Marcin - Kashmir on One Guitar (Official Video)

12 mar 2021
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Kashmir produced and performed by Marcin. Originally by Led Zeppelin.
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Video concept: Marcin, Mortvideo
Production company: Mortvideo
DOP, Editing, Color Grading: Marcin Kopiec (Mortvideo)
Assistant: Krystian Tuzimski
MUA: Natalia Migryt
Opening logo: Empadé Design Studio
Recording engineer: Pawel Slusarczyk (Bring The Noize)
Special thanks: Piotr, Lidia & Michal Patrzałek, Wiktoria Lewandowska
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Recorded in downtown Warsaw, Poland.

© 2021 Sony Masterworks, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

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  • hey dude you should play eugene's trickbag

    Deniz DikmenDeniz Dikmen54 minut temu
  • When 5% of his talent is more talent than the average guitarist.

    ֆɛƈʀɛ ֆաǟʟʟօաȶǟɨʟֆɛƈʀɛ ֆաǟʟʟօաȶǟɨʟGodzinę temu
  • DANG

    Tony StarkTony Stark2 godzin temu
  • Really he is a great inspiration for young people who love fingerstyle guitar in VietNam 😉

    DaisyyDaisyy2 godzin temu
  • I hate to say it but better than Rodrigo and Gabriela.

    Greg PerezGreg Perez4 godzin temu
  • The guy can do alot of cool things on the guitar but... where's the melody(what Robert Plant sings)?

    Tmdamora DamoraTmdamora Damora7 godzin temu
  • 0:44 - absolutely insane!

    Lukasz PlonkaLukasz Plonka8 godzin temu
  • To co robisz i w jakim stylu po prostu rewelka jesteś naprawdę genialny powodzenia tylko tak dalej

    ssstinger72ssstinger7210 godzin temu
  • Просто охренительно! 👍👏👏👏

    KakosKakos10 godzin temu
  • I need to hear this truck every day now, coz i love it so much and its make me happy and it is as well like a Therapie and cleaning for me against the shit outside my windows. Marcin thank U , amazing what u be able to make on the strings bei the way. Fun forever--- me to U. C-#mol U later. Only the best for U.

    Glass FritteGlass Fritte13 godzin temu
  • Jimmy would be proud. Bravo from America.

    Raymond SpadaroRaymond Spadaro14 godzin temu
  • Love from sri lanka

    රොයිටර් FMරොයිටර් FM14 godzin temu
  • He has the same walk cycle as SCP 049

    Drop Kicked MurphyDrop Kicked Murphy15 godzin temu
  • Old die hard Zeppie here and this young man has something very special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boo BearBoo Bear15 godzin temu
  • Gdybym spędził na gitarze tyle godzin co na padzie z xboxa to też bym tak grał D:

    EdenEden18 godzin temu
  • Yeah on one guitar pffffffff what's that backing track you guitar percussionist

    James CooperJames Cooper18 godzin temu
    • Oh yeah and something else just stop breathing pls u are annoying af

      James CooperJames Cooper18 godzin temu
  • But there are at least two drums, bass and percussions

    Александр ДенисовАлександр Денисов18 godzin temu
  • Phenominal.

    James MurphyJames Murphy22 godzin temu
  • BRAVO!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Joseph beJoseph beDzień temu
  • Восхитительно, привет из России

    паханычпаханычDzień temu
  • I wonder why he switched from a classical guitar to acoustic. This is more of an acoustic song but he played Paganini on an acoustic!

    Peter SchmidtPeter SchmidtDzień temu
  • 英語打てなくてごめんなさい。日本から応援してます!頑張ってください。あなたのギターの弾き方好きです!

    やさやさDzień temu
  • Brilliant!

    JT OutdoorsJT OutdoorsDzień temu
  • you are beast

    Fernando ZaiaFernando ZaiaDzień temu
  • Dope !

    el_ esso24el_ esso24Dzień temu
  • He´s crazy good :O

    FlowYourLifeFlowYourLifeDzień temu
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎵🎵🎶💤

    max jone moreira moreiramax jone moreira moreiraDzień temu

    SK MSK MDzień temu
    • You have a pate like a Misko clone! No offense to the cool guitarist Misko.

      Mariola ButykaMariola ButykaDzień temu
  • Playback !!

    Der IrreDer IrreDzień temu
  • 🤘🤘

    Snail's TrailSnail's TrailDzień temu
  • Второй день смотрю и слушаю твои записи. Парень, сегодня ты ОДИН ИЗ ЛУЧШИХ В МИРЕ! И у тебя огромное будущее!

    Baraga YarBaraga YarDzień temu
  • Here in poland, If you pay for the whole guitar... You use the whole guitar...

    SharkYT CODMSharkYT CODMDzień temu
  • hey Marcin...have you ever thought about going on and play smth infront of random people and upload that on PLworld?

    Jason KleppeJason KleppeDzień temu
  • You made it sound so djenty! Awesome

    CjLCjLDzień temu
  • He can't play live and sound like that,

    Felecia GomezFelecia Gomez2 dni temu
    • he can, there's a video of him playing this in a subway the exact same way. minus the drums and synth kind of noises

      Kyaax_Kyaax_Dzień temu
  • without electronics he sucks

    Felecia GomezFelecia Gomez2 dni temu
  • You are what I wished I could do. Slap bass,tap,flamenco who has a rock soul. Good shit my mAn

    bryan felixbryan felix2 dni temu
  • Wow 😮

    Tina BerneckerTina Bernecker2 dni temu

    Mary ManeMary Mane2 dni temu
  • Z dużo tu powtórzeń żeby dać się nabrać.

    Z a w i m p e xZ a w i m p e x2 dni temu
  • Looks like a Luca S rip. His style of walk and play video.

    Evan MacLeanEvan MacLean2 dni temu
  • Наикрутейший чувак. Крутяк. Уффф!))

    Юрий ХакасЮрий Хакас2 dni temu
  • MIAZDZYSZ.... ROZJEŻDŻASZ... MASAKRA...... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

    Marcin KowalskiMarcin Kowalski2 dni temu
  • this is absolutely epic !

    Bats RecordsBats Records2 dni temu
  • Is this guy for real???

    James ThornburgJames Thornburg2 dni temu
    • yes

      Kyaax_Kyaax_Dzień temu
  • When did cyborgs equipped with a IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer become so lifelike?

    Mike CordnerMike Cordner2 dni temu
  • different from alif ba ta you hard and alif soft but equally good.

    Mahendra KarnaMahendra Karna2 dni temu
  • the car in the back is creeping me out.

    SanyokeSanyoke2 dni temu
  • Thank You Beautiful 😇😘🤩😍🥳😎👻💋💌👍👌💪🙏👀👅

    Corinna SchultzCorinna Schultz3 dni temu
  • That's it... Shawn Lane, Balawan and this dude Marcy are my favorites....out of this world man!!

    Dok Eddy SimanjuntakDok Eddy Simanjuntak3 dni temu
  • It's wonderful boy !!!!!

    ahmad sayadahmad sayad3 dni temu
  • Just purchased the album Hush. Can't wait to be able to buy this song. The only thing is Marcin is definitely a visual artist. As wonderful as the music is on it's own, I really get so much more watching him. Hope this doesn't insult anyone. But he's my new obsession. Edit: love his Vans! lol

    Jenny Zina TavaresJenny Zina Tavares3 dni temu
  • Less production, more just you playing. I can't tell what's what. This video isn't just you on one guitar. You're awesome and talented though so not taking away from that.

    Mikey GeeMikey Gee3 dni temu
  • How does a human brain conceive of that arrangement for solo guitar - much less play it?! Amazing.

    Gary WeglarzGary Weglarz3 dni temu
  • Marcin demonstrates it is possible to be TOO good at the guitar.

    Dustin DyeDustin Dye3 dni temu
  • Mesmerizing! I can watch it over and over. Brilliant.

    Brian MillerBrian Miller3 dni temu
  • And this kid is only twenty.

    Laura WillitsLaura Willits3 dni temu
  • It had to happen. Probably the best guitar player the world has ever seen. Touched by the hand of God. Id love to see Mr Pages reaction yo this.

    Jules MXJules MX3 dni temu
  • Hi Neo

    MetaMeta3 dni temu
  • Entry of anti hero

    Aman SinghAman Singh3 dni temu
  • Good cover, I bet he is a Tommy Emmanuel fan.

    Gary FlemingGary Fleming3 dni temu
  • Beast great job

    Yes Chef with Chad KubanoffYes Chef with Chad Kubanoff3 dni temu
  • норм кеды

    SintekSintek3 dni temu
  • Well done. How are you getting that bass drum sound on one guitar though?

    Xova QiinXova Qiin3 dni temu
  • What just happened?

    AmiEvilAmiEvil3 dni temu
  • there is no other way to say BRILLIANT

    InsanedragonInsanedragon3 dni temu
  • Sensei has been found

    Graffiti VerseGraffiti Verse3 dni temu
  • Amazing brother Im mirin

    Talha GeeTalha Gee3 dni temu
  • Product placement :)

    nikanimnikanim3 dni temu
  • Very beautiful, good luck ❤️💯

    H.R GuitarH.R Guitar3 dni temu
  • awesome

    Greg JosephsonGreg Josephson3 dni temu
  • HOW ?????????????????????? omg amazing

    lawrence burtonlawrence burton3 dni temu
  • O Algoritimo do PLworld as vezes acerta.

    Rafael MomessoRafael Momesso3 dni temu
  • Majstersztyk, niesamowita robota i talent. Mistrzostwo!!!

    Krzysztof WnękKrzysztof Wnęk3 dni temu
  • marcin przeciesz jesteś polakiem wienc muw po polsku artysto muzyczny

    litera1104litera11043 dni temu
  • The kid who played the guitar for 5 years I was trying to reach him and two days ago I loved you and now I found out that the kid is you 😭💔😳

    شمس البيوميشمس البيومي4 dni temu
  • I can play the air guitar just like that in front of my bathroom mirror.

    haynesptrnhaynesptrn4 dni temu
  • what the?

    Ronald RabanesRonald Rabanes4 dni temu
  • This guy just makes me feel like I haven't played my guiter the last 7 years.

    Just DomJust Dom4 dni temu
  • Surreal and superhuman

    unclececilunclececil4 dni temu
  • super

    Mikas LabunskasMikas Labunskas4 dni temu
  • Words unnecessary, just !!!!!

    Anders EricssonAnders Ericsson4 dni temu
  • After watching this video, I looked for my guitar and.... Naaaah :D. Congratulation Marcin. You are a God of Guitar !

    Paweł G-wskiPaweł G-wski4 dni temu
  • Just wow.

    Todd MacIntyreTodd MacIntyre4 dni temu
  • Я хочу услышать его собственный альбом. Он безусловно гений, но талант в каверах вторичен, хоть он и делает их уникальными. Пока за ним не стоят его собственные треки, у него не может быть своего стиля. Только ремиксы.

    А. А.А. А.4 dni temu
  • So cool.

    GrinAtMeGrinAtMe4 dni temu
  • Goosebumps throughout!

    abishae contentabishae content4 dni temu
  • John does not use drum triggers on his guitar.

  • What a HUGE RIPOFF! John Pointer has been doing this act for 12 years!!!!!! Without backing tracks! And sings it!!

    • it's a cover, not a copy, what's your problem?

      krissskrossss222krissskrossss2224 dni temu
  • My mind lag every time I watch your performance! It is just out of my imaginations! This is what amazingness means!

    GholamGholam4 dni temu
  • this so epic√√

    renz _04renz _044 dni temu
  • Anyone who disliked this video is a jealous loser☺the kid is skilled!

    Marley moeMarley moe4 dni temu
  • Guess we know who jimi hendrix was reincarnated as☺

    Marley moeMarley moe4 dni temu
  • Kashmir is in india boy what are you doing here. Btw so nice

    Sonam PriyaSonam Priya4 dni temu
  • Forget the guitar playing. The way that one strand of his hair moves is much impressive.

    cid let's flycid let's fly4 dni temu
  • Instant download. Dope. Amazing. My ears gasmed

    Balls With AttitudeBalls With Attitude4 dni temu
  • his modern finger style is just extraordinary. wow

    Hani BidabadHani Bidabad4 dni temu
  • Hello What is your guitar model?

    Amir hoseinAmir hosein4 dni temu
  • its like a djent thing

    ZAROTHZAROTH4 dni temu
  • We need 60fps...

    EtienneEtienne4 dni temu