10 Mandalorian Products That Are "The Way"!

22 sty 2021
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Everyone, hold on to your jorts; DOPE OR NOPE IS BACK! Today we are looking at Mandalorian products all the way from beskar to baby yoda. Star Wars is one of our favorite series, so it would only make sense we look for a bunch of products that are strange and interesting revolved around it. What was your favorite product? Was there anything we missed? Let us know on our reddit listed above!
00:00 - Introduction
02:42 - Looking for and Finding Dark Sabers (Cheap one specifically)
06:05 - Finding an expensive dark saber that has to be better than the cheap one!
09:00 - We found Beskar (or Beth's Car)
10:42 - we found a lil mini beskar so cuteee
12:27 - super lit beskar lighter (pun intended)
14:42 - bounty hunter tracking fob to find ur dad who left ouch got u
17:36 - baby yoda mando armor (yeah we are confused too)
21:10 - baby yoda cereal (tastes like jedi)
23:56 - Mandalorian Adidas to run away from ur feelings
25:52 - check out this mandalorian backpack (this is the way **to school**)
27:15 - baby yoda chia pet that will make you say "awwwhhhh???"

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  • We are back!!! Sorry for the audio issues this episode, as we've changed sets we had some slight issues with a few filmed episodes that are now currently fixed. Also, stay tuned and continue to check back for the pinned comment to be updated, as I will be putting our Mystery Box of products we aren't keeping for sale on EBay, and I will throw the link in here within the next 24 Hours! I've missed you all, and i'm glad to say we're back! -Tan

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    • Bryce Bullard 1 second ago your but and face

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    • i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD

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    • Don't feel bad woods I haven't watched it either

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  • I want the old room back like when he had all those cool things in the background and it was just him

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  • your but and face

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  • Technically it’s 3.0 because 2.0 was just Matt and tanner

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  • for those who are die hard fans. you’ll notice they put the blade the wrong direction on the expensive dark saber

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  • Every moment I watched this I cringed

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  • When they call it a stormtrooper helmet and not a clone trooper helmet

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  • Tanner: Finally you and I get a bit of lone time Me: *Skips 10 seconds*

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  • Please give an update on the baby chia plant

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  • it was a phase 2 clone helmet

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  • That was a Clone Trooper helmet

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  • Hey @Dope or Nope here’s some forging knowledge about forging, Damascus is folded steel, usually 2 kinds of steel with different amounts of carbon in it. To get the proper way of Damascus you forge weld the steels together layering it together and then flattening out for the blade or steel brings out the pattern you saw was replicated on the items you bought for this video.

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  • new to the channal what happen to the other guy?

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  • I can bring you in warm or I can bring you cold

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  • So you took the battle universe square

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  • Got the dark saber by killing the one who wields it you you get it by dueling them and winning that does not mean killing them they can still live they just have to like forfeit or something

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    • You don't get the dark saber

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  • I really like the mandalorian as a whole but they have definitely lost my support after their libtard takeover. I hope she sues them for discrimination because that's what they did

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  • 20:30 They actually have the Mandalorian on DVD on Amazon. Just thought I'd put that out there. You're welcome Woods

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  • 3.0 not 2.0

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  • That wasn’t a storm trooper helmet that was a clone trooper you noobs

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  • It was a clone trooper phase 2 helmet not stormtrooper.

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  • 8:27 Woods is so me when my friends are geeking about stuff that I don't understand. lol

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