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25 kwi 2021
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  • everyone gangsta until you get yourself burnt by the laser. ☠️

  • 怖・・・手に当たったら怪我すんのかな

    伊藤智也伊藤智也Godzinę temu
  • มืออะมือ

    คุคุ จังจังคุคุ จังจังGodzinę temu
  • He or she has a bit of finger chopped off already, wonder why...

    gemma Molinsgemma MolinsGodzinę temu
  • Ngeri coy

    Bari SanjayaBari SanjayaGodzinę temu
  • If that was me I would definitely not have hands 🙌

    COD WORLDCOD WORLDGodzinę temu
  • bắn vô trúng tay thì sao nhỉ

    LovingYouLovingYouGodzinę temu

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy Heartfilia2 godzin temu
  • Thats not jeans thats just designer underwear

    Anubhav TharmattAnubhav Tharmatt2 godzin temu
  • Why isn't he wearing gloves? The confidence of this man

    Shravan RajShravan Raj2 godzin temu
  • This person probably makes 50 cents a week.

    Full OnionFull Onion2 godzin temu
  • How does this guy still have 5 fingers on each hand?

    Super StonedSuper Stoned2 godzin temu
  • What happens if you mess up and it hits your hand bruh

    Rasya HarlianandaRasya Harliananda2 godzin temu
  • First day of work Me: alright this should be east Manager: (with one hand) we take safety seriously here Me: alright show me the job Manager: (shows the job) Yeah, don't make the same mistake I did. Me: 😶😳

    Wizkalifia LeeWizkalifia Lee2 godzin temu
  • Oh his hands..

    Arti SrivastavaArti Srivastava2 godzin temu
  • I don't care what others say about how safe it is but i really think it's scary as hell😱😬

    Sagun GurungSagun Gurung2 godzin temu
  • Now that's some dangerous shit 😂😂

  • That's really dangerous what are they thinking

    Heko MaruHeko Maru3 godzin temu
  • Why

    ksksjxhcbeuiaksksjxhcbeuia3 godzin temu
  • I would suffer from an acute case of stigmata If I were performing that task.

  • Пальчики берегите!

    Ольга ПосохинаОльга Посохина3 godzin temu
  • That work is so dangerous...

    Bharat RathodBharat Rathod3 godzin temu
  • I bet they feel really satisfied as they bring home minimum wage & risking themselves all in the name of *_....."fashion"?_*

    Miss AmazonMiss Amazon3 godzin temu
  • That be why the tip of their finger is missing on left hand.

    TheDrum2010TheDrum20103 godzin temu
  • yuck

    mekoremekore3 godzin temu
  • Oh my God those hands went crazy

    Ishita MalgonkarIshita Malgonkar3 godzin temu
  • Sahi hai boss

    MR. BaraiyaMR. Baraiya3 godzin temu
  • His hand- HIS HANDDDD

    Atlas&Tamara GachaAtlas&Tamara Gacha3 godzin temu
  • 저거 레이저 손에다 쏘면 어떻게 됌?

    Boo BooBoo Boo4 godzin temu
  • Uh hell naw

    CharshiiCharshii4 godzin temu
  • Imagine this is your job and u accidentally touched the laser- IT WOULD BE OVER,

    LemzieLemzie4 godzin temu
  • Owwwwch

    Dee MacDee Mac4 godzin temu
  • What if you hit your hand?

    Aidil PutraAidil Putra4 godzin temu
  • Imagine that sensor failing and burning your hand in less than a sec

    Kevin GonzalezKevin Gonzalez4 godzin temu
  • Image working that unsafe

    Sm00lySm00ly4 godzin temu
  • Sir u dont need ur fingers?

    Nada alNada al4 godzin temu
  • Is no one going to mention the missing fingertip?!

    LaurieLaurie5 godzin temu
  • If it attack his hand:

    표규리표규리5 godzin temu
  • Someone Saw the missed finger?

    Mariano OlivaMariano Oliva5 godzin temu
  • Am scared AF for her bare hands 😱

    Daryl PingolDaryl Pingol5 godzin temu
  • حطي ايدج خيسويلج نقش هههه

    ابراهيم البصراويابراهيم البصراوي5 godzin temu
  • Ya looks like a safe high paying job!

    Jason HallJason Hall6 godzin temu

    Leandro RodríguezLeandro Rodríguez6 godzin temu
  • One wrong move ur fucked

    Jiujitsu_sam 2005Jiujitsu_sam 20056 godzin temu
  • Bit this person who is working so close to laser is not safe

    shakti7shakti76 godzin temu
  • I'm sure the conditions still aren't great, but your hand actually isn't too affected by lasers, depending on skin color. Lasers do kinda be racist 😂

    Logan WightmanLogan Wightman6 godzin temu
  • Damm you must not like your fingers

    antoineantoine6 godzin temu
  • Ooooooooooooooooooo bro how u r doing u don't ha ve the fear if the the laser fire ur hand

    Dynamiter NPDynamiter NP7 godzin temu
  • Awesome

    Priya PatilPriya Patil7 godzin temu
  • There are no words to describe the level of stress that this video is giving me

    JynxxJynxx7 godzin temu

    2002 Pontiac Montana2002 Pontiac Montana7 godzin temu
  • 어이구 손 조심 하세요

    로원로원7 godzin temu
  • Cyclops working on a real job....

    The Grin CreeperThe Grin Creeper7 godzin temu
  • The amount of trust he has on the machine's hand detection ...

    SAHSAH7 godzin temu
  • $89.95

    Jeremiah CherryJeremiah Cherry7 godzin temu
  • Yeah this is pretty cool and all, but where the top of her middle finger go

    SamueloBeloSamueloBelo7 godzin temu
  • Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a video game somehow?

    LazePlayzLazePlayz8 godzin temu
  • His.. His hand.. HIS HAND

    AloQshAloQsh8 godzin temu
  • Wacho te imaginas si alguien lo/la mueve y se re quema alv

    V a l eV a l e8 godzin temu
  • PLworld shorts = tiktok

    Hearts of Iron IVHearts of Iron IV8 godzin temu
  • Tiktok is cancer.

    Hearts of Iron IVHearts of Iron IV8 godzin temu
  • Come with me and you'll see a world of OSHA violations

    meyers clarkmeyers clark8 godzin temu
  • 손가락 안잘리나

    한심한인생한심한인생8 godzin temu
  • Its 100% safe, look at the color change when his hand touch the line

    Bryan AnantaBryan Ananta8 godzin temu
  • OSHA has left the chat

    Sarah ValentineSarah Valentine8 godzin temu
  • Damn. Must not be wranglers.

    MJ AlmMJ Alm9 godzin temu
  • wearing gloves is cheap

    Greard FlorentGreard Florent9 godzin temu
  • Gordon Freeman’s mind: Lasers, Caution, Lasers, Caution, Lasers, Caution, Lasers, what does it mean?

    Josh PortalJosh Portal9 godzin temu
  • Canser de pele já tá chegando , calma

    FIRE FFFIRE FF9 godzin temu
  • Put your hand in the lazer your gettin it close ayways

    John MeadorJohn Meador9 godzin temu
  • When they laser printed that band aid on the back leg. I felt that

    Organik StruktureOrganik Strukture9 godzin temu
  • Imagine his first day of work.

    Ache PrimeAche Prime10 godzin temu
  • Se pegar na mão tá fudido

    Paulo ArrudaPaulo Arruda10 godzin temu
  • Just becareful OK....

    yong chenyong chen10 godzin temu
  • Eu ja tava sem dedo

    achou que eu tava brincando?achou que eu tava brincando?10 godzin temu
  • Jesus you about to get yo finger burned off

    LouisPlayzLouisPlayz10 godzin temu
  • Ja pensou se pegasse no braço dele esse leiser kkk

    Victor DesenhistaVictor Desenhista10 godzin temu
  • Cancer

    Carl AvelinoCarl Avelino10 godzin temu
  • Siento q se quema las manos🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Magyuris DelgadoMagyuris Delgado10 godzin temu
  • "Darling where is your finger? You already lost 2 this week..."

    dzefdetdzefdet10 godzin temu
  • Why use a laser for this when you can just let people destroy the pants naturally? The results are better when it's natural imo

    potokerpotoker10 godzin temu
  • I don’t get what’s happening but that’s cool

    PixelcraftianPixelcraftian10 godzin temu
  • مافي عرب بطياره كلا عجم

    امير ابن فلسطين وسورياامير ابن فلسطين وسوريا10 godzin temu
  • This Guy IS way too confident 😅😂

    Yacine AYacine A11 godzin temu
  • Wear some gloves smh

    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer11 godzin temu
  • 身体にダメージないんかな、心配

    やっほやほほやっほやほほ11 godzin temu
  • Nice tattooing machine lol. Safety for what....

    DcMagDcMag11 godzin temu
  • Magic ah

  • 🅢 🅡🥰🥰

    احبك MAMاحبك MAM11 godzin temu
  • Fakking Dangerus😵

    Timo RTimo R11 godzin temu
  • Me who thought they wore tighter ones then squatted

  • The laser auto detects hands. Notice the pattern is red when his hands are in it but turns green when he takes his hands off the zone. You're also assuming he's not wearing safety glasses or a mask for no reason. The reason why he's not wearing gloves is probably because the laser detection wouldn't work with gloves.

    Denis SultuDenis Sultu11 godzin temu
  • Maybe machines should do this job

    A R C A N EA R C A N E12 godzin temu
  • Yes. Now put your hand under the laser ;) it don't hurt

    HixdomHixdom12 godzin temu
  • I'd laugh if he burnt his hand for having them to close lol

    Jeavon BurtonJeavon Burton12 godzin temu
  • "Simon Says", EXTREME!!!

    Daniel SumpterDaniel Sumpter12 godzin temu
  • Well hope you don't get that laser in your hand, or else there'd be a smell of roast human

    Lorenzo FalorniLorenzo Falorni12 godzin temu
  • Somewhere in asia

    Thomas hThomas h12 godzin temu