10 Fidget Toys With Alternative Features!

16 kwi 2021
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Are you shaking in your seat? Maybe you have restless legs? Well today's episode of Dope or Nope is here to help! Today, we are looking at 10 Fidget Toys, that all do something a little different for you. They range from being a wireless remote, to being a tool to help you make decisions! Stay tuned and let us know what fidget toy best helped you conquer your fidgetyness!
00:00​​​​​​​​​​ - Intro
01:21 - Custom Decision Making Fidget Spinner!
06:00 - Remote Control Fidget Toy!
09:00 - World's Smallest Fidget Spinner!
11:14 - Drone Fidget Spinner!
13:08 - Hand Strengthening Fidget Toy!
16:07 - Foot Massaging Fidget Toy!
18:05 - Fidget Spinner Lighter!
19:40 - Fidget Spinner Battle Bots!
21:42 - Happy Boy Fidget Cube Spinners!
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  • Hi as an actual person who needs fidget toys, please don't use the phrase "Fidgets that actually do something" (in the intro) Fidgets do do something.

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