LGR 486 Update! 83MHz Pentium Overdrive CPU

28 lut 2020
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Upgrading the Woodgrain 486 PC by replacing the 66MHz 486 CPU with an Intel Pentium Overdrive! Taking a look at the box contents, the installation process, and some DOS game benchmarks. Pretty neat stuff being a drop-in upgrade for a Socket 2/3 486 motherboard.
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  • The results of this upgrade have cemented my resolve to upgrade, like, everything else now haha. Next will probably be the VLB video card, but I'm also planning to try some different RAM, as well as a DX4-100 from Intel since I have one of those already. And if nothing else, I also have a much nicer 486 mobo ready to go :P

    LGRLGR7 miesięcy temu
    • Yo I know this vids a lil old but would be awesome to see some more upgrades for the woodgrain pentium/486 bud.

      RudderRudder9 dni temu
    • I had 100mhz 486 back then.

      Petri KarhuPetri KarhuMiesiąc temu
    • I miss the days of levering my CPU out of the socket with a butter knife.

      ArmyOfAllArmyOfAll2 miesięcy temu
    • @Markus Lörcher Was he already running at 320x200?

      soundsparksoundspark2 miesięcy temu
    • Lowering the audio quality will get you the biggest performance leap on Duke 3D.

      Markus LörcherMarkus Lörcher2 miesięcy temu
  • Makes sense that an 83 MHz Pentium in a 486 board would perform somewhere between a P-75 and a DX4-100 ;) But fun fact: The floating point conformance test was something Intel supplied for free after the faults with the first P5. I believe mostly to prove that they had indeed fixed the issue for the P54.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent18 godzin temu
  • I had one of those

    Michael SilvaMichael Silva2 dni temu
  • Never knew these existed.

    Vladislavs DovgalecsVladislavs Dovgalecs3 dni temu
  • Those....are numbers. This made me laugh.

    David HamiltonDavid Hamilton6 dni temu
  • bought one of these back in the day. had the fastest 486 for a little while!

    Robs RidesRobs Rides8 dni temu
  • Hey back then 17 Mhz was a bit of a speed bump. These days, no.

    Heelix RanierHeelix Ranier11 dni temu
  • Descent 2! but you used a mosue?????? boooo! locked turn radius. Noob move. Still love your channel.

    Neil HaroldsonNeil Haroldson11 dni temu
  • back when Computer City was still around i got a AMD 83Mhz 586 over drive... it was cool, it came with a plastic tool to remove my old Intel 486sx 25Mhz that came in my Acer Acros pc, a manual and a VHS tape with instructions, it was cool

    Martin TovarMartin Tovar12 dni temu
  • I had one of those. It was kinda sweet. Bought it with Borland Java IDE back in the day...

    ShamrockParticleShamrockParticle12 dni temu
  • ive got a few 486dx6 100 cpu's(amd and intel)

    Quentin TubbQuentin Tubb12 dni temu
  • Bruh, your Duke impression, just 👌

    CocomintMimaCocomintMima12 dni temu
  • This makes me miss my 486 DX4-120

    Jonathan MarzinkeJonathan Marzinke13 dni temu
  • i buy and use one for time back then, it was verry deceyving result not for bug. but it was like some people who cant think and speack in the same time. i even switch my computer board for its, since it was not compatible whit the amd 486X4 limit to 66mhz in the bios despicte theyre was a pin setup for 25, 33, and 40mhz. so y switch the bord just for the intel CPU,... never work as espected, verry silent as noise go. i like that but slow, SLOW as melasse half of the time. never solve the problem its stop to think every minutes or so. no crash just like the computer stop what ever y do, take a segonde break! than resume what ever i was doing.... someone since then tell my that was the ecc in my 72 pin chip memorie that was incompatible? i never play games whit it y was working in adaptiong TINman a dos program for the blind trying to adapt it for windows 95 16 bits, a program i create wen working at Texas intrument in your corner of the planet, i help create a non APL version of the work sythesis a venture system betwen AT&T and texas instrument in voice synthese. Texas intrument voice synthese chip wheyre create whit APL library and register, i finish the years whit a 486X4 100 (push to 118mhz) since my new board was faster whit AMD its, a lots faster. after that years y switch to the pentium 60. they sell them a base price for the math bug, never ave problem whit the bug still a pentium board original P60 for 50$ i still ave it somewheyre in a molded resin box, i mold a lot of my old cpu in resin. not place to display them now... since i am renovationg. ok long renovation i start 5 years ago and still not finish. houps! i am retiry, we alwais a someting to do but slowly.

    Jean MorinJean Morin14 dni temu
  • I had a pentium100 when i played these games... what a good time

    Y XY X15 dni temu
  • Hamon Overdriiiiiiveee !!! ...i'll show myself out thanks...

    Dan GreifDan Greif17 dni temu
  • At the time I had a pentium II I didn't even knew what frames were. I only knew the game ran or not

    The NiwoThe Niwo20 dni temu
  • Watched the video. Decided to try out overdrive. Bought one and oops. Wrong socket type. Good-bye small fortune.

    enilenisenilenis22 dni temu
  • Y'know what makes this piece of obsolete techy gumph sexy? No RGB.

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance22 dni temu
  • I remember it needed to wipe my 500 meg hard drive for Quake 3dFX it ran for me and doom

    marines0001marines000123 dni temu
  • 3:06 what Kershaw blade is that? I want one!

    EvilDaveIncEvilDaveInc24 dni temu
  • I was selling computers & accessories in the mid 90s and we sold & installed a ton of these things. I opted instead to upgrade my 486 to the AMD DX4 100mhz. I wish I still had that system.

    Dustin BatchelorDustin Batchelor24 dni temu
  • Imagine upgrading your CPU so that you can run Excel faster 😂

    1984198424 dni temu
  • Personally, I have had a 486dx4-100 (also Amd). It had support for pci and 72 pin EDO Ram. If I do go down the memory lane and assemble something similar, I believe I will go with socket7 1st generation Pentium system, SE and MMX support will give me the best of both worlds. DOS/SVga games era, and Early windows 95/98.

    Pedro Daniel Lopes FerreiraPedro Daniel Lopes Ferreira25 dni temu
  • Got this for Quake

    Teb TengriTeb Tengri25 dni temu
  • I remember back in the day, by far the biggest performance increase for Duke3d was upgrading my video card. I think I got a Tseng ET6000. This was obviously before 3d acceleration but it definitely bumped up the frame rate significantly.

    Alistair BlaireAlistair Blaire27 dni temu
  • my winbook xp from 1993 has a 75mhz cpu

    CombatHDCombatHD28 dni temu
  • I can't wait for this to come out!

    Dixie NormousDixie Normous28 dni temu
  • omg what nostalgia, that was insane thx

    BeatByaStonerBeatByaStoner28 dni temu
  • I purchased this for my IBM DX2-33 when it came out back in 1995! I remember I had to work all summer to save enough money for that thing! It also required me to do a EEPROM upgrade. I enjoyed the hell out of it. There was definitely a noticeable difference in performance. It was euphoric turning it on for the first time after the upgrade. I miss that wonderful machine.

    Bruce SalisburyBruce SalisburyMiesiąc temu
  • Said it in the last video, I will say it again. U sound like Jon St John when you're being weird. Then I hear U like playing Duke Nukem 3D on this system. Go figure.

    Steven McFlySteven McFlyMiesiąc temu
  • I don't understand this. Back in 1995 Descent ran just fine on my intel 486 DX-2 66-based desktop PC (8 MB 70ns RAM - 2 x4 MB SIMMs). I got around 40 fps, very busy battle scenes, and that was at 1024x768, full "eye candy" graphics mode...even in multiplayer mode, over a 14.4K modem. ~40 fps, like it was on rails. I had a pretty nice 15" CTX CPS-1560 CRT digital glass monitor, @60Hz max refresh rate. Maybe the excellent performance was mostly due the system having onboard VLB video ("Vesa Local Bus"). The chipset was Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428, and it had 1 MB dedicated VRAM. When I upgraded from the DX-2 66 to the AMD 5x86-133 MHz CPU, the fps jumped up to 60 fps (which is all that my 60Hz CTX CRT monitor could handle). Good times. Jeez, I miss the "Go-Go '90s" so bad...lots of LAN parties & hot BBS babes.

    Trev0r98Trev0r98Miesiąc temu
  • Back in 1999 I was working for a local PC repair shop, I used to build mostly Athlon/Duron systems at that time but also quite a lot of upgrading old systems with these overdrive processors, I remember there being loads of them, they came in a variety of speeds for a multitude of sockets...and they were not a cheap upgrade if I remember correctly

    Jon ChapmanJon ChapmanMiesiąc temu
  • February 13, my birthday!

    ȘрЇđєÝÝȘрЇđєÝÝMiesiąc temu
  • HAHA , So cool 27 years old, like new toy

    Diego BurzoDiego BurzoMiesiąc temu
  • i would play Descent 2 till I was spinning around so fast that I would almost throw up. LOL

    MrTibbs90MrTibbs90Miesiąc temu
  • My dad had a Pentium 1 133 MHz and it had just a heatsink clipped to it. No cooling paste and no fan. The heatsink was so warm that O could not hold it for long. But it ran stable.

    TheMagnificentZoltarTheMagnificentZoltarMiesiąc temu
  • OMG an SIS chipset. THE shittiest chipset known to man. EVER.

    cornz38cornz38Miesiąc temu
  • This computer can run Windows XP if the hard drive is upgraded to 9 gb and the ram is upgraded to 128 mb. I emulated an Pentium OverDrive with 128 MB of ram and a 30 gb hard disk and installed Windows XP Pro on it. It was very slow. Edit:For Windows XP to even install the motherboard needs to be upgraded to a ASUS P/I-P55T2P4

    dragogosdragogosMiesiąc temu
  • Omg... that processors fan noise is my childhood playing quake and sega rally! 👌

    Calum WardCalum WardMiesiąc temu
  • If only Intel and amd we're still interchangable

    Kaden DKaden DMiesiąc temu
  • I bought one of these when the place I worked shut down. It ran off a network and I had to add a few components to get it to go online and play games. Decent PC for the time. Things really ramped up since then.

    BuLLeTBuLLeTMiesiąc temu
  • dood you should print double-sided

    ungratefulmetalpansyungratefulmetalpansyMiesiąc temu
  • Does it run Crisis?

    Skai MaskSkai MaskMiesiąc temu
  • Hi LGR, could you do an episode on the Powerleap upgrades too?

    RoozsRoozsMiesiąc temu
  • And Encarta 97-ish animations.

    Alex Mihai GAMINGAlex Mihai GAMINGMiesiąc temu
  • be interesting to see it running overclocked on a 40Mhz FSB

    Damien DyeDamien DyeMiesiąc temu
  • can you please cover Street Rod 1 and 2

    Jason BarrettJason Barrett2 miesięcy temu
  • I share your passion of old hardware I spent 2 hrs once hauling an old AT system i found on the side of the road home while walking my arms were dead at the end of it lol

    Matthew JamesMatthew James2 miesięcy temu
  • Back in 1996 my intel 486 DX-2 66 MHz -based system with onboard VLB 1MB Cirrus Logic GL-CD5428 video ran Duke Nuke'Em 3D at 1024x768x256 at 72 fps on rails. Smooth, fluid gameplay throughout the game, locked in at 72 fps. The game literally shimmered and sparkled on the excellent CTX CPS-1550 15" CRT glass monitor (ViewSonic clone). FPS would drop to 60 fps at VESA modes 800x600x65K colors, or 640x480x16 million TrueColor modes. Same results when I upgraded to the AMD 5x86-133 MHz CPU (WT mode only L1 cache mode only, no write back), so the Cirrus Logic VLB 5428 chip was the bottleneck (but still a barn burner). The AMD 5x86 CPU really did give this system Pentium 75-like performance (except for floating point). The core of the system was the Reply Corporation (Cupertino, CA) Turbo system board (upgrade of original IBM PS/2 30-286 Model E31 - intel 80286-10MHz, running @ 1 wait state).

    Trev0r98Trev0r982 miesięcy temu
  • I believe that LGR is the voice of Duke Nukem 3d

    yose42yose422 miesięcy temu
  • "Ohhh, fresh Pentium Overdrive. *No Bachman-Turner included."* xD

    Damien5497 EntertainmentDamien5497 Entertainment2 miesięcy temu
  • Can it run Crysis?

    Christoph BolligerChristoph Bolliger2 miesięcy temu
  • try 40MHz bus.... sometimes I was able to overclock my overdrive

    Sheldon IrvingSheldon Irving2 miesięcy temu
  • There's was a while when these games was released, I was 23.

    john smithjohn smith2 miesięcy temu
  • Is there no floating point unit bugs inside this pentium overdrive? I remember the first pentium 66/75 has the FPU bug, maybe the pentium overdrive for 486 motherboard also has this bug.

    yuan.ping chenyuan.ping chen2 miesięcy temu
    • Nope, as shown in the video it passed the test that checks for the bug!

      LGRLGR2 miesięcy temu
  • should have run that weird intel benchmark on a modern system for lulz

    ThorableThorable2 miesięcy temu
  • Intel could have done this to most of their chips since the core i series.

    ThorableThorable2 miesięcy temu
  • I wonder if you connect that 4 pin molex header on your board to the psu I believe its for extra power for the cpu but I could be wrong

    Owen BradyOwen Brady2 miesięcy temu
  • I dunno man, Duke 3D ran great on our 486 DX4 @ 100 MHz. It's basically running a suped up version of the Doom engine... Descent also ran fine... We did have a VESA Local Bus onboard graphics though (the PC was an Acer, and it advertised as having VLB even though it was on board). Quake came out after we upgraded to a real pentium though, so I can't speak to that.

    Michael JensenMichael Jensen2 miesięcy temu
  • Had a powerleap 5x86 pr133 as it was cheaper than this thing ..way back in the day

    philip diasphilip dias2 miesięcy temu
  • A thing I didn't miss from older computers is having to set up jumpers. But I did miss not needing to use a cpu cooler

    Alejandro Rodolfo MendezAlejandro Rodolfo Mendez2 miesięcy temu
  • Had to go the poor man's route with Cyrix's 5x86 piggyback chip. Faster than the 486dx2-66 it replaced, but slower than the overdrive shown here.

    oldtwins naoldtwins na3 miesięcy temu
  • Her: "Talk dirty to me." Clint: 6:04

    Kj16VKj16V3 miesięcy temu
  • the l2 cache upgrade really does more for our money

    Fernando CostaFernando Costa3 miesięcy temu
  • The irony of intel supporting new CPU tech on old sockets back then, compared to now :D I always wanted one of those Overdrive CPUs to mess around with. :)

    Kevin EdwardKevin Edward3 miesięcy temu
  • always a pleasure to watch LGR videos

    Cody MaverickCody Maverick3 miesięcy temu
  • My first computer had this.

    Seamus HowlingSeamus Howling3 miesięcy temu
  • Is the 486 getting a new Motherboard?

    William DWilliam D3 miesięcy temu
  • Back in the day, I got the AMD K5 drop in upgrade for my 66MHz 486. Wonder how this and that CPU compare in benches?

    SlowSpyderSlowSpyder3 miesięcy temu
  • HELLo LGR, you missed the point! I build a tons of these retro pc and I sell spare parts on eBay ( search Dominatored seller) and the prob is your motherboard, try to change that ; don't touch the ram , CPU or the graphic card. Duke 3d work perfectly on DX/2 66 with 8 Meg's of ram.Take care.

    da8429da84293 miesięcy temu
  • I wanted this so bad when I was a kid 😆

    HeyHey3 miesięcy temu
  • you can actually run the quake benchmark on a dx2-66, you just have to do it manually by going into c:\dosbench\marks\quakes\ and running "quake +timedemo demo1 +exec mode12.cfg -nosound - nocdaudio". Im not sure why that menu item (or more specifically the batch file meant to run that quake benchmark) causes that error, but doing it manually should work. Most dx-2's dont go above about 6fps though, so it would be interesting to see what the overdrive does..

    Oh So RetroOh So Retro3 miesięcy temu
  • Years ago I bought a used one of these and put it in my parent's 486 machine. It really cranked faster for them. Also put in a VESA Local Bus video card.

    Channel Dad Bryon LapeChannel Dad Bryon Lape3 miesięcy temu
  • Does your motherboard have a CMOS 4 pin "external battery" connector? I have a barrel battery that I am replacing, but the motherboard has this header. Can I use a non-rechargeble battery on that 4 pin? The barrel 3.6v 60mAH battery is rechargeble, but I would like to put a CR2032 on that header instead.

    Jacob wJacob w4 miesięcy temu
  • Made for non gamers like military satcom imo.

    Henry 12 Solstice 21Henry 12 Solstice 214 miesięcy temu
  • can't believe i'm watching unboxing of 486 cpu in 2020!

    Haitao WangHaitao Wang4 miesięcy temu
  • My pocket computing at 27 MHz was mind blowing after 3.5 and 7 MHz equipment. I am restoring this experience at the moment.

    elektron2kimelektron2kim4 miesięcy temu
  • Can i have all those intro songs? Someone?

    Wora CoraWora Cora4 miesięcy temu
  • Those benchmarks are surprising. Even in write-thru mode with 16K L1 cache, the Pentium Overdrive 83 should be 60-70% faster than than DX2-66. There must be some other bottleneck with that board... The storage is CompactFlash, so that should be plenty fast, but maybe the IDE controller card is very slow? Maybe the AMD 5x86-133 will perform significantly better with this board because it's just a regular 486 clocked very high, so you won't be bottlenecked by the slower memory bus.

    QuantumBracedQuantumBraced4 miesięcy temu
  • Descent, yeah... or "the 486 killer" as i liked to call it 😂

    perfectionboxperfectionbox4 miesięcy temu
  • It's odd that it wouldn't run the Quake time-bench as a I clearly remember playing through the Quake shareware on our old 486 DX2-50/66 machine - it was a literal slideshow, really not sure how I tolerated that, but I managed to complete it somehow. That game really needed a real Pentium, fortunately it ran beautifully on the Pentium 166 machine that replaced the 486.

    YellowblankaYellowblanka4 miesięcy temu
  • AMD / Intel CPUs interchangeable on same motherboard. Pepperage Farm remembers

    ipKonfig.comipKonfig.com4 miesięcy temu
  • Descent + all keyboard control = Purest DOS gaming experience & also DOS keyboard control "Mice are for Wimps" award. That or any good flying game.

    Peter LamontPeter Lamont4 miesięcy temu
  • Those hands in the demo clip.....They stole them from "Larry,.....Larry Laffer"....

    Bite My KrankBite My Krank4 miesięcy temu
  • should send in the registration cards

    Ryan TrumbleRyan Trumble4 miesięcy temu
  • The Duke Nukem voice is getting full run here

    IconOfSin24148IconOfSin241484 miesięcy temu
  • Why not try an Am5x86-P75+ or Cyrix 5x86-133?

    ElMariachiElMariachi4 miesięcy temu
  • Now you can install Windows XP on it. Technically.

    KacpreuszKacpreusz4 miesięcy temu
  • I definitely don't miss jumper pins. So glad that those aren't required to build/upgrade pcs these days

    David SitterDavid Sitter4 miesięcy temu
  • Thank you for the software links dude. SIS Chipset, sucked, Intel Chipset would have been ideal, or any other brand really. @1:57 and yes I'm old enough to see the same stupid and greedy arrogance of Intel back then, as it is now, some things don't change, and probably lost lots of money because of it. Write-Back Cache is better than Write-Through, so if you don't have Write-Through is even better

    saultube44saultube444 miesięcy temu
  • what sorcery is this?!!!

    ZerqTMZerqTM4 miesięcy temu
  • or we would just ditch the ol intel processors and go with ryzen 5 core 8 thread processor clocked at 3.7 ghz.....

    gman57op anti-masongman57op anti-mason4 miesięcy temu
  • I had one of these, I was able to crank it up to around 125Mhz through careful overclocking with my own fan on it. It lasted about a year before I replaced it. Was mostly stable. Would only crash once every few days. With it cranked up through overclocking Duke Nukem 3D was very playable.

    zen stratazen strata4 miesięcy temu
  • Overclock it! Maybe get 93 MHz!

    Anthony NgAnthony Ng4 miesięcy temu
  • My mom and I both upgraded our 486 machines to these processors. She had the SX 63mhz machine and I had the 83mhz DX machine. It literally doubled my frame rate in Quake.

    Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonald4 miesięcy temu
  • Go get yourself a matrox g200 was the go too card back in the day. Assuming you have pci or ati mach 64 with vesa.

    MrBreadoflifeMrBreadoflife4 miesięcy temu
  • More 486!!!!

    darthtripedacus1darthtripedacus14 miesięcy temu
  • a motherboard with GUI? Which one is?

    chillinfartdotccchillinfartdotcc4 miesięcy temu
  • Low fps , on old games , I didnt know what fps was,I thought this was running normal.lol.

    HillbillyRepairsHillbillyRepairs4 miesięcy temu