Angelina YanthanAngelina Yanthan8 dni temu
  • Worst triple crown win ever

  • I thought new day was the longest reigning tag champions

    ƑȺᎠƐᎠƑȺᎠƐᎠ8 dni temu
    • Longest reigning “RAW” tag team champions

      Savion OwensSavion Owens5 dni temu
  • Montez could play a heel fantastically in the future!!!

    King SammyKing Sammy8 dni temu
  • We want the smoke

    siddhartha deb roysiddhartha deb roy8 dni temu
  • Triple Crown tag team champions Street profits history

    Emmanuel ChavisEmmanuel Chavis8 dni temu
  • Imagine these guys as heels 😂 that would be epic 😂😂

    Joshua TorresJoshua Torres8 dni temu
  • *congrats, they deserve it*

    xXAbsoluteFrostXxxXAbsoluteFrostXx8 dni temu
  • R.IP Trayvon Martin.

    DaffyDuckFanDaffyDuckFan8 dni temu
  • TCP= Triple Crown Profits

    Shane DouglasShane Douglas8 dni temu
  • Don’t for get that Seth Rollins is the first to win the Nxt Universal and wwe champion

    Cameron NelsonCameron Nelson8 dni temu
  • It’s not the same without renne young

    EazyDaGoatEazyDaGoat8 dni temu
  • i love the street profits they are funny and fun 2:16 waffles banana bread

    Renad HamiltonRenad Hamilton8 dni temu
  • They oughta bring the blue Cups

    《AigaUltraYT》破洞《AigaUltraYT》破洞8 dni temu
  • Are you ready for The good times Welcome to Smoke Down😂😂😂😂

  • Triple crown Profits...

    RampageRampage8 dni temu

    A. CA. C8 dni temu
  • Dawkins just went from a Dougie-Dancing Jobber to Triple Crown Tag Champion.

    King BernardKing Bernard8 dni temu
  • I'm gonna miss them on RAW

    Caleb MuiruriCaleb Muiruri8 dni temu
  • 2nd team to do it but FTR was first

    TheGothicKingTheGothicKing8 dni temu