Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton brawl as Raw goes off the air: Raw, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
599 400 wyświetleń

A backstage brawl between the WWE Champion and The Viper spills out into the WWE ThunderDome. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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  • Seem like I'm starting to see well those starting to realize if nobody's not paying attention Randy Orton will pull off again going against Randy Orton play your cards well Drew McIntyre is not lying Randy Orton a threat why you think Randy call himself The Legend killer Finn Balor is good everything he had said he achieved look what he's holding in his hand I kept saying it months later even last year Finn Balor will win that belt and look what happened it could lead back to Braun strowman you know the fiend and sister Abigail I don't know how Alexa Bliss Sister Abigail can pull that off what Unleashed Randy Orton did do you remember you sure have to give them announces props because they sure be letting it out 2K 20 game why does one of the announcer said that Randy Orton made a deal with the fiend are they trying to fix that or that's coming soon? Now that you see the fiend and Sister Abigail popping up out of nowhere Randy Orton showing up attacking Drew McIntyre what is going on I see something different

    C H I E N A HC H I E N A H13 godzin temu
  • Drew sei il migliore, 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🌹

    Ausilia DonnoAusilia Donno19 godzin temu
  • Is this for real ? where did Lana come during the final two survivers fight ??? Unbelievable that she won the tittle.

    kisame fredkisame fred19 godzin temu
  • Raw best wrestler randy

    David SukharanDavid Sukharan23 godzin temu
  • Randy d champ

    David SukharanDavid Sukharan23 godzin temu
  • Give them a 60 minutes Iron man match. It could be the best ever wrestling match

    GamterThaiMentGamterThaiMentDzień temu
  • Was that D-von

    team ogteam ogDzień temu
  • I will be done with wwe if randy lose it

    Ege tan FenercioğluEge tan Fenercioğlu2 dni temu
  • Bout time lana won sumthing

  • Wtf

    Serenity MSerenity M3 dni temu
  • yeah i agree

    Luca BatlleLuca Batlle4 dni temu
  • Randy orton didn’t even look like he was trying to get threw the officials 👀

    prettyface Jenkinsprettyface Jenkins4 dni temu
  • Pls WWE make Randy one more time champion as a face..he deserved it..

    Khairul NizamKhairul Nizam4 dni temu
  • How is randy Orton back not sore from carrying this company

    Jason StarkJason Stark4 dni temu
  • vs Roman Reigns you are the dog

    Joo NguyenJoo Nguyen4 dni temu
  • Is it only me or is anyone tired of a multiple rematches in WWE? It’s like they stuck in some sort of loop.

    Maythuhan ThangMaythuhan Thang4 dni temu
  • Drew Mcintyre Vs. Randy orton at the Heel In A Cell For The WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Is a 2020 Best Match Let’s Go

    곽민서곽민서4 dni temu
  • Hopefully Randy Ortons Wins WWE Champion sip again

    CofimaslisaCofimaslisa4 dni temu
  • am I the only won who saw j and j security?

    Scorpion42Scorpion424 dni temu
  • No offense to Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre but I am just shocked that Lana actually won a match.

    Ian HamptonIan Hampton4 dni temu
  • They should give Randy the championship at hell in a cell the viper been without a title long enough now drew is a good champion but that belt would look better on randy

  • I love Drew and he's my favorite wrestler ever, but for Christ sake, just have Randy win his 15 world title already if you gonna have him feud with Drew, this is getting corny. Seriously. If Randy doesn't, i want Drew vs Fiend, Drew vs Braun, or Drew vs AJ. Drew need fresh opponents, damn Randy, I'm sick of him.

    Michael L. RaynerMichael L. Rayner4 dni temu
    • Or maybe let the Fiend feud with Randy Orton if Randy wins or doesn’t win at HIAC

      Aasim MuzaffarAasim Muzaffar3 dni temu

    Ausilia DonnoAusilia Donno5 dni temu
  • Out of all the people to win... LANA... OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE!!.. She barely done anything to deserve a title opportunity

    Nate ParodyNate Parody5 dni temu
  • Lana cheated

    Trinity GreenTrinity Green5 dni temu
  • Woah is that Dvon Dudley?

    Mr. MisterMr. Mister5 dni temu
  • Do Randy and Drew not like each other in real life?!?They’re killing each other....

    Makia HillMakia Hill5 dni temu
  • The other people like John Cena but i am, like Randy orton.

    fafa erlan gomezfafa erlan gomez5 dni temu
    • Ok 2010.

      NilsNils3 dni temu
  • Who wants cm punk in wwe ... press the like botton

    Prakash RaiPrakash Rai5 dni temu
  • Good way to undermine Lana's victory

    Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan5 dni temu
  • Drew McIntyre SHOULD be the next WWe Universal Champion! 🎃

    Neo-Space Dragon !Neo-Space Dragon !5 dni temu
  • I know I ain’t trippin was dat D-Von Dudley

    YSK MusicYSK Music5 dni temu
  • Randy Orton will be victorious

    lote kamangalote kamanga5 dni temu
  • Grim toy show doing yeah 0:35

    JOSE HEELJOSE HEEL5 dni temu
  • Drew saved Lana from getting RKOd. XD

    Date MasamuneDate Masamune5 dni temu
  • Who is gonna win in hell on a cell Orton or McIntyre? We will just have to wait and see.

    Shciidv DjxodnckmdShciidv Djxodnckmd5 dni temu
  • 10 years ago randy orton would beat the brakes off of drew.

    Dyquan GraceDyquan Grace5 dni temu
  • I love Randy Orton 😍😍😍

    Alex _LeZgueZ PdlAlex _LeZgueZ Pdl5 dni temu
  • This feud is getting boring

    MidnightPhant0m1MidnightPhant0m15 dni temu
  • Yet it took the entire locker room to seperate Brock and Undertaker

    Dutch Van Der LindeDutch Van Der Linde5 dni temu
  • Best brawl ever

    Brody ColeBrody Cole5 dni temu
  • They had to make RAW end with this brawl to distract the fans from the fact that RAW was main-evented by a battle royal won by Lana. What is wrong with this company? It's like they are being dumb on purpose...

    Sergio MarquesSergio Marques5 dni temu
  • I loved Mcintyre and Lesnar Feud instead of this

    Elias RoyElias Roy5 dni temu
  • Yeah I think Drew wants to get suspended AGAIN

    Ali KapasiAli Kapasi6 dni temu
  • One of them more likely Randy will drop the belt to the fiend I guarantee it

    Aidan NunleyAidan Nunley6 dni temu
  • Drew will win!!!

    Gail MccallumGail Mccallum6 dni temu
  • I wish people could cut Orton some slack, I’m tired of the whole “he doesn’t need a title argument”. He’s a hard worker and he does what Vince tells him to do and he deserves it for the work he’s done in 2020 I like Drew and he’s a good champion, but if he does retain his title, his next feud won’t be as a huge to be a follow up to this amazing feud with Randy

    The Gaming Knight 17The Gaming Knight 176 dni temu
    • @swoop G I think Drew can win it back but when the crowds come back. It sucks his reign happened during the pandemic 😢

      The Gaming Knight 17The Gaming Knight 175 dni temu
    • I agree, Orton should win the title!. .and hold it for 4-8 months. If drew retains who would he fued with?....

      swoop Gswoop G5 dni temu
  • R K O

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson6 dni temu
  • Am I the only one that hates women wrestling...

    CharlieTHHCharlieTHH6 dni temu
  • There should be an investigation on why the hell wwe let lana won a battle royal for a title! Is it a parting gift to her?! Bianca vs asuka would have been a match of a main event caliber! Maaan there r so many talented females! Why lana why!!!

    Rahat ChowdhuryRahat Chowdhury6 dni temu
  • Whos the red headed guy holding micyntyre back

    E ChavezE Chavez6 dni temu
  • As much as we want randy orton to win , we all know drew is going to be victorious

    Yuya HorikoYuya Horiko6 dni temu
  • When Lana won, I felt like banging my head But then Drew and Randy saved me lol

    RevolutionRevolution6 dni temu
  • Ok can't wait for hell in a cell

    Kimberly MbofanaKimberly Mbofana6 dni temu
  • What kind of brawl is that? HAHAHAHA Let's talk about brawl between Brock lesnar and John cena, Brock lesnar and Undertaker

    Patrick Kyle DizonPatrick Kyle Dizon6 dni temu
  • Randy orton deserve be a wwe World champion 14 times please randy beat that punk mcintyre im tired of him...

    Mario GarciaMario Garcia6 dni temu
  • WWE needs to bring back "Burn in my Light" because The Legend Killer is back! I know Randy hates that theme but the WWE Universe wants it.

    Gokuruz4ki TVGokuruz4ki TV6 dni temu
  • randy is gonna win at hell in a cell but never mind i want triple h vs the rock wrestlemania 37 last time ever

    ermal merkajermal merkaj6 dni temu
  • DREW ♥️♥️♥️

    Ronaldo SousaRonaldo Sousa6 dni temu
  • DREW ♥️

    Ronaldo SousaRonaldo Sousa6 dni temu
  • Sence i thought Daniel Bryan would be drafted to raw to see drew McIntyre vs Daniel Bryan but sense he’s on smackdown we can see drew vs sheamus for the championship it will be fire 🔥

    The FiendThe Fiend6 dni temu
  • Lana next punishment is she will lose to asuka in like 6 seconds. Then after that match nia will Samoan drop her in the announce table

    The FiendThe Fiend6 dni temu
  • We misses brock lesnar brawl this year

    Bagas rhmdBagas rhmd6 dni temu
  • This is getting old

    one punch manone punch man6 dni temu
  • (413) 404-3875

  • Randy Orton greatest wrestler of all time

    Luis MLuis M6 dni temu
  • The thumbnail lmao

    Chain SmokerChain Smoker6 dni temu
  • I think they should bring back this phrase: WE'RE OUT OF TIME! WE'RE OUT OF TIME! WE HAVE TO GO! WE HAVE TO GO!

    Robert LoprestiRobert Lopresti6 dni temu
  • I like how Randy put on another vest thing lol, Drew destroyed it the first fight,

    caspercasper6 dni temu
  • 1:18 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    kyle reesekyle reese6 dni temu
  • Lana saying .... Youre raining on my parade.

    KIM JONG UNKIM JONG UN6 dni temu
  • Randy is just a failure, how many times does he come back and attack from behind?? Arrogant Randy!!

    Bryson SabunBryson Sabun6 dni temu
  • And now can we see full brawl between Orton and McIntyre from start (probably backstage) to here?

    Daniel MDaniel M6 dni temu
  • 1:35 is that D-Von Dudley?

    Theocharis2 arkopelosTheocharis2 arkopelos6 dni temu
  • I look forward to seeing Orton versus McIntyre fight each other at Hell In A Cell, I'm definitely going to have so many farts inside and outside of my butthole during this fight

    Fartnando FlatulencioFartnando Flatulencio6 dni temu
  • Was that brother D-Von

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira6 dni temu
  • Lana: This is my moment WWE: noo..

    Jipsu miesJipsu mies6 dni temu
  • What carnage someone will be killed in hell in a cell

    Rick ChmelnytzkiRick Chmelnytzki6 dni temu
  • It Would be Funny if Lacey Evans said what are You here for Drew Mcintyre I'm here for randy Orton😂

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns6 dni temu
  • Drew Mcintyre Is only turning his attention on randy Orton not Lacey Evans Drew Mcintyre Will not hit girls

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns6 dni temu
    • I would’ve removed a few sins if Lacey Evans actually gave Randy Orton a Woman’s Right to the face.

      Austin DickersonAustin Dickerson6 dni temu
  • Woooh cant wait to see this amazing hell in a cell

    Racqueal CollinsRacqueal Collins6 dni temu
  • Lana win this is match this is wrong this no sanse but the main event the best is Randy Orton against Drew McIntyre in this is attacked this is amazing i like soo much this is rivalry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni6 dni temu
  • This rivalry bt Orton and McIntyre sucks now😒🤬🤢

    Giron the manGiron the man6 dni temu
  • Can't wait to see

    STANLEY O.STANLEY O.6 dni temu
  • No Randy No

    Les davis jrLes davis jr6 dni temu
  • This Hell in a Cell match for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be a 👊 and all hell is going to 💔 lose.

    Tei'Zhan McFallTei'Zhan McFall6 dni temu
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    abdo boudinarabdo boudinar6 dni temu
  • Hell in a Cell 🔥🔥🤞, can't wait

    ReeperCreeperReeperCreeper6 dni temu
  • 0:40 I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Logan PowerLogan Power6 dni temu
  • WWE should post a replay of WWE raw and WWE smackdown It will have those of us that don't have access to watch them live or we don't have tv

  • Anyone else see Devon Dudley?

    Cool Breeze2863Cool Breeze28636 dni temu
  • When is Samoa joe coming back ?

    Sangay NyimaSangay Nyima6 dni temu
  • Great video

    Lord harkonLord harkon6 dni temu
  • Divon Dudley my guess Dudley boyz return

    James ThelolerJames Theloler6 dni temu
    • 1:24

      James ThelolerJames Theloler6 dni temu
  • Is that Dvon from the Dudley's

    Tamara HodgeTamara Hodge6 dni temu
  • Was that J from J&J security

    Alfie WhiteAlfie White6 dni temu
  • I notice they are starting to repeat scenes. Like that Elias guy getting hit by a car. They did that to Austin in late 2000 or early 2001.

    Mike FiveMike Five6 dni temu
  • يسترك في قناتي العطب 100الف

    وافي قيمز SRوافي قيمز SR6 dni temu
  • Devon dudley

    Buff BagwellBuff Bagwell6 dni temu
  • wwe is pourd of this! randy orton and drew myctyne

    Damian MottaDamian Motta6 dni temu