Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

26 sty 2020
13 165 547 wyświetleń

Over the last decade milk has become a bit controversial. Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones, but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.
So who is right? And why are we drinking it anyway?

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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a NutshellRok temu
    • I hate milk and milk hates me

      Lenni DobsonLenni Dobson4 dni temu
    • Calories in milk Cow's milk (Cup) 157 Kcal. Sheep's milk (Cup) 264 Calories. Full cream milk powder (Cup) 1270 Calories. Skimmed milk powder (Cup) 870 Calories. Canned condensed milk (28g) 123 Calories. full-fat milk (Cup) 150 Calories. skimmed milk (Cup) 86 Calories. Low-fat milk (1 percent) (Cup) 102 Calories. Low-fat milk - 2 percent (Cup) 121 Calories. Chocolate milk - full fat (Cup) 208 Calories. Low-fat chocolate milk - 1 percent (Cup) 179 Calories. Low-fat chocolate milk - 2 percent (Cup) 150 Calories. Strawberry milk (Cup) 244 Calories. Skimmed milk - skimmed (Cup) 86 Calories. Evaporated milk - full cream (Cup) 338 Calories. Evaporated milk - low fat (Cup) 220 Calories. Evaporated milk - skimmed (Cup) 198 Calories.

      To tubeTo tube4 dni temu
    • @Moahmed Allam Exactly, PLworld needs to fix this.

      RanMind YTRanMind YT8 dni temu
    • @RanMind YT wait Is that the reason why I can't reply almost all the time to youtubers comments Damn thats some PLworld drug bullshit

      Moahmed AllamMoahmed Allam8 dni temu
    • @Moahmed Allam I know but whenever I try to reply to a comment that has a bit less than 500 replies it doesn’t let me reply for some reason

      RanMind YTRanMind YT8 dni temu
  • kudos to the animating

    Saratha KariamalSaratha Kariamal5 godzin temu
  • 6:23 Mom: Which milk should I buy? Kid: ALL OF THEM

    Danny CortezDanny Cortez5 godzin temu

    cloud samacloud sama5 godzin temu
  • 777-EARTH IS FLAT! not round but FLAT

    cloud samacloud sama5 godzin temu
  • 777-EARTH IS FLAT! not round

    cloud samacloud sama5 godzin temu
  • 777-EARTH IS FLAT!

    cloud samacloud sama5 godzin temu
  • Milk from fellow mammals is very good source of healthy food. Plant based is not. As for the environment cows really need to be free range and part of crop rotation as they fertilize and replenish the soil. Many farms in industrialized countries no longer rotate and their soils are running bare of nutrients that chemical fertilizers do not create so its not a simple thing to just remove animals from farming to improve the environment. Let the animals roam and eat their natural foods and butcher them with respect and dignity when needed

    AndrewAndrew6 godzin temu
  • Tbh i like soy milk i don't know why but I like it, no in not a vegetarian i do eat meat

    geraldo huibugeraldo huibu8 godzin temu
  • Usefull vid

    X4wiX4wi15 godzin temu
  • lol...acceptable amounts of poison its ok lmao

    OldGamer Games&ThingsOldGamer Games&Things15 godzin temu
  • I live in a household where my husband and sister are both lactose intolerant-I’m not. We purchase banana milk nearly every week and LOVE IT. I still drink cow’s milk, but not as much as banana milk. Mooala does an amazing job and it also comes in strawberry milk too. Check it out if it’s being sold at your local grocery store. :D

    KyvaxKyvax17 godzin temu
  • Is tea still a little milk or no cause I have tea with no sugar and its milk hot water and teabag

    Katie AgiusKatie Agius17 godzin temu
  • 누군가는 우유는 완전식품이라며 칭찬하고 누군가는 우유는 마시면 몸에 오히려 안좋다고 해왔죠. 저는 우유를 싫어하는 편이라 몸에 안좋다고 생각했습니다. 이런 재밌는 주제 앞으로도 많이 올려주세요. 감사합니다.

    편경훈편경훈18 godzin temu
  • Stoped drinking milk years ago, i felt alot more healthy

    Cpt FalconCpt Falcon21 godzinę temu
  • I'm pretty sure the mental stress caused by us worrying about our food so much is what causes high blood pressure and other unbalancing issues.

    PriaPria22 godzin temu
  • Anyone else drinking milk while watching this

    Mason ManciMason ManciDzień temu
  • That MOO TANG Hoodie

    Minister Stay FlyMinister Stay FlyDzień temu
  • this video: exists EVERY mammal to ever exist: nervous sweating

    RifteRifteDzień temu
  • I stopped drinking milk few years ago. also stopped eating eggs. best decision of my life. I lost all the acne

    F.F.Dzień temu
  • i stopped drinking milk when i grew up enough and then i almost never drank any milk. i never enjoyed it and always felt weird when i was drinking it. drinking an animal fluid just feels wrong for me but i respect whoever does it.

    LaserdozerLaserdozerDzień temu
  • Vitamins

    Johnny ComeauJohnny ComeauDzień temu
  • Dani fans +_+

    Ilakian CSEIlakian CSEDzień temu
  • That feel when you're watching this video and you've read ShindoL

    RiruruRiruruDzień temu
  • If you drink more than 1 liter of milk per day, you're just weird mate.

    MrOrlandoMrOrlandoDzień temu
  • im scared of drinking milk now

    Luke SavageLuke SavageDzień temu
  • what about the negative effects of casein? that's a huge one...

    Tijana BoskovTijana BoskovDzień temu
  • I'm just wondering what does kurzgesagt mean?

    Raygon 27Raygon 27Dzień temu
    • It's German and means as much as quickly said. Kurz=fast/quick Gesagt=said

      ElitePixel HDElitePixel HD15 godzin temu
  • Cows are just animals, I really don't care if they get "tortured"

    Tony PringlesTony PringlesDzień temu
  • How about this: Drink milk in moderation and you can’t digest it, don’t drink it.

    œœDzień temu
  • Healthy drink. That's all you had to say.

    david ludwigdavid ludwig2 dni temu
  • I drink 1 glass of milk for breakfast, in my cereal, and 1-2 glasses for dinner. (They are small glasses) is this bad? I also drink plenty of water and that is all the liquid I consume.

    ndxion 2007ndxion 20072 dni temu
    • How cannot u consume more liquid? Most eatable things got water in them

      HodorHodorDzień temu
  • Wow, great information! Now we need a vid dispelling myths about soy however :)

    Mr. ClassicalMr. Classical2 dni temu
  • All those carbon print and climate change discourses are nonsense to me. They lived with our cultivation from ancient eras.Think of yourself in a village while a cold winter of 17th century in Poland for example as a vegan to survive with consuming soy. God created these lovely cows to be beneficial to humans with all essential micro-nutritient such as B12, zinc etc.

    Mücahid MutluerMücahid Mutluer2 dni temu
  • My vegan BIOLOGY teacher told us that milk "melts our bones". How she got the job, I'll never know 😒

    RigelRigel2 dni temu
  • Mic the Vegan made a response improving some claims here

    GeneralArmorusGeneralArmorus2 dni temu
  • Hello Kurzgesagt! Can you guys make video about human milk? It would be very useful and interesting for many people

    Desmond MilesDesmond Miles2 dni temu
  • It's flippin gross

    David GordonDavid Gordon2 dni temu
  • it tastes good and I like it, I will drink milk.

    Gilbert Donell ChenGilbert Donell Chen2 dni temu
  • Milk is awesome

    JohnJohn2 dni temu
  • I don’t drink milk there was a point where there was no cereal in the house and I don’t like drinking it alone. I used to use strawberry syrup or chocolate powered but I stopped using those a long time ago. There is cereal but I just eat eggs or toast in the morning. The only time I use milk is to bake something like pancakes but outside of that I don’t drink just because I haven’t in so long and I after trying it recently I sort of don’t like the taste. It’s tolerable but 1 small cup is the best I can do before I hate it.

    How are you TodayHow are you Today2 dni temu
  • 1:38 cereal...

    TeAniMateTeAniMate2 dni temu
  • I like your intro music

    Devesh SrivastavaDevesh Srivastava2 dni temu
  • Bean me up scotty

    Cigars!Cigars!2 dni temu
  • I was on board until they started pumping the vegan agenda

    CosmicBitchCosmicBitch2 dni temu
  • Can I ask what if you only drank breast milk as your food? Like a diet? Would you become superhuman???

    Justin HodgeJustin Hodge2 dni temu
  • drinking milk is so weird

    JeticJetic2 dni temu
  • P.S. "....cows are slaughtered once they're tortured bodies are not productive anymore " You mean......they dont go to bovine university and "graduate" ? Reference: The simpsons

    Aaron McenteeAaron Mcentee2 dni temu
  • Milk is danger Danny : that can't be right ur lying you are just a thicc hater...😭

    Zen KingZen King3 dni temu
  • Thumbs down for the tripe about the climate. *edit: Yeah, hard fail on that angle. That part was WAY under researched and investigated. Absolutely tripe.

    Wizard Clip AudioWizard Clip Audio3 dni temu
  • It looks like a computer mouse in the first intro and ending

    Betel GeuseBetel Geuse3 dni temu
  • many studies are funded by the industries who hope to promote certain findings

    justapersonjustaperson3 dni temu
  • People who are lactose intolerant : milk is poison! People who are lactose tolerant: I love ice cream bro. The answer is both. Don’t get me started on Mongolia.

    Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy3 dni temu
  • milk was useful when we didnt have that much to eat but now, when all industries care is profit and we have a lot of things to eat, milk is not useful. would u give a humans milk to a new born cat?? doesn't make sense for me

    leticialeticia3 dni temu
  • So... is it good??

    Iskren IvanovIskren Ivanov3 dni temu
  • Would a virile Bull view a young Cow the same view as we, men, view young women?

    Eric VosselmansEric Vosselmans3 dni temu
  • This vid made me want some milk

    EnchantedBBQEnchantedBBQ3 dni temu
  • I think a big problem is that food isn't "one-size-fits-all". Not everyone has the same reaction to the same foods. For example, i cut out dairy a few years ago(for the most part). Now, when i have anything with cheese in it, or anything that's milk based, it's makes me feel quite uneasy and gives me pretty gross poops. I drank milk my whole life. I go 2 years with almost none of it, and it starts to fuck me up when i have some. I assume it's the lactose, but i have no idea. All I know is that my body doesn't want it anymore.

    Zachary SabourinZachary Sabourin3 dni temu
  • sữa có tốt không

    My An DangMy An Dang3 dni temu
  • Milk is milk after all..

    koushik kaykoushik kay3 dni temu
  • Milk is rank on it's own anyways

    Counterfeit CraigCounterfeit Craig3 dni temu
  • It’s not poison It’s healthy but having too much might do something Nothing major

    Edward HarrisonEdward Harrison3 dni temu
  • We all know that we need to find the milk of human kindness

    tactical_snailstactical_snails3 dni temu
  • Jesus fucking Christ, since when can milk produce cancer, it’s like saying that vaccines produce autism or Down syndrome

    Vacbanned88Vacbanned883 dni temu
  • What about almond milk

    MO2008AI LEEROWMO2008AI LEEROW3 dni temu
  • bean me up scotty

    AmyAmy3 dni temu
  • Imagine the person who found out about milk. Human one:...whatcha doing there? Human two: ummm uh um

    Owlett 9998Owlett 99983 dni temu
  • I love milk

    hannah sheehannah shee3 dni temu
  • LIES

    Singers UniteSingers Unite3 dni temu
  • Milk is fucking gross

    foofoo1kfoofoo1k3 dni temu
  • I'm pretty sure the first person to milk a cow was a furry

    JohnJohn4 dni temu
  • Dani would like to know your location

    JohnJohn4 dni temu
  • Well this Page would make us insecure about everything we eat and in the end only Drinking water would b healthy for us i even doubt that.

    Saqib ShahSaqib Shah4 dni temu
  • We living a healthy normal life without any hesitation,fear and anxiety suddenly "is Milk harmful for u lets find out" Then never actually clear the doubt about it in video and we began to fear all of our daily life things our day to day life gets misbalanced

    Saqib ShahSaqib Shah4 dni temu
  • I wish we could watch studies like this about lockdowns, mandates, facemasks, and vaccinations that are done in such a manner.

    Jeremy PaluckJeremy Paluck4 dni temu
  • We really suck at determining which foods are good for us and which aren't.

    Raizen21SSRaizen21SS4 dni temu
    • they way i see it people who can digest milk and dairy have an extra food source people who can't .... don't , seems advantageous to have and extra food source .

      Joel BentoJoel Bento16 godzin temu
    • It's not that we suck. Human body is complicated, human bodies are not identical, it also depends on how much amount of milk or whatever other food we're talking about. To generalize and say that a certain a food is healthy or unhealthy is definitely inaccurate

      Hala MHala M2 dni temu
  • La leche es la hostia, a mí no me toques los cojones.

    MM4 dni temu
  • I just had a big bowl of cereal before watching this! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!

    Dwight SchruteDwight Schrute4 dni temu
  • PETA gonna pretend they didn't see this...

    Hobo JoeHobo Joe4 dni temu
  • Unge, Statement?

    MORITZMORITZ4 dni temu
  • Calories in milk Cow's milk (Cup) 157 Kcal. Sheep's milk (Cup) 264 Calories. Full cream milk powder (Cup) 1270 Calories. Skimmed milk powder (Cup) 870 Calories. Canned condensed milk (28g) 123 Calories. full-fat milk (Cup) 150 Calories. skimmed milk (Cup) 86 Calories. Low-fat milk (1 percent) (Cup) 102 Calories. Low-fat milk - 2 percent (Cup) 121 Calories. Chocolate milk - full fat (Cup) 208 Calories. Low-fat chocolate milk - 1 percent (Cup) 179 Calories. Low-fat chocolate milk - 2 percent (Cup) 150 Calories. Strawberry milk (Cup) 244 Calories. Skimmed milk - skimmed (Cup) 86 Calories. Evaporated milk - full cream (Cup) 338 Calories. Evaporated milk - low fat (Cup) 220 Calories. Evaporated milk - skimmed (Cup) 198 Calories.

    To tubeTo tube4 dni temu
  • Kurzgesagt: milk is complicated Also kurzgesagt: building a Dyson sphere is easy

    Bimal PandeBimal Pande4 dni temu
    • @Stonks Agent I have you’re third in my moth sorry

      Bekila HurlbertBekila Hurlbert10 godzin temu
    • Yup, they're heavy on the pseudo science .

      Ishmael ZacharyIshmael Zachary18 godzin temu
    • @Stonks Agent lol

      Bimal PandeBimal Pande3 dni temu
    • Yeah, I have like three dyson spheres, 1 in my bag, 1 in my pocket, and another in the washing machine

      Stonks AgentStonks Agent3 dni temu
  • the animation style in this particular vid is so good!!! very cute and engaging. also thanks for covering this, im lactose intolerant

    Mel BMel B4 dni temu
  • Funny how you never mentioned the amounts of rainforest being cleared in Brazil to create soy farms...

    Ben YarwoodBen Yarwood4 dni temu
    • You win some you lose some I guess

      Brendan van BiljonBrendan van Biljon4 dni temu
  • Isn't more harmful for our bodies to ingest lab-procesed things?

    Nicolás TorresNicolás Torres4 dni temu
  • I am the milkman, my milk is delicious

    GodGod4 dni temu
  • When i arrived at school late, the teachers made everyone apologise for being early...

    cloud samacloud sama4 dni temu
  • Its only poisonous if its mad milk

    TheMeow_YTTheMeow_YT5 dni temu
  • I switched from milk to oat milk and the once thing I’ve noticed is that I’m able to stay focused on tasks better. Less brain fog and mental fatigue, I wish I did it sooner.

    Th3DevelsLettuceTh3DevelsLettuce5 dni temu
    • @VildeCL Most mammals become lactose intolerant after infancy. That's why you shouldn't give cats cow milk. Humans evolved to be lactose tolerant after infancy because those of us who could drink milk survived the long hard winters. Also, provide your sources for your claims of acne and osteoporosis.

      RigelRigel2 dni temu
    • @VildeCL You blow in from stupid town? Many things can't be fed to cats that are safe and healthy for humans.

      Daniel McIntoshDaniel McIntosh3 dni temu
    • Honestly, it makes no sense for us to drink milk. We’re always told to never give cows milk to cats, cuz it isn’t good for them and they should only drink cat milk. And this goes for every other species on earth, except humans? Makes no sense. And the fact that it causes acne and all the other stuff you listed. No one can convince me milk isn’t bad for us, I 100% believe it’s simply not good for humans. Aaaand countries that drink the most milk also have the highest rates of osteoporosis🤔🤔 I wonder why

      VildeCLVildeCL4 dni temu
  • Dont like coffee, this is the reason i drink milk.

    eric sarmentoeric sarmento5 dni temu
  • Who of your team is black bird?

    T0x1cT0x1c5 dni temu
  • Organic milk is usually more ethically produced and tastes better than regular milk in my opinion, worth the bit of extra cost

    MollyMolly5 dni temu
  • Man, when i heard 60% of peoples can only up to 150 milliliters of milk really got me because i love milk, and no lies no, when I have long day in online school, i get a liter of milk and i have it drinked till lunch and im ok. This makes me feel special now lol. Also plus is that i live in country that is behaving good to farming etc. (we basically don't have ecoli and this here)

    TeaggsTeaggs5 dni temu
    • I never drank milk for like the first 10 years of my life at all.

      Ralsei DreemurrRalsei Dreemurr20 godzin temu
  • Dani are you here ?

    Ali Deniz PolatAli Deniz Polat5 dni temu
  • I want to meet the man who decided to touch cow tiddies and pull

    KerosinKerosin5 dni temu
  • Your explanation of selection and the emergence of lactose digestion beyond infancy is grossly ignorant. The selection pressure was quite obviously from famines of regular foods, such as fruits or nuts in Africa where the Maasai herd cattle and the annual winter of northern Europe and Asia. These are groups that had the selection pressure to favor lactose tolerance. Other groups did not lack the advantage, instead they lacked the selection pressure, both in intensity and breadth. The two factors needed for lactose tolerance to emerge are a propensity to have livestock and severe starvation. Thee is no inherent advantage in milk over meat or rice; its advantage lay in its being produced when other crops are not available. It's not like there is a perfect human that the universe drives towards. Bad, bad writing. Farming is not a selection pressure in favor of lactose. There is already a huge advantage in calories and nutrition in general for adding farming over hunting by itself. Over eating isn't an advantage! In fact, if what you claim were the case, the world would be 90% lactose tolerant because it would yield such a huge advantage in producing offspring. However, absent famine, this is not the case at all.

    Maverick Black Belt AcademyMaverick Black Belt Academy5 dni temu
  • Well. If you are goinh to point out Animal suffering then we also need to stop all meat products, Eggs e.t.c and not just focus on milk.

    Just MeJust Me5 dni temu
  • I drink like 3 litres of milk a day so I was really scared at the start lol

    SlooieSlooie5 dni temu
  • There’s nothing complicated about milk, it saved our species for thousands of years and it’s still great! Stop wanting to rule the lives of others!

    Pedro KacowiczPedro Kacowicz5 dni temu
    • What you are saying is trying to rule others life aswell..

      HodorHodorDzień temu
  • These giants million dollars industry Isn't beatable through facts they need actual ban

    Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris5 dni temu