Has Cesar Met His Match? (Aggressive Dog) | Cesar911 Shorts

3 mar 2021
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In this episode, I visit a grandmother who is being terrorized by her grandson's dog in her own home.
Target, a chihuahua mix, is being labeled as a nightmare. An aggressive dog that has been snapping and biting at people. He has been creating a divide in the household, which may result in the grandson getting rid of his beloved dog...
Can I find the solution to this case?
I will be reacting to this episode next week!
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  • Target has issues...

    Bobo GerwainBobo Gerwain9 minut temu
  • Disappointing don't get to see how Target does.

  • shock collar😳🤣✌

    G1 BLITZWINGG1 BLITZWING6 godzin temu
  • Man one kick and his back to normal lol

    Revolver sanchezRevolver sanchez19 godzin temu
  • Poor grandma 🥺 darn Target needs to behave

    Lynn MarbellaLynn Marbella21 godzinę temu
  • Just shoot the dog

    uaua21 godzinę temu
  • My dog used to do the same, all it took was a couple of solid kicks to the face and it stopped after a few days.

    nadz247365nadz247365Dzień temu
  • Target is just beyond mad as hell because he was named after cheap retail store

    Bunny XBunny XDzień temu
  • It bites you fucken punt it like a baby

    JackJackDzień temu
  • 1:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mama said ouch that hurt you little so and so. She really wanted to cuss that dog out lmao

    Aaronique DemeritteAaronique DemeritteDzień temu
  • Put him down if this fellow can't help. How about this ; I WISH I HAD MY GRAMMA for she is much much more important than any animal. 👍

    William IannucciWilliam IannucciDzień temu
  • That is not a dog, that's a vampire!

    C YC YDzień temu
  • That lady is an angel from heaven, in every sense. Her grandson seems very kind as well.

    Lidia BakerLidia BakerDzień temu
  • "SHIII"

    Benjamin JacobBenjamin JacobDzień temu
  • I would have made him a "target" if dog like this bit me

    Herbert006Herbert006Dzień temu
  • Great episode! Tugs on the heart strings a bit

    pittchaserpittchaserDzień temu
  • One good pop with that pillow and problem is fixed

    Good byeGood byeDzień temu
  • If a dog weights less than 10 pounds! It’s not a dog! Instead it’s considered a Rat! 🐀

    John Mayer’sJohn Mayer’s2 dni temu
  • Can we honestly just stop with chihuahuas, I have never met any one I like and they look disgusting... I judge anyone who chooses this dog

    Meme SodamnshitMeme Sodamnshit2 dni temu
  • " that hurts, you little so and so" 🤣

    will lenwill len2 dni temu
  • My dog died sadly I grew up with him for 7years 3 days ago 16 April he was brutally taken away and ......

    Rage_cole79Rage_cole792 dni temu
  • We hv a Maltese terrier mix, biting us when we first got her. Til we trained her now she’s great 👍🏼

    Sbentsen27Sbentsen272 dni temu
  • May be they needed a exorcist!

    anirudh dhandaanirudh dhanda2 dni temu
  • Chupacabra!

    May GoyaMay Goya2 dni temu
  • In my experience when a dog attacks.. Attack back and watch him coward

  • This is the most emotional Cesar video I have ever watched. 🥺 I want this family with Target to be able to continue living together! What an amazing Grandmother and Grandson! ❤️

    Olive TreeOlive Tree3 dni temu
  • Anyone for a game of keepy uppy with target ?

    Roger RabbitRoger Rabbit3 dni temu
  • Ceaser should have consulted an exorcist

    SimpleSimple3 dni temu
  • Tha chancla fixes everything 🤣🤣jk

  • It's ok the dog will be have 😊☹️

    Britt CaissieBritt Caissie3 dni temu
  • My dad said that after we are after our dogs die that we are getting a chihuahua and I don't like them at all I am so scared of them a wiener dog bit me once and I'm even scared of than a chihuahua I do not like them 😨😱😳😭☹️😰

    Britt CaissieBritt Caissie3 dni temu
  • This woman is so lovely.

    SyndiccallsSyndiccalls3 dni temu
  • actual rat WutFace

    GramerDimGramerDim3 dni temu
  • I would have zero tolerance for a vicious dog.

    Jaime DoornbosJaime Doornbos4 dni temu
  • If Micah bell was a dog

    mlynarmomlynarmo4 dni temu
  • Why is she scared of pettin the dog? Thats why he bites her🤦🏾‍♂️

    El Panda TVEl Panda TV4 dni temu
  • Horrible vicious dog

    Julie AdamJulie Adam4 dni temu
  • "Ouch that hurt you little bi-" WELCOME TO CESAR 911

    TrentPlzTrentPlz4 dni temu
  • They need Victoria, not this quack who follows discredited science.

    CocoBooksGaloreCocoBooksGalore4 dni temu
  • ion care what nobody say I would've kicked that dog ong

    Gail MclambGail Mclamb4 dni temu
  • Aren't you not supposed to pull them out of their safe space? 🤔

    Lizzie NovichLizzie Novich4 dni temu
  • If my name was target I’d be nervous too

    Matthew CumingMatthew Cuming4 dni temu
  • “That hurt you lil...” 😳

    GodGod4 dni temu
  • That dog would only bite me once and then it would be out the door so fast it's feet wouldn't touch followed by my boot up its friggin sweet ass!

    Yorkshire LassYorkshire Lass4 dni temu
  • You little so and so 😂

    Tierra Glee- HallTierra Glee- Hall4 dni temu
  • Wow, what an obnoxious dog ...

    Martin DeBroisMartin DeBrois4 dni temu
  • You little... so and so!

    Michaela BryantMichaela Bryant4 dni temu
  • Ohh look a flying dog

    Tha investorTha investor4 dni temu
  • Honestly, i would choose to sleep with a CANE CORSO than to be with this kind of breed, i can't predict their next move

    Cabib Tanggomay Jr.Cabib Tanggomay Jr.4 dni temu
  • He’d b outside. He doesn’t have to go just would be a yard dog.

    P DRP DR5 dni temu
  • Target was sent to this child to guide and to heal him I nearly teared up when I saw the dog lay on his chest you can see the love from both of them

    jassmine jamesjassmine james5 dni temu
  • I had an aggressive dog and took him outside and put a .38 bullet about 2 feet from his head. I never had any more problem out of him again. He lived 18 years and died in my lap. I miss Coal it's been 4 years heat been gone.

    Bill PetrieBill Petrie5 dni temu
  • I'd launch that across the garden using my foot 🤣

    Sarah. DSarah. D5 dni temu
  • Caesar's match should be a kangal and only kangal.... Not a Pomeranian- chihuahua mix🙄

    Aditya RajAditya Raj5 dni temu
  • She said “ handle him.”

    Roo LenoirRoo Lenoir5 dni temu
  • Maybe the grandma is possessed by a demonic spirit, why not? Dogs tend to bark at such people in horror movies don't they? Get me a garlic necklace, a priest and a litre of holy water.

    David PumpkiniDavid Pumpkini5 dni temu
  • I’m fucking crying yo 😂😂😭🤣

    Breesh MBreesh M5 dni temu
  • Chiwawa’s are the worst dogs

    Jad GhanemJad Ghanem5 dni temu
  • What this kid needs is a fuckin job and to grow up, fam comes first before stupid little animals that won’t be there for you through anything

    Hollow Tip Records RapHollow Tip Records Rap5 dni temu
  • Interview a any person that participate in American shows and automatically go the cry

    Nemo1971Nemo19715 dni temu
  • These people are funny, how they accept what ever attitude the dog gives them. I would have beat that lil crazy as dogs ass had it bit me

    Mc LovinMc Lovin6 dni temu
  • That's the thing about small dogs. Only the owner and closest person to that dog can hold it. It's why as a pup you have to have the animal get used to strangers and not just the child. Because the boy was the only one caring for that dog, it saw the owner as its only friend. Small dogs are more prone to being afraid of people because of their size, their more skittish and afraid of things that are bigger then them, so they have to be aggressive in order to not look weak.

    Jman LPGuyJman LPGuy6 dni temu
  • What happened to the rest of the video?

    Tracy EnriquezTracy Enriquez6 dni temu
  • I'm against animal violence, but a little devil like this dog needs to get a kick against the head

    Wouter MeijerWouter Meijer6 dni temu
  • This is just when you give up the dog since you don’t even know how to train it properly. Especially if your dog hates your family and even bites them you definitely did something wrong.

    Grizzly1s1k GamingGrizzly1s1k Gaming6 dni temu
  • I’m weak af

    Couch MayneCouch Mayne6 dni temu
  • Small dog fear more and therefore shows more agression.Recently we had been to Coorg(In India).There we met this dog 'BRUNO' a Labrador. My god he was so friendly with everyone nd at ease.We felt as if we knew him for years.Dogs are man's best friend.Take care of them and they offer love and affection

    narendra sharmanarendra sharma6 dni temu
  • That’s not a dog that’s a possum

    Tim TimTim Tim6 dni temu
  • Good thing I don't have a dog. I'd kick the shit out of a dog that bit my grandma

    Doug SaucedaDoug Sauceda6 dni temu
  • This crazy. Just smack the damn dog every time it shows some fangs and it will realize that something is unacceptable to do that he/she will know that.

    james aylajames ayla6 dni temu
  • Um, just whip his ass everytime this crap happens.

    Russell BolandRussell Boland6 dni temu
  • THC will solve that Dogs Problem.

    Miguel BlancoMiguel Blanco6 dni temu
  • HE uses shock collars!!!

    twao doodtwao dood7 dni temu
  • So what happend to target ? This ended half way 😮

    Toniche CavalariToniche Cavalari7 dni temu
  • Case that demon out of it!👹

    Renee FaisonRenee Faison7 dni temu
  • Just one leg shoot later this dog never been See around the Town 😂😂

    Jacky JJacky J7 dni temu
  • He have the sweetest grandma ❤❤❤

    Nya SingsNya Sings7 dni temu
  • Target is off the hook!!!!🤣🤣

    Nya SingsNya Sings7 dni temu
  • Her first problem was owning a chihuahua. The most annoying and obnoxious dogs ever

    T13BT13B7 dni temu
  • It’s not grandmas fault the parents are dysfunction crack addicts. She doesn’t deserve to live in terror.

    Patient Care AssociatesPatient Care Associates7 dni temu
  • This dog is why kids have BB guns.

    Patient Care AssociatesPatient Care Associates7 dni temu
  • How many arv(anti rabis vaccina) he took😂😂😂

    Siva manoSiva mano7 dni temu
  • My dogs bite me all day everyday and I still love those fuckers to death even if they hurt me.

    Anxiety PlagueAnxiety Plague7 dni temu
  • Awesome

    H H20H H207 dni temu
  • Lol, maybe start by changing his name..

    Kwesi AckonKwesi Ackon8 dni temu
  • With a name like “Target” I can only wonder why he’s so snappy 😂

    J BJ B8 dni temu

    Deedra DeedraDeedra Deedra8 dni temu
  • Cesar charge alot off money

    El centenario GonzalezEl centenario Gonzalez8 dni temu
  • The animals are not the last thing he has , he’s gramma is and she’s more important.

    A SA S8 dni temu
    • She might be more important in your mind, but it’s not like that for everyone.

      Stacey HughsenStacey Hughsen7 dni temu
  • He does no like you so find him another owner. Something wrong here, as most dogs respond to kindness. The dog looks like he was waiting for her to hit him. "He knows how to make them behave". That is her key comment. She is a controller, and thinks she needs to make the dog behave. She does not like the dog.

    Judann PecJudann Pec8 dni temu
  • If you buy a dog, train it for god sake!

    adriano elblancoadriano elblanco9 dni temu
  • As a groomer this really touches me. I groom a dog that the owner said if it bites they would put it down. The dog bit but I never told the owners and worked with the dog. He loves me now and I finally told his owners. They were glad I worked with him and they didn't put him down. He's a good dog just nervous for grooming.

    Maggie DutchMaggie Dutch9 dni temu
    • OMG! Thank God we don’t put people down. There wouldn’t be any people LEFT!!!!

      patriotgirl1 Americanpatriotgirl1 AmericanDzień temu
    • Hi Maggie❣️I’m a groomer also and have had the same situations... for years. I’m always grateful fir the clients that are honest with me... BUT then? Sometimes it’s better not to know!!!🤣🤣😂😂😅♥️

      Sue CastilloSue Castillo6 dni temu
  • I find it interesting that it is an invasion of targets space triggering him.

    Patty BPatty B9 dni temu
  • Stupid granny is doing everything wrong, there's nth wrong w the dog, the dumb ass granny ignores all the signals

    Amos TeoAmos Teo9 dni temu
  • 👍👍👍

    Ong Gek EngOng Gek Eng9 dni temu
  • Target couldn't decide whether to go back in the cage or attack grandma again 2:59.

    Carl ThompsonCarl Thompson9 dni temu
  • Give the damn dog a bad kick, his brain goes into reset mode

    O ModupeO Modupe9 dni temu
  • Sadly grandma has a problem, showing fear, tension and insecurity which transmits to the little dog. She must be calm. Cesar will help her especially and then the dog. The cause is the grandma sadly. Dear Grandma, Cesar has worked with many chihuahuas, he will remove the fear and insecurity from both. Way to go Cesar!!! 🐕🐕🐕🙏🙏👍

    Suzanne BergerSuzanne Berger9 dni temu
  • My friend's chihuahua would bite me too so I grabbed it and smacked it hard then the biting stopped.

    Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson10 dni temu