look at my cat

3 kwi 2021
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    JelliJelli6 dni temu
  • That’s a cute turtle ☺️

    AlexReviews 125AlexReviews 12510 dni temu
  • Yup totally a cat not a shiba a cat

    show4gameshow4game11 dni temu
  • Kenji just ate her cat

    ബി Kalmബി Kalm12 dni temu
  • Cute

    Rez VolfRez Volf12 dni temu
  • This was a kenjicollage

    TheNobeds OfficialTheNobeds Official12 dni temu
  • I very much like your cat :)

    Drip-mentedPear DripDrip-mentedPear Drip12 dni temu
  • I see cat i click

    BurguerandBurguerand15 dni temu
  • this is a doggo

    Wolfy da KnightWolfy da Knight15 dni temu
  • Isnt it a cow?

    i bad af yikesi bad af yikes15 dni temu
  • Is that Kenji's bone?

    Aditya ShankarAditya Shankar15 dni temu
  • YES

    Mercy Matteenah MasihMercy Matteenah Masih15 dni temu
  • thats not a cat you silly sausage

    Your MotherYour Mother15 dni temu
  • Thats not a cat.... Its a bear

    Golden DodoGolden Dodo15 dni temu
  • Nice cat

    Luca ArrudaLuca Arruda15 dni temu
  • Watching as I prepare for cat and dog Videos. I watch it after I download it. I watch as I put together. I watch it again after the recording. I upload it to PLworld and watch it again. Still I can't get enough. I love them. Does anyone know why that way?

  • That's a blobfish

    Cookie the YorkipooCookie the Yorkipoo16 dni temu
  • Kenji looks like a cross between a potato and a loaf of bread

    Rednat frotRednat frot16 dni temu
  • Meh. Cats are much more spherical.

    Imię NazwiskoImię Nazwisko16 dni temu
  • The cat is upset you got it’s species wrong. It’s a mosquito

    Christopher DominickChristopher Dominick16 dni temu
  • Slick cat u got there

    exx dDexx dD16 dni temu
  • That ain't a cat... That is a fox

    3ft Ninja3ft Ninja16 dni temu
  • Kenji is a dog and not a cat! Why do you keep saying "look at my cat" when it's "look at my dog"?!

    E.J. LunaE.J. Luna16 dni temu
  • Only sqishing that cute little face

    Maciej KujawaMaciej Kujawa16 dni temu
  • The narrator is aggressively saying:”look at my cat!”

    Ian SpencerIan Spencer16 dni temu
  • this is such a wholesome place

    Rocco GormanRocco Gorman16 dni temu
  • Catdog

    Katie JoKatie Jo16 dni temu
  • Who is this girl now

    Dushyant SoniDushyant Soni16 dni temu
  • Bruh thats a shiba dog

    Yuunamon100Yuunamon10017 dni temu
    • @Alexandru Petrea no u

      Yuunamon100Yuunamon10010 dni temu
    • that's a cat are you blind?

      Alexandru PetreaAlexandru Petrea10 dni temu
  • They really are like cats (I’m referring to shiba’s in general)

    JerkyJerky17 dni temu
  • cat

    PixelchuPixelchu17 dni temu
  • no that's a monke

    OtakuXVOtakuXV17 dni temu
  • He reminds more of fox than cat, very quick and agile

    Richard psRichard ps17 dni temu
  • what if kenji was acutally a cat dressed as a dog

    GooseyMooseyGooseyMoosey17 dni temu
  • "Look at my cat"-Dumbledore said calmly

    Aadreet kaushikAadreet kaushik17 dni temu
  • Thats a weird cat. May i asked what breed?

    baligila1baligila117 dni temu
  • Is this anti content?

    bitfucksbitfucks17 dni temu
  • Uh...sir, thats an aligator...

    Grim BlobGrim Blob17 dni temu
  • Such a weird lookin cat doe

    CobraPlayz YTCobraPlayz YT17 dni temu
  • Cat... Wait a second. It's Kenji, bamboozled again!

    BloopShroopBloopShroop17 dni temu
  • That's not kenji that's a cat. No war crimes here

    BX-7698BX-769817 dni temu
  • A catto trapped in doggo body

    Sacr1f1cesSacr1f1ces17 dni temu
  • Dog

    Bhaskar PaulBhaskar Paul17 dni temu
  • I subbed on Saturday and now all I see in my subscriptions area is Kenji 🐕

    The Black LabThe Black Lab17 dni temu
  • Your cat still really looks like a dog... X)

    Snow HeartSnow Heart17 dni temu
  • We can make a reli- No don't

    The Un-ReliableThe Un-Reliable17 dni temu
  • I will always look at your cat

    T KlineT Kline17 dni temu
  • i am

    SelenaSelena17 dni temu
  • That's a horse

    SuperEpicDude McCraftSuperEpicDude McCraft17 dni temu
  • look at my cat, my cat is amazing.

    aperssonapersson17 dni temu
  • What is the original audio from. Best part.

    Cowboy_BeboyCowboy_Beboy17 dni temu
  • Alright guys, after not much debating I can safely say that the youtube algorithm ain’t broken.

    The Epic nUBThe Epic nUB17 dni temu
  • thats cursed :/

    saish poondisaish poondi17 dni temu

    zrobeastzrobeast17 dni temu
  • That’s a nice hamster

    Elri GasaElri Gasa17 dni temu
  • Thats a bird actually

    LKMalapedeLKMalapede17 dni temu
  • Um, sure. I think the (hopefully) shelter lied to you That is a dog, not a cat

    Theobald LeonhartTheobald Leonhart17 dni temu
  • Ha ha! It's funny because it's not the animal she's saying it is!

    Myname JeffMyname Jeff17 dni temu
  • That's not a cat that's a attack helicopter

    who_who Whowho_who Who17 dni temu
  • Huh that is one strange cat if I've ever seen one...

    MR. BREADMR. BREAD17 dni temu
  • A wild bread loaf has been spotted!

    Percy JacksonPercy Jackson17 dni temu
  • Nice cat

    The Nickel ManThe Nickel Man17 dni temu
  • It's a boy dog😄😄😄

    Tsao TsaoTsao Tsao17 dni temu
  • That's a beautiful cat

    Big GooseBig Goose17 dni temu
  • I’m looking

    ManualLionManualLion18 dni temu
  • That's fraud, and identity theft. That's easily a life sentence. And a well deserved one

    The Neon LlamaThe Neon Llama18 dni temu
  • I used to refer to my Shiba as my "genetically engineered Japanese cat", she even had one sound she made that sounded just like a cat's meow.

    Lee SakowskiLee Sakowski18 dni temu
  • Look at my cat!

    Ddawid220Ddawid22018 dni temu
  • That's a big cat

    Kuzey YavuzKuzey Yavuz18 dni temu
  • He ate the cat

    Darkfire_ 057Darkfire_ 05718 dni temu
  • Wow you're a girl now?

    accountwontlastlong1accountwontlastlong118 dni temu
  • e

    Anna Dietrich-KeyzerAnna Dietrich-Keyzer18 dni temu
  • My shibe is a cat too

    Paul KalupnieksPaul Kalupnieks18 dni temu
  • That’s not a cat

    Gaming YorkGaming York18 dni temu
  • Yes

    Di MagnoliaDi Magnolia18 dni temu
  • That’s a beautiful cat

    D' animeD' anime18 dni temu
  • That’s gonna be a meme i know it

    Oscar The DogOscar The Dog18 dni temu
  • My dog is the best cat

    Bonnie the Shiba InuBonnie the Shiba Inu18 dni temu
  • kenji master of disguise ready to commit more warcrimes Cat by day Doge by night he might disguise himself as a horse or a raccoon next

    GummyPopGummyPop18 dni temu
  • i love this cat xd

    Jordi PerezJordi Perez18 dni temu
  • Noice

    CPGoat #3CPGoat #318 dni temu
  • cute cat

    JawBreaker 066JawBreaker 06618 dni temu
  • you have a very cute cat ☺️

    kaloxiiakaloxiia18 dni temu
  • That's such a weird looking cat

    JalJal18 dni temu
  • Nice cat

    Mr SankerMr Sanker18 dni temu
  • Dog

    Nursery RamNursery Ram18 dni temu
  • See you in 10 years

    Abel AndrewAbel Andrew18 dni temu

    Aayush NilawarAayush Nilawar18 dni temu
  • You think that's a cat. 😂😂😂😂🐈🐈

    MO. B.A.MO. B.A.18 dni temu
  • A demonstration of his cat like reflexes

    LuischaboiiLuischaboii18 dni temu
  • Guys, did you look at the cat? If you didn’t, please do.

    MartinaMartina18 dni temu
  • It's like that family guy cutaway with the annoying dog person but reverse

    Jethilius AvalarJethilius Avalar18 dni temu
  • Cute cat u got there

    Mazen- CraftMazen- Craft18 dni temu
  • "you maybe a dog, but you are a pretty cool cat" 🙃🥴

    SOFTECHSOFTECH18 dni temu
  • das not a cat

    TheEPIC_dio420TheEPIC_dio42018 dni temu
  • Shibes are cat software running on dog hardware

    Eugenia OsornoEugenia Osorno18 dni temu
  • #KeniSupremacy

    Ur local LesbianUr local Lesbian18 dni temu
  • Who's the lady?

    Krish VasaKrish Vasa18 dni temu
  • *Progressively Gets More Aggressive*

    SweetDessertSweetDessert18 dni temu
  • cat

    Bipan PhuyalBipan Phuyal18 dni temu