DearMoon: My Application To fly!

30 mar 2021
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What is the Dear Moon project?? It will be the first all civilian mission to fly by the moon on the new Space X Starship rocket in 2023. This video is my application to be a part of the DearMoon crew. There will be 8 seats available. People may submit a video application to be considered for the fight. I'm hoping to achieve a lifelong dream of traveling to space and showing that there's no wheelchair in space. It's a moon-shot chance of getting chosen for the flight, but you have to take a chance and dream big!
More information on DearMoon: More information on the rocket from
SpaceX "StarShip":

  • What is the Dear Moon project?? It will be the first all civilian mission to fly by the moon on the new Space X Starship rocket in 2023. This video is my application to be a part of the DearMoon crew. There will be 8 seats available. People may submit a video application to be considered for the fight. I'm hoping to achieve a lifelong dream of traveling to space and showing that there's no wheelchair in space. It's a moon-shot chance of getting chosen for the flight, but you have to take a chance and dream big! More information on DearMoon: More information on the rocket from SpaceX "StarShip":

    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScar21 dzień temu
    • If they dont bring you im gonna cry

      robot Milesrobot Miles3 dni temu
    • Is there anything we can do to help the people at the mission see this?

      Teddy910Teddy9104 dni temu
    • I would not call you disability a disability. You are great! Your channel is great and the best part........THE CAT!!!!!!!!! JELLIE

      Gary JonedGary Joned9 dni temu
    • I hope u get to go

      Duller 32Duller 329 dni temu
    • Yiu said fight instead of flight 🤣

      Riley HopkinsRiley Hopkins10 dni temu
  • All the best

    Eshan satish DinnimaniEshan satish Dinnimani29 minut temu
  • I think you deserve more than anyone to fly, I hope so much that they pick you, because you would be amazing!

    pinkpeppers55pinkpeppers55Godzinę temu
  • Dear GoodTimesWithScar: I have been a viewer/subscriber since season 6 episode 34, and in that short time I've been watching your content, I've grown to adore and love the man, the myth, the legend, that plays Minecraft here before us. you, scar, have inspired me and gently encouraged me through my anxiety, depression, autism, and much more. i suffer from many mental diseases, yet the one thing that drives me to the success that I am, is you and your fellow hermit crafters. (along with smallish beans) i wanted to thank you for your kindness, and everything you do to be so awesome. Thank you Scar, my hero. -Cheesy Gamer

    CheesyGamer 1636CheesyGamer 16366 godzin temu
  • This is truly inspiring. I wish you luck scar!

    SYartSYart8 godzin temu
  • I would accept this application

    M4XD4B0ZZM4XD4B0ZZ10 godzin temu
  • This man deserves the moon and more!

    Raven Willow13Raven Willow1311 godzin temu
  • I hope you will get a seat!

    Mick ZelleMick Zelle12 godzin temu
  • We're rooting for you, Scar!

    Tomato SaladTomato Salad20 godzin temu
  • Doode, as much as I'd like to be on that ship, I'd give up my seat to you. You are right, you should be on that flight. You have the spirit and the attitude, and you should have the access. Good luck!

    assmunch1assmunch1Dzień temu
  • His going! ! !

    GeinsteinGeinsteinDzień temu
  • Scar wants to turn the moon to grass just like da shoping district.scar take these precation to avoid mycelium resistence from doing the opposite 1. Make sure no one building air craft is boarding cuz u know grian 2.make sure to make applications to fly for ur anti troops whatever those are 3. Carry a m16 or ak 47 or a diamond sword just incase grian gets on board Basicaly aviod grian

    Sci-baticSci-baticDzień temu
  • scar You deserve to go and I hope with my entire heart you get to experience this dream! BUT PLEASE make it back to earth! I would have a less happy life if you went away and never came back

    aj kennedyaj kennedyDzień temu
  • amazing! good luck and godspeed

    christotaku B.christotaku B.Dzień temu
  • I may cry from this

    Alexa EdwardsAlexa EdwardsDzień temu
  • Wish you luck, Scar!

    beware of pigeonsbeware of pigeons2 dni temu
  • I’ll say hi to you up there!

    John MJohn M2 dni temu
  • #To the moon

    FynnFynn2 dni temu
  • Hey scar. Have you ever tried standing up before? If you didn't and if you'll try, turn it into a scarvlog cuz you've been siting in a chair for 6 years maybe.

    maelstorm9377 officialmaelstorm9377 official4 dni temu
  • Good luck, I hope you get a chance!

    123SteveHead123SteveHead4 dni temu
  • #sendscartothemoon

    Minecraft master 091Minecraft master 0914 dni temu
  • He looks like doug demuro

    Tyler SuttonTyler Sutton5 dni temu
  • Please let this happen! xD

    Buggy BuggyBuggy Buggy5 dni temu
  • Goodtimeswithmoonman

    Max FritschMax Fritsch5 dni temu
  • Dont forget your elytra for extra float time :)

    Mr MahonyMr Mahony5 dni temu
  • I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more than scar 💜💜💜

    Katie LawleyKatie Lawley5 dni temu
  • Scarship, not starship

    Nick RondinelliNick Rondinelli6 dni temu
  • We need to get this man on the moon

    SBCzentSBCzent6 dni temu
  • If you are chosen, bring Jellie with you. I want Jellie to be the first ever meow meow on the moon

    Mathieu HarrisonMathieu Harrison6 dni temu
  • Scar lands on the moon: “time to activate, super fast terraform mode” *terraforms the moon in one minute*

    Placebo 491Placebo 4916 dni temu
  • ok this is epic

    qimeqime6 dni temu
  • Hope u get it scar

    Lukas KennerleyLukas Kennerley6 dni temu
  • I want scar and tim (everyday astronaut) to go to moon for sure

    Ehsaas ChaudharyEhsaas Chaudhary6 dni temu
  • Scar X? Why not Xcar?

    NexidalNexidal7 dni temu
  • To the mooooon

    BenBen7 dni temu
  • I didn't know scar was disabled, that actually makes me feel a little less scared about my minecraft series. It means I've got a shot at being a minecraft youtuber myself, and being publicly disabled.

    Dan GreenDan Green7 dni temu
    • Good luck mate! We all start somewhere!

      Hello ThereHello There7 dni temu
  • Let's hope you get chosen buddy, you deserve this and don't let anyone tell you others

    Peanut PoodlePeanut Poodle8 dni temu

    MrRowMrRow8 dni temu
  • I hope you get in!

    Lucy GuzlowskiLucy Guzlowski8 dni temu
  • Scar on the moon: hmm nice. 2 hours later. Here is a moonjelly made completely from moon rocks, now everyone can enjoy some jelly time by looking up the stars.

    Gizmo's Game LoungeGizmo's Game Lounge8 dni temu
  • This is so exciting!

    Crafty 758Crafty 7588 dni temu
  • @elon musk get on this right now

    Emi KochEmi Koch8 dni temu
  • I WANT this to happen

    Golden GarbageGolden Garbage8 dni temu
  • Scar to the moooooooon!

    Mr. CowMr. Cow9 dni temu
  • scar you cheer me up every time i see any of your videos so thank you on behalf of all your veiwers

  • R/mademesmile

    Panda Kitten625Panda Kitten6259 dni temu
  • I’ve watched starship development for a while now. Any time there is a new development (Bn1 Sn15 etc) I’ve seen it. I’m excited for you and I’d hope to be on a starship flight in the future. And theoretically, someone in a wheel chair would have stronger arms and could push themselves around in 0G much faster than someone that uses their legs more often.

    Falcon112Falcon1129 dni temu
  • Take me with you too

    arima pranjalarima pranjal9 dni temu
  • thought it said dear mom

    Sergent HoundSergent Hound9 dni temu
  • You look like Zemo :D

    Emilio GuevaraEmilio Guevara9 dni temu
  • this is a big step and its a risk as there is a chance of something happening to the ship

    Doodles GamesDoodles Games9 dni temu
  • I believe in you Scar

    SunnyZingSunnyZing9 dni temu

    Abyss78Abyss789 dni temu
  • I have never seen this channel, but your message is really moving!

    The Student OfficialThe Student Official9 dni temu
  • We’re going on a trip in are little rocket ship

    FourteenCurve75FourteenCurve759 dni temu
  • To infinity and beyond, Scar! I hope you can do it, you deserve it for being one of the greatest content creators in the platform

    DeggDegg10 dni temu
  • #thisIsNotAHashtag #theFirstWheelChairOnTheMoon

    j Walsterj Walster10 dni temu
  • Now we can expect to see a SpaceX shuttle as his Hermitcraft season 8 base I hope that he will be taking notes on his trip after all

    ImperatorGigiImperatorGigi10 dni temu
  • commenting to help get this more reach :))

    chironichironi10 dni temu
  • Yes! Make this happen!

    Víctor CastVíctor Cast10 dni temu
  • you may need to put the tag "#dearmoon" on this video for them to see it

    BlazeXD48BlazeXD4810 dni temu
    • Im pretty sure they can put the link in the application thing

      Eduard van SligtenhorstEduard van Sligtenhorst5 dni temu
  • This is inspiring

    Bricks and PlanesBricks and Planes10 dni temu
  • Yessss! Scar needs to go! He deserves this so much!

    Aurora KoiAurora Koi11 dni temu

    GalacticPugtatoGalacticPugtato11 dni temu
  • Hope you get picked!

    Stotle VynStotle Vyn11 dni temu
  • First man to play mc whilst orbiting the moon do it brudda

    DodomastrDodomastr11 dni temu
  • I wouldn’t trust spaceX, unless you want to be part of a fireworks show.

    May the ogre be with youMay the ogre be with you11 dni temu
  • pls dont

    Xander BanksXander Banks11 dni temu
  • I'm so proud to see a minecraft player go to the moon.

    Just Some Guy Who Slays GoblinsJust Some Guy Who Slays Goblins11 dni temu
  • Bruh, my science teacher applied through this.

    Colt_ BootersColt_ Booters11 dni temu
  • Send this man to the MOON

    des 88des 8811 dni temu
  • I really hope this happens man You got this

    Jack The IdiotJack The Idiot11 dni temu
  • Dude you rock.

    Travel with ETravel with E11 dni temu
  • To the moon with you!

    TamahaganeTamahagane11 dni temu

    Epoxy SoxieEpoxy Soxie11 dni temu
  • Woah, that's a huge jump, minecraft to the moon

    eljas kaciceljas kacic11 dni temu
  • To the moon

    R4ndomR4ndom11 dni temu
  • This man needs to go to the moon

    Tanner StephensTanner Stephens11 dni temu
  • Scar, I cannot think of someone more deserving than you I believe you can fly!

    James BakerJames Baker11 dni temu
  • Get this man to the moon!

    FinnieFinnie11 dni temu
  • Get Scar to the moon!!

    Emo Plague KingEmo Plague King11 dni temu
  • You're such a wonderful person I am sure they'll accept you in! Let's hope for the best and it would be an awesome thing to follow you go through. Been following you for some years, so I'll definitely be here to follow you have this journey too.

    JarskaJarska11 dni temu
  • True !!!

    AexShadowXXAexShadowXX12 dni temu
  • Scar wanted to finish the back of the moon cause he lost the bet to Grian.

    TJ AnimatesTJ Animates12 dni temu
  • If someone expected this, reply to this comment. This is the most random thing that has ever happened. If u didint, thats ok, just tell me if he'll get in

    OliverOliver12 dni temu
  • Get this man a rocket

    jwpx11jwpx1112 dni temu
  • Get this man to the moon, make history in multiple ways

    PeterPeter12 dni temu
  • To The Moon

    Iron lithum2Iron lithum212 dni temu
  • get on

    Christian ShearerChristian Shearer12 dni temu
  • Good luck!

    Kleiner FratzKleiner Fratz12 dni temu
  • How have I never thought about the simple fact that being disabled is in retrospect easier in space?

    Sawyer BoekeSawyer Boeke12 dni temu
  • I saw this already but its so wholesome i'm watching this again

    Nicole MercerNicole Mercer12 dni temu
  • c ya at moon.

    bokuno channelbokuno channel12 dni temu
  • Hope u get it! U definitely deserve it, thank you for ur amazing content, outlook and general inspiration both inside minecreaft and out!

    tIDEsRturningtIDEsRturning12 dni temu
  • I'm rooting for this in a huge way!!

    fourstarman1fourstarman112 dni temu
  • thats awesome

    H.L.A PlaysH.L.A Plays12 dni temu
  • As a person with disabilities I agree that we should be aloud to go to space...

    01 The History Guy01 The History Guy12 dni temu
  • Did you got the assignment for dearmoon?

    Keya MakwanaKeya Makwana12 dni temu
  • good luck scar

    Adeep MariniAdeep Marini12 dni temu
  • :)

    Juli ChristineJuli Christine12 dni temu