1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook

17 lis 2019
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Getting to space is incredibly hard, expensive and needs a lot of resources.
A more efficient way to get there is a Skyhook (or Spacetether), an ever rotating cable with a counter weight, that catapults spaceships from earth orbit into the depths of space.

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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a NutshellRok temu
    • If you were the world leader, we would have a much nicer world and a much quicker development speed.

      Kieran PorterKieran PorterDzień temu
    • Correct

      Bikash DuttaBikash Dutta5 dni temu
    • No Tether for Moon cities? Y not?

      HexadecimalHexadecimal9 dni temu
    • @Nasir Goldbourne bruh

      Danny The MemerDanny The MemerMiesiąc temu
    • @Sanja Glavasevic you are correct. But what is this? An object to make space travel easier because *We don't have good space abilities YET* This is in-efficiant if we had good space abilitties. Good cheap rockets. and so on. This is a bad idea if we had good travel capabilities. We have no need for this if we have good rockets. BUT untill then this will do. Besides it will take a long time to craft into mars.

      Smite No_ OneSmite No_ One11 miesięcy temu
  • Is there an actual paper on this or a company trying to get this done?

    Seven AriesSeven Aries3 godzin temu
  • And Elon Musk is not investing in this because...?

    Lucas LisoLucas Liso4 godzin temu
  • watching this while that one rocket is going to crash somewhere on earth

    danieldaniel5 godzin temu
  • ok gimme how fast it should be and i’ll calculate the time dilation.

    CuddlyBubbles 69CuddlyBubbles 695 godzin temu
  • so, its purely reliant on the ships speed in the first place? ok.

    CuddlyBubbles 69CuddlyBubbles 695 godzin temu
  • LMao what's physics, anything is possible right

    ZhangyZhangy5 godzin temu
  • They forgot one thing. The Gs. When u are caught in the "thether" you'll be experincing up to 15 Gs or more for a few minutes which is very deadly soo

    FishyFishy6 godzin temu
  • Title: Skyhook Me: sHyLoCk

    Death AwaitsDeath Awaits7 godzin temu
  • you should be in NASA like bruh what are they doing

    Snowman _boiSnowman _boi8 godzin temu
  • Not unless we can develop a non-combustible technology Nuclear, gravity propulsion, next level scifi shit is going to be absolutely necessary I’d imagine to make much more headway in space

    Jason HardinJason Hardin12 godzin temu
  • It's even better than the orbit elevator!

  • Imagine being the guy that has to climb up and repair the cable.

    Susp3ktSusp3kt23 godzin temu
  • If your team were world leaders, our planet would be much nicer and we would have been so much more developed.

    Kieran PorterKieran PorterDzień temu
  • It’s quite simple actually

    keytron1keytron1Dzień temu
  • why we dont do this?

    RalzoneRalzoneDzień temu
    • Because it is costly and we don't take enough ships from space to send. If we want this to work, we must have 1 ship coming to Earth for 1 ship leaving the Earth or as the video says this structure will fall into the Earth. Also did i said it would be costly? Yeah it will be costly

      Fallen DownFallen Down5 godzin temu
  • Don't do that, don't give me hope

    YacoYacoDzień temu
  • I can't wrap my head around the technical details, but this is brilliant !

    Angela NosedaAngela NosedaDzień temu
  • What if ig flings you in the wrong direction?

    k Atoxk AtoxDzień temu
  • So it's a yeet machine

    Adiam YonasAdiam YonasDzień temu
  • 원심분리기와 같이 관성에 의해 손님이 찌부러지는것은 고려하지 않습니다.

    weallnoobweallnoobDzień temu
  • But what’s the catch Why don’t the already use it though if it’s that simple? There has to be a catch right?

    Mohammed FouzanMohammed FouzanDzień temu
  • I love the videos! In this one, however, you are incorrect. The technology for creating a tether cable does not exist. Carbon Nano Tubes are not long enough to make a tether. This is the same issue with a Space Elevator. I'm not saying it won't ever happen, but there are a LOT of issues why the tether and space elevator ideas struggle. I hope it does happen someday!! The technology to do what you're suggesting is about 1000 years away ... given the way technology evolves. Maybe 2000. Considering the bow and arrow took many, many thousands of years to become redundant as a weapon of war. For example, rocket technology has not really changed for 100 years. By that I mean, it's still a combustion process. The rocket has adapted to the use of small and powerful computers and 'some' relatively minor improvements in materials science. For example, SpaceX still uses Stainless Steel which has been around more than 100 years. Materials Science is the main blocker here. Materials need to be developed that are far better than what we have now. The tether cable not only needs to hold the massive weight perfectly for let's say 5 years, which would be about 50,000 cycles. The tether cable needs to also withstand the huge flexion and resistance to stretching (it will be like a spring) and micro-meteorite damage and tiny fractures and cracks etc etc etc. It's very, very complex and does not exist. It would need to be resilient like the heat shields on the space shuttle yet flexible like a rope and stretchy like a rubber band. THEN, there's the excessively complicated control issue of managing the rotating mass ... so many issues I'm not EVEN gonna type them out. It's not as bad as saying invent a time machine, but it's an extremely complicated problem that you have oversimplified incredibly. Keep up the great work! Love your videos! Very thought provoking!

    The Interfaith ShepherdThe Interfaith ShepherdDzień temu
  • Sorta like an interstellar ski lift

    Pam RalphPam Ralph2 dni temu
  • I am the only one that finds that mach 12 hoocking seems impossible to acheive ?!

    kintoki kintokikintoki kintoki2 dni temu
  • I prefer calling it a beanstalk.

    James TuckerJames Tucker2 dni temu
  • This idea is like the proto-blueprint for the Mass Effect Relais - use a stationary speed accumulator in space to safe time and energy.

    Azmor EMAzmor EM2 dni temu
  • why are none of our governments not watching these videos and thinking yeh good idea 💡 can someone tell me why pls

    Alfred BottombattaockAlfred Bottombattaock3 dni temu
  • Robert Goddard: yay rocket engine go ttthhrruusstt Everyone in 2050: just normally yeeting myself to Mars with a rope

    tnt abe sfstnt abe sfs4 dni temu
  • "Skyhooks" Kareem Abdul Jabbar enters the chat.

    Zach HoffmanZach Hoffman4 dni temu
  • what the actual f***!!!!

    meruemmeruem4 dni temu
  • Someone show this to elon.

    Chase DoranChase Doran4 dni temu
    • It is imposible with current technology and we also have to have 1 ship coming to Earth for 1 ship leaving the Earth or this will not work and %99 of our ships does not return for now so it is basicly impossible FOR NOW

      Fallen DownFallen Down5 godzin temu
  • Send this to NASA now

    Trent NichollsTrent Nicholls4 dni temu
  • It's so easy. 🙄

    david ludwigdavid ludwig4 dni temu
  • Copyright Ice King

    Rohan ClareRohan Clare4 dni temu
  • One of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen, thank you!

    Miles ConradMiles Conrad4 dni temu
  • Elon Musk where are you bro

    InTake TvInTake Tv5 dni temu
  • So, my fellow lizard-people like mark zuckerberg shall kill everyone in every government in the world. We shall then insert the kurzgesagt team as the rulers of humanity, this shall propel the species to greater heights And we can have more fun fucking up their economy. Sound like a plan?

    Charles HampsonCharles Hampson5 dni temu
  • DISA-Duck international space agency Move aside nasa and space x

  • But wait! Why go to jupiter when we can't even live there

    Pro GazerPro Gazer5 dni temu
    • Callisto, Ganymede and most importantly EUROPA. The moons or Jupiter

      Fallen DownFallen Down5 godzin temu
  • In short we use catapults to yeet spaceships from place to place

    Rocket GamingRocket Gaming5 dni temu

    Naruto's 4069th shadow cloneNaruto's 4069th shadow clone5 dni temu
  • Yeet

    CMDR YaBoy Rogers IIICMDR YaBoy Rogers III6 dni temu
  • 00:43 Yes, with the magne-drive system I've invented. Re-usable fuel.

    JackWolfGamingJackWolfGaming6 dni temu
  • Damn imagine hurtling toward a planet but MISSING THE HOOK.

    QuizzicalityQuizzicality6 dni temu

    大西超かわいい大西超かわいい6 dni temu
  • tether:I’m stoppable Money:THAT’S RIGHT Space ships:noice

    Mr. YanMr. Yan6 dni temu
  • Cute puparoo

    Pika PooPika Poo7 dni temu
  • Elon you better get started on this

    Cap’n SaltCap’n Salt7 dni temu

    Alvie IpAlvie Ip7 dni temu
  • when humanity finally finishes this if they decide to i hope they celebrate by playing "stone world" from dr.stone

    Satō-Kiōdai IncSatō-Kiōdai Inc7 dni temu
  • Why does nasa and elon musk not see this?

    Jason TonkinJason Tonkin7 dni temu
  • wow the skyhook is so good

    Meme FanMeme Fan7 dni temu
  • In school of 1900's: Can you imagine being on mars, or mercury. Write a story if you can. 2030: OK PPL!!!! WE MAKE GIANT HEAVY THING PLUS SUPER LONG ROPY-STRINGY THING TO GET TO PLUTO!!!!

    Kids RasmussenKids Rasmussen8 dni temu
  • 1year ago. Thought it was made 2hours rather.

    MozayMozay8 dni temu
  • Just get Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hell skyhook for free

    Ricky LabradaRicky Labrada8 dni temu
  • These should be advertisements aimed at the government to actually trigger them into funding some of these concepts.

    Jens AckouJens Ackou8 dni temu
  • If SpaceX heard about this video they would be really impressed.

    Amril BayrookieAmril Bayrookie8 dni temu
  • Nice. Thats why I learned how to use a Swing, when I was a child

    Crafting BenchCrafting Bench8 dni temu
  • Any hope of this happening for humanity is if China pursues it because the Democrats have been too focused on dumb'ing down our country's education system with common core and critical race theory. And I doubt China will share this with the world.

    VeyuslavicVeyuslavic8 dni temu
  • if we lanched to mars now when would we get there

    logan byrnelogan byrne9 dni temu
  • I know this is a years old video but why is your tether smasing into the spacecraft at orbital velocities? All you had to do is reverse the tether's rotation and it would have a smooth S curve transition. Like rotating gears.

    -Yttrium--Yttrium-9 dni temu
  • Imagine if the other tether at mars just missed your rocket and you flew into deep space forever.

    Rahul SaravananRahul Saravanan9 dni temu
  • Still think we should explore our oceans first

    Bean DarBean Dar9 dni temu
  • Idk... Seems like way too much could go wrong

    Bean DarBean Dar9 dni temu
  • you can also combine this with a railgun launchpad shaped like a centrifuge to slowly accelerate the shuttles, further minimizing fuel requirements and making room for increase in payload.

    Jed PabloJed Pablo9 dni temu
  • Scientist: How should we travel through the cosmos a lot faster and cheaper another Scientist: Yeet

    FleaFiFleaFi9 dni temu
  • This is dude perfect this is space trick shots

    Nicholas GaltieriNicholas Galtieri10 dni temu
  • Could this work on a Solar system or interstellar level?

    Kofi KonaduKofi Konadu10 dni temu
  • thinking i might be able to make this in kerbal space program

    Shit DangShit Dang10 dni temu

    maiko minermaiko miner10 dni temu
  • Quick question; what would the g's be in the tether's acceleration.

    ScariestwalnutScariestwalnut11 dni temu
  • Don't the far planets have to go the exact few miles faster than the close planets to stay exactly in line or the rockets will have to wait years to come back?

    Goose GuyGoose Guy11 dni temu
  • Imagine, the Tether breaks at the wrong moment, catapulting you in to dark space, without a target, and as your spaceship doesn't have any breaks, good bye!!! :)

    Novi AvistaNovi Avista11 dni temu
  • Finally , the second video i would never understand. ( The first one is Ricardo).

    Myo HMyo H11 dni temu
  • The over complicated catapult.

    This name is not availableThis name is not available11 dni temu
  • Why don't we do this now? Like cmon Elon this could be so much easier for us

    YakkzyYakkzy11 dni temu
  • Ice King: Skyyyhook...

    RiceDorkRiceDork12 dni temu
  • This is a good idea I even made a version of that but it’s small and big fan love your content keep up the amazing videos

    CyberPlayz The UltimateCyberPlayz The Ultimate12 dni temu
  • This idea is stupid,,,,,, And dangerous

    Ravaged GuyRavaged Guy12 dni temu
  • these people are wasting their time at yt, go work at nasa lmao like bruh i mean like with ideas like this nasa will contact u eventually if u get a real breakthrough.

    Moon RiserMoon Riser13 dni temu
  • Hey @spacex why don't you invest?

    Lulu_berLulu_ber13 dni temu
  • Space Trebuchet Space Trebuchet

    The Dirtiest SlothThe Dirtiest Sloth13 dni temu
  • Him: is there a way to transport more payload in a rocket? Me: maybe quantum rockets which can store a lot of fuel in a small space and super fast engines🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • How many times did Kurzgesagt say space

    日本日本14 dni temu
    • 10 times I think

      BoiledTableBoiledTable14 dni temu
  • This makes me think it will happen soon but it wont

    lane dobbinlane dobbin14 dni temu
  • But let Mother Nature do that

    NoahjeboyNoahjeboy15 dni temu
  • someone write an email to NASA

    BruhAntBruhAnt15 dni temu
  • fez

    BruhAntBruhAnt15 dni temu
  • this channel and space makes me want to expand into space colonization when i grow up

    uto is my waifuto is my waif15 dni temu
  • Minute 4: Affordable space travel Minute 6: We would be literally unstoppable

    [Insert Username Here][Insert Username Here]15 dni temu
  • They should really create things like bridges to other planets and connect them by giant hinges

    hahhah16 dni temu
  • We can only use Jupiter as an energy source since it is made of gasses

    Murat EtiMurat Eti16 dni temu
  • Your just mapping out how we will farm space for the future generation. Making history.

    SullySully16 dni temu
  • Ice king?

    Chaminar KillzChaminar Killz16 dni temu
  • I think this is the first episode about space that only has technology we have now

    ImNOTmaxImNOTmax16 dni temu
  • Imagine what we could do as a species if we got along.

    Zac Bennett CloneZac Bennett Clone17 dni temu
  • "Payload acquired -- YEET!"

    A man of no reputationA man of no reputation17 dni temu
  • NASA please hire this guy

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