If It’s Anyone Else...

22 kwi 2021
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I was still out from wisdom tooth surgery. Kane, a high-content wolf dog, is (politely) letting someone know that it is not her charge to touch our things. This includes the sheets on the bed.

  • We have a cat that's a lot like that, actually. You touch or move his stuff and he is (again, politely) like "but, but, that's my stuff! You touched it."

    101jir101jir8 godzin temu
  • He looks like the 🥺 emoji lol so cute

    Chinatsu InoueChinatsu InoueDzień temu
  • Wolfie

    My MindMy MindDzień temu
  • He halp

    songbird 64songbird 642 dni temu
  • His eyes😢😢😢❤

    Aylen FerreyraAylen Ferreyra2 dni temu
  • he just wants to help you monster

    VexokVexok2 dni temu

    BLACKLIST •BLACKLIST •2 dni temu
  • How cute! ❤❤

    chace909chace9092 dni temu

    wrongway1100wrongway11003 dni temu
  • Those eyeeees

    The HumbleKnightThe HumbleKnight3 dni temu
  • I would forfeit all physical possessions to this wolfdog

    Savage CabbageSavage Cabbage3 dni temu
  • Took me a moment to realize that's a wolf

    IggyIntermissionIggyIntermission3 dni temu
  • But he is a very good boi. Let him help.

    AlcatrazAlcatraz4 dni temu
  • Ok I wanna wolf as a pet now.

    JDJD4 dni temu
  • it so cute

    battled doggobattled doggo4 dni temu
  • "I'm helping tho!"

    Squee6669Squee66695 dni temu
  • If it’s anyone else... It’s my dog’s alien that zapped the goat’s neighbor into space to harvest cows for chickens.

    KiddValiente HorrorGamingKiddValiente HorrorGaming5 dni temu
  • Fluffy boi

    Yolo TeamYolo Team5 dni temu
  • Is that a wolf?

    John OchiltreeJohn Ochiltree5 dni temu
    • wolfdog, 97% wolf

      Systematically StupidSystematically Stupid4 dni temu
  • For the record that isn't a wolf it's most likely mixed with some sort of "big dog breed". This can be found in the eyes Of a wolf-dog breeds as well as normal dogs. Wolf-dogs and dogs normally have a mix of colors in their eyes or, the most natural color, hazel or dark and light brown. Full-blooded wolves (or wolf-dogs with more wolf blood in their veins) normally have gold, green, or yellow. The pupils also are a ton smaller than most of the canine species. Where as dogs or wolf-dogs have much bigger pupils. Wolves are tiny. Plus and old family friend had a wolf-dog that looked just like this one same height, same tail, same face, annnd same pupil's. She said it was mixed with 40% wolf and 70% sheep dog. Even showed paperwork for it. I also work with a ton of big dogs on a regular basis and I work with two dogs that also match this dogs description. It maybe be a wolf-dog breed but it's certainly not a full-blooded wolf. Ps. Also worked for a zoo in the wolf department. I've loved wolves since I was a kid and finally got a job working with the wolves in our local zoo hands-on when I turned 18 years. My job was to groom them (yeah groom them) and feed them. I wasn't actually "allowed" to work hands-on. But my bosses just turned a blind eye. Plus you'd be surprised how gentle or easy going,I dare say, that they can be. I'd never recommend taking a wild wolf cub in though. They don't do well around loud noises or flashing lights. Anyways just a short story to further your case.

    JuggemJuggem5 dni temu
    • @Juggem you obviously half assed the "research" for like 5 minutes and are now spouting shit and then trying to make a fool of yourself by arguing with the person literally owning the animal

      Zippy ParakeetZippy Parakeet2 dni temu
    • @Juggem I'm telling you because you're the one who said it.

      H & KH & K5 dni temu
    • @H & K tell google and animal researchers that not me. I'm just stating what sites say and what my eyes have seen.

      JuggemJuggem5 dni temu
    • 1. “Pupil size” is relative to the lighting, so “wolves have smaller pupils” is a nonsense point. 2. Wolves range in eye color from hazel, amber, yellow, and rarely green. 3. “Eye color” is not a standard for phenotyping a wolf, nor is “pupil size”. That would be: Brain case (primarily the frontal lobe). Paw and leg size relative to body. Snout length/width. Molar size relative to mouth. Ear placement and size relative to head (shorter and closer together). Chest size (thinner). Expert-not-expert commentary is masked misinformation. I’d stop that.

      H & KH & K5 dni temu
  • lmao,big nose boi

    Asriel DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr5 dni temu
  • I pray I can have a wold like you two have, nature may be feral by default but that's because they have to be, domestics isn't enslavement for animals but rather a medium so that big babies like that beautiful wolf you have can be respected and loved like we do with one another. You're lucky to have your pups, thanks for sharing your experience and putting a smile on people's faces.

    Peter GutPeter Gut5 dni temu
  • doggo

    BushmanBushman5 dni temu
  • Omfg this was tp cute-

    MCMC6 dni temu
  • Those round eyes could make anyone fall in love to Kane

    AlphaIkarosAlphaIkaros6 dni temu

    LordSpazzyMcFrick 👌LordSpazzyMcFrick 👌6 dni temu
  • He a good boy

    Just Another Crumpet EaterJust Another Crumpet Eater6 dni temu
  • He looks so polite let him help.

    Conman84Conman846 dni temu
  • His eyes remind me of Mike from Hunter x Hunter

    FrananaFranana6 dni temu
  • Cute dog

    Testosterone ApeTestosterone Ape6 dni temu
  • let him change the sheets

    Bear_ObsessedBear_Obsessed7 dni temu

  • he is like they will not smell like us if we change them we have to keep the scent human

    Marie MillerMarie Miller7 dni temu
  • My heart

    The Uncle that doesn't touch youThe Uncle that doesn't touch you7 dni temu
  • Theres a litteral wolf in ur bedroom.

    Hugo SkirforsHugo Skirfors7 dni temu
  • He was really trying to be a good boy.

    Dragon LordDragon Lord7 dni temu
  • My god, that beak

    Michael versaceMichael versace7 dni temu
  • If your having a bad day pause at 0:14 You'll feel way better.

    X marks the spotX marks the spot7 dni temu
  • He’s Halping!

    UnKnown SirUnKnown Sir8 dni temu
  • Thank you for helping baby

    Jasmine LoveJasmine Love8 dni temu
  • Jay is gay

    L9L98 dni temu
  • My current objective: Pet dog

    Delta PhoxDelta Phox8 dni temu
  • I feel like it will be recommended to everyone soon

    zamzazamza8 dni temu
  • I had a wolfdog for years who was socialized and domesticated but ultimately was very stupid. He wouldn't bite people, but would stare at walls

    Daniel Rex WinterDaniel Rex Winter8 dni temu
    • @Nicholas Johnson About your opinion.

      Desert_LakeDesert_Lake2 dni temu
    • @AllEy3s0nMe Nobody cares.

      Nicholas JohnsonNicholas Johnson2 dni temu
    • I mean, one of my goldens does the same thing, so I guess you could say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

      LordOfTheSandvichLordOfTheSandvich2 dni temu
    • @AMiRiTE? i read that in the history of the world i guess style

      metal mikemetal mike4 dni temu
    • @Daniel Rex Winter That is OCD. He probably saw a reflection on the that wall and fixated on it, waiting for it to come back. It is quite common in intelligent dogs, like Border Collies, who do not have enough mental stimulation. This happened to my Border Collie when she was a puppy, but we didn't assume she was just stupid and actually helped her overcome the issue, instead of letting her stare at a wall for hours.

      AllEy3s0nMeAllEy3s0nMe4 dni temu
  • This lady has the most audiobook-reader voice I've ever heard.

    MomsterMomster8 dni temu
  • Wow, these new lizard dogs suck.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone9 dni temu
  • Look at those eyes.

    The Neon LlamaThe Neon Llama9 dni temu
  • his face be like: l o n g

    ̣̣9 dni temu
  • He's a sweet wolfdoggo.

    NAKNAK9 dni temu
  • Angelina, stop being mean to Julia Roberts or I will break your ponzi recliner.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone9 dni temu
  • How to disable me in any situation, put a cute fur-baby like this in front of me.

    cody baggettcody baggett10 dni temu
  • Coyot if jus tryin to be good fren,coyot is good puppr

    Hagen springtrapHagen springtrap10 dni temu
  • huh did not know this before but if you pat Kane her fur feels like a warm monitor screen.

    Blaster's DenBlaster's Den10 dni temu
  • He's just a giant sweetheart!!!

    mechagamer13mechagamer1310 dni temu
  • where did u get that fluffy boi i want one

    Lightning ChaserLightning Chaser10 dni temu
  • Boop imma help change bedsheets ^_^

    Aarsh ChoudharyAarsh Choudhary11 dni temu
  • look at that happy face!! look at it! that smile! such a good boi :)

    Rodrigo CézarRodrigo Cézar11 dni temu
  • “I have to change the sheets first. Okay?” Kane: “Change the sheets? But they finally smell perfect again after spending weeks getting rid of that clean smell from the last time they were washed. Now you want to undo all my hard work?”

    Alpha0727Alpha072711 dni temu
  • He really is an adorable spazzy derp

    Bossk 117Bossk 11711 dni temu
  • Wolf snuffling noises

    Madeline SteelMadeline Steel12 dni temu
  • Madonna, she doesn't want to wait. I'm adding this to the book.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone12 dni temu
  • 0:14 such a pretty face! 😍

    Dave CrupelDave Crupel12 dni temu
  • That is one special animal!

    ulf lyngulf lyng12 dni temu
  • he has looong mouth. so cool

    박주현박주현12 dni temu
  • And to think that adorable little pupper could absolutely destroy your larynx with just one bite and eat it whole

    FackunatorFackunator12 dni temu
  • That is a lot of snoot to boop.

    More Better RestorationsMore Better Restorations12 dni temu
  • Kane is such a cutie

    Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas13 dni temu
  • Perfect Thumbnail 😶

    ProjectIcemanProjectIceman13 dni temu
  • xD the look,the look which says" i understood every word you just said but i will still pretend that i didnt"

    Gromph BaenreGromph Baenre13 dni temu
  • Yo let him help you

    Pyrovile42Pyrovile4213 dni temu
  • Let himb HELP

    AkendolfrAkendolfr13 dni temu
  • Agh so cringy when people talk to their pets as if they could understand.. He was being engaged by the talking and figured you wanted him to do something. Stop confusing your pets for internet points...

    As a KiteAs a Kite13 dni temu
    • Wow, youtube comment children sure cry a lot when ppl say something real. Poor things want to live in a cartoon where it's ok to confuse dogs for views. Hope they don't try lsd when they get older.

      As a KiteAs a KiteDzień temu
    • @As a Kite why are you being such an arsehole about this video lol

      Adam YimAdam Yim2 dni temu
    • @Bastion louvel I'm not reading that, sorry, I'll come back if I get thirsty enough and have to settle for children's tears

      As a KiteAs a Kite9 dni temu
    • @As a Kite for 1 I didn't like my own comment 😂 2 just because I haft to be original to point out your negative and sad little life to be relevant says more about you then it does about me and 3 it doesn't matter if it wasn't directed at me if Im gonna say you're being an asshole I will do as I please😋

      Bastion louvelBastion louvel9 dni temu
    • @Bastion louvel I think I hurt you with a bit of text not even directed at you, and you couldn't even think of anything original to say about it. And then you liked your own comment. Yikes 😬😬😬

      As a KiteAs a Kite9 dni temu
  • Me: big wolf snoot hehe

    ᴡᴀʟᴏᴏᴡᴀʟᴏᴏ14 dni temu
  • Does wolfs shed?

    Carver SidaxothCarver Sidaxoth14 dni temu
  • I want to pet him so bad

    Death DiloDeath Dilo14 dni temu
  • People should treat animals as individuals, just as they do with people. Some Wolves will always have a slightly more wild and dangerous personality, and then some Wolves will be Kane.

    Plague MockterPlague Mockter14 dni temu
  • So cute 🥺

    •Gåçhä Wõłfïę••Gåçhä Wõłfïę•14 dni temu
  • He’s not even in the same room as you, but his eyes touch your heart as if he was ♥️

    Anna KAnna K14 dni temu

    Elvis PretersElvis Preters14 dni temu
  • I is halping!

    CzadzikableCzadzikable14 dni temu
  • L O N G S N O Z

    Attila MolnárAttila Molnár14 dni temu
  • He’s so cute

    Rigidgamer56Rigidgamer5614 dni temu
  • No!

    Ben GaarderBen Gaarder15 dni temu
  • You can't get out of these eyes... You can't get out of these eyes... You can't get out of these eyes...

    P. CuxP. Cux15 dni temu
  • Longer videos of kane please, i love this animal, i would hug him and never let go

    Ashutosh BamboleAshutosh Bambole15 dni temu
  • He is a beautiful creature.

    vogonp 42vogonp 4215 dni temu
  • That micro wink tho 🤣

    Rachel McLaughlin14Rachel McLaughlin1415 dni temu
  • Aww

    Twinkie the Deerhead ChiTwinkie the Deerhead Chi15 dni temu
  • how can you get a wolf ?

    RIOTRIOT15 dni temu
  • Dude where do you get a fucking Wolf?

    Francisco CostaFrancisco Costa15 dni temu
  • Good boi

    aiden cageaiden cage15 dni temu
  • How did you get a wolfdog?

    Fallout AtticFallout Attic15 dni temu
  • People is that a wolf Me duh it’s a wolf

    King Baylen5King Baylen516 dni temu
  • Kane has master the puppy eyes

    RMS Titanic1753 titanic topics and moreRMS Titanic1753 titanic topics and more16 dni temu
  • Awwww such a good Walf Doggo

    willku9000willku900016 dni temu
  • One day I'll pet a wolfdog

    WolfWolf16 dni temu
  • Amazing. Just look into his eyes and see the spark of god.

    Unkle ZamUnkle Zam16 dni temu
  • "Well, your sheet is missing eye buggies, and I'm here to help."

    Fred AFred A16 dni temu
  • Good children’s book audio voice

    Alex MathersAlex Mathers16 dni temu
  • *???:* Can you wait a minute? Just for a minute? *Kane:* No thank you

    ꧁Felicia Rose Antonia꧂꧁Felicia Rose Antonia꧂16 dni temu