ElectroBOOM Goes Live! (for no reason)

29 kwi 2021
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Hello everyone! I don't know what I'm doing here, just wanted to meet and chat and have fun! Maybe answer some questions, talk about ideas and... you know... whatever!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Hello everyone! Hope the live stream didn't suck! It was a first. It was really nice to meet you guys, I hope I didn't make it super boring for you all. At the end there were some skin loss, but for the most part I'm just speaking broken english! Next time maybe I plan something, but for now it was good meeting you and testing my live stream setup. Thanks a lot for the ton of support and kind words! Let me know what you thought about it and what I should improve. I won't be able to improve my english any more though, I'm old!

    ElectroBOOMElectroBOOM7 dni temu
    • Someone asked about how to learn about electronics. A few years ago I bought a primer book for electronics for my son. It is called Make: Electronics, A Hands-On Primer For the New Electronics Enthusiast It says above the title: Burn things our, mess things up--that's how you learn. It was and still is a great resource for learning electronics.

      Teresa EllisTeresa Ellis3 godzin temu
    • @Andy Bishop Definitely, I have been watching on flixzone for years myself :D

      Jaden HarlanJaden HarlanDzień temu
    • pro tip: you can watch series on Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

      Andy BishopAndy BishopDzień temu
    • it's like watching a lecturer talking out stuff. It's chilling

      Fadh HzFadh HzDzień temu
    • Wish it not last. Because i missed it due to making a living. I do have something to ask

      Abyss HaterAbyss HaterDzień temu
  • It suck hahaaha kidding electroboom funny vids

    Syrus ChavezSyrus Chavez24 minut temu
  • Someone asked about how to learn about electronics. A few years ago I bought a primer book for electronics for my son. It is called Make: Electronics, A Hands-On Primer For the New Electronics Enthusiast It says above the title: Burn things our, mess things up--that's how you learn. It was and still is a great resource for learning electronics. I highly recommend it.

    Teresa EllisTeresa Ellis3 godzin temu
  • He is so funny he needs to get a job

    RUBEN ROMELL Hinton JrRUBEN ROMELL Hinton Jr4 godzin temu
  • Wow i missed hes first ever stream

    Ingmar Van olffenIngmar Van olffen8 godzin temu
  • Mehdi, what would be your opinion on Photonicinduction channel?

    Vineeth's MailVineeth's Mail9 godzin temu
  • 5min and still no sparkling! WTF! We wanna sparks sooner!

    Dj MosseDj Mosse11 godzin temu
  • 実験 やるときは 安全にして エレクトロボム これからも応援する

    高圧トランス実験魔高圧トランス実験魔12 godzin temu

    Jorpel MijaresJorpel Mijares13 godzin temu
  • 😄😄

    Afif TodayAfif Today15 godzin temu
  • Lol so much people donated.

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo16 godzin temu
  • 43:54 Shiniest skull I have ever seen!! Its shinier than my father

    Riddhi GhoshRiddhi Ghosh21 godzinę temu
  • Can you make some IGBTs explode with high values of amps and volts? I wanna see em explode - loved the live stream :) maybe explain an inverter (DC-AC) while doing it because theyre often used in those devices?

    VEXTommyVEXTommy22 godzin temu
  • the voltage across an eel! i saw in a movie that it helped to somehow charge dead batteries in a 100 year old submarine!

    Riddhi GhoshRiddhi Ghosh22 godzin temu
  • plworld.info/show/cWSYrs6sbKK_ibg/wideo.html what u doing there?

    i carrai carraDzień temu
  • bruh 400k views on normal livestream. Thats mindblowing

    Fadh HzFadh HzDzień temu
  • To pronounce Mehdi... it's like when you are bored and say "meh" but add some more letters after that =)

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuDzień temu
  • I like the idea of blowing up rats nests with fire crackers!!!! Too bad I missed the live stream, Watching the re-stream was fun too! Thanks Mehdi!

    Garage 250Garage 250Dzień temu
    • dude looks like Trevor from GTA 5

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuDzień temu
  • Re: sun seeking solar panel: my dad tried to make one for his telescope to track planetary transit, and I guess because the movement was so slow it burnt the motor out? There are ones you can buy for telescopes though, I think. But it requires power, and like... you don't want to be using all the power from your solar panel to run a motor to track the sun? Or do you??

    Sarah BSarah BDzień temu
  • I watch your video when am doing online lesson because I could understand your experiment more then my class

    Soravid ChhourSoravid ChhourDzień temu
  • The most surprising thing about this guy is that he's still alive

    The LinuxBoy /SecurityThe LinuxBoy /SecurityDzień temu
  • You could always purchase a cat.....that way _you_ aren't being cruel, you're just fulfilling the circle of life......some people might get a little upset about the idea of you murderising animals, but if you let nature do it, PETA won't get all on your ass, any more than they complain about lions, wolves, bears, etc...... I assume it's just because animals that kill typically eat the thing they kill....which is why I don't mind wearing leather....I've eaten enough cow, why let the rest go to waste.....you'll never see me in a mink tho.....

    MaverickBlueMaverickBlueDzień temu
  • Hi Electroboom. Keep streaming. Hopefully, next time we'll blow something up ;)

    kolim jonekolim joneDzień temu

      kolim jonekolim joneDzień temu
  • I want another live . I wasn't 😢

    mim ymim y2 dni temu
  • I love this guy

    Mn MMn M2 dni temu
  • he sounds like n&a productions

    CombatHDCombatHD2 dni temu
  • I should've join the stream and say, "Hi from Mars"

    1337hehe1337hehe2 dni temu
  • Do you have a remote control for your camera? I've seen it in your videos and I've always wondered.

    Just AdamJust Adam2 dni temu
  • Please 🙏 do it again later

    مسلم محمودمسلم محمود2 dni temu
  • 4:01 😍😍😍❤️

    Shaik FhareedhShaik Fhareedh2 dni temu
  • Do another one please

    ammar the boiammar the boi2 dni temu
  • Make a tesla coil gun pls

    Rafael RodriguesRafael Rodrigues2 dni temu
  • Please remember to reconnect your fire alarm if you haven't already, you could just run wires to a switch to easily turn it on or off.

    Kieran BrownKieran Brown2 dni temu
  • dude looks like Trevor from GTA 5

    MythestyMythesty2 dni temu
  • Hey I am from Nepal 🇳🇵 and I want to set up my electronic lab but I can't afford tools if u can help me.. Please give me some equipment

    Raj NepaliRaj Nepali2 dni temu
  • MDSYS LTDMDSYS LTD2 dni temu
  • Imagine he fried himself on livestream *NOW IM STARTING TO REMEMBER THE INCIDENT*

    Bobby BoiiiBobby Boiii2 dni temu
  • YOUM GOT ISSUES BRV,,,,,,....../////

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu

    jay Jonesjay Jones2 dni temu
  • so noob

    ramen fishramen fish2 dni temu
  • So you can see others in your live streaming?

    James Faulkner IIJames Faulkner II2 dni temu
  • please rectify plworld.info/show/kX2RfK61r4nVgJc/wideo.html :D

    NFerociousNFerocious2 dni temu
  • I'm an ESL teacher. A quick coaching and I could make you sound like an Canadian. Nothing wrong with your English

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in QuébecTrucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec3 dni temu
  • I learned after an electrician's visit that I had a poorly grounded refrigerator and I was capable of setting off a GFCI with my hand - and not stop my heart, apparently 🤣😂 The charm of your channel is that you are hilarious, even if you are not shocking yourself 😳👍🇨🇦

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in QuébecTrucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec3 dni temu
  • Electric Kebeb skewer. But use a million volts to cook the kebab.

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in QuébecTrucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec3 dni temu
  • I think I found your dad. plworld.info/show/nZuml8ermqqXaMY/wideo.html

    Eric TaylorEric Taylor3 dni temu
  • Tank you مهدی 👍👍👍💖💖💖

    محسن عباسقلیمحسن عباسقلی3 dni temu
  • really interesting. More greetings from Germany!

    Rock girlRock girl3 dni temu
  • I have a question if you were to be in space and had a coil on a tube with a magnet inside of it and two magnets facing north of one to north of the one that is free to move and south to the other side of the magnet could the one that is free to move move back and forth go up and down for ever making dare I say it but free energy using Eddy currents? Edit: if you see this mehdi you are my favorite educational PLworldr thank you a lot for your hard work your videos always brighten my day thank you again and sorry if I spelled your name wrong

    Julie and The Janko’sJulie and The Janko’s3 dni temu
    • @Rock girl what?

      Julie and The Janko’sJulie and The Janko’s2 dni temu
    • That wo’s Elektroboom‘s Full

      Rock girlRock girl3 dni temu
  • hahahahahahahaha you are best

    Umair khanUmair khan3 dni temu
  • Bread

    minecraft wolf Garciaminecraft wolf Garcia3 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/in6dmcq4nGjJlpM/wideo.html (watch the last 30 seconds)

    Mirko DaviniMirko Davini3 dni temu
  • I wanna see this guy make a complex circuit in mincraft, would be cool

    Nicolas MaggioNicolas Maggio3 dni temu
  • Mehdi! Thanks very much for your content. Also, please document your efforts to deal with the rats in your yard!

    Devon DaviauDevon Daviau3 dni temu
  • You are really an optimistic man and your videos covers both education and fun,I will recommend anyone to watch your videos.

    SwapnaneelSwapnaneel3 dni temu
  • Hey there is something interesting i wanna show. If you google emp slot jammer a special transformer being used there. 57 coils of single wire over another. There is an interesting, do you know what that is?

    kunjal jindalkunjal jindal3 dni temu
  • Most entertaining channel ever 👏

    Be CuriousBe Curious3 dni temu
  • I cant believe that I missed out this.

    Igor RibeiroIgor Ribeiro3 dni temu
  • i lag it jeffy reference

    Qwerty UiopQwerty Uiop3 dni temu
  • سلام آقا مهدی عزیز، باید بگم که لذت میبرم از اینکه یک هموطنم اینقدر در کارش موفق شده و اینقدر در کشوری دیگر و با زبانی دیگر مشهور شده رشک می برم. ولی چند تا از ویدیوهای شما چقدر حس حسادت و آزردگی در من ایجاد کرد، من از ده سالگی به الکترونیک علاقمند شدم، با خواندن یک کتاب قدیمی به نام (چگونه یک رادیوی ترانزیستوری بسازیم). اما وقتی به هنرستان فنی رفتم و بصورت علمی و آکادمیک با الکترونیک آشنا شدم و سپس دستگاه های اندازه‌گیری را شناختم با اوسیلوسکوپ آشنا شدم تا حالا در عشق خریدن یکی از آن هستم. در چند ویدیویی که از شما دیدم اسپانسر شما keysight بود و تعدادی اوسیلوسکوپ به رایگان به افراد منتخب ارایه میکرد، حسرت خوردم که ای کاش یکی از آنها از آن من میشد. حتی یکی از انواع آنالوگ ان، اما متاسفانه اوضاع در اینجا آنطور نیست که من حتی بتوانم یک نمونه چینی آشغال آنرا بخرم. آرزو کردم کاش روزی دستم به یکی از آنها می‌رسید. به هر حال خوش باشید و موفق تر

    Sa YaSa Ya3 dni temu
  • #Mehdi bhai ek plasma thruster banao na please

    mere papamere papa3 dni temu
  • You make me laugh thank you. 🙂

    MavrosMavros3 dni temu
  • no i missed it...

    KyssKyss3 dni temu
  • hey electro boom do you think you can make a video on how to my a full bridge rectifier again because I want to make one for my air con that I made but the controller that I was using for my air con but i broken it and now my air con is now use less I watch the old video on your full bridge rectifier but it told me nothing on how to make it if you want to know on what AC voltage it needs in the input its needs to be at 230AC. I made the full bridge rectifier in tinker cad but I don't think it would work because there some thing like the voltage I cant raise because the game wont allow me to raise it so elector boom can you pllllllllssss make another video on how to make a full bridge rectifier and if you do make shore that you build it step by step (:

    Dakota MerryporDakota Merrypor3 dni temu
  • That wo’s Elektroboom‘s Full

    Stefan RothStefan Roth3 dni temu
  • The only live stream where he does not ask for money rather reject our hard earned money He's a legend

    Yousef Cook And Tech VlogsYousef Cook And Tech Vlogs3 dni temu
  • Hello sir I'm a newbie here.... what's your real name?

    Pratik RoyPratik Roy3 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/eqafrZOeiJ7ZnJM/wideo.html

    Ravi KiranRavi Kiran3 dni temu
  • One of the best creators on the platform

    Connor MichalecConnor Michalec3 dni temu
  • You are a great man

    ShahrukhKhan KhanShahrukhKhan Khan3 dni temu
  • Great job mate!! You need more supplies on hand to make the on-demand mini projects that people suggest :D I liked the idea of the 30min kill switch on the smoke alarm, defaulting back to "ON". You also need some proper ventalation in that room - maybe that's a separate one too! Thanks, from Australia!

    SuperTed588SuperTed5883 dni temu
  • داداش حیف که لایو رو ندیدم ولی خیلی دوست دارم و خیلی چیز ها ازت یاد گرفتم

    Alis4nsteinAlis4nstein4 dni temu
  • tf he ran outta content or wat?

    Da'Vinci FliesDa'Vinci Flies4 dni temu
  • Cabeça de OVO, I Love You!!!

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  • I was really in class guys 1:01:42

    Silver_3DSilver_3D4 dni temu
  • Hiiiiiiiii!!!!! I’m fascinated in radiology! Can you please make a breakdown of how it works?? Love your knowledge❤️

    Dayton StahlDayton Stahl4 dni temu
  • Get Linus to make you a NAS. Big content!

    StormagedonBODStormagedonBOD4 dni temu
  • Loved this stream! Hope you do more in the future! Even just doing simple experiments you're very entertaining to watch! Thanks

    ryan fosterryan foster4 dni temu
  • I love Mehdi

    EirikEirik4 dni temu
  • Get a Fan .

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  • I would put it back !

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  • Do it do it

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  • electric eels live in tanks of water in zoos I think

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  • electroboom has now done the live stream, will you be doing another stream on here in the future

    Arthur WilliamsArthur Williams4 dni temu
  • Hello from Shreveport Louisiana , I like your program ,

    Julian CascioJulian Cascio4 dni temu
  • I just wanna say for the love of god please, when you test something, USE Safety

    Emil NybergEmil Nyberg4 dni temu
  • Me ahhhhhhhhhhh di

    Jota CeJota Ce4 dni temu
  • That was awesome! Please do it again!

    Brandon MeyerBrandon Meyer4 dni temu
  • Could you do a crystal set radio (AM and SW radio without using a battery) episode?

    Adam EbelAdam Ebel4 dni temu
  • ElectroBOOM, pls rectify this: plworld.infoodQ38jjirAg?feature=share

    Abraham AguilarAbraham Aguilar4 dni temu
  • bezan like-o

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  • Hi, Please make something informative on Ball Lightning Phenomenon and Try to Create one if you can would be interesting.

    Hardik VadgamaHardik Vadgama4 dni temu
  • Make a 3.7v to 5v booster 1amp

    Arindam SinhaArindam Sinha4 dni temu
  • I'm sorry I missed the stream but I loved watching it back. And a tough set of supercaps you have! Don't forget to reconnect your smoke alarm!

    PistoletjesPistoletjes4 dni temu