Tay Money - Brat (feat. Mulatto) [Official Music Video]

23 paź 2020
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Tay Money “Brat” Ft Mulatto Lyrics
Damn tay motherfuckin money haa ahh and im back in this bitch like whats up
I do what i want like a fuckin brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what i want i do what i want like a fucking brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what I want
(Tay Money Verse)
Money long like extensions your man in my mentions and i put that on period like end of a sentence this ass is what he grippin did i forget to mention i told em it was bussin but they aint want to listen im expensive i got my own bag all i need is your attention brat shit he talkin i dont listen money flyin out the window i be textin him to send more sweet 16 in my pink stretch limo he think its cute when i get mad i told him chill it aint even my bday and i made him buy me heels imma throw a fit if i dont like my nails and my hair on fleek duh what the fuck else
I do what i want like a fuckin brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what i want i do what i want like a fucking brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what I want
(Mulatto Verse)
I do what i want got ya nigga number saved as dont answer in my phone i cant let him trap me make him put that rubber on you wont see me chase a nigga unless his name is patron i just spelled big latto in baguettes on my neck pretty bitch with a stick like im major red bitch i got my own money i aint easliy impressed scary bitchs drop a comment never drop the address i aint goin broke no time soon pussy wet typhoon just walked in the party im the richest bitch in the room 500$ perfume been gettin money nothing new i done touched a million i aint even 22
I do what i want like a fuckin brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what i want i do what i want like a fucking brat i do what i want he gonna give me that i do what i want i might give it back i do i do what I want
Ya this tay moterfuckin money ya face stuck ice cold in this bitch

  • Here’s a n word pass

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  • I don’t even chase patron

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  • This was good. Stretch limo. Money. I do what I want. "Brat" I get it. It has to have meaning though. You just gotta go harder...

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