Jaden - Ninety

21 maj 2020
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  • This song makes me remember when I was in love. Hurts so good.😔

    Erica GutierrezErica Gutierrez3 godzin temu
  • So moody

    EnzoEnzo6 godzin temu
  • Anyone know a another song that sounds like this 😫

    David CaoDavid Cao6 godzin temu
  • sometimes he feel like a stone

    leoscooleoscoo13 godzin temu
  • ╰(*°▽°*)╯

    angelica cruzangelica cruz18 godzin temu

    zach koehlingerzach koehlingerDzień temu
  • me encanta 😎

    SpoonBeatsSpoonBeatsDzień temu
  • 6:46 that spin🔥🔥💯😂

    TheRealM.A.DTheRealM.A.DDzień temu
  • Missed one text she gets pissed. Fuck this not recording anymore

    TheRealM.A.DTheRealM.A.DDzień temu
  • Wait wait hold hold up. If you stop at 2:48 it's that girl from GRAND ARMY ON NETFLIX. woah dats crazy.

    Mek MatiaMek MatiaDzień temu
    • @Isaac Rivas that's pretty cool

      Mek MatiaMek Matia8 godzin temu
    • yes, she had a relationship with jaden.

      Isaac RivasIsaac Rivas10 godzin temu
  • This song hit me Hard, it gave me flashbacks of the time when I was dating a girl and we were having a great time together. But now she’s a completely different human being that I’m dealing with

    Jon RDJon RDDzień temu
  • jaden is different from all the other artists that what makes him a legend

    bokang masukubokang masukuDzień temu
  • This is beautiful man...

    ThierrynaThierryna2 dni temu
  • Talent

    Maria KeenerMaria Keener2 dni temu
  • this guy's sincerity remains about something this is pride.He is nice. Don't be fooled by his tears : actually he is probably strongest than the rest of us.For myself i've been heartbroked for so long but i've kept hope in the inside then made the choices i thought were the best for my relatives (even when it was hard sometimes ) , this strengh kept me alive and now that i am 38 y o can feel pride too. Keep listening to your heart even if it's broken.this is true healing. PEACE [ps : Sybile you killed me]

    Lоlо ФЂ lа lаLоlо ФЂ lа lа2 dni temu
  • jaden: llora me: hdfasgf uhasfyuasyufguyasgfyugeyugfewa

    Williams JMPWilliams JMP2 dni temu
  • Been 3 years since that SYRE album come out 🔥

    Lucas NosworthyLucas Nosworthy2 dni temu
    • Hey! I made my own version of the SYRE movie and I would really, really appreciate it if you could check it out! plworld.info/show/XXRkaN3IqWXeY5M/wideo.html It is best experienced with headphones/ earphones. Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

      Just JadenJust JadenDzień temu
  • Le kiff grave tes song jaden 😪❤️❤️ Piou ❤️

    keurtis eyeguekeurtis eyegue2 dni temu
  • This made me cry.

    II_UnusinqII_Unusinq2 dni temu
  • Been listening to this song every day for months. Never gets old

    Adrian MartinezAdrian Martinez3 dni temu
  • in love with you

    Mahila Nouri [Student]Mahila Nouri [Student]3 dni temu
  • he doesn’t have a single bad song

    abdulabdul3 dni temu
  • Eres el alma gemela de mi alter ego.

    Josué BlandónJosué Blandón3 dni temu
  • used to share this with someone special...they're gone now, it hits different

    Ma CosineMa Cosine3 dni temu
    • @Erica Gutierrez it makes me cry too 😢

      RudeBoyJemoRudeBoyJemo3 godzin temu
    • My ex dedicated this song to me over a year ago The feeling I used to get listening to it was so purely joyous now it just makes me cry.

      Erica GutierrezErica Gutierrez3 godzin temu
    • Keep your head up king

      RudeBoyJemoRudeBoyJemo7 godzin temu
    • peace be with you brother.

      Ghost PilotGhost Pilot2 dni temu
  • Cómo será un trabajo de Jaden con Joji, me lo imagino 😍

    Andrés RíosAndrés Ríos3 dni temu
    • @BaconOrButter You are right bro, my english Is trash in this case

      Andrés RíosAndrés Ríos21 godzinę temu
    • My spanish is trash but I think you said something about wanting Jaden to work with Joji but you dream about it or something right

      BaconOrButterBaconOrButterDzień temu
  • jaden should collab with peach tree rascals

    Khairullah Muhammad bKhairullah Muhammad b3 dni temu
  • love this.

    Xbf MusicXbf Music3 dni temu
  • Wôw 🤯🤯 (!) 😅it's too good👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Anki MeniAnki Meni3 dni temu

    SaajSaaj4 dni temu
  • jaden and willow your parents love you

    LaTonya LawrenceLaTonya Lawrence4 dni temu
  • jaden and williow baseball players and monk karate and boxers or kick boxers and army

    LaTonya LawrenceLaTonya Lawrence4 dni temu
  • mac miller

    LaTonya LawrenceLaTonya Lawrence4 dni temu
  • jaden and willow

    LaTonya LawrenceLaTonya Lawrence4 dni temu
  • jaden cut your hair all the way a bald fade

    LaTonya LawrenceLaTonya Lawrence4 dni temu
  • jeez

    lilylily4 dni temu
  • I love you

    Isaac LeitteIsaac Leitte4 dni temu
  • crazy how we never get to see the girl's face

    Kristian TelloKristian Tello4 dni temu
    • Odessa Adlon

      Connor LukaConnor Luka4 godzin temu
    • @Brianwn my bad

      Kristian TelloKristian Tello2 dni temu
    • 2:48

      BrianwnBrianwn3 dni temu
  • In an alternate universe where that Chinese girl and Dre start dating but as they isolate, Dre realizes it and makes this

    dr3w 101dr3w 1015 dni temu
    • That Chinese Girl Is Wenwen Han.

      Aditi GuptaAditi GuptaDzień temu
  • Jaden is a Genius.

    CJ HaleyCJ Haley5 dni temu
  • Damn. This song is fire. I I didn't known he was this good at rapping.

    CJ HaleyCJ Haley5 dni temu
  • i mis how you look inside karate kid wow its been a long time and wow i realize dat you do drugs

    bi xxgamer29bi xxgamer295 dni temu
  • This is a bop bro!!!! Love the consciousness here very poetic. Amazing production let’s gooooo! Wish I could do a ft with jaden one day -Yuga

    Kali YugaKali Yuga5 dni temu
  • Arte

    Aimee VillegasAimee Villegas5 dni temu
  • I used to love you but now i hate!💔

    Maria jose Ruiz negraoMaria jose Ruiz negrao5 dni temu
  • I myt be late to see ypur video Brother, hence its ma 1st time, i see the pain, no one realize about Love just like to who had tried about suicide coz of Love... i taste the feelings and pain, i would say its hurts Bro it hurt, its been 7 years still waiting a msg.. what if she is a wife of someone.... i wont able to face... Love You Bro Jaden...

    JB Molsom RonteJB Molsom Ronte5 dni temu
  • 3:49

    Marcus SantucciMarcus Santucci6 dni temu
    • 2:42

      Marcus SantucciMarcus Santucci4 dni temu
  • When i open my eyes. Jaiden ur fire bro keep at it. nyc

    Ricky CollinsRicky Collins6 dni temu
  • jaden te amo ❤🌠

    Damaris MachacaDamaris Machaca6 dni temu
  • what do you dad think about this all?

    Afraz KhanAfraz Khan6 dni temu
  • I love you jayden

    Babalola OladipoBabalola Oladipo6 dni temu
  • *Sometimes love is about letting go*

    Inertia RecordsInertia Records7 dni temu
  • #BlackFridaySellsOut #Credit: Kylie #Activat8

    Bandz DamoyiBandz Damoyi7 dni temu
  • Jaden passa uma vibe mt boa nessa música, slc.

    Vitor PinhoVitor Pinho7 dni temu

    Lomaz.K.O07Lomaz.K.O077 dni temu
  • I´m so sorry

    Hana SakáčováHana Sakáčová7 dni temu
  • Venus in Gemini Energy

    Stephanie YoungStephanie Young8 dni temu
  • Yo this is hard yo

    Ghost CityGhost City8 dni temu
  • this goes hard I might have to cop one his tickets fasho

    Isaiah FlowersIsaiah Flowers9 dni temu
  • Jaden... This is so beautiful and brought me to tears. You are beautiful.

    Haylie NelsonHaylie Nelson9 dni temu
  • I love you

    Érica SantosÉrica Santos9 dni temu
  • underrated song

    Guava KGuava K9 dni temu
  • 3:28 i love this part and this song, this part of the song literally makes me fly

    Gerardo Rafael Ríos VerdúnGerardo Rafael Ríos Verdún9 dni temu
  • oh man this song makes me feel all emotional i dunno why , its so good tho

    Peter Benjamin JansenPeter Benjamin Jansen9 dni temu
  • "It's not recording anymore" best part

    Odin ForceOdin Force9 dni temu
  • Love it keep it rolling

    Sam LindonSam Lindon9 dni temu
  • ayo not even gon cap i cried

    rishi golanirishi golani9 dni temu
  • This beat is so amazing

    GaugsyGaugsy10 dni temu
  • 5:06

    BearBear10 dni temu
  • fome kliaooo aaaa zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Taban MalosTaban Malos10 dni temu
  • Only Jaden will put you on a level where you forget all the bad shit in your life. Thank you bruv......

    Anthony JacobusAnthony Jacobus10 dni temu
  • i'm just obsessed with this song.Jaden you are amazing.Just keep going, don't stop.

    Gaia Bizjak DronjićGaia Bizjak Dronjić10 dni temu
  • I wish this part could be longer 3:02

    Lethargy ́з`Lethargy ́з`11 dni temu
  • Them:rap has no love songs

    Victor AshioyaVictor Ashioya11 dni temu
  • whose background voice is that ..."the white house"

    Victor AshioyaVictor Ashioya11 dni temu
  • As a little kid, my dad use to show me the songs and movies of will Smith cause he was such a big fan... I idolize will, he’s a real model ... Jaden is a true icon and a king In the making, paving his own way ... one day when I’m older I’ll show my kids his albums too

    Mel GrasseMel Grasse11 dni temu
  • Odessa?

    Batman Is CocaineBatman Is Cocaine11 dni temu
  • With you, just beautiful!😪😢🙄😑😐🙂

    Carla SummersCarla Summers11 dni temu
  • sorry bb, this is wack, youtube stay suggesting basura

    J0k3rziNhUBRJ0k3rziNhUBR11 dni temu
  • Second part takes me out of this life

    Muhammed emin TamerMuhammed emin Tamer11 dni temu
  • It's great to see how he's building himself on his own, without help from Will There's not a lot of celeb kids who actually do that, you'll see people using their dad's name instead of their own. Good to see he's known more as Jaden rather than The Son Of Will Smith ggs man, you're doing great

    PotGodPotGod12 dni temu
  • hola? no entiendo inglés we alguien de español?

    JEMA๖ۣۜROや๖ۣۜROGAMING101JEMA๖ۣۜROや๖ۣۜROGAMING10112 dni temu
  • hi

    didada 56didada 5612 dni temu
  • you know its good when you listen to an 8 min song on replay

    That one PersonaThat one Persona12 dni temu
  • It’s 5 am and I miss her

    Perfect GlitchPerfect Glitch12 dni temu
  • te amo demasiado demasiadisisisisisiisisisisisisimo

    Martina CottaMartina Cotta13 dni temu
  • The music beautiful

    GABRT JúniorGABRT Júnior13 dni temu
  • Music the beautiful

    GABRT JúniorGABRT Júnior13 dni temu
  • Pedro CardosoPedro Cardoso13 dni temu
  • lyricist, love it!

    Abigail splendour MtileniAbigail splendour Mtileni13 dni temu
  • artist!

    actress jisooactress jisoo14 dni temu
  • Inspiration me and my poetry Awesome song Jaden

    Keamo TauKeamo Tau14 dni temu
  • Ended a 3 year relationship so yeah. Just dissociating

    Russell RamiloRussell Ramilo14 dni temu

    Martín PozoMartín Pozo14 dni temu
  • heat

    Jalen HendersonJalen Henderson14 dni temu
  • He is crying lel CRINGE

    Chillzz ChillzzChillzz Chillzz14 dni temu
  • I've listened to this song countless times I still can't get over the unfinished rap verse at 2:54

    AlvslifeAlvslife14 dni temu
  • "Am hungry"

    Rubert SegoviaRubert Segovia14 dni temu
  • 🖤

    Erica B.Erica B.15 dni temu
  • I don’t know how to forget this song so I can fall in love over again 💔

    Riziki MkandamaRiziki Mkandama15 dni temu
  • Jaden please keep dropping tracks your shit make me think deep and hard about life

    Marcus WintersMarcus Winters15 dni temu