AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP

2 lis 2020
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AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP
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I did this short among us animation for fun to show some possible easter eggs and secret map areas
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  • I added some easter eggs to the video see if you can spot them

    ParagonHexParagonHex2 miesięcy temu
    • Its all a jojo reference

      Steven RoberSteven Rober9 dni temu
    • Fgc

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  • Wait- so white is a imposter?

    AngelFnafAngelFnafDzień temu
  • How did you find a secret stars under the table

    cute girlcute girlDzień temu
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  • Great video!!!!

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  • you should make a part 2 where they crash land on polus and find a new survivor and they go into another bunker and try to get the ship back working

    weird guyweird guyDzień temu
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  • Is this real

    Sarah FlarisSarah FlarisDzień temu
  • Sorry if this is mean to you also here’s my question why is there two reds?

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  • Wow I liked how it exploded

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  • Real among us game make it like that video

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  • And I'm pretty

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  • I'm in the among us game I love to play among us I'm a goddess princess 🤩❤️

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    Dalisay SolidumDalisay Solidum3 dni temu
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    • yea heard of "fanmade"?

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  • So, that was the best I think lol.

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  • But the underground map was the new airship map

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  • He is very good

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  • I just saw Ellie In the map

    Paresh SoniParesh Soni3 dni temu
  • the secret map is the new upcoming map the air ship from henry stickmin if you notcied

    Cristina de jesusCristina de jesus3 dni temu
  • How you play like that, I mean where we get that

    Komal DevikarKomal Devikar3 dni temu
  • 😍with the wrong Person in among us

    YachiYachomoYachiYachomo3 dni temu
  • This is oldschool arcade game stiled among us!

    PantherCZPantherCZ4 dni temu
  • This video was taken before the Airship map was released and the secret map looks like Airship

    Sonia CobosSonia Cobos4 dni temu
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  • 1:05 ¿fui el unico que vio a ellie rose?

    golden Ariel Chambi 97golden Ariel Chambi 974 dni temu
  • Thats like resident evil

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  • Left in among us

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  • The only map which has this much impostors

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  • Is this real??

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  • I wish you can do this in among us

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  • that map is among you

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  • Wait why doesn't other crewmate pick up gun? Unless...

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  • To be continued?

    ALEX_PAD773ALEX_PAD7737 dni temu
  • Look is Ellie rose

    master beaconmaster beacon7 dni temu
  • Crewmate: Kills imposter EVerybody: Wait, thats illegal

    Nathan KeatingNathan Keating7 dni temu
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  • I just spotted ellie in the secret roo.

    Funtime freddy FazbearFuntime freddy Fazbear7 dni temu
  • Imposter: kills 3 people in 2 seconds Everybody: wait, thats illegal

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  • Itz like zombieland fouble tap

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  • Win crewmates I like

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  • Probably that there is an imposter virus and if it infects and imposter the imposter becomes the ones running at red and the surviving imposter (white)

    Kath ShawKath Shaw7 dni temu
  • А почему так много придателей

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  • You’re doing super duper good

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  • Wait so was it like some sort of imposter infection thing?

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  • Niye ingilizce konuştunuz

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  • sin ofender pero no esta tan buena ya que ese mapa tiene a la sra stickman al fondo osea que es airship

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    • Minuto 2:58 se le ve al blanco medio abrir su boca

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  • I think white was an imposter and kill him at the plane

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  • Crew mates become imposter

    ALI Mehdi SYEDALI Mehdi SYED7 dni temu
  • 2:54 I really thought he was the imposter

    Rupesh Raika 6th DRupesh Raika 6th D7 dni temu
  • WOW not in the real map

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  • What app edit? Plecase tell me

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