Matt Riddle wants championships: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
71 703 wyświetleń

The Original Bro has high hopes after being selected by Monday Night Raw in the WWE Draft.
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  • Let see if he get his Dream match against Brock Lesnar if he becomes WWE champion

    the viewersthe viewers6 dni temu
  • He’s not good enough

    I’m an Tottenham Hotspur Fan till I die ForEverI’m an Tottenham Hotspur Fan till I die ForEver9 dni temu
  • Surprised he didnt say bro at all in this interview

    MrgotvocalsMrgotvocals10 dni temu
  • Let them no bro

    little E moneylittle E money10 dni temu
  • He didn't say bro once, wtf?

    shai310shai31011 dni temu
  • It's time for Matt Riddle!

    Official Tru-DruOfficial Tru-Dru12 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D12 dni temu
  • Seth is a genuine coward

    Jim RussoJim Russo12 dni temu
  • Best for riddle see what he does on the red brand

    manny smithmanny smith12 dni temu
    • @Kusiga I completely forgot about:/ lol

      manny smithmanny smith10 dni temu
    • He was tag team champ in nxt.

      KusigaKusiga10 dni temu
  • Does Vince know this guy is high? Look at his face he's stoned out of his mind. Or does he get a free pass?

    HermistonHermiston13 dni temu
  • He's gonna feud with Bobby Lashley

    Steven Wijaya20Steven Wijaya2013 dni temu
  • Just wait two more months and this guy will be wasted

    Amin MAmin M13 dni temu
  • Just give the WWE Championship and Universal Championship to Lars Sullivan. Because no one deserves it more than Lars Sullivan.

    I'mACrazyFreak4LifeI'mACrazyFreak4Life13 dni temu
  • Go for the wwe title belt

    Zaylan LigonZaylan Ligon13 dni temu
  • Matt riddle= ehhh🤷🏻‍♀️ Matt riddle’s wife= 🤡🤡💩🤡💩💩🔪🔪🔪🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🔫🔫🔫⛏⛏⛏💀🚬⚰️🪓🔪🗡🧨💣🧱⚒🔨🔧⛓🪓🪓🪓🪓💉💉💉🩸🩸🩸🧪💉🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🧱🛡🧨🗡💣⚰️⚰️⚱️🧲🔫⚱️🗡🔫🗡🔫🛡🛡⚰️⚰️💣⚰️💣🚬🧨🔪🗡🧲🩸🩸💉💉💉💉🔪🔪🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Becky= 🥺🥰 Seth=🥰🥺

    Brollins StarBrollins Star13 dni temu
  • Ah sobrepasado las 3 marcas y ningun titulo en mano jajaja

    Bryan Matthews WWEBryan Matthews WWE14 dni temu
  • it’s no surprise goLdberg, brock & seth can’t stand this cLown.

    stripe801stripe80114 dni temu
  • I just think it’s a little early for Matt Riddle to come to Raw cause he made his debut on SmackDown just a few months ago

    Hussein AliHussein Ali14 dni temu
  • Matt should have a Rivalry with Bobby for the US Championship and Matt could interrupt their MVP VIP Segmengs when their in their suits and Matt should come out and be like y’all should chill and Say HES DRESSED BUSINESS CASUAL!! 🔥🔥

    Tanner NewmanTanner Newman14 dni temu
  • Well at least Matt Riddel will not have to worry about king carbin anymore since Matt debuted in wwe a couple months ago

    Dominic TenorioDominic Tenorio14 dni temu
  • Man looks high all the time !

    Victor VazquezVictor Vazquez14 dni temu
  • Oh man this guy again 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I DesingI Desing15 dni temu
  • Matt riddle welcome to red brand bro

    Matthew BushMatthew Bush15 dni temu
  • Matt riddle is a future wwe world champion

    Hritik PandeyHritik Pandey15 dni temu
  • So happy for Matt Riddle on RAW :D

    Anas Shahid 224Anas Shahid 22415 dni temu
  • Bro it’s obvious Matt riddle is gonna lose just don’t ask why.

    ArthurMarstonRDRArthurMarstonRDR15 dni temu
  • Why Riddle always indulges in a real life rivalry with other wrestlers?? First Goldberg then Brock now Seth.. I mean he seriously needs to change his attitude...

    DevDev15 dni temu
  • He will be on raw underground

    Kumar VaibhavKumar Vaibhav15 dni temu
  • The only thing Matt Riddle will get it's buried and it will be by Vince.

    fake jesusfake jesus15 dni temu
  • I could see why Seth and others have heat with this guy, he's unlikable backstage, but a very talented and focused dude. Matt Riddle needs to be on right direction on RAW if he wants to become a major star. Brrooo!!!

    Michael L. RaynerMichael L. Rayner15 dni temu
  • Think the bro is always stoned

    Tomas BowerTomas Bower15 dni temu
  • Matt needs to learn how to pay his damn Bill's he always loving

    Wwe NxtWwe Nxt15 dni temu
  • You're lookin' at Keith Lee's next tag-team partner...

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman15 dni temu
  • His vibe reminds me a lot of RVD back in the day, I like this dude a lot

    Tanner CodyTanner Cody15 dni temu
  • RIP Matt Riddle's WWE career.

    Riyaad MoollaRiyaad Moolla15 dni temu
  • I don't think so.

    The Horror CollectorThe Horror Collector15 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle wants to burn bridges

    Mischa521Mischa52115 dni temu
  • Soon to be Undefeated on RAW Underground

    Rex Paradox TVRex Paradox TV15 dni temu
  • Riddle :come to raw Seth:imma head out

    kwanele Ngcobokwanele Ngcobo15 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle Vs Brock Lesnar

    Yasin KhanYasin Khan15 dni temu
  • Keith Lee and Matt Riddle together again, they bring in Damian Priest and they’d beat down Retribution or the Hurt Business

    Dire WolfDire Wolf15 dni temu
  • I wish they kept bro on Smackdown

    Shawn D. DawkinsShawn D. Dawkins15 dni temu
  • Throw Pete Dunne to RAW. Broserweight!

    johny Andreasjohny Andreas15 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle Is sent to raw Amazing

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns15 dni temu
  • Amazing Matt Riddle Mike Promo Skills 👌👌🔥🔥🔥

    Adhure SapneinAdhure Sapnein15 dni temu
  • The Original Bro Matt Riddle going to Mondey Night Raw this is amazing for him him was amazing and i can't wait to see this is match on Raw Bobby Lashley vs Matt Riddle for The United States Championship ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni15 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️

    Margarita Marte EscarramanMargarita Marte Escarraman15 dni temu
  • If Marijuana and Mountain dew could have a baby, it would Matt Riddle...

    sagar sondarvasagar sondarva15 dni temu
  • Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, the unbreakable bond. Since indies...

    sagar sondarvasagar sondarva15 dni temu
  • should've let him stayed in smackdown

    MaskedMasked15 dni temu
  • He’s not just the original bro, he’s THE Monday Night Bro!

    Jaime RodriguezJaime Rodriguez15 dni temu
  • Matt riddell would be a good United states champion

    Clement JacksonClement Jackson15 dni temu
  • Matt Ridde 💩 💩💩

    Seth Edwin Rollins MondragónSeth Edwin Rollins Mondragón15 dni temu
  • He got traded because of Seth Rollins no surprise 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    Darion DraytonDarion Drayton15 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy15 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy15 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy15 dni temu
  • let him play

    Himanshu KhansiliHimanshu Khansili15 dni temu
  • BROooooooo🤘🤘💝💝💝💝🇮🇳

    Abeni YanthanAbeni Yanthan15 dni temu
  • I like to see Matt Riddle Challenge Bobby Lashley for The United States Championship at Hell in a Cell.

    Esteban PontEsteban Pont15 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle should win us champion in the near future

    H LH L15 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle is NOT Championship material

    SaD LyFxSaD LyFx16 dni temu
  • My fav wrestler

    Sergei MiguelSergei Miguel16 dni temu
  • In my opinion, this guy has done NOTHING that has impressed me.. fact is he looks over hyped and a darned long way to go to even begun to impress me

    Pat FitzgeraldPat Fitzgerald16 dni temu
    • You probably never watched him wrestle outside of the wwe, he is freaking impressive, you're just straight up hating.

      Enrique ValdiviaEnrique Valdivia15 dni temu
  • 205th comment I want a pink brand.

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du16 dni temu
  • I think in two weeks these bro is gonna win a championship I think he will win bobby lashley for united states championship

    Rod HD YTRod HD YT16 dni temu
    • @H L yes

      Rod HD YTRod HD YT15 dni temu
    • Matt Riddle deserves a title run

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • Why can't the undisputed era join raw

    wrestle hustlewrestle hustle16 dni temu
  • brooooooooo

    Trevor TeeboneTrevor Teebone16 dni temu
  • The original broooooooooo,I love him

    Violah ChebetViolah Chebet16 dni temu

    Itz DevinItz Devin16 dni temu
    • Riddle vs Lashley for us title at tlc

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • Is Becky gonna go to smackdown after she has her baby?

    ReflectiveReflective16 dni temu
    • @Deo Ram Right dude🥱

      ReflectiveReflective15 dni temu
    • Hope not, she's gonna buried all talent

      Deo RamDeo Ram16 dni temu
  • Now Raw has the deeper midcard scene now.

    The BestThe Best16 dni temu
  • He should go after the 24/7

    FunkyWalker DirtyTalkerFunkyWalker DirtyTalker16 dni temu
  • The bro king

    XGL RockettoadXGL Rockettoad16 dni temu
  • Bro! Bro! Bro! Build him up

    Edward BautistaEdward Bautista16 dni temu
  • Lmaooo be here for another couple months around maybe u could fight for one, IF U WANT ONE GO ON WWE SHOP😂‼️‼️

    Marc KallooMarc Kalloo16 dni temu
    • @Jordan Joly man said I want a title well u ain’t fighting or is booked to get any so stick around soon u will, also buy a title from the shop since he can’t win any, u think slow

      Marc KallooMarc Kalloo15 dni temu
    • What?

      Jordan JolyJordan Joly15 dni temu
  • The Original Bro 😎 .

    Mike H.Mike H.16 dni temu
  • Matt riddle: I wanna win titles Vince: he's got jobber written all over him Fans: well here we go again 😂😂😂😂

    Paradox R.N.OParadox R.N.O16 dni temu
    • To be fair, in Riddle's debut vignette/video, Riddle was called the future face of the brand.

      HBK DBSHBK DBS16 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle... ... Raw... Take all the time you need

    dayne celestedayne celeste16 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley should be good.

    True FactsTrue Facts16 dni temu
    • Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley for us champion at HIAC

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • The BRO is on RAW hell yeah is BRAw

    baby bootsbaby boots16 dni temu
    • Matt Riddle will steal the damn show

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • First Aj-Heyman feud and now Rollins-Riddle feud

    Joni PJoni P16 dni temu
  • "now I wanna get some titles..." Vince Mcmahon : *NO CHANCE IN HELL!!*

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre16 dni temu
    • Mcmahon is high on riddle

      Micah ThomasMicah Thomas15 dni temu
    • Loll

      Deo RamDeo Ram16 dni temu
  • Too bad we'll never get that Riddle/Rollins match, now. I'm so bummed.

    JonnySuite13JonnySuite1316 dni temu
  • At least we know now whenever one switches brands, the other goes as well..... (Rollins🤦🏽‍♂️)

    NOVA_13XIIINOVA_13XIII16 dni temu
  • Subscribe me I Will subscribe you 🙏 plz if you subscribe me DM me @doni_aprinal or coment video I first back👍

    Doni Aprinaldi And friendDoni Aprinaldi And friend16 dni temu
  • Now we can see in future Bobby lashly vs matt riddle 👍👍

    RajneeshRajneesh16 dni temu
    • @H L yes of course

      RajneeshRajneesh15 dni temu
    • Matt Riddle deserves a title shot

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • Bro Bro

    Bishad kafleBishad kafle16 dni temu
  • Fiend and Bliss segment on Raw today was 😳🔥🔥🔥

    Kashish WeleKashish Wele16 dni temu
  • The original bro

    Anumati SinghAnumati Singh16 dni temu
  • This Draft to RAW better be of some benefit to Riddle

    RevolutionRevolution16 dni temu
  • Brooo

    jet firejet fire16 dni temu
  • I think the first direction with Riddle is obvious... Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley - WWE U.S. Championship. Book it WWE!

    Wglass90Wglass9016 dni temu
  • Fire this clown

    Raushan MateenRaushan Mateen16 dni temu
  • How interesting this is.

    MADBD619MADBD61916 dni temu
  • I hope Matt becomes United States Champion

    Faysal MursalFaysal Mursal16 dni temu
  • I have a championship for heavyweight jobbing championship

    TAP 10TAP 1016 dni temu
  • Matt Riddle is the new face of wrestling Broooooooo.

    760BassFishing760BassFishing16 dni temu
    • @H L would be sad is WWE let's him go then goes to AEW

      760BassFishing760BassFishing15 dni temu
    • Matt Riddle is the spotlight

      H LH L15 dni temu
  • I knew he'd be drafted to Raw bcz I don't think they don't have plans for Riddle on raw in the first place. They should've made a match between Roman and Riddle before he left

    Cool Good BoyCool Good Boy16 dni temu
  • I’d love to see Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy as a tag team and the tag team champions.

    Sherman CulbertsonSherman Culbertson16 dni temu