Regal makes two matches official for NXT Halloween Havoc: WWE NXT, Oct. 14, 2020

14 paź 2020
117 638 wyświetleń

The NXT General Manager addresses the controversial ending to Candice LeRae’s match against Shotzi Blackheart and more. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • I think regal and Johnny saint are great GM's

    Bryan MedinaBryan MedinaGodzinę temu
  • 🇬🇧 legend ❤💙

    brian mclaughlinbrian mclaughlin2 godzin temu
  • 😇😇

    ū Torrentū Torrent8 godzin temu
  • Love you Boa

    Vitória Dalla CostaVitória Dalla CostaDzień temu
  • I'm so intrigued by this whole Xia Li/Boa angle.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare2 dni temu
  • Xia lee vs Toni storm please

    Son DuncanSon Duncan3 dni temu
  • Regal is the best GM ever

    K CK C4 dni temu
  • I wish they would make like an intercontinental women’s belt for the mid carders women and they can fight through all 3 brands for it i think it’s a great idea

    Don Backup VideosDon Backup Videos4 dni temu
  • Xia Li is awesome

    Don Backup VideosDon Backup Videos4 dni temu
  • Never knew NXT took WCWs title

    J MorganJ Morgan5 dni temu
  • Yep i can see her turning heel she needs it

    ZayeZaye5 dni temu
  • Maybe Boa shower Xia her deportation letter. 😭

    Dwight MartenDwight Marten5 dni temu
    • That would suck big time.

      Jermaine MartinezJermaine Martinez59 minut temu
  • 😻 Xia Li looking hot! 🔥

    Warren LondonWarren London6 dni temu
  • I officially made two solid turds inside of the toilet bowl during the same time that William Regal made two matches official for NXT's Halloween Havoc

    Fartnando FlatulencioFartnando Flatulencio6 dni temu
    • Lmao

      King of WrestlingKing of Wrestling6 dni temu
  • Xia’s English way better than mine omg

    Brayan ElianBrayan Elian6 dni temu
  • Why is her hair like that????!

    Orbay AbusneinehOrbay Abusneineh6 dni temu
  • I havent seen William Regal since 2006-2010!!!! Damn time flies!!!

    Vik101Vik1016 dni temu
  • They are quitly pushing xia li and I'm loving it

    Jahdari TVJahdari TV6 dni temu
  • 100 k

    STRIX. ffSTRIX. ff6 dni temu
  • Xia Lee not face she is a heel i have no words to describe this?

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni6 dni temu
  • I'm interested in what's going on with Xia.

    Harmony4ever06Harmony4ever066 dni temu
  • PUSH Xia Lee

    Rodriick 974Rodriick 9746 dni temu
  • H.H. is becoming the best paperview ever

    Gerardo Reyes2Gerardo Reyes26 dni temu
    • Dont go that far but I like what I'm seeing so far.

      King of WrestlingKing of Wrestling6 dni temu
  • Xia Li is on push now!! NXT is really in push........

    Ej SantosEj Santos6 dni temu
  • I love Io Shirai but it's time she loses the belt to someone else who deserves it.

    Graven WolfGraven Wolf6 dni temu
  • Shotzi Blackheart as host of Halloween Havoc is gonna be awesome!

    MrTacoCraverMrTacoCraver6 dni temu
  • Xia killing it with those cornrows! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Percell GrayPercell Gray6 dni temu
  • Long way to go Xia... at least a start will be fine

    Andy LaiAndy Lai6 dni temu
  • Regal has a Golden Voice whenever he Makes an announcement,I ought to listen 👂 coz always comes with good news for business.

    Kevin ElaarKevin Elaar6 dni temu
  • xia vs Sasha vs Asuka vs Naomi vs io vs shotsy vs Bianca vs ember would be epic.

    Dan Toby KeithDan Toby Keith6 dni temu
  • If they're doing Halloween havoc I hope they have that giant pumpkin

    Matt561Matt5616 dni temu
    • I hope we get The Black Scorpion.

      King of WrestlingKing of Wrestling6 dni temu
  • William regal is a legend

    Lj llobLj llob6 dni temu
  • Hmm 🤨. Somethings not right.

    Rolan JohnsonRolan Johnson6 dni temu
  • Mr Regal is upset with the outcome of Candice vs Shotzi... What a Hypocrite

    William HendrixWilliam Hendrix6 dni temu
  • I saw this girl train with sheamus on sheamus youtube channel. She is crazy strongggggggg!

    dave latumbodave latumbo6 dni temu
  • She has to fight due to something happening back in China ?

    jonmeljonmel6 dni temu
  • I dont understand why Zia need to beg to Mr. Regal! I mean Zia was hired by WWE NXT, so they better give her a match

    Donald DitaDonald Dita6 dni temu
    • Probably cause of what Boa handed her

      Jermaine MartinezJermaine MartinezGodzinę temu
  • Xia ❤️

    Josh MoreJosh More6 dni temu
  • What’s Boa doing looking THAT good in a suit. He went from Rocky Maiavia to Mob Boss real fast

    Jack William TaylorJack William Taylor6 dni temu
  • قیافه هارو

  • If i was regal i'd say 'hell no your country caused this stupid virus'

    WWE Listing ManagerWWE Listing Manager6 dni temu
  • William Regal The Legend

    DANNY DDANNY D6 dni temu
  • Anyone else not care about xia li at all?

    Jack AtkinsonJack Atkinson6 dni temu
  • They should let xia li go all out with this heel turn or what she’s doing she doesn’t deserve to sit on the side lines no more she’s way to talented to be waiting last pick just use her right simple

    Arturo HernandezArturo Hernandez6 dni temu
  • Cena got married

    Eweezy8004Eweezy80046 dni temu
  • I smell a Triads storyline

    jdroz65jdroz656 dni temu
  • I can feel she can do it!!!!

    Gamer YunoGamer Yuno6 dni temu
  • Xia Li is Now Getting a Big Huge Push and im Happy She's So Gorgeous

    Shemarlos ScottShemarlos Scott6 dni temu
  • Xia li é um talento nato e merece ser respeitada e em breve ela também será temida!

    Diego MoraisDiego Morais6 dni temu
  • Street Fighter Xia Li is finally getting a PUSH!

    MrLeonMrLeon6 dni temu
  • This would be interesting then to have their match

    Geoffrey WillemsenGeoffrey Willemsen6 dni temu
  • If Kross is cleared to compete now, Halloween Havoc is the best moment for him to return

    RevolutionRevolution6 dni temu
    • @Revolution idk, but not a bad idea

      Antwan SmithAntwan Smith6 dni temu
    • @Antwan Smith And maybe if Finn will be available for the event they can do sth like Finn having a mystery contender for NXT Title Then on the day Finn enters for the match and when he's on top rope someone suplexes him, the mystery contender, Karrion Kross Then he can deliver 2-3 Doomsday Saitos and faint Finn with Kross Jacket and he wins the NXT Title Then Finn and Kross can have a rematch at some Takeover event where Kross retains

      RevolutionRevolution6 dni temu
    • Just was thinking that

      Antwan SmithAntwan Smith6 dni temu
  • William 'i'll take it into consideration' regal

    SteamonscreenSteamonscreen6 dni temu
  • Mr. William Reagal always looks young! Id hope to c him one last match if possible

    Gonzalo MartinezGonzalo Martinez6 dni temu
  • Hav ...... Me : Havoc ? Regal : havoc Me : knew it Regal : also fans are dumbasses Me : *has io sharai body pillow* 0-o

    DaniMazDaniMaz6 dni temu
  • And because of things like this is what I'm thinking the women's division is the top division on NXT

    Israel FavilaIsrael Favila6 dni temu
  • Awesome Segment Tonight!!🙌🙌😎🐐🔥🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage6 dni temu
  • Man can we just get William Regal in the Hall of Fame please?!

    Cedrick CarsonCedrick Carson6 dni temu
    • @King of Wrestling 💯

      Cedrick CarsonCedrick Carson6 dni temu
    • @Joe McKim Bro he opened the door for ppl like a Sheamus and Finn Balor to do what they're doing now. Then he's helped bring NXT where it is today..

      Cedrick CarsonCedrick Carson6 dni temu
    • He is a legend. No doubt.

      King of WrestlingKing of Wrestling6 dni temu
    • Based just on his authority figure roles he's had since stop wrestling he should be a HOFer and his wrestling career added to that puts him over the fence IMO.

      Joe McKimJoe McKim6 dni temu
  • I don't know why, but Xia Li looks amaing with them cornrows.

    Neo-Xgray87Neo-Xgray876 dni temu
  • Xia Lee looks beautiful. She deserves a push

    Alfonso GreenAlfonso Green6 dni temu
  • Xia Li been losing her matches alot so I hope dis time how she turn heel plus Boa on her side it go be better for her future

    Ãmït SåmsïñghÃmït Såmsïñgh6 dni temu

    绝非偶然绝非偶然6 dni temu
  • Xia doesn't speak in English when she first entered WWE, and since that great promo she had against Shayna last year, she's just improving every time. She might seriously surpass the other Asian stars WWE has rn someday.

    JamirimajJamirimaj6 dni temu
  • Wow her English better than me

    nanagawa 12nanagawa 126 dni temu
  • Regal is one of the best general manager of wwe

    CJ GAMERCJ GAMER6 dni temu
  • 0:35 Who is that guy? 😕

    Ruben Castillo BarreraRuben Castillo Barrera6 dni temu
    • That is Boa. He was recruited with Xia Li when the wwe went to China to recruit wrestlers

      Jermaine MartinezJermaine Martinez54 minut temu
    • If you're talking about the guy who looks like he's in the Yakuza, that's Boa. He started wrestling early last year. This is the first thing he's done since then.

      Willie NelsonWillie Nelson6 dni temu
  • Finally they are paying attention to xia li, she home grown focus on those women

    Carlos SierraCarlos Sierra6 dni temu
    • @Seth Morgan they are doing this cuz she is talented

      Priyanshu KhankriyalPriyanshu Khankriyal6 dni temu
    • That's because she is posting nothing but sexy pictures of herself all on twitter.

      Seth MorganSeth Morgan6 dni temu
  • Push these chinese.... China is a big market for WWE

    Lo Wui HiungLo Wui Hiung6 dni temu
  • Xia li and Boa English very good.... Actually

    Lo Wui HiungLo Wui Hiung6 dni temu
  • How dare they disrespect the legacy of Halloween Havoc. At least make it a main roster ppv

    ADAM stevensADAM stevens6 dni temu
  • I didn't know Vanoss was in WWE?

    Avasko LEGENDSAvasko LEGENDS6 dni temu
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Jeffrey MoralesJeffrey Morales6 dni temu
  • Hmm... I think 2 chinese wrestlers gives an opportunity for the future. Like jackie chan orjet li at the same ways. Boa and xia li are soon both heel like chinese martial arts like Feng Wei.

    Mark SalazarMark Salazar6 dni temu
  • Did I just sense something wrong with Xia Li outfit

    Alif NajmiAlif Najmi6 dni temu
  • Xia Li future NXT Women's Champion. Boa future NXT North American Champion or NXT Champion.

    JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico6 dni temu
  • WWE Evolution at the background. Does it mean we’re going to have Evolution 2?

    Broski BroskiBroski Broski7 dni temu
    • I hope so. Just without Nikki Bella in the Main Event.

      King of WrestlingKing of Wrestling6 dni temu
    • No. It means nothing. They merely recorded the segment in a hallway that had that poster hanging on the wall.

      cpk1994cpk19946 dni temu
  • Xia Li looks 🔥 with those braids and those red tips yessss girl please keep it and I’m expecting Xia Li vs Santana Garret or Xia Li vs Aliyah next week but she is right this very important she needs to turn things around because she has great potential

    Aaron BrentAaron Brent7 dni temu
  • I'm interested

    Emaniel JerryEmaniel Jerry7 dni temu

    Diga lá tinoDiga lá tino7 dni temu
  • If this is Halloween Havoc, they better have snickers on the stage 🍫

    n1ght fre4kn1ght fre4k7 dni temu
    • YES

      Michelle SkillMichelle Skill5 dni temu
  • William Regal is the best on screen authority figure in wrestling history. So consistent.

    Trev GTrev G7 dni temu
  • Is there going to be a damn NXT TAKEOVER : Starrcade or something?

    Kelvin DuongKelvin Duong7 dni temu
  • Boa so damn 🔥

    introverted guyintroverted guy7 dni temu
  • Hearing Mandarin in a WWE promo..never thought I'd see the day

    MiltPalacioMiltPalacio7 dni temu
    • John Cena: Am I a joke to you?

      心空兔瓦斯心空兔瓦斯6 dni temu
    • True that.

      Cristhian Camilo Granados LeónCristhian Camilo Granados León7 dni temu
  • comment 100 yeah

    David NaranjoDavid Naranjo7 dni temu
  • Xia Li is a Snack

    Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're StupidNah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid7 dni temu
  • Boa reminds me of Martin Lee from Spiderman PS4 lol

    Wammy GamesWammy Games7 dni temu
  • Now all of a sudden he can't override a refs decision ..

    ballin302008ballin3020087 dni temu
  • You'd think Regal would be proud of Candice for using the power of the punch to win her match.

    KingKaiserSWKingKaiserSW7 dni temu
    • Mmm...not really. Billy Regal seems to be a face, even for a gen. manager. He frowns upon unsportsmanlike conduct, such as illegal use of brass knuckles.

      Willie NelsonWillie Nelson6 dni temu
  • Give us a triple threat match with Xia Li involved so we can be happy

    Steven CisnerosSteven Cisneros7 dni temu
  • i got a feeling that xia is gonna turn heel.

    jeff domercantjeff domercant7 dni temu
  • Hope it goes well for Xia Li wnd Boa as a partnership

    James DanielsJames Daniels7 dni temu
  • Finally Xia Li is going to be relevant, she better win.

    Jeffjr31Jeffjr317 dni temu
    • @Joey's Adventures y

      Taksi BohTaksi Boh6 dni temu
    • Let's just pray that she never loses her next match

      Nana Kwame50Nana Kwame506 dni temu
    • The storyline is based on her losing. She’ll win eventually but right now she has to lose everything to further the storyline.

      Joey's AdventuresJoey's Adventures6 dni temu
  • Look who got the fighting cornrows in she's a badass now.

    reggie wolfpacreggie wolfpac7 dni temu
  • This man doesn’t age 😂

    Nicholas ChihaNicholas Chiha7 dni temu
    • You mean regal? well he still handsome😊

      Edgar ArnocoEdgar Arnoco6 dni temu
  • NXT needs TRIOS TAG TEAM TITLES ASAP promote this and give underutilized Talent opportunities of fresh new faces and it's long overdue for a new championship in NXT

    Tony McdonTony Mcdon7 dni temu

      The DarkOpZThe DarkOpZ7 dni temu
  • Damn, how tall is Boa?

    dis paterdis pater7 dni temu
    • Taller than HHH

      Jermaine MartinezJermaine Martinez54 minut temu
    • 6-4, 245 lbs (that's why he's called Big Boa)

      James RawlinsJames Rawlins7 dni temu
    • 6'4ft

      Dshawn KirbyDshawn Kirby7 dni temu
  • How about me and you again xia li that would be easy for me....

    Shotzi BlackheartShotzi Blackheart7 dni temu
    • Stop trying to act like your her

      King Of Anonymous 2King Of Anonymous 27 dni temu
  • Xia li is still young in her nxt career and I heel run could boost her like it did for Dakota Kai and even Candice Leary

    Tyler CottrellTyler Cottrell7 dni temu
    • She isn't that young any more (32)

      James RawlinsJames Rawlins7 dni temu
  • Rhea Ripley is so cute.

    Trinell DukeTrinell Duke7 dni temu
    • @Royal Messiah it's true

      Trinell DukeTrinell Duke6 dni temu
    • This is a joke, right?

      Royal MessiahRoyal Messiah6 dni temu