LGR - Building a 486 DOS PC!

8 lip 2016
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Celebrating SEVEN contiguous years of LGR by building the "Woodgrain 486!" The idea here is to build a PC piece by piece that would fit in around 1994, using spare parts and simulated wood.
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● Specs of the finished Woodgrain 486:
66MHz AMD Am486DX2-66 CPU
16MB 72-pin SIMM RAM (2x8MB)
425MB WD Caviar 2420 HDD
1MB Diamond Speedstar Pro VLB video card
Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 sound card
AOpen VI15G Socket 3 Motherboard
NE2000-compatible networking card
HDD/FDD VLB controller card
1.44MB Sony 3.5" diskette drive
1.2MB Chinon 5.25" floppy drive
4x Generic IDE CD-ROM drive
Woodgrain-clad tower with green turbo LCD
● BG music used is from www.epidemicsound.com

  • *I've updated this 486 build!* Check my video adding a Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 plworld.info/show/l2Fsfpqar3SXrLg/wideo.html

    LGRLGR4 lat temu
    • @Brandon Henderson no worries bud... happens to the best of us. :P

      q5sysq5sys9 dni temu
    • @q5sys sorry, must have been pocket posting 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Brandon HendersonBrandon Henderson9 dni temu
    • @Brandon Henderson Wanna try that sentence again chief? I have no idea what you're trying to say.

      q5sysq5sys9 dni temu
    • I have so many parts of this system from Germany all kinds parts!.

      stephan speidelstephan speidel14 dni temu
    • I just realised these videos are Kinda Asmr "lite"

      david banandavid banan4 miesięcy temu
  • i hated plastic standoffs.

    J MartinJ Martin19 godzin temu
  • did you save the box for the cd-rom drive?

    stereomann83stereomann83Dzień temu
  • DId anyone else notice he had the treble all the way down in the mixer? Maybe that's why the AWE32 sounded bad?

    sa230esa230eDzień temu
  • 55:30 your nostalgia was tangible

    ClubofsevenClubofseven2 dni temu
  • i was a computer technician back then, i remember braiding those cables to look neat... 🇵🇭👍

    xkyPulsexkyPulse2 dni temu
    • Can you help me with a problem with my old pc from around 1995-98 (cuz it was upgraded)? It gets stuck on detecting the primary IDE device (in my case hard drive).

      Георги ФандъковГеорги Фандъков23 godzin temu
  • It’s amazing how the BIOS is more advanced than the UEFI on my current laptop(Legion Y540). This one has sections be graphics while mine it just text with a blue screen. Amazing how some things go backwards

    BillyBilly3 dni temu
  • very nice video ! took me so so many years back

    Osama MohammedOsama Mohammed3 dni temu
  • This brought back so many memories. Everyone should get to experience this. Building, upgrading and maintaining a machine from a pile of parts.

    Jack RyanJack Ryan3 dni temu
  • Sim City 2000. Love it. Played it on my Windows 98 machine. I noticed in your library you have Sim Copter and Streets Of Sim City. Me too. I used to build cities with the Urban Renewal Kit with big military bases, open it with Sim Copter and go find my Apache helicopter waiting for me. Guns and rockets while listening to Sim Copter music.

    TheRantingCabbyTheRantingCabby3 dni temu
  • Sweat.

    Catalin BadalanCatalin Badalan3 dni temu
  • How did you resist not smelling the documentation book ??

    Jeff RiddleJeff Riddle5 dni temu
  • This is giving me such a nostalgia attack. @7:32, seeing that power connector just immediately brings back the sound of pushing those connectors on :)

    Tom WimmenhoveTom Wimmenhove6 dni temu
  • Zzzt

    ThunderSooSThunderSooS9 dni temu
  • this is still one of your best videos imo

    ChxryakiChxryaki9 dni temu
  • I just come back to watch this every once in a while. I love this build of a computer I’d have never bothered dreaming of. I always love the Sim triumph.

    DragicianRyudoDragicianRyudo10 dni temu
  • スゴイ!

    SK_mineketoSK_mineketo10 dni temu
  • Memories...!

    ghw7192ghw719210 dni temu
  • 33:30 that bios is like primitive version of a modern UFEI bios

    ThunderClawShocktrixThunderClawShocktrix11 dni temu
  • what aboult a 166 intel :X

    Metal&MetalMetal&Metal11 dni temu
  • This is how newbies building their PC without know what they are doing.

    Dan CarterDan Carter12 dni temu
  • Why on earth is there an optical drive connector on the sound card? Was that normal?

    Josiah LenowitzJosiah Lenowitz13 dni temu
  • You think this is slow, try running it on an Amiga...

    The Deviant Developer IDW PodcastThe Deviant Developer IDW Podcast13 dni temu
  • О, Куплинов!

    typetronic2typetronic213 dni temu
  • scandisk was important. so was defrag

    Dougie FuocoDougie Fuoco13 dni temu
  • hope you diddn't pay 70 bucks for that cd rom lmfao. btw there still is "the source" by circuit city

    Dougie FuocoDougie Fuoco13 dni temu
  • Typical design case ... that will cut you to pieces when start putting components in.

    Leon HayLeon Hay14 dni temu
  • Such a legendary video! It's like the 20th time that I'm watching it. This is basically what inspired me to get into collecting and building retro PCs. Keep up the good work)

    platytuxplatytux14 dni temu
    • It is indeed an awesome video! Having lived through and built pcs during this era, I was starting to think it’d be cool to put one together. Then he had the floppy drives wonk out on him, the CD-ROM fail to work with the AWE32 and... I remembered all the hours I’ve already spent fighting 90’s hardware... :)

      KhabsterKhabster13 dni temu
  • Thoughts on floppy emulators? Would you ever put one in this to make transferring bios and stuff easier

    Cody McCartyCody McCarty14 dni temu
  • sup elias

    Mr AnonymousMr Anonymous15 dni temu
  • This reminds me of my very first PC, a Packard Bell, W95, 133Mhz, 8-16 mb ram and can't remember the graphics card...the sound card... i'm not sure, sound blaster something, not sure if was the 16... it ran DN3D and Descent 1 smoothly, i still miss the old tunes... Albion, Jazz Jack Rabbit... Also played Sim City but i think was the 3000 but can't recall... Maaaan the feels!! Awesome video!

    Aaron_GKVAaron_GKV15 dni temu
  • Si tu veux, mec, je te donne un kit ZX81 1Ko RAM, tant qu'à jouer avec des silex mecs, autant jouer avec les bouses de vaches.

    bernard jacobbernard jacob16 dni temu
  • Hearing lgr be so happy at the maxis intro screen made me so happy. Congrats man!

    BlueSpartan 076BlueSpartan 07616 dni temu
  • I still have a set of floppy disks to used to install windows. Think it’s Xp 🤣

    SaucyBegger25SaucyBegger2516 dni temu
  • The part storage room... That makes me miss my part collection 😥 They'd all be sitting still though...

    Nikolaus LindbergNikolaus Lindberg17 dni temu
  • that bios looks like the one evga used in 2013, f

    TugboatTugboat20 dni temu
  • This guy got the Dusk soundtrack maker to remix his opening theme

    DionysusDionysus23 dni temu
  • I spent many many hours adjusting the pins after removing cpu's from pre zif sockets. Ribbon cables used to be the same way, no plastic with a notch around them, You will tend to roll them on and off the same way 60mb used to be so cavernous. I miss my fan card. The proprietaries of the day were very strange, never know what you would see, Lots of oddities, and custom built machines I Remember getting my PC chip M598. It was/is a socket 7 AT motherboard, It was an odd fusion of AT, and ATX. 233MXX was the last Intel chip I have had in my main PC. And it was a beast of a chip, The non integration of things was nice in that it was up to you as to what to put in it.

    Dustin HausDustin Haus24 dni temu
  • Lovey going back to nostalgia! Just wondering if you can manage to install SSD on those 486DX :)))))))

    Talha OnalTalha Onal25 dni temu
  • My favorite part: plworld.info/show/lpKhjdG2goTSX5s/wideo.html "building this thing to get back at the past!" "Ugh! suck it, 1993!!" I yelled the same thing

    TachynollTachynoll25 dni temu
  • My good friend named Sergey, from Ukraine, works for AMI now for many years. He reverse engineered the phoenix bios and presented it at a computer fair in the 90's overseas. He's currently the lead developer for AMI, located in Norcross, GA.

    SpaXpertSpaXpert25 dni temu
  • I was in awe as an adult in 1995. My first 486 I battled the demons of DOOM. The first version. It was a rental computer from Aarons.

    SpaXpertSpaXpert25 dni temu
  • Amazing work LGR!!! Greetings!

    Marcelo81125Marcelo8112525 dni temu
  • what a surprise, must be on youtube, you just build it to play games :(.

    Carl JacksonCarl Jackson26 dni temu
  • My first PC was a 486 SX2 66 mhz, this brings back a lot of memories :)

    wackydkwackydk26 dni temu
  • The Doom Eternal Ancient Gods part1 Andrew Hulshult?! Hope to see an easter egg of you at least in part2

    Koushiro IzumiKoushiro Izumi27 dni temu
  • Please max it out!!! just for fun :)

    Karol S.Karol S.27 dni temu
  • 11 YEARS 😬😬😬

    Osaze HindsOsaze Hinds28 dni temu
  • Sim City was ok....but a game i really got turned on to, which still works on modern systems (due to fan support) is Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or Open ttd. This video is nostalgic to watch. Good job :)

    Pepsi ColaPepsi Cola29 dni temu
  • I wish I could go back in time to 1993 and give you this pc without saying a word.

    charliechincharliechin29 dni temu
    • @LGR I was about to graduate; the next year my fiance would buy a Mac Quadra 650, because it was "professional" use after all, not games! There was an option to get a 486 DOS card and regret not getting that. Might have helped me get a computer career, and maybe have saved my marriage! I have a much better chance at rebuilding an old 486 now, though. ;(

      Cuvtixo DCuvtixo D26 dni temu
    • I would die of elation

      LGRLGR29 dni temu
  • I still can't find one of those cases.... :(

    serfnutsserfnutsMiesiąc temu
  • You going into your storage unit: yay. Me watching the video: omg if I was there I would have been in Paradise

    Richard MurrayRichard MurrayMiesiąc temu
  • I can't even tell you how many of those I've built in the past. The biggest improvement you could do with this type of build was the cache. Max it out and the difference was night and day. Thanks for a blast from the past.

    Keno GsterKeno GsterMiesiąc temu
  • You forgot the VOODOO2-1000's

    Mannard MannMannard MannMiesiąc temu
  • Dope Rhyme 02:09

    Frank FriscoFrank FriscoMiesiąc temu
  • I keep rewatching this and it just makes me happy. I love how passionate you are clint too. How happy you are to see sim city 2k running. So awesome. Man the world needs more people like you in it man.

    ChewyChopsChewyChopsMiesiąc temu
  • The key was a standard key, and you could use any pc key in any pc at the time. Also, if you disconnect it, it stops working... Nice Turbo button though!

    HighlyMedicatedHighlyMedicatedMiesiąc temu
  • I got a CMOS that was leaking and had to be replaced back then. On a brand new MB.

    HighlyMedicatedHighlyMedicatedMiesiąc temu
  • i really wish i had your old sims games collection lmao, i started out when i was really little on my friends pc playing the sims one and loved it ever since

    VoidayVoidayMiesiąc temu
  • You gotta play descent with it to complete the 486 experience.

    TonechildTonechildMiesiąc temu
  • that is the ugliest thing ive ever seen.

    Mark DymekMark DymekMiesiąc temu
  • Why no dual channel

    QSW4K ChipsQSW4K ChipsMiesiąc temu
  • My cousin used to have a 286 and I had a 386. Then he got a 486 with a turbo button... I was gutted.

    Lamp ShadeLamp ShadeMiesiąc temu
  • I use to work suppirt for a company that sold that pc case.. jumpers behing the display on case will display and number you want.

    Shawn AdamsShawn AdamsMiesiąc temu
  • I remember when this was uploaded, it was the next day after my 30th birthday and I was stoked to get an hour long LGR episode. Also, 5,555th comment!

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerryMiesiąc temu
  • Love the throwback to the CD ROM to soundcard passthrough. Those were the days.

    Seronin AranSeronin AranMiesiąc temu
  • I❤️ MS-DOS

    NOXLY BloodsNOXLY BloodsMiesiąc temu
  • Please add turkish titles

    NOXLY BloodsNOXLY BloodsMiesiąc temu
  • So happy for you. My first computet bought in 1991 for $2,200 was a 386 25mh 2mb mem with a 40 MB hard drive. I remember that Doom would not play on it. About a year later I got a 486 80mh with 16mb meme with a 750 HD. The first time I played Doom my friend and I were awe struck. We played Wolfenstine to death on the 386 and then all of a sudden there were 256 colors and stairs. No longer a flat maze. We were so amazed!. Your video brought it all back for me. Thanks Clint.

    Roger OwensRoger OwensMiesiąc temu
  • Soo many memories!!

    Le Grec FPVLe Grec FPVMiesiąc temu
  • I had the same computer that you had back in the day. Packard Bell 486Dx2. I remember Megarace came with it.

    Juan RamosJuan RamosMiesiąc temu
  • happy with a piece of shit

    Jack W.Jack W.Miesiąc temu
  • This is definitely my favorite LGR video.

    Mike CMike CMiesiąc temu
  • "That wasn't very cache memory of you"

    Rainy LoschiavoRainy LoschiavoMiesiąc temu
  • Is it just me, or was the Treble turned all the way down in the Sound Blaster settings at 44:50? That would have explained how muddled everything sounded!

    jhoule86jhoule86Miesiąc temu
  • Thanks ser/ Cool PC idea from retro store and kids. but it not retro it so cool

    YJN WorkerYJN WorkerMiesiąc temu
  • Where you get all of the drivers for all of this hardware?

    Zdravko FranjkovicZdravko FranjkovicMiesiąc temu
  • Man..... i should've been asleep an hour ago but this is too good going down memory lane.... My first pc was a 486sx 33 i added the co-processor to make it a dx... i had the AWE32, and an SB16... Then i paid $1000 in 1994 for a used compaq.... at like, rent-a-center.... It was a 486dx 66.... eventually i went to cyrix and got their socket 3 pentium compatible processor..... I remember buying a 1gb hard drive for that compaq, it cost me $400, but i didn't think i'd ever fill it.... I forget what it came with for video.... at some point i put a matrox millennium in there i think it was..... Or maybe that was in my first actual pentium machine.... Duke nuke'em was too much for that box you built... you needed to run wolf3d :) Aww i love sim city 2k though... "Reticulating splines...." My first computer was a ti99/4a, that i still own.... and it still runs! I got it for christmas right before i turned 7, and had ZERO cartridges with it. I just had the manuals that came with the thing, no storage, and had to teach myself BASIC and create my own games.... with no way to save them.... 2 years or so later i got the apple 2e with disk drives and games.... Now thanks to ebay i have a ton of cartridges, and some extra TIs for parts.... just in case....

    John O'BrienJohn O'BrienMiesiąc temu
  • 4x86 was one of my first builds ever! You took me back to 1994 man! and yes, the turbo button MUST work :)

    Guillermo ChinchillaGuillermo ChinchillaMiesiąc temu
  • Brings my childhood back 😊 ty for the timetravel ✌🏻👍🏻

    knox788oknox788oMiesiąc temu
  • I had a hard disk controller with 512kb buffer which sped the game up quite considerably. I later "Upgraded" to an EIDE non buffered controller, what a mistake. It was just like yours.

    FSD DevelopmentFSD DevelopmentMiesiąc temu
  • My first pc ever from 95

    Karim EmaraKarim EmaraMiesiąc temu
  • 59:34 The year 2020 as simulated in Simcity 2000.

    realPhalirealPhaliMiesiąc temu
  • Ya know? I am NOT a gamer and yet you had me laughing at the tiny screen playback of Duke Nuke Em 3D comments.

    pianokeyjoepianokeyjoeMiesiąc temu
  • Now put LINUX or UNIX with a graphical interface on this! Or better yet, NEXTSTEP! Windows...sooo boring. DOS is more exciting though lol!

    pianokeyjoepianokeyjoeMiesiąc temu
  • God I am so glad we past building them old computers so much easier nowadays.

    Mr. Carroll WareMr. Carroll WareMiesiąc temu
  • fkn intro from 2016 idiot

    MyName HereMyName HereMiesiąc temu
  • Ooh! Get a SATA to P-ATA adaptor and replace the old HDD with a SSD. Windows 3.11 would fly higher than the Jefferson Airplane!

    ShamrockParticleShamrockParticleMiesiąc temu
  • OMG! SIM modules! Haven't see them for ages...

    moses4188moses4188Miesiąc temu
  • Am I the only one that comes from time to time to listen to that intro?

    Abraham RubalcavaAbraham RubalcavaMiesiąc temu
  • iv been watchingf you, for over 5 years and never got a shout out from you or even a return comment but its ok i still love your show its the best on youtube and i will allways be a loyal fan

    manny CARRIONmanny CARRIONMiesiąc temu
  • LGR’s 486 Build: The Movie!

    KimonoFlareonGXKimonoFlareonGXMiesiąc temu
  • i built that system in 1992

    john turnbulljohn turnbullMiesiąc temu
  • my 486 system is my 1st ever build still running was a 486 dx 50 ati wonderboard 512k video card 2 megs ram a winchester 128 meg esdi harddrive. had to add fan to heat sink on dx50 . but with 50Mhz bus out performs dx 4 100 's .

    john turnbulljohn turnbullMiesiąc temu
  • My K6-200 sits in an old AT case similar to this (it was originally a P75), but in addition to the plastic stands it also has small rubber bumpers to stick on the bottom to add support, because those plastic stands alone don't give very good support. But because it's so old it also has an odd PS/2 mouse port expansion slot that hooks into the motherboard. I've lost all the cards and drives for it unfortunately. Only have the 3.5" floppy drive left (original Teac drive from 1996) I played SC2000 on my dad's PS/1 486DX (33 or 40, can't remember) and I swear it ran smoother than this. It was on floppies, though. CD based games were really hard to come by in Denmark in 1994. Still have those floppies too. But one note about soundcards if anyone tries to build/rebuild machines this old: If you want to play games on the machine you need to use an ISA (or EISA) soundcard. DOS games don't support soundcards on any other bus. I had the PCI version of the AWE32 and it was literally useless for games, except for Windows 95 games and later. Does work great as music player and audio interface, though. Just PCI isn't entirely backwards compatible with anything developed prior to it.

    SteelRodentSteelRodentMiesiąc temu
  • My first PC build was bunch of scrap 486 components.

    Siakol YanoSiakol YanoMiesiąc temu

    Janilton JaJaJanilton JaJaMiesiąc temu
  • Wow a trip down memory lane just to remember how shitty the x86 was in the beginning and why Amiga was so superior. No irq and dma idiocy, not that much cable idiocy inside to hinder airflow and although not as sophisticated as nowadays it was mostly even pnp. Plug that Bridgeboard and DOS your way. My A3000UX can run up to Windows ME that way but I rather use '95 as that is the most stable one of the time that Windows was pure DOS based. It also runs Simcity 2000 on factory Amiga standard given you have the Amiga version of the game or even the AGA version with the right hardware (A1200, A3000, A300UX and A4000) even Doom looks better on my Amiga.

    ForOdinAndAsgardForOdinAndAsgardMiesiąc temu
  • This board can be a bit of shit & suffers board warping. Looks like you have a cache controller in your parts. Just remember conflicts will happen, separate your IRQ & DMA addresses.

    Uisce BeathaUisce BeathaMiesiąc temu
  • My first pc Was a PackardBell 486 mark ii which had the 66mhz processor! I remember tearing that thing apart and adding ram and a 1gb hard drive. Also at one point my cousin gave me his old cd 00writer and I swapped that baby in! Upgraded that thing for years cause it cost my parents over $2000 and my dad didn’t ever wanna pay that kinda price ever again lol. Shortly after I bought a walmart HP like around 2000ish that came with Windows Me, used that to make beats and record music on until I sold it to another kid who wanted to make music too for like $200, paid over $1000 few years before. I then went and built 2 computers from a whole shop in miami for the money I made on my HP lol

    Jarrod ClarkJarrod ClarkMiesiąc temu