Dark Techno / Industrial / Cyberpunk Mix 'Revenge ll' | Dark Electro

5 sie 2020
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"Revenge ll" is an Aggressive Dark Techno / Industrial / Cyberpunk / Dark Electro Mix by Aim To Head.
Listen 'Revenge II' on Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/rustyangel/playlist/02BR4g7KVkPPpHIfiHzUMF?si=mPCr-Bo-STiB4NFHmrzU_A
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00:00 | Sierra - Unbroken
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1ck
03:05 | Infraction - Almost Evil
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1bK
07:09 | Riley Ella - Kairo
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1mz
11:47 | Aim To Head - E.M.P.eror
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1Er
15:13 | Varien - One Shot, One Kill
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1Ru
18:28 | F.O.O.L - Revenger
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1TL
22:08 | Naked Swan - Botticello
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1Oc
24:34 | Aim To Head - Ogre
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1AW
28:01 | Hateclub - Pusher
PLworld: gestyy.com/err1FA
32:30 | Matteo Tura - Larsen
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1H6
37:34 | Max Brhon - Humanity
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1KI
40:35 | Aim To Head - Hellhound
Spotify: gestyy.com/err1Xi
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  • Check out 'Revenge II' on Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/rustyangel/playlist/02BR4g7KVkPPpHIfiHzUMF?si=-MEz062-SueXtxmJGvLX1Q

    Aim To Head MixAim To Head Mix5 miesięcy temu
    • I make a Real Time Strategy game for free and I need soundtracks for it, with industria'electronic genre. Is it ok to use yours?

      Than [Thanasis] ZampThan [Thanasis] Zamp6 dni temu
    • What about Apple Music? I need it in my life

      Edwin OlguinEdwin Olguin22 dni temu
    • This is coooool

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    • @Savvy Nyx qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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    • @Savvy Nyx Kina Shen

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  • me first time building a computer watches youtube for advice song starts me finishing building a multitude of 3090 farms for bit coins

    Malcolm KekuaMalcolm Kekua7 godzin temu
  • Thank you! iv'e been looking for new music to me and this is a great playlist \m/

    BloodyHandsBloodyHands18 godzin temu
  • The year is 2021. Those who parrot every media outlet, politicians and corporation are considered punk, but those who do not are considered square. Big Tech will censor you if you question the results of an election, and they do this in the name of democracy. The president which they say is legitimate has the former CEOs of those same companies working in his cabinet. Welcome to the cyberpunk dystopia. You're living in it.

    Derek ReerDerek ReerDzień temu

    ZOERINHA45ZOERINHA45Dzień temu
  • The girl is real and kinashen on instagram. You’re welcome.

    Pia MangamoonPia MangamoonDzień temu
  • Why not just go all out cyberpunk and turn the US into a Corporate Republic already? Shit's already hitting the fan here, so.... (For those who don't know, a Corporate Republic is a republic run by industries alone. No form of actual government. Basic cyberpunk world type structure.)

    BanangellosBanangellosDzień temu
  • And now quarantine won’t be so bad now. 🤘🏻

    AM REAM RE2 dni temu
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  • Nice one 🔥

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  • Full support 💣

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  • Full support 💣

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  • Lol you are my favorite new TEKNO monsters guys ! 1000 years of reign !

    Alexis BonninAlexis Bonnin3 dni temu
  • Whaaaat ? Oh My Tekno God ! Perfection DOES EXIST ! i'm under something unfeeled before, it is DEEP, COSMIC, TRIBAL, HUGE, UNBREAKABLE, i'm under true Tekno spell ! EPIC til the end of everything ! RESPECT

    Alexis BonninAlexis Bonnin3 dni temu
    • I CANT STOP DANCING, this is real spell and THE perfect BPM on symbiosis with the heart and soul, everything vibrates at the same frequency, this MAKES AN OCEAN of difference !

      Alexis BonninAlexis Bonnin3 dni temu
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  • This kind of music it's totally for those who slaps his own mother's face lol, full psychopath kskskskks

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  • The void must prevail

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  • Gonna hack time to this.

    Communist CatCommunist Cat4 dni temu
  • "I have been bisected, dissected, autopsied, upgraded and augmented; the line between who I am and who I was has been erased and redrawn more times.... than I've bothered to record. You cannot kill me."

    Revolution InsigniaRevolution Insignia4 dni temu
    • @Revolution Insignia Oh... well... that was partially me screwing around with a little wishful thinking. I would actually collab, if I had any money or time. Recently school has made it impossible for me to write anything. Sorry if I got ur hopes up. Also, Warframe is one of my favorite games, cheers mate!

      BanangellosBanangellos17 godzin temu
    • @Banangellos lol the part "the line between who I am and who I was" I borrowed from Warframe, but I am definitely down to collaborate if you're interested

      Revolution InsigniaRevolution InsigniaDzień temu
    • Damn, if you are the one who wrote this can I hire you to write lines for a badass villain in a cyberpunk/fantasy mix novel I'm writing? This fits the bill like none other.

      BanangellosBanangellosDzień temu
    • Dude that’s pretty good . 👍🏻

      Gary englandGary england3 dni temu
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  • Some Final Fantasy 7 in Sierra - Unbroken

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  • Есть Русско говорящие а то эти черти с низу говорят на не понятном мне языке 😅

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  • *sighs* *opens laptop to write a dystopian sci-fi story*

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  • WTF can't I make my character look like this?!?

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  • Where can i find the photo of the video is really nice Nice set!

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  • Never work out with this in the back ground, you will! regret it...

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  • Too bad you can't find decent music like this in clubs.

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  • 32:30

    som najlepsisom najlepsi6 dni temu
  • 22:20

    som najlepsisom najlepsi6 dni temu
  • Am To Head is the coolest Evil Techno in history this is badass I will buy this on CD 💿😈

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  • Industrial Revolution Four.

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  • Industrial Revolution Four.

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  • Industrial Revolution Four.

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  • I feel as if I've been searching for this mix my entire life

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  • This is awesome! Thank you. Listening to this while writing a sci-fi/cyberpunk story and it sets the mood just perfectly!

    Ash CorvidaAsh Corvida9 dni temu
  • This is my “this momma ain’t pleased “ soundtrack..... forcing my children to clean their rooms to MY music because they lost their devices.....

    Nicole LatsonNicole Latson10 dni temu
    • Well, its good music. I wouldn't complain if I was to clean my room to this

      NeptvnNeptvn7 dni temu

    andy cookandy cook10 dni temu
  • Police storm payday2

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  • Holy shit this fucking jams. Well done. Subbed.

    madwilliamflintmadwilliamflint13 dni temu
  • Wake up, Neo... 🐇

    Joel MarínJoel Marín14 dni temu
  • Full Break Ads in the first 1:20 of the recording and it breaks up a song. :-( I understand the desire to make money off ads, but to ruin the song's feel or mood with some dork trying to sell me his fat weight loss video is just sad.

    DafrcaDafrca14 dni temu
  • perfect to be working at home

    natalia pereznatalia perez14 dni temu
  • Where is the image from, very awesome

    Andrew MacDonaldAndrew MacDonald14 dni temu
  • A little bit of this +some ecstasy, the right partner. Mmmmmm. One might wake up using the L word

    Hippi PhukenHippi Phuken14 dni temu
  • Amazing, One of the Mix that I been Searching for years and Years, comes straight to heart. Thank you. Peace 🤘

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  • plworld.info/show/eJSIfdepiYKWZZc/wideo.html

    Philippe MarrotPhilippe Marrot16 dni temu
  • Once again you have created music that I can calm me after a hellish day at work. I had a total PRICK yell at me today, that me having to call a manager to resolve the problem. This World is turning into a very shitty place to live in....

    Ian CoxIan Cox16 dni temu
  • Fuck I can't stop listening to Kairo. That song just feels like a dark and grimy cyberpunk club.

    RamenAwesomeNoodlesRamenAwesomeNoodles17 dni temu
  • Grew an eight pack with this music😎

    Abhijit DasguptaAbhijit Dasgupta17 dni temu
  • That was an awesome video right there! Some love for my channel would also be much appreciated as i am very new to the scene of youtube and video making in general :D Take care guys, much love!

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  • This makes me feel like I’m controlling my depression and I’m making fun of them. How the turn tables.

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    • Don't be depressed you have a fanny

      Row DogRow Dog18 dni temu
  • I mean, Cyberpunk may be a garbage game, but it's idea? That's what shines.

    7dfive7dfive20 dni temu
  • The pale shell cytochemically copy because turret naturalistically moan except a happy exchange. black-and-white, quixotic drive

    FilhoDoCheateyFilhoDoCheatey20 dni temu

    Sam BrockSam Brock20 dni temu
  • I thought the game Cyberpunk would have better music than this. They promised so much and delivered so little. So every time I listened to a cyberpunk music mix, I would tell myself that this isn't good enough because better is coming (in the game) so I wouldn't enjoy it fully because of that thought. I was so wrong. And I am soooo angry about that game.

    Theo GuşatTheo Guşat20 dni temu
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