5 kwi 2021
1 364 043 wyświetleń

Watch all goals in this five-goal thriller!
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  • Now he has truly become lingardinho!!

    Ujjwal GargUjjwal Garg2 dni temu
  • My boy Messi Lingard!!

    Christopher HarterChristopher Harter6 dni temu
  • 你的林皇,无限猖狂;曼彻斯特,掩我光芒;你的林皇,伦敦称王

    Shuai YuanShuai Yuan7 dni temu
  • 0:07 0:25 0:55 1:26 1:46

    ملك الساحةملك الساحة8 dni temu
  • 1:24 watch lingard helping west ham helping in defense hats off maestro better than overrated griezmann coutinho hazard

    future neet air rank 1 Anshuramkumar.A.Sfuture neet air rank 1 Anshuramkumar.A.S8 dni temu
  • Jesse❌ Messe✅ Messe linggardhino 👏👏👏

    Galang Rambu AnarkyGalang Rambu Anarky9 dni temu
  • Messi😂😂

    Jay Muan HangshingJay Muan Hangshing9 dni temu
  • Man I am really glad for Lingard man great to see many ppl giving him support and love

    THE VanicantTHE Vanicant9 dni temu
  • WHATS WRONG WITH LINGARD HE IS TOOO GOOD. i support Lingard he has been through a lot

    David LouranceDavid Lourance9 dni temu
  • Messi Lingard

    robert humphreyrobert humphrey9 dni temu
  • The real lingardinho legend

    Richie PaopaoRichie Paopao9 dni temu
  • Berbatov-esqe turn

    Mohamedamin KhalifMohamedamin Khalif10 dni temu
  • If that lingard run was made by messi' we'd say its a world class goal. Lingard is legendary

    Erick MirahErick Mirah10 dni temu
  • ManU almost destroyed him I'm happy he left

    Brahmi MohamedBrahmi Mohamed10 dni temu
  • Jese Lingard literally looks like Leo Messi up in the Prem man wtf? Is this real?

    Enzo Mon ChouEnzo Mon Chou10 dni temu
  • Proves that everyone that goes in ManU becomes trash

    Ricky HoRicky Ho10 dni temu
  • Kudos to Moyes for recognizing that lingard has still got something in him

    neodymiumneodymium10 dni temu
  • Nice to see Lingard enjoying football again.

    Devoted SandakoDevoted Sandako10 dni temu
  • This match that made liverpool buy lingard

    Abdat AbdelhakAbdat Abdelhak10 dni temu
  • 0:50 even 5 players couldnt stop lord lingardinho

    aola wiliaola wili10 dni temu
  • Shttt

    Justsamy _Justsamy _10 dni temu
  • Messi Lingard

    Min SangMin Sang10 dni temu
  • lord linggard

    Farr ZhafarFarr Zhafar11 dni temu
  • Westham is getting some ridiculous views thanks to one man LINGOD.

    Callum ComanCallum Coman11 dni temu
    • kalo di MU ga begini mainnya lord lingard wkwkwk

      aola wiliaola wili10 dni temu
  • Lord Lingard

    Kibreab SolomonKibreab Solomon11 dni temu
  • Comentator : "Jesse lingard has been like a lionel messi in west ham" What a nice statement

    dolita windodolita windo11 dni temu

    John RivaileJohn Rivaile11 dni temu
  • Messi Lingard

  • All of us should take one great lesson to our life from Lingard. To Raise ourselves up after failure in life.

    kaleab abebawkaleab abebaw11 dni temu
    • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

      dolita windodolita windo11 dni temu
  • Westharm 3 nill i need 4 nill

  • 50cr compensation in ICJ

  • eph

  • 0:20 wtf is he really lingard?

    빈이빈이11 dni temu
  • Can we hear Uefa Champions league anthem in London Stadium ❤️❤️

    VN TECHYVN TECHY11 dni temu
  • The difference between Man Utd and West Ham atmosphere is result of Lingard to Lingardinho

    VN TECHYVN TECHY11 dni temu
  • How to join West ham academy

    VN TECHYVN TECHY11 dni temu
  • It's funny seeing everyone that used to hate on Lingard now drooling over him. Sad plastic fans.

    RapidOwnz3RapidOwnz311 dni temu
  • kalo di MU ga begini mainnya lord lingard wkwkwk

    Vivace Band SurabayaVivace Band Surabaya11 dni temu
  • Lord Lingard Rises

    flyvon fernandesflyvon fernandes11 dni temu
    • Need your precious suggestions about my art work.....ygyg

      Baba ArtsBaba Arts11 dni temu
  • The helpless asphalt mechanistically explode because appendix surgically rule of a possessive desire. lively, tart chicken

    Jimmy JohnJimmy John11 dni temu
  • Lingardinho!!!

    Magdiel LunaMagdiel Luna11 dni temu
  • LingardMessi is back!!!

    Julyon ChannelJulyon Channel12 dni temu
  • Damn Lingard is running riot. He fits West ham perfectly. Good luck to Westham, you guys are on fire this season. (Arsenal fan)

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss12 dni temu
  • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

    Pham Minh DucPham Minh Duc12 dni temu
  • Semedo really had a hard time, from being toyed by Davies to Lingard

    Jerick ALBERCAJerick ALBERCA12 dni temu
  • LORD LINGARDINHO BERBATOV(ing)...just sweet ✨

    Ryan TumisangRyan Tumisang12 dni temu
  • All these comments and nothing of Antionio's run, which was the only reason Lingard was able to get the space to finish.

    MRMR12 dni temu
    • Scientific fact: T-rex went extinct because their arms were too short to clap for Lingard.

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss12 dni temu
  • lingard show

    terence machiwanaterence machiwana12 dni temu
  • Lingardinho >>>>>>

    Nidhal SJNidhal SJ12 dni temu
  • Lingard has transformed the west ham channel as well look at the most popular vid

    IRFAN ALIIRFAN ALI12 dni temu
  • Lingard jjang jjang man

    노런색노런색12 dni temu
  • can you imagine a few months a go we sarcastically called him lingardhino but today he actually is playing like lingardhino

    Nasons ElectronicsNasons Electronics12 dni temu
  • messi who???

    Nasons ElectronicsNasons Electronics12 dni temu
  • Leave Manchester united to be a top class player.

    Samir GrgSamir Grg12 dni temu
  • Jesse Lingard joga demais

    Magda OliveiraMagda Oliveira12 dni temu
  • Jessè Lingard young legend😮

    Samaale AbdulSamaale Abdul13 dni temu
  • 0:20 truly magnificent skill by lingardinho

    alida flusalida flus13 dni temu
  • This is the true lingardinho (no offense or sarcastic just compliment)

    L e N z yL e N z y13 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/e6VspZnbeJOef7w/wideo.html

    Ahmet GilgilAhmet Gilgil13 dni temu
  • He is not Lingardinho, he is not messi lingard. HE IS JESSE LINGARD

    MaximACEMaximACE13 dni temu
  • Scientific fact: T-rex went extinct because their arms were too short to clap for Lingard.

    Martin N.Martin N.13 dni temu
    • LORD

      alida flusalida flus13 dni temu
  • Lingardinho on 🔥. I knew he will Excel. Skillful lad.

    Franck Leroy SpencerFranck Leroy Spencer13 dni temu
  • He tried that dimitar staff but it didn't work the same. All in all it went in

    EST RadioEST Radio13 dni temu
  • Jesse deserves the golden ball this year!!

    Jenda26GamingJenda26Gaming13 dni temu
  • Jlingz🔥🔥

    Edna EtteyEdna Ettey13 dni temu
  • Just what the fvkc is happening with Lingard? Holy f ... Is this that Lingard that many MU toxic fan bashing day in and day out? OMG that Berbatov turn is very glorious and he do that so neatly.

    Arief JugaArief Juga13 dni temu
  • He is still got time to improve he can make it he just needs to forget the past and keep dribbling until everyone will salute him

    Jamali JumapiliJamali Jumapili13 dni temu
  • Messi Lingard

    Arsalan RafiqueArsalan Rafique13 dni temu
  • Berbatov spin

    Phuc HongPhuc Hong13 dni temu
  • last decade was about memers making fun of anyone this decade i have seen so many memers eat shit for the losers that they really are, many examples

    Aaditya RanjanAaditya Ranjan13 dni temu
  • It is important to find out the truth about your relationship and plan out your next steps. @ *CODED_HACK* On Instgram gave me access to my spouse social accounts and he's just the best!!

    Emmanuel SardaunaEmmanuel Sardauna13 dni temu
  • Manchester United don't deserve class of Sir Jesse Lingard

    sandesh dhakalsandesh dhakal13 dni temu
  • Greetings from Spain friends West Ham leyends

    Justo Jose Godia FusterJusto Jose Godia Fuster13 dni temu
  • Makin jago si linggard anjeeng ini...hahahahaha

    Andrii IscoAndrii Isco13 dni temu
  • LORD

    jims rootjims root13 dni temu
  • Lingardino Can’t wait to have u back with the reds

    Nickoy AckbersinghNickoy Ackbersingh13 dni temu

    User 795User 79513 dni temu
  • Lingard should never come back to man utd

    45 Rajamad45 Rajamad13 dni temu
  • Are you sure this is lingard?

    Muhammad Syah RizalMuhammad Syah Rizal13 dni temu
  • Jings Style...

    Mc LaurensMc Laurens13 dni temu
  • 1:04

    Sijan ThapaSijan Thapa13 dni temu
  • Jesse Lingard is untouchable now as a United fan i think he should make his move permanent

    Erfan SheikhErfan Sheikh13 dni temu
  • Boy oh boy Jessy Lingard is just pure class..."TheJLingz show

    sufficient kwashirasufficient kwashira13 dni temu
  • Bro, the amount of shit I talked about him last season oml. He really is a different breed when he wears a west ham shirt.

    Ash FernandesAsh Fernandes13 dni temu
  • Whats mean that waves?

    Дмитрий ШатовДмитрий Шатов13 dni temu
  • Wow

    Fatih FatiihFatih Fatiih13 dni temu
  • Jesse Lingard?? No He is Messi Lingard

    빗살무늬토끼빗살무늬토끼13 dni temu
  • Gue saranin lo westham beli aja lingard nya brp pun harga nya,

    zorro nakamazorro nakama13 dni temu
  • Lord Lingardinho ✊✊✊

    Dadan PriatnaDadan Priatna13 dni temu
  • Seneng banget liat lord Linggard bersinar bersama whu

    FMJ _26FMJ _2613 dni temu
  • Great game of football, we love to see it

    AoxAox13 dni temu
  • Goat lingard

    iherinsa.10 Sariiherinsa.10 Sari13 dni temu
  • Lingard pulling a Heung Min Son, Berbatov and Bruno Fernandes in one half of football.

    Emmanuel BennettEmmanuel Bennett13 dni temu
  • Jesse Lingard the goat of football ever

    Terrence WongTerrence Wong13 dni temu
  • 玩归玩,闹归闹,别拿林皇开玩笑。

    山里巴人山里巴人13 dni temu
  • Premier League POTM next: Jesse Lingard

    Krzysztof NosalKrzysztof Nosal13 dni temu
  • What the hell happened to Lingard when he moved to West Ham ? What did he ate there to become so good ?

    Reivaldo AurelioReivaldo Aurelio13 dni temu
  • 1m views after lingard transfer& performance 😊

    DaredevilDaredevil13 dni temu
  • Jesse pulling a berbatov at the touchline👏

    Muhammadnasir AbdulrazaqMuhammadnasir Abdulrazaq13 dni temu
  • Lingard the goat

    Wandes Leonardo Siahaan 1807113116Wandes Leonardo Siahaan 180711311613 dni temu