Ashleigh Barty vs. Iga Swiatek | 2021 Madrid Round of 16 | WTA Match Highlights

3 maj 2021
147 471 wyświetleń

Watch the Match Highlights from Ashleigh Barty vs. Iga Swiatek at the 2021 Mutua Madrid Open.
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  • her variety. Love watching Barty!!

    alida flusalida flus5 godzin temu
  • Two wonderful players. Glad to see the slice backhand still being used effectively as a weapon.

    Shauka HodanShauka Hodan23 godzin temu
  • 2 great players. They play a beautiful tennis. They are humble and have a strong personality at the same time. Swiatek needs to reach another step to become the future number one she deserves to be. She first needs to work on her second serve. She has everything to make it an advantage. She will succeed. She is smart and mentally very very strong not to mention her athletic dynamism. We can feel she is actually practicing for Roland Garros. Good strategy.

    Mi PMi PDzień temu
  • Congratz Asleigh! Don't worry Iga you're just 19 yrs old you have a very bright future!👍🎾

    Dan FernandoDan FernandoDzień temu
    • FINAL

      alida flusalida flus5 godzin temu
  • I so want to see Serena v. Barty sometime this year

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa2 dni temu
    • barty so athletic

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan23 godzin temu
  • With all due respect to Simona, Naomi and the other ladies, I'd love it if these two competitors feature in the final at Roland Garros in a few weeks time. 👍

    Khairilanuar OthmanKhairilanuar Othman2 dni temu
  • I love them both ❤💪

    CorderosaCorderosa2 dni temu
  • Zgadzam się z Peter L. Twoj czas Nadchodzi. Jeszcze dostarczysz nam Wielu radości i wzruszeń. Hej :)

    adam lodzadam lodz2 dni temu
    • roku to za rok Agnieszka też spaliła się na Olimpiadzie .Tylko SPOKÓJ a będzie dobrze.

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa2 dni temu
  • Iga panics if she is behind or lost first sets. Barty knew this.

    Brandon YBrandon Y2 dni temu
  • Iga will be a Star for a moment. Barty is very good player and so nice woman!

    AstraAstra3 dni temu
  • Two queen's of clay and both probably favorite to win the upcoming French Open, Swiatek needs to use the slice like Barty sometimes and her volleys need some work too but she is learning, she's a great player. Barty is a good bet for the French Open on her current form as long as she avoids Muchova. I'd love to see Karolina Muchova win Roland Garros, she plays old school skillful tennis.

    DEXTER941DEXTER9413 dni temu
  • Appears that Swiatek serve has improved. She will be a major force in the future. There were some really nice points in this match.

    Tom STom S3 dni temu
  • 2020 vs 2019 french open winner Expecting one of them to win again french open

    Arsalan AhmedArsalan Ahmed3 dni temu
  • Soooo Good match

    dolita windodolita windo3 dni temu
  • I am in love with Iga 😍 ❤️

    M. M.M. M.3 dni temu
  • her variety. Love watching Barty!!

    gioyu comigioyu comi3 dni temu
  • Jeszcze kilka małych kroków a Iga będzie niezwyciężona. Tak czuje po tym meczu. 💥

    Nikki NowaNikki Nowa3 dni temu

    Piotr BaziaPiotr Bazia4 dni temu
    • Barty had it easier than expected

      dolita windodolita windo3 dni temu
  • barty so athletic

    thira lanupthira lanup4 dni temu
  • Barty butri hepi

    Tech TechTech Tech4 dni temu
    • The variety in Barty game is just phenominal.................

      gioyu comigioyu comi3 dni temu
  • U can show only winners of swietek

    ramarao challaramarao challa4 dni temu
  • I dont know what happened to Iga's game after that 3rd game of fist set she totally outplayed Barty and then the match turned around dramticaly .... i must say this match was fixed ...

    Babar AliBabar Ali4 dni temu
  • Iga jesteś Młoda SPOKOJNIE bez nerwów .Dostarczasz Polakom dużo radości kariera przed tobą .Tylko spokój i na luzie innej metody nie ma .Praca na treningach i jak najwięcej grać a wyniki przyjdą same bo masz potencjał tylko zjada Cię trema i nerwy i nie przeklinaj tylko powiedz zaraz będzie dobrze. Dużo pracy cła pani psycholog.Nie w tym roku to za rok Agnieszka też spaliła się na Olimpiadzie .Tylko SPOKÓJ a będzie dobrze.

    Wiktor PawłowskiWiktor Pawłowski4 dni temu
  • Good Barty nice and smooth.

    Nancy ZucchettiNancy Zucchetti5 dni temu
  • I know there is still a couple more rounds until the final but i feel like we will get another Barty/ Sabalenka final

    Call me SCall me S5 dni temu
    • And you’re correct lol

      Football WinnerFootball Winner2 dni temu
  • The most important shot in tennis is the serve - that's why Barty wins so much. She got the topspin-slice up the tee and kicker outwide on the Ad. Mixes it up nicely

    DD5 dni temu
    • She can hit flat aswell

      Toni UkasiToni Ukasi5 dni temu
  • Not a very balanced highlight. Most of it were of Barty losing points?

    Susana DepetrisSusana Depetris5 dni temu
  • Super barty👍👍👍

    ghita marianghita marian5 dni temu
  • Brawo Iga świetny mecz, trochę popracować nad serwisem i będzie dobrze. Brawo dla A. Barty

    Renata StyczenRenata Styczen5 dni temu
  • I find the comments to this match almost as interesting as the match itself. There are 2 basic points here, technique, and tactics. Iga has great tactics (as does Ash), but Ash's technique was superior today. I think Iga has to improve her technical side, because when she meets another player who can roughly equal her in tactics, then it becomes a contest of who can execute better technically, which is where she fell down against Ash today.

    bigrobsydneybigrobsydney5 dni temu
  • Both are my favorites.I can't choose one.Hope to see them last two fighting.Two beautiful players inside and out 👏😊

    JuliusGLlorandoJuliusGLlorando5 dni temu
  • Barty had it easier than expected

    Riaz HassanRiaz Hassan5 dni temu
  • Wow is this even clay? This could have been final match!

    Stats GuyStats Guy5 dni temu
  • The variety in Barty game is just phenominal.................

    dennydenny5 dni temu
  • Cuties!

    AMCAMC5 dni temu
  • I didn't expect Barty to win, well done to her

    Alberto CagettiAlberto Cagetti5 dni temu
  • Brawo Iga!!! 💪💪

    iam karoolinaiam karoolina5 dni temu
  • Great match between two champions and without screaming - this is so satisfying. Congrats Ash! Iga see you soon in Rome :)

    PaulinaPaulina5 dni temu
  • amazing match!

    Jean Gajardo JaureguiJean Gajardo Jauregui5 dni temu
  • She was really lucky at RG20. No top 10 player naomi, barty, bencic, injury serena,kenin,bianca, etc. Won most lower rank player. Technique, mentality, battle changer yet ready as champion. She should back to tennis school. Barty teaching how to play tennis to school student. Too much media upgrade.

    andi coolandi cool5 dni temu
    • What a bullshit (Top 10 Halep and Kenin). Against which top10 was playing Barty in 2019? None.

      Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak5 dni temu
  • This kind of tennis is the beauty the world needs right now.

    Ain SophAin Soph5 dni temu
  • Yo commentator SHADDAPPPPPPP

    Ain SophAin Soph5 dni temu
  • No screams and shrieks ... just quality tennis and highly likeable talents

    Azahar Bin Mohamed NoorAzahar Bin Mohamed Noor5 dni temu
  • I love both players, congratulations Ash, you're proving you deserve the number 1 in the world!

    Kat xKat x5 dni temu
  • Iga is just one tournament wonder And his country mate Hurkackz follow her footsteps (1st round exit from #mmopen21)

    puneet kapilpuneet kapil5 dni temu
    • @Team Monica Seles it's not even correcr u troll, review stats and start to comment

      Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak4 dni temu
    • @Slawomir Pietraszak save yourself why does she only play a maximum of 3 matches in big championships

      Team Monica SelesTeam Monica Seles5 dni temu
    • @Team Monica Seles what a stupid comment ... their choice to improve her fitness between tournaments instead of risking injury. For me it is wise choice on the long-term

      Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak5 dni temu
    • @puneet kapil u must be very stupid in ur lonely life but whatever, stop hating keep living

      Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak5 dni temu
    • Iga is very lazy, she is 19 years old and I only play a big championship, unlike Barty. She could already be in the top 10 and also run for the Finals. She is a popstar

      Team Monica SelesTeam Monica Seles5 dni temu
  • Nice Barty.

    Antoine DAntoine D5 dni temu
  • Oh my my...🙆 Hats off to Barty to handle barrage from Igs so so well...👍I feel really very sorry for Iga though. Because despite playing so well she had to succumbed. However, losing to reigning world no 1 is no shame...✍🏼 My intuition says that one of these two is going to go for double feat at RG 2021...🤷 Mark my words....☝️

    GhanshyamGhanshyam5 dni temu
  • 👍👍👍💖💖💖💖

    ok kyu Sunok kyu Sun5 dni temu
  • How good was that game! It could have easily gone to 3 sets but Ash just played the bigger points better and more consistent. I hope these two will play each other again deep in the later rounds of RG. Thoroughly enjoy both of their games 🙌

    Jerald MoirJerald Moir5 dni temu
  • Compare their manner with Serna's manner. They were both very humble, personable, and showed sportsmanship. They also played very good match. I am glad that we see a new wave of young tennis players.

    Ahmad GhafarianAhmad Ghafarian5 dni temu
  • go ash go

    John SheltonJohn Shelton5 dni temu
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie oj oj oj

    Jack SparrowJack Sparrow5 dni temu
  • Swiatek just needs a little more experience. She just started playing on tour in 2019! Her strokes are better than Barty, but Barty is too consistent and has a lot of experience. Swiatek should improve her consistency and mental game. Im sure she is gonna win 6 grand slams at least in the next 10 years....

    sruti Rameshsruti Ramesh5 dni temu
    • @Team Monica Seles Even if Swiatek doesn't play all tournaments, doesn't mean she is lazy!😂 How can we call pro tennis players lazy, when all work super hard! She plays less tournaments as she wants to prepare well for each tournament, and wants a break between matches as it will help her rest and not be hectic.

      sruti Rameshsruti Ramesh5 dni temu
    • @Toni Ukasi yeah I know Barty is a great player, one of the best players currently. She is fast, consistent, strong. I am a huge fan of her as well. I just observed that Swiatek's strokes are better than Barty, but in everything else Barty is better than her.

      sruti Rameshsruti Ramesh5 dni temu
    • Iga is very lazy, she is 19 years old and I only play a big championship, unlike Barty. She could already be in the top 10 and also run for the Finals. She is a popstar

      Team Monica SelesTeam Monica Seles5 dni temu
    • Barty is way better then her

      Toni UkasiToni Ukasi5 dni temu
  • igunia to fejker

    Jakub JaworskiJakub Jaworski5 dni temu
  • Best point of the match 4:43 jazda iga 🤭

    Daniel GeorgeDaniel George5 dni temu
  • here we go again one slam wonder womans of wta history continues:-P

    sunil kumarsunil kumar5 dni temu
  • Aku suka barty .. semoga bs lama jd no 1

    Roy SabarimanRoy Sabariman5 dni temu
  • Love you iga.... From indonesia

    Yoel OjhyYoel Ojhy5 dni temu
  • Ига, ты очень способная, молодая теннисистка. Никогда не позволяй сопернице, кто бы она ни была, делать то, что ей удобно и что ей хочется, а тем более, позволять сопернице гонять тебя по корту и делать те штучки, которые Барти любит. Соболенко позволила: проиграла, ты позволяешь, проиграла. Хотя, по сути, у тебя было больше шансов выиграть.

    ВалентинаВалентина5 dni temu
  • 80 ℅ of the points shown in this highlights were made by Swiatek. That means that it s a tight loss. She ll come back greater in Rome I believe. The service saved barty, as it crashes Swiatek(three double fault at 5\5)

    YdirYdir5 dni temu
    • True barty got many double faults from IGA

      hecenmo 5hecenmo 55 dni temu
  • How WTA edit this match! The winner of this match is Ashly Barty. Why don't show more scores by Ashly?

    Liping YangLiping Yang5 dni temu
  • Barty is really my favorite player, not only because of the beauty of her shots but also the accuracy of her tactical sense. I would love to have everything about her tennis except her backhand spin, I keep my one handed backhand 😋

    hussTennishussTennis5 dni temu
  • Video editor is a Swiatek fan

    EmilieSagaeEmilieSagae5 dni temu
    • 17 points from Iga and 7 from Barry in this video.

      Team Monica SelesTeam Monica Seles5 dni temu
  • I’d love to see them play an epic 3 set final at the French Open 🇫🇷 👀

    David JohnDavid John5 dni temu
  • what a match from both amazing players..Barty is always calm and consistent, and clever. But I'm very excited to see Iga more evolved at French open.

    Kino ppiKino ppi5 dni temu
  • Is the editor of this highlights package at WTA from Poland? Seriously the amount of winners they have shown here you would have thought Barty lost the match lol

    Dionysius1975Dionysius19755 dni temu
    • @Team Monica Seles we all know that you hate Iga and can't help talking rubbish about her. Get a life, frustrated kid!

      konotacjakonotacja5 dni temu
    • @konotacja Barty hit the same double faults as iga ompa loomoa

      Toni UkasiToni Ukasi5 dni temu
    • @konotacja Barty did more better points then iga

      Toni UkasiToni Ukasi5 dni temu
    • Highlights show the most spectacular points, so they won't show a lot of aces from Ash and some unreturned serves and Iga's doubles faults. That's how highlights work.

      konotacjakonotacja5 dni temu
  • It is so nice to watch a tennis match just seeing the coolness of an athlete, not seeing girls dressed in striper outfits. Thank you ladies!!!!!!!

    Tonya WatsonTonya Watson5 dni temu
    • stripper outfits?....misogyny at its highest...

      Kat xKat x5 dni temu
  • How did she lose playing like that?!

    kris rybakkris rybak5 dni temu
    • @Team Monica Seles That for sure I know. There is some reason Iga has not won. Still the staff displayed on this video is amazing, must been ups and downs a lot in there.

      kris rybakkris rybak5 dni temu
    • The video not show infinite unforced errors from Iga

      Team Monica SelesTeam Monica Seles5 dni temu
  • Trener musi wiedzieć , że na tym poziomie , trzeba wybrać albo grę w debla albo singla . Taka ilość błędów serwisowych wynikała ze zmęczenia , to samo było na AO 2021 . Mam pytanie, ile trzeba przegrać meczy singlowych , żeby trener odkrył , że gra w debla jest zupełnie inna i wycieńcza zawodniczkę , która na drugi dzień ma grać w singla - co jest ważniejsze , przecież gra w debla jest 10 razy gorzej opłacana - po co rozmieniać się na drobne . Iga Świątek waliła przy serwisie w siatkę, nie w górną część , ale na sam dół !!!!!!! To można jedynie wytłumaczyć takim zmęczeniem jakie zawodnik odczuwa po ciężkim poprzednim dniu grając w debla . Po to zawodnicy maja dzień przerwy , po to żeby wypoczęli , ale nasza młoda zawodniczka liczyła że wygra z rakietą nr 1 marnotrawiąc szanse poprzez grę wcześniej w debla . Tak się grało 30 lat temu. Jej idol Nadal przecież nie gra w debla , czy to takie trudne do ogarnięcia przez trenera ? Poza tym gra w debla jest zupełnie inna , a Pani Iga grała jak w deblu , waliła returny w sytuacji nie do wygrania , w singlu trzeba podtrzymywać grę , dać przeciwniczce szansę na popełnienie błędu .Starać się tylko przebić piłkę i atakować tylko wtedy kiedy jest 100 % szans na wygraną . Przecież Iga wygrywała długie wymiany . Barty to przeciętna zawodniczka , nie wiem jakim cudem znalazła się na miejscu nr 1 - jest niska i nie atakuje , tylko czeka na błąd rywalki . Pani Iga musi się nauczyć tak grać , ma ku temu warunki fizyczne - wyczekiwać , spokojnie przebijać i zaganiać rywalki od rogu do rogu, a potem kończyć wygrywającym smeczem . Pani Igo - niech Pani zarzuci grę w debla , czy Barty gra w debla ? Przecież Pani nie mogła nawet dobrze zaserwować , a 3 podwójne błędy serwisowe nie zdarzyły się w historii tenisa na meczu tej rangi , lepiej się nie ośmieszać - czy nikt Pani tego nie mówi , co na to trener .....Zrujnuje Pani swoj talent grą w debla - tam się gra zupełnie inaczej . W debla graja zawodnicy z piątej dziesiątki albo tacy co w ogóle nie grają w singla !!!! The coach needs to know that on this level, you have to choose to play doubles or singles. Such a number of service errors was due to fatigue, the same was true at AO 2021. I have a question, how many singles matches you have to lose for the coach to discover that the doubles game is completely different. Iga Świątek was pounding! at the net , not in the top part , but to the bottom !!!!!! It can only be explained by the fatigue that a player feels after a hard day playing doubles. The hand was sore and unable to serve hard After one match the players have a day of break, to restore muscles , but our young player hoped that she would win with racket No. 1, playing doubles earlier. That's how it was played 30 years ago, Her idol Nadal doesn't play doubles, is it so hard to grasp? Besides, the game of doubles is completely different, and Światek played like in doubles, she hit attacking returnes , even knowing that the bal will not reach the court . In singles you have to keep the game going, let your opponent make mistakes. Mrs. Igo - stop playing doubles, or is Barty playing doubles? After all, you could not even serve well, and 3 double service errors did not happen in the history of tennis at a match of this rank, it is better not to embarrass yourself - if no one says it, what about the coach ..... Barty is an average player and she only won beczuse Iga was making so many mistakes . 3:0 in the first three games proves that . Later on she was feeling fatigue due to the doubles earlier matches .

    Maria GMaria G5 dni temu
    • @Maria G No widzisz, a Barty, Sabalenka, Mertens grają i nieźle im to wychodzi. "Nawet jeśli Iga miała jeden dzień przerwy to skoro nie mogła serwować to oznacza za mało bylo tej przerwy" Od zakończenia jej udziału w Miami minął miesiąc. Po czym ma być zmęczona!? Iga ma 20 lat, na litość boską. Nie jest ze szkła, musi grać więcej. Barty gra po kolei Miami, Stuttgart i Madryt. Można? Można. Porównania do Janowicza kompletnie bez sensu, bo jego kariera nie zatrzymała się przez debla.

      VJVJ4 dni temu
    • @VJ Bez przesady, powinna już zacząć być samodzielna bez pomocy przedszkolanek :) Federer tez rzucał rakietami jak był młody.

      Druh BoruhDruh Boruh4 dni temu
    • @VJ Chyba nie masz jednak pojęcia o tenisie . Nadal , Djokovic czy Federer grają czy grali w debla okazjonalnie i chyba wiedzą co robią . Nawet jeśli Iga miała jeden dzień przerwy to skoro nie mogła serwować to oznacza za mało bylo tej przerwy . Barty była wypoczęta i wygrała . Nie masz pojęcia o deblu to jest zupełnie inna gra niż w singla . Tam są krótkie wymiany i wali się z całej siły , ona się nie musi oswajać z kortem to nie nowicjuszka . W debla grają tylko weterani albo tacy co do singla się nie nadają , koniec kropka . Iga sobie zniszczy karierę rozmieniając się na drobne . Janowicz też grał w debla i szybko zakończył karierę . Fibak miał tylko osiągnięcia w deblu . Iga to pierwsza zawodniczka , która ma szanse być nr 1 . Aga Radwańska nie miała warunków fizycznych , aby przejść " czołg " Serenę Williams , ale Iga to co innego ona ma moc w rękach , oby te głupie decyzje o gierkach w debla nie zniszczyły jej i nie doprowadziły do kontuzji ramienia .

      Maria GMaria G4 dni temu
    • ​@Druh Boruh Iga jest impulsywna. Kiedyś rzucała rakietą i odstawiała cyrki na korcie, teraz jest dużo lepiej, choć do ideału jeszcze wiele brakuje. Daria prowadzi coś w rodzaju terapii, a one trwają latami. I zgadzam się, że Piotr chyba ją już wiele nie nauczy. Sztab przyjął taktykę zatrudniania fachowca od danego tematu np. od początku roku trener Igi współpracuje z analitykiem sportowym. I z tym serwisem trzeba coś zrobić, bo on ją po prostu pogrąża.

      VJVJ5 dni temu
    • @VJ To jest oczywiste, ze Świątek nie jest jeszcze należycie przygotowana do sezonu na gruzie. Po obozie treningowym nie powinna tak słabo serwować, mając nawet problemy z podrzutem piłki. Dużą ilość ue tez to potwierdza. Ma przecież problemy z serwowaniem od początku roku. Jej trener (kumpel?) nie jest już pewnie w stanie jej pomoc; ona jest chyba jego pierwsza zawodniczka grająca w WTA, dotychczas trenował przecież młodzież. A wyniki Darii tez są niezauważalne. Iga nie jest już zagubionym i rozkojarzonym szczeniakiem, jej potrzeba kompetentnego i wykwalifikowanego otoczenia. Niech gra w debla, nawet z tym pajacem :)To niezły trening volleya. Dobre zawodniczki grające często i dochodzące wysoko w turniejach muszą się oszczędzać, Iga nie ma jeszcze tego problemu :)

      Druh BoruhDruh Boruh5 dni temu
  • serve serve serve, Ash has one of the best serve if not the best on the tour, Iga made double faults much too often + 44% 1st serve in, it is way too low, anyhow Iga has great future and such losses are even better to learn more and to work more but what concerns me what was the tactical plan for Iga? is there any Mr. trainer? there is no plan B or C again, the same against Muguroza or Halep

    Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak5 dni temu
    • @Toni Ukasi Barty is Top3 this year in terms of winning points after 1st serve and U see that throughout entire season. Swiatek won much less free pointa after 1st serve, made 6 DF especiallz in crucial moments. On this level it is borderline to ein or loose game.

      Slawomir PietraszakSlawomir Pietraszak5 dni temu
    • Same as Barty she only hit 53 first serve s

      Toni UkasiToni Ukasi5 dni temu
  • I am for Miss Poland Garros.

    preciousjeypreciousjey5 dni temu
  • Barty is really proving that she's World Number 1! Damn!

    Jomy LaciapagJomy Laciapag5 dni temu
  • Maybe I'm thinking too far but I would love a Martina-Chrissie kind of rivalry between these two. They appear so dignified on the court without a lot of noise and drama.

    Pranav AcharyPranav Achary5 dni temu
    • It has the makings of a classic tennis rivalry 😎🔥🔥🔥👍👍! Iga/ash Barty + Iga/Simona Halep😎

      Jamie WhitneyJamie Whitney4 dni temu
  • Respect to Serena Williams one of the greatest i have ever seen play tennis but I feel women's tennis is like a breath of fresh air with all the young talented ladies are playing now & alot of theatrics have gone with past players im excited for the future of women's tennis where not one person is so dominant i have my Favs Ashley Barty is awesome no drama just business tough top 2 inches Naomi Osaka just absolutely outstanding with 4 slams to her name already 👏 Iga Swiatek something else young and hungry to get better 😀 Bianca Andrescu has big game & shot to take her to the top also the likes of Halep hard working never give up attitude 💪 which had taken her to the top of the W.T.A . there is so much talent among all these tennis players 😊💯

    Georgina PakiGeorgina Paki5 dni temu
  • Great win for Barty and I’m sure Iga will learn from this and keep getting stronger 👍

    starmartirstarmartir5 dni temu
  • That should be a final, not 3rd round match. I love how respectful both players were. Also, first serve faults and double faults (on both sides) were caused just by that - both were worried the opponent can hit killer return, so took their risk on serve. Ash did it better, Iga must work on her serve and mindset.

    Kamil KrupińskiKamil Krupiński5 dni temu
  • Where are all the Polish fanboys that normally show up after Iga wins? I do not like Swiatek anymore only because of these morons.

    Der StolperjochenDer Stolperjochen5 dni temu
    • lol

      Krzysztof ZakrockiKrzysztof Zakrocki5 dni temu
  • Would absolutely want to see more head to head of these two!!

    Marcia ZMarcia Z5 dni temu
  • Iga's strokes remind me of Anke Huber. She needs to flatten her forehand a little bit more to give her more flexibility when being moved around the court

    James AbesamisJames Abesamis5 dni temu
  • Well play ladies!! Congrats Ash! Next round.

    Chris NagleChris Nagle5 dni temu
  • Iga was far more impressive during this match, pity experience won at the end

    nikos GRnikos GR5 dni temu
  • Wow. Both can play great tennis.

    Dean Ryan MartinDean Ryan Martin5 dni temu
  • Swiatek is a great player but I’d have to say her victory at Roland Garos last year was made a lot easier because half of the top twenty didn’t compete because of the covid pandemic.

    Tennis SirTennis Sir5 dni temu
    • She was beast last year not performed at this level Never underestimate champion for a defeat👍

      hecenmo 5hecenmo 55 dni temu
  • Iga, 2 things have let you down: patience and your serve, that needs to be urgently addressed if you want to compete against top dogs

    MATS ontarioMATS ontario5 dni temu
  • Last 2 French open winners and 2 queens.

    Eric BEric B5 dni temu
  • Iga więcej chłodnej głowy i wzmocnienie serwisu. Gratuluję postępu i proszę o cierpliwość!!!!

    Jan PeksaJan Peksa5 dni temu
  • The hobbit is invincible.

    Eric OenEric Oen5 dni temu
  • Excellent tennis!! Congratulations Barty 👍👌👌

    paari raajupaari raaju5 dni temu
  • Where is Kvitova - Kudermetova epic??

    YIVYIV5 dni temu
  • Przez przypadek wygrala jakis tan turniej bez kibicow i najlepszych zawodniczek a polacy juz ja nazwali druga Radwanska masakra ona jest denna!

    Ojciec MateuszOjciec Mateusz5 dni temu
    • I oby nie była drugą Radwańską bo tenisa boskiej Isi nie lubiłem.

      Jacek KuchalskiJacek Kuchalski5 dni temu
  • I would´ve definitely liked a 3 set battle.

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez JimenezJuan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez5 dni temu
  • When osaka, barty and iga play their games and lift it up, i don't see sofia, bianca or jelena elsewhere like they are part time tennis player :(

    Tai LeTai Le5 dni temu
  • a pat on the back of iga by ash. love that gesture. so sisterly.

    Leah BragaLeah Braga5 dni temu
  • best players i love to watch.

    Leah BragaLeah Braga5 dni temu
  • Iga is only 19! at the French open 2020 final she was calm and focused doing her thing winning in 2 sets but I think it’s the pressure of facing the no1 in the world for the 1st time despite being calm and focused, Iga has her whole career ahead of her its always tough facing the mo1 player even on your best surface I hope this doesn’t affect Iga clay court greatness, she started dong her thing 3-0 up then showing how hard it is to stay on top against the no1 started to appear. Lessons create great champions.

    Jamie WhitneyJamie Whitney5 dni temu
  • ASH!!! Ready for Roland Garros

    CouargeusCouargeus6 dni temu
  • Iva will be a Queen son

    henry 1999sghenry 1999sg6 dni temu
  • The thing I love most about Ash is that she doesn't feel like she has to prove anything to anyone. She just goes on about her business. Winning or loosing, she seems so composed. Win or loose she is always so gracious and gives the nicest handshakes/acknowledgements to the other player.

    Jerald MoirJerald Moir6 dni temu
    • She's so professional.

      Marian SkłodowskiMarian Skłodowski2 dni temu
  • 4:40 Lol, love the edit. "now that's a doubles return probably" "Not just in tennis but in life too"

    Tippy MagooTippy Magoo6 dni temu