My Thoughts on the New Commander Keen at E3

14 cze 2019
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  • Nope.

    SADYEAR ゑぃヌSADYEAR ゑぃヌ2 miesięcy temu
  • And that kiss of death spelled the end of the reboot. It reminds me of when Nokia launched the N-Gage and Penny Arcade was like, "nope."

    Jess RaganJess Ragan4 miesięcy temu
  • the game has been officially cancelled

    Lady TaoLady Tao4 miesięcy temu
  • That could haven't been time better.

    Pancho LopezPancho Lopez4 miesięcy temu
  • Nope

    NDR FortyTwentySevenNDR FortyTwentySeven5 miesięcy temu
  • Doesn't even deserve his signature "Greeeeetings!"

    Nicolas BahamondesNicolas Bahamondes5 miesięcy temu
  • LMAO that is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    the cusserthe cusser5 miesięcy temu
  • Same there.

    FoamyAdampowerFoamyAdampower6 miesięcy temu
  • an LGR proto-blerb

    william lloydwilliam lloyd7 miesięcy temu
  • The franchise has jumped the shark ... or Dopefish.

    Axel SchweißAxel Schweiß8 miesięcy temu
  • Nope

    Garrett K.Garrett K.8 miesięcy temu
  • why is he not wearing any pants

    raspberry144mbraspberry144mb9 miesięcy temu
  • that is not william

    spoonspoon9 miesięcy temu
  • I guess he wasn't very... *KEEN* to get in that situation *Slaps knee with the force of the sun* I'll C my way out of your A-B convo.

    Lance StinsonLance Stinson10 miesięcy temu
  • hat: levitates into air tf2 engineer: 0:04

    Dominick BorenDominick Boren10 miesięcy temu
  • Nothing more to say

    Red WarRed War10 miesięcy temu
  • The Laziest Lazy Game Review is also the most accurate.

    KniGhTKrawLeR9KniGhTKrawLeR911 miesięcy temu
  • I didn't understand: Why did Keen lose his pants?

    King Dee, Gaming and MemesKing Dee, Gaming and MemesRok temu
  • Forget E3; Modern rendition of classic RPGs:

    Sparal InteractiveSparal InteractiveRok temu
  • nope.avi

    Fred AndersonFred AndersonRok temu
  • "Quality over quantity."

    redredRok temu
  • I didn't know they're developing a new Commander Keen game... I was happier.

    Ali TelAli TelRok temu
  • It looks like a cartoon from 2009 that nobody watched because it was boring.

    Paradox ShmaradoxParadox ShmaradoxRok temu
  • I'm a massive Bethesda fan and I love ESO, so when I heard ZOS was working on something new, I was mega hyped... but this just really let me down. Here's to hoping this is just a side game and that we'll actually get another great MMO like ESO from them in a couple years.

    JacobJacobRok temu
  • Good timing on the "Nope" there.

    ArvexArvexRok temu
  • that's sorta how i feel about most things nowadays.

    Kennys BoatKennys BoatRok temu
  • And by far the shortest one I think right? 😂

    Joe DerrJoe DerrRok temu
  • neat.

    Commander KeensCommander KeensRok temu
  • 0:00 What the hell is that guy even doing in the background? 😂

    Vladimir ČokoriloVladimir ČokoriloRok temu
  • That all we needed to know

    animefan20 Zanimefan20 ZRok temu
  • Welp.....Its sad Really.

    Prince GeminitePrince GeminiteRok temu
  • LOL I died!

    212caboose212cabooseRok temu
  • I like how after LGR's nope the guy just gets sucked into the void

    Ronan BantonRonan BantonRok temu
  • Ha you got me I was expecting some actual comments but I'm sure you said enough

    bob the builderbob the builderRok temu
  • gee. I wonder how many floppy disks this game needs...

    EmiBondoEmiBondoRok temu
  • Well done. :) EA tried the same tactics with Command & Conquer... you'd think these studios would learn...

    Shane DeRidderShane DeRidderRok temu
  • NoPe

    Shawn Quincy Enox SarileShawn Quincy Enox SarileRok temu
  • Ñ Ø P Ë

    Maxed MemesMaxed MemesRok temu
  • That’s the reason why I think, fan bases should acquire the money to buy the rights for their beloved brand to lust leave it for good and prevent companies massacring it. Just take a look at “Commodore”.

    s4ndwichMakeRs4ndwichMakeRRok temu
  • Yeah f'ing Bethesda... Ruining Fallout wasn't enough. Let's start ruining all the great old games... Why can they just create original titles? Idiots!

    Menace312Menace312Rok temu
  • Well this video sums up his feeling.

    James PanzaJames PanzaRok temu
  • nope.avi

    Cr4z3dCr4z3dRok temu
  • Couldn't agree more my good man!

    Makros the BlackMakros the BlackRok temu
  • I could go for more vine length Ollie Williams style opinions on things.

    Guy FawkesGuy FawkesRok temu
  • Imagine lying on your back, naked, and then peeing into the air. That was bethesda at this year's e3.

  • :D

    mentalplaygroundmentalplaygroundRok temu
  • Excellent analysis, but too long.

    Grand NarrativesGrand NarrativesRok temu
  • first time hearing of an updated game. Too little info to give option atm.

    alfblack2alfblack2Rok temu
  • guess you weren't too keen on it

    ChixChixRok temu
  • What a lazy game review.

    Morahman7vnNo2Morahman7vnNo2Rok temu
  • XD "nope". Morsom

    Emily PenaEmily PenaRok temu
  • "Get your hands off that" someone in the background of A 5 Second LGR Video detailing thoughts on A Commander Keen reboot described by A Oddly specific comment, June 14, 2019

    GojirathekingGojirathekingRok temu
  • The new commander keen creators: am i really going to defile this grave for money? Also them: OF COURSE I AM

    weeneweeneRok temu
  • Commander Keen ruined Bethesda's E3 for me, but then Doom Eternal immediately fixed it. Anyways, my thoughts on this: Absolutely disgusting. As the Fuckin' Nerd would say.... *What were they thinking?!*

    ragingbaboon38ragingbaboon38Rok temu
  • one look at that shitty tumblr artstyle was enough for me.

    acceptableconvoacceptableconvoRok temu
  • The most in depth review I've ever seen.

    Kc LinkKc LinkRok temu
  • I duuno - intro seems kinda drawn out.

    Carl PetersCarl PetersRok temu
  • >when you notice there's a mosaic censor on Keen's penis

    AtrusHBAtrusHBRok temu
  • best way to do a classic game version

    NonsensicalVidsNonsensicalVidsRok temu
  • It's a piece of shit

    Yamil Marques de MelloYamil Marques de MelloRok temu
  • Come on, Do YoU gUyS nOt HaVe PhOnEs?

    Mantis SatanicusMantis SatanicusRok temu
  • I guess no one else noticed that Keen was showing himself off down there, hence the censoring at his crotch.

    DieHardjaggedDieHardjaggedRok temu
  • ...when you spend more time in the comments section than the length of the video...

    TofuGuruTofuGuruRok temu
  • That’s the reboot I can tell

    Thomas RoseThomas RoseRok temu
  • lmfao that is an easy bit of cash you just got there....

    minor0confusionminor0confusionRok temu
  • Agree. Commander Keen 4 is a great game and they're kind of just spitting on the image.

    hiverhythmhiverhythmRok temu
  • 'Commander Keep-on-moving-nothing-to-see-here' more like

    Mr SGMr SGRok temu
  • Are you the voice of the nope engineer From TF2?

    BeeshooterOfficial alternateBeeshooterOfficial alternateRok temu
  • I have no never laughed this hard at a video on PLworld

    nechen88nechen88Rok temu
  • Very comprehensive and accurate review, as usual. Thumbs up.

    Alex TarasAlex TarasRok temu
  • I'm sorry I spent time trying to research this. Thank you Clint for warning me. I'm just too stupid to believe the truth sometimes... stoopid micro-transaction whale game.

    Urban JankUrban JankRok temu
  • I didn't know you were an engineer Clint.

    MisterTalkingMachineMisterTalkingMachineRok temu
  • Been a Commander Keen fan since the 90s...was not pleased about this, ha! We'll just have to see how it develops I suppose.

    Pretty Normal MediaPretty Normal MediaRok temu
  • They done fucked it up, Chuck! lolz

    Amy CarterAmy CarterRok temu
  • Lol! For those of you who don't seem to understand? This is for people who loved this as kids who ALSO have kids of their own to share it with, maybe even a female kid, and maybe don't have a sweet wooden 486 to play the original on. If you don't meet both criteria, take a deep breath and move on, they ain't hurtin' nobody.

    radiofreecanadaradiofreecanadaRok temu
  • I just watched the trailer. Is it alright if I hate it?

    Tyrel FroeseTyrel FroeseRok temu
    • Arguably preferable

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • Straight to the point. 5 Stars. Will purchase again.

    Chris PChris PRok temu
  • ¿Commander quién?

    KKRok temu
  • That's it nope just nope give us a reason

    katherine bouchardkatherine bouchardRok temu
  • nope.avi LGR Edition

    Gecko 1993Gecko 1993Rok temu
  • It looks like a fucking newgrounds toon, I am dissapointed ID.

    earthsteward70earthsteward70Rok temu
  • nope.avi

    NewAgeDerpDerpNewAgeDerpDerpRok temu
  • Nope.avi part 2

    Loui RiveraLoui RiveraRok temu
  • It’s telling that I wasn’t even aware of this, and had basically the same response, because somehow I knew that this was definitely a terrible mobile cash grab (I’m not sure it deserves the appellation of ‘game’). Gaming crash, may ye come forth and reap these soulless corporate machines.Goodbye Bethesda, EA, and all the other greedy corporate pachinko software makers. We’ve had enough. It’s time, everyone. Time to stop buying. Let them collapse of their own greed.

    sparkleshyguy85sparkleshyguy85Rok temu
  • I felt ill when I saw the trailer. :(

    OstsolOstsolRok temu
  • I was really disappointed, Bethesda.

    sungjin008sungjin008Rok temu
  • Only took me 6 or 7 views to notice hes not wearing any pants.

    trekkieprotrekkieproRok temu
  • nope.avi

    NooblyNooblyRok temu
  • TF2 Engineer mod incoming.

    OctothorpeOctothorpeRok temu
  • heres my answer nope.avi

    独善的なトラップ独善的なトラップRok temu
  • yeah id does not seam to be a faithful representation of what the games used to be like.... like it seams way to experimental and it's own thing... which this had gotten the doom 2016 treatment...

    ZerqTMZerqTMRok temu
  • They should have just made a normal side-scrolling 2D platformer/shooter like the originals were, the art-style itself isn't that bad. And maybe throw in some pvp "deathmatch" and co-op mode for MP.

    Raven GamingRaven GamingRok temu
  • The Timing Was Just Perfect

    ًًRok temu
  • I was expecting the Engineer to pop up at some point-

    Dr. FeinsteinDr. FeinsteinRok temu
  • 5 second to nope

    Imbyarr RasaneImbyarr RasaneRok temu
  • Apparently you're supposed to play Billy Blaze's kids in the new game. Some of the levels are going to be old stories from the DOS classics.

    Sam WittsellSam WittsellRok temu
  • You are absolutely right!

    P.H. KoppelaarP.H. KoppelaarRok temu
  • Yeah me too Clint, me too.

    Bread DestroyerBread DestroyerRok temu
  • I thought about you when I saw the press conference. My exact words were "nope"

    justincc87justincc87Rok temu
  • This why commander keen hanged himself 4 times on map32 in doom 2

    Mystic SystemMystic SystemRok temu