16 paź 2020
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#AmongUs #AmongUsMeme

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    OGG animationOGG animationMiesiąc temu
    • OH NO

      fluffy CATSfluffy CATS2 dni temu
    • @Winter Fang poprpr f

      Marliatu Walon-JallohMarliatu Walon-Jalloh2 dni temu
    • Jaque uu

      marcio jose genzer de lima marcio josemarcio jose genzer de lima marcio jose3 dni temu
    • I like ogg

      Laluna AyuriLaluna Ayuri10 dni temu
    • 👎👎👎👎👎

      MakaasaMa P2kasaMakaasaMa P2kasa10 dni temu
  • jajajajajaj el karma amigos!!!

    karina damasco castillokarina damasco castilloGodzinę temu
  • Last scene was lit Af

    DEMOSxYTDEMOSxYT3 godzin temu

    Simply Debby DIYSimply Debby DIY19 godzin temu
  • What the hell is yellow riskin hər life for Pink but Pink complains about it

    Mehemmed MMehemmed M21 godzinę temu
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Otavio MoraisOtavio Morais22 godzin temu
  • Yellow was nice imposter pink report the body yellow is out red killed pink

    Hussain JomaaHussain JomaaDzień temu
  • ㅎ로ㅑ

    김형석김형석Dzień temu
  • 😂😂😂😂😎

    Gamer GamerGamer GamerDzień temu
  • 😪😪😪😪😪

    merve gedikmerve gedikDzień temu
  • Hhahahah at the end pink is dead poor yellow

    John Carlo YarteJohn Carlo Yarte2 dni temu
  • That girl is baddd she make him sad and in the last i laugh 9999 time

    Cp SailoCp Sailo2 dni temu
    • Yellow is bad. He killed his friend.

      Not SusNot Sus2 dni temu
  • Hi OGG

    fluffy CATSfluffy CATS2 dni temu
  • How imposter do task????

    Philippines_ mapper19Philippines_ mapper192 dni temu
  • 😭😭😭

    Soubarna DasSoubarna Das3 dni temu
  • Why pink did that ? 😭🥺🥺🥺

    Kran GamingKran Gaming3 dni temu
    • @Kongs Shangs Pink is a CREWMATE whos job is to vote off impostors. Yellow is an IMPOSTOR whos job is to kill. Yellow is the bad and stupid one because he killed his teammate and expected a crewmate to trust him.

      Not SusNot Sus19 godzin temu
    • @Not Sus umm pink was so bad like in other animations they are nice pink is so stupid when I watched that vid like when I am him I would have finished her off

      Kongs ShangsKongs ShangsDzień temu
    • @Kongs Shangs Yup. Red has to do the rest of the job because of the stupidity of yellow.

      Not SusNot Sus2 dni temu
    • Ask why Yellow did that to black? Yellow deserves to be betrayed.

      Not SusNot Sus2 dni temu
    • Red will killed her already

      Kongs ShangsKongs Shangs3 dni temu
  • He went out he walks in there was no vent the second time

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith3 dni temu
  • This so sad pink is lair she fake love with yellow

    Ayaan khan class 7 CAyaan khan class 7 C3 dni temu
    • @Not Sus yes you are right 😭

      Ayaan khan class 7 CAyaan khan class 7 C2 dni temu
    • Pink must have loved yellow if yellow is a crewmate.

      Not SusNot Sus2 dni temu
    • Yellow is the liar. He kept his impostor thing as a secret from pink.

      Not SusNot Sus2 dni temu
  • 3:40 AHAAHAHHA 😂😂😂

    SeptemberSeptember4 dni temu
  • Among us is cool 😎 👍 u m

    Ipul GabengIpul Gabeng4 dni temu
  • So 😎 cool

    Madhumita SharmaMadhumita Sharma4 dni temu
  • Jajajajaja CD 🖕🖕

    Andrea EnamoradoAndrea Enamorado4 dni temu
  • why does the imposter always fall in love

    jose martinezjose martinez4 dni temu
    • I hate impostors that fall in-love with a crewmate then betray the other impostor.

      Not SusNot Sus4 dni temu
    • and how does the imposter always live in this animation, in the other ones the imposters die when they get killed

      jose martinezjose martinez4 dni temu
  • :(

    Adriana DuranAdriana Duran4 dni temu
  • Clxpkvok

    Nilojan PadarjanNilojan Padarjan4 dni temu
  • Happy Birthday cool

    Nilojan PadarjanNilojan Padarjan4 dni temu
  • pink, you broke my heart

    Sumayo Ali Shidane 5c SolviksskolanSumayo Ali Shidane 5c Solviksskolan5 dni temu
  • bad ending

    adriana adrianaadriana adriana5 dni temu
  • Yellow: 🖕🖕🖕 Red: You xD

    PychetoPycheto5 dni temu
  • Really yellow don’t let a girl get to you like that!

    Master GDMaster GD5 dni temu
    • Its all yellow’s fault.

      Not SusNot Sus4 dni temu
  • 3:39 hahahah

    Nana SafrinaNana Safrina5 dni temu
  • Yellow save pink and pink vote yellow

    Greyson PulouGreyson Pulou5 dni temu
    • Pink didn’t ask Yellow to save her.

      Not SusNot Sus4 dni temu
  • Yellow risked his life for pink and she kills him, now that’s hot and mean but the end was hilarious

    Anton LaunerAnton Launer6 dni temu
    • Yellow is very dumb. He thought that a crewmate can easily accept him as an impostor.

      Not SusNot Sus4 dni temu

    телеканал милая Польская корователеканал милая Польская корова6 dni temu
  • 3:45 ih shit here we go again

    ADHIL THE GAMER 2 gamerADHIL THE GAMER 2 gamer6 dni temu
  • I love the ending lol

    zhivka manovazhivka manova6 dni temu
  • ._.XD Pink simp

    Little yellow AmongerLittle yellow Amonger6 dni temu
    • @Not Sus yeah, he simps

      Little yellow AmongerLittle yellow Amonger3 dni temu
    • Yellow simp.

      Not SusNot Sus4 dni temu
  • Pink Love yellow it so cute

    Laura DominováLaura Dominová6 dni temu
  • Yellow has been BETRYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ruth CollinsRuth Collins7 dni temu
    • Pink never promised anything to Yellow. And yellow knows that pink is a crewmate. So Pink did NOT BETRAY Yellow.

      Not SusNot Sus6 dni temu
    • Yellow BETRAYED black his teammate.

      Not SusNot Sus6 dni temu
  • Among us sad story..

    EveTigerly_ PlayzEveTigerly_ Playz7 dni temu
  • Poor yellow...😢

    Lavínia BaksiLavínia Baksi7 dni temu
    • He deserves it.

      Not SusNot Sus6 dni temu
  • :(

    Addison MixonAddison Mixon7 dni temu
  • Mek

    Blacpink ve BTS kpop ParkBlacpink ve BTS kpop Park7 dni temu
  • Thats what she gets

    Christian Joseph SuguitanChristian Joseph Suguitan7 dni temu
  • Olum adam kendi kalbini yedi 🤣🤣

    isimsizgamer131 katil 321isimsizgamer131 katil 3218 dni temu
  • Impostor VS Impostor

    amilliarde *amilliarde *8 dni temu
  • F por el amarillo

    Axel ayalaAxel ayala8 dni temu
  • Pink was very rude in this vid. 😭

    Jaisen KumarJaisen Kumar8 dni temu
  • F

    suter 75suter 758 dni temu
  • 3:38 XD

    Alejandra GonzalezAlejandra Gonzalez8 dni temu
  • I am crying now

    Brandon AguilarBrandon Aguilar8 dni temu
  • Lol

    Luke CollinsLuke Collins8 dni temu
  • Kkkkkkk in not the sad kkkkkkkkkk

    Eniosanpaio SanpaioEniosanpaio Sanpaio8 dni temu
  • Tgghhbf

    Fun Game PlaysFun Game Plays8 dni temu
  • 3:41 jajajja xD

    XSunX7826XSunX78268 dni temu
  • 3:05 que pensaba que lo disculparia

    XSunX7826XSunX78268 dni temu
  • Very happy

    Vipex.22Vipex.229 dni temu
  • 尺ㄩᐯ乂爪卩Ҩ山!

    Fonts for Androidシ Fonts for Android anتFonts for Androidシ Fonts for Android anت9 dni temu
  • 3:38 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bahar ItırBahar Itır9 dni temu
  • It was sooo sad but when he shot the bird got be dead 💀

    NiyaYTshine loveNiyaYTshine love9 dni temu
  • Love you

    rocker boy gamingrocker boy gaming9 dni temu
  • All: hates pink because she voted an impostor Me: Hates Yellow because he betrayed Black his teammate Pink is just doing what a crewmate should do.

    Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu
  • El rosa meresia que la mataran el amarillo se enamor y no queria matarla

    Keyli LoverKeyli Lover9 dni temu
  • sela comio rosa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎🖕

    Ariel OrmenoAriel Ormeno9 dni temu
  • I love the end. I just like how it wasn’t sad 😂

    TimelySteamTimelySteam9 dni temu
  • Porque lo reporto si la salbo qué bien que la mataron por grosera

    Dani DuranDani Duran9 dni temu
  • 😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂

    Silvia HernandezSilvia Hernandez10 dni temu
  • Крассныи токои те пипец

    FreeSoundFreeSound10 dni temu
  • Man I would kill pink when it was a meeting.😭😭

    Blank paperBlank paper10 dni temu
    • I will kill Yellow in the next round.

      Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu

    idcboss12idcboss1210 dni temu
  • first. oof the finger second. double oof you lynched the guy who saved your life third. r/justiceserved

    A StrangerA Stranger10 dni temu
  • Как красный может быть IMPOSTOROM ведь показывали что жёлтый и чёрный были IMPOSTOROMI как-так-та а у меня вапрос?????????????????????????????????????????

    София ПогрибнякСофия Погрибняк11 dni temu
  • I love it. Make more

    zoha khanzoha khan11 dni temu
  • Pink noooooooooobbbbbb😎🤣😂😂🤣

    SnakooY GamerSnakooY Gamer11 dni temu
    • Yellow is noob.

      Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu
  • Nooooooooooooob😎😂🤣

    SnakooY GamerSnakooY Gamer11 dni temu
  • Stupid pink

    Jibril Harb ModinJibril Harb Modin11 dni temu
  • 3:43 1 impostor left

    Borderlands 2314 James BredsonBorderlands 2314 James Bredson11 dni temu
  • Ogg

    Maureen LazarteMaureen Lazarte11 dni temu
  • Hello

    Dulzhe Maythe Gonzalez OrtegaDulzhe Maythe Gonzalez Ortega11 dni temu
  • thank you red

    Tristan HigginsTristan Higgins11 dni temu
  • Yellow troll XD

    sara martinezsara martinez12 dni temu
  • 노랑:다 가식이엇어?

    하양하양12 dni temu
  • but imposter cant kill imposter

    azrin mahzanazrin mahzan12 dni temu
    • @Not Sus ya...

      azrin mahzanazrin mahzan7 dni temu
    • Agree. Yellow is stupid.

      Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu
  • Lol wow

    XxToxic.BearxXXxToxic.BearxX12 dni temu
  • This fun

    Hatkim dougel DoungelHatkim dougel Doungel12 dni temu
  • Wow

    Hatkim dougel DoungelHatkim dougel Doungel12 dni temu
  • Poor yellow

    Offical Winter ÙwÚOffical Winter ÙwÚ12 dni temu
  • This is the lowest and highest quality among us animation I’ve ever seen

    LlamaLlama12 dni temu
  • I love these videos!

    Sophia-Victoria KeeseSophia-Victoria Keese12 dni temu
  • Ending KARMA

    Mohammed AminMohammed Amin13 dni temu
  • 2:18 where's the vent?

    CH.1호와와나닛CH.1호와와나닛13 dni temu
  • 0:55. 3:39 WHAT IS THAT HELL????? ITS NOT FUNNY!

    cheetah boi djjddcheetah boi djjdd13 dni temu
  • Yellow save the pink and then she just gana report the yellow

    Tita Ludz PaleracioTita Ludz Paleracio13 dni temu
  • Not put eyes

    Phantom hacksPhantom hacks13 dni temu
  • When pink is a ghost Yellow:how could you be so cruel Also yellow:wipes pink put from existence

    Star ZombieStar Zombie13 dni temu
    • Also pink and black: wipes yellow from existence

      Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu
    • Pink: because i’m a crewmate and you kept a big secret from me.

      Not SusNot Sus9 dni temu
  • Lol that’s what you get pink

    Star ZombieStar Zombie13 dni temu
  • black imposter voted saw off skip

    Francis OrtegaFrancis Ortega13 dni temu
    • godzilla voted red imposter voted saw kill

      Francis OrtegaFrancis Ortega13 dni temu
  • ❤️ckybhfhf🐱

    zhafira Luckyzhafira Lucky13 dni temu
  • Se mamo el amarillo

    Juan AraujoJuan Araujo13 dni temu
  • It is called fale love