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🚀I hope you enjoy this video that has been so difficult to make, this new version updates the first comparison of the channel of 2015. I also thank NAVIKMusic for their excellent work with music.
Galactia I Song Link: plworld.info/show/qmSeqNfbbnWVZLw/wideo.html
Galactia II (Star Wars | The Expanse | Interstellar | Mass Effect) Song Link: plworld.info/show/oJaHYd2ap5Wre7A/wideo.html
PLworld Channel NAVIKMusic (Nevan Alexanian) Link: plworld.info
-Disclaimer: I made a mistake due to lack of information. Alahenena is actually 7.6km long. Due to inconsistencies in the film, I gave it a size of 1200 km. Sorry for my mistake. Source: twitter.com/Kirk_Man_1701/status/1310431945566765057/photo/1
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  • 🛰 🚀 🛸 Hi 😃 Welcome to this video that shows the different sizes of s̲o̲m̲e̲ of the most popular spaceships. It is impossible to put all those that exist, I have tried to make a varied and extensive list, surely some important ones are missing, forgive me if your favorite starship is not there 😅 The video includes spaceships, space stations and other types of space structures. The measurements that include a margin of error (±) are measured by myself with the maximum precision, the rest I include links in the description. ❤️Special thanks to NAVIKMusic for the great soundtrack. 🎶 plworld.info I hope you enjoy the show! PS: Did you see the hidden Godzilla?🤣🤣 --- My websites ----- -Instagram: instagram.com/metaballstudios_official -Twitter: twitter.com/MetaBallStudios -Facebook: facebook.com/metaballstudios/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🛰 🚀 🛸 Hola 😃 Bienvenido a este video que muestra los diferentes tamaños de a̲l̲g̲u̲n̲a̲s̲ de las naves espaciales más populares. Es imposible poner todas las que existen, he intentado hacer una lista variada y extensa, seguro que faltan algunas importantes, perdóname si tu nave favorita no está ahí 😅 El video incluye naves espaciales, estaciones espaciales y otros tipos de estructuras espaciales. Las medidas que incluyen un margen de error (±) las mido yo mismo con la máxima precisión, el resto incluyo enlaces en la descripción. ❤️Agradecimientos especiales a NAVIKMusic por la estupenda banda sonora.🎶 plworld.info ¡Espero que disfruten del espectáculo! PD: ¿Viste el Godzilla oculto?🤣🤣 --- Mis webs ----- -Instagram: instagram.com/metaballstudios_official -Twitter: twitter.com/MetaBallStudios -Facebook: facebook.com/metaballstudios/

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    • Cool, you put a lot of work into that!

      GordoWG1 WG1GordoWG1 WG14 dni temu
    • What about "Serenity" the actual firefly ship. And it looks like you missed the "Farscape" show entirely. Give it a shot and be forgiving for the awful first season (not as bad as B5 though). It would be nice to see the living ship leviathan Moya and maybe like a Scarran Dreadnought and a peacekeeper Prowler in your renders.

      Kevin PaulusKevin Paulus4 dni temu
    • @James Bennett Saxon idk about a V'ger in EVE Online^^ i only know the huge mofo ship from star trek^^ and that was bigger than anything on this list^^

      Sceptical GermanSceptical German6 dni temu
    • @Martin Grimwood yes! I was wondering what it was called! What a movie! I wanted the monoliths from 2001 also.

      James Bennett SaxonJames Bennett Saxon6 dni temu
    • @Sceptical German oh wait, there was a V’ger but it was Eve Online???

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  • So glad you included THunderbirds 3, that takes me back a bit. I had Thunderbirds1-4 as toys, they were so cool

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  • Size doesn't matter, proven by Rick'n'Morty

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  • so we have the Nostromo but not the USS Sulaco?? so we have High Charity but none of the Covenant capital ships?? still, nice showcase :)

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  • very cool, but interesting some of the estimates (q-ship @3:43) are "about 300m (+/-100m)..." there was another earlier on which size was "about 50m" with +/- of 30m.... interesting in a silly way. well done, none the less. I love the robotec inclusion, bring back good memories!

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  • me ha gustado el video, pero no incluyeron un x-wing

  • Amazing work! You forgot the largest starship of all from Stellaris: plworld.info/show/h5quZNOXonrdhaQ/wideo.html

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  • Some of the ultra-large civilian structures could potentially be realistic via sufficiently advanced technology - but as you get into the ultra-large range (much beyond a Star Destroyer or Galactica-class vessel), it gets really hard to find a plausible physical reason for most of the military ships/installations to get so much bigger. There's almost no role most of them could possibly fulfill that wouldn't be better served by making dozens or even thousands of smaller vessels. You have to start positing incredibly exotic and bizarre technologies - not to construct them, but to find a feasible military role for them to serve. Like that Independence Day city destroyer - you could build and deploy Earth's entire nuclear arsenal a million times over for the cost to build just one of those. Same problem many times over again for the Death Star - you could build smaller ships/weapons that could sterilize the surface of countless worlds for a tiny fraction of the cost. The odd conceit that most of these mega-vessels seem to operate around is that bigger is somehow tougher - but that's simply not true. As technology advances, bigger mostly means more vulnerable, and almost all military vessels are built to be as as possible to serve their intended role.

    JesseJesse2 godzin temu
  • Нету космического коробля из сериала О́рвилл

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  • Why did this excite me! The size of some of my favorites are enormous....great job.

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  • I love the fact that Gurren Lagann was included as a starship! However I do believe the galaxy version on Gurren Lagann is still a starthsip sorta haha but then again that be overkill

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  • 8:35 that so looks like the xenoblade from Xenobade Chronicles

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  • Starkiller Base was a planet, not a spaceship. The Ring Gate was a giant stargate, also not a spaceship.

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  • Where the crap is the Hat'tak, the O'neill, the USS Prometheous, and the USS Daedalus?

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  • Starcraft's Spear of Adun is 74.5 km , you should add that too. You should also consider the Terran Battlecruiser and Protoss Carrier.

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  • This is very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have three suggestions for any future updated version. 1) From the original Star Trek: The Alien ship from 'The Corbomite Maneuver'. 2) Also from Star Trek: The planet eating machine from 'The Doomsday Machine' 3) The Jupiter 2 from the original 'Lost in Space'. Again, GREAT JOB!!!

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  • a dyson sphere isn't an spaceship it a space station, it cant move...

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  • After watching the comparisons I would still fly the pelican and the milano

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  • Sooo the Almighty crashing into the Earth (AFTER BEING SHOT DOWN BY RASPUTIN) should've done a lot more damage than what the in-game event showed. But then again, (for those that viewed the crash when the event happened) the Almighty may have crashed a lot further than what we saw. It's quite baffling to see that the Almighty was more than half the size of the U.S.

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  • Excuse me, show some respect to Captain Olimar. His ship has a name; it's called The Dolphin. Also, I'm surprised these weren't anywhere on the list; even if just for shits and giggles: - The Exodar, Oshu'gun, or any of the other Eredar ships from WoW - Sanctuary 3 from Borderlands 3. Actually anything from Borderlands considering all the space stuff there is, especially in the third one. - The Unreliable or The Hope from The Outer Worlds - Dave from Meet Dave - Does Rayquaza count as a starship since it's technically been to space while carrying a person? - Anything from DC considering all the aliens and outer space stuff there is. Does Lobo's bike count as a starship? Does the Justice League Watchtower count as one? - Does Bender from Futurama count as a starship since he's carried people through space? If I can think of any more, I'll edit them in later.

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